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  1. In an in-book question (asked as a gift for a relative who's a midwife), I asked: "Would a Mistborn have to worry about accidentally burning her copper IUD?" and Brandon smiled, and wrote "Yes!" So I think that burning metal outside of the stomach is still relatively natural to Allomancers.
  2. Oh, that sounds like an entirely reasonable commute, I don't know what your problem is
  3. Hi everyone! I've been working on a project to set the poetry and songs of the Wheel of Time to music. I have a number of pieces written and I can sing some of the parts, but I don't have anybody to play with. I've attached the only setting I have recorded: Mat's "Color of Trust" (from Lord of Chaos) which is sung by me, with my father on guitar. Are there any musically inclined fans (especially in the Seattle area) who are interested in getting together to play them together? Let me know if you're interested and what you sing/play, and we can plan from there :-) P.S. I know this might be better in the Wheel of Time forum, but I'm not restricting myself to Wheel of Time fans. Color of Trust - Voice/Guitar Wind that Shakes the Willow - Voice/Piano Forward the Lion - Voice/Piano As Long as the Wheel Turns - Voice/Piano Tia mi aven - 6 voice round Wash the Spears - 4 voice round Life is a Dream - 3 voices Soft the Winds - 3 voices Color of Trust.mp3
  4. If you ever pull a group together to sing it, shoot me a video! I'm making a project of Wheel of Time music, "The Cycle of the Wheel" perhaps? So there is more to come
  5. If anybody decides last minute they're interested (and we will go over all the parts!) I'll be wearing a dark mistcloak and carrying a pair of "glass" daggers, and will have the sheet music with me!
  6. I have a somewhat unusual ask, though I realize these Fandoms are not completely orthogonal: I recently composed a 5-7-voice setting of the "The Grave is No Bar to My Call" from Book 1 of the Wheel of Time, but because I am but a single humble Gleeman, I haven't heard it outside of MIDI. I was hoping that if there was sufficient interest, we could try it at some point during/after Brandon's signing in Seattle this Saturday. The music isn't terribly complicated, we'll go over all the parts, and I don't care about voice ranges on individual parts (except! the person singing "Moridin, Moridin" probably needs to be a bass). Please let me know if you have any interest! Also, if anyone wants to bring a harp, silver-chased flute (or perhaps merely a guitar), I've included the chord symbols. Thanks! "I will find the song, or another will find the song, but the song will be sung this year or in a year to come. As it once was, so shall it be again, world without end." Tia mi aven - Chords.pdf Tia mi aven - round.mid
  7. There is another simpler option for how they measure a year: a year is 12 "months" of a complete lunar orbit, which would be terms inherited from Yolan (or whatnot). I think your term 'precess' works well for an alternate explation. While a moon would be able to maintain a polar orbit in this situation, the orbit would not be 'closed' (i.e., return to the same location in its orbit every time). Instead, a polar orbit would precess around the planet, where it could start by being parallel with the terminator and half a 'year' later be perpendicular to the terminator. I don't know whether this is Canon or not, but the terminator should have some crazy storms as well.
  8. I feel like this might be the most significant question for non-ascended magic uses in the Cosmere. For example, having a large number of Breaths enables some impressive uses of investiture (see: Nightblood) but Breath is fundamentally a limited resources. But if you can put a Breath into a nicrosil mind and then burn that nicrosil mind to get 2 or more Breaths out, suddenly the entire economic calculus of Nalthis changes. Preservation is a much stronger source of raw energy than Endowment, and even so, compounded Allomancy and Feruchemy is orders of magnitude more spectacular than raw Allomancy or Feruchemy.
  9. Hey! Thanks for calling them awesome! They were fun to make (laser cut acrylic, then beveled, polished, and leather-wrapped). This is vaguely related to one of the silly questions I haven't had a chance to ask: "What other Vessels have bought Hoid Drinks" I got about 25 minutes of recording of the signing, but other than a couple minor questions (posted below) and my exchange, the questions were more focused on writing. I will try to transcribe the discussions later, but for now I wanted to post the Cosmere-specific Q&A now. Questions from others in line (Timestamps on my audio recording) 11:08: Q: I really appreciate the fact that Steris is a character who is there. Brandon: Steris is my favorite character of the new generation of mistborn. She is a delight to write about. 11:45: Q: Is Lift going to be in the next book? Brandon: Yes Q: Yay! Q: What happened to Vivenna? B: This will be answered very soon Questions from my party: [These were a series of questions in signed books (we bought a lot of books tonight!) as well as oral questions. I have transcribed the book questions as well] Friend: As context, we’re physicists and love playing around with [the mechanics] of this universe. Necarion: Do Vessels have any flexibility in expressing the intent of a Shard, particularly if the Intent is open to many interpretations? Brandon: Yes they do. So, the Vessel’s mind and how they perceive is going to have a large influence on how things are expressed and I think all of them have some wiggle room. But there are some deterministic things that are also going to push them. You know, holding Ruin, Harmony may not go down the same path that happened to Ati. Necarion: So Saddeas would express Honor differently than Tanavast? Brandon: Yes he would. Necarion: Would a soulstamp carved from a gemstone and infused with Stormlight be more likely to Take? Brandon: No it would not Necarion: Would a Mistborn have to worry about accidentally burning her copper IUD? Brandon: Yes she would, absolutely (Laughs) [Necarion's note: this confirms that metal does not have to be in the stomach to be burned] Friend: So my quick question: Can you use Identity (I love the speed bubbles!) to anchor speed bubbles to yourself? Brandon: Uh, this is possible. That’s less a matter of Identity. What’s gonna happen there, like, the more someone uses the powers, the more familiar and intermingled with their soul the powers become, and they are able to accomplish things that others can’t. This would be like a mistborn learning to hover a coin, right, which they can do, but most think you can’t. That’s the sort of level we’re going with. Necarion: So a savant could? Brandon: A savant could totally do that. The problem is, things moving in and out of a speed bubble, there’s a transference of energy. This is how we keep speed bubbles from irradiating people when light moves through them, right, red shift. And so there’s a transfer of energy directly from the spiritual realm, which means that moving with a speed bubble, you’re gonna run into that, and it’s gonna be, it’s gonna cause all kinds of problems, but it would be possible. [Necarion’s note: This might be a very interesting method of harnessing energy, much more efficient than my earlier Terris Wheel idea] Friend: Now, do things actually move unpredictable at the edge [of a speed bubble] or do they refract out? Is it just that geometry is hard? Brandon: No, I have a level of unpredictability, I mean we’re Chaos Theory. The idea being, you could predict if you had a perfect closed system and things like this, but it’s unfeasible for most technology and minds to be able to predict. Friend: Thank you Necarion: One other speed bubble question. Is the speed of light the same inside and outside a speed bubble? Brandon: Um, yes. The speed of light is the same. Good question, you’re trying to figure out the FTL. Necarion: Also, it would eliminate the redshift if the speed of light… Brandon: If the speed of light were similar [Necarion’s note: there would be no redshift if the speed of light were directly proportional to the ‘speed of time’. Alas this theory doesn’t seem to be valid]. That’s one thing we considered, but it felt too unintuitive, plus it’s just not how I imagined things working. So, no it is not, but that’s a good question. It is something we considered. Friend: I just want to setup a lab in a speed bubble and do fun things. Necarion: Could a double-nicrosil Twinborn compound Breath or Stormlight? Brandon: Uh, you’re getting a RAFO card on _that_. You’re getting SUCH a RAFO card on that! Necarion: Is Taldain orbiting at a Lagrangian point? Brandon: [Laughs] Necarion: It would make the orbits work Brandon: [Long pause] I’m not sure the implications, I have to think through implications before answering questions Necarion: The situation I’m thinking of, it would orbit the big star but at the same period as the smaller star. Brandon: Yeah, well, I’ll just say ‘yes’, but I want to make sure I’m not saying ‘yes’, without...well, yes that’s how it has to work Necarion: Right Brandon: Because [Taldain] I want to be not like Roshar where we have unstable orbits and things. Uh, but I… I’m saying yes, but I hope that doesn’t get me into trouble scientifically. [Necarion’s note 1: While the L1 Lagrange point is an equilibrium point in the three-body problem, it is technically an unstable one. However, this seems a system that could be corrected with a small input of Shardic intervention, far less than would be required by any other astronomical arrangement I can think of] [Necarion’s note 2: Note the comment about ‘unstable orbits’ in the Rosharan system. This might account for the rapid variation in seasons on the planet] Necarion: The compounding trick that the Lord Ruler performed. When you’re storing investiture, are you storing your ‘mistborn-ness’ or all the powers individually? Brandon: All of the powers individually Necarion: [Surprised, because this dashed a favorite theory of mine] Oh okay! Brandon: Yeah, the compounding trick. Really what’s happening is you’re fueling feruchemy with the power of allomancy, but you’re filtering it through you, and then you’re storing it. Necarion: So it’s not that you’re a more powerful mistborn when you’ve tapped [investiture] Brandon: No, good question.
  10. Be my guest! I'd love to see what you come up with! (My notifications ended up turning off, so I am months late replying to this, my apologies)
  11. Broken Sky seems like it points to Sel for a couple reasons: Brandon has noted that the cognitive realm over Sel is a never-ending storm of investiture due to Odium's splintering of Dominion and Devotion and (AU Spoiler):
  12. Interesting question, and could probably open up a decent line of inquiry. However, I'm not sure how you would separate Connection-based from Identity-based effects? And how could you be sure that connection effects, which may be left on for the purposes of communicating in a strange land, wouldn't work on the alcohol actively? We also don't know if Hoid's healing is some sort of active ward that he leaves on, or something innate. However, I feel that after (N+1),000 years, Hoid probably doesn't slip much
  13. I've noticed that Brandon is generally far more receptive to thought-experiment-based questions regarding his magic systems than he is to direct questions. So I'm proposing this thread for Cosmere mechanics questions (i.e., not character/plot/worldbuilding questions) as well as potential in-universe experiments to investigate these questions in-universe. Please post the question you want answered (Q), as well as the experiments you would perform (E) and potential hypotheses and how they would relate to particular experimental outcomes. Some of these will be easier than others, so I'd recommend secondary questions based on certain outcomes and/or possible consequences (C) of each answer (A). The archetype for this thread is Krhriss' wonderful interrogation of Wax in Bands of Mourning. Examples: 1) Q: Does aluminum block Steel/Iron Sight. E: Take two equal-mass/shape metal pellets and coat one with aluminum. Can a Coinshot can see lines any difference in the lines pointing to the aluminum-coated one? C: Can you use aluminum to shield valuables from detection or to smuggle weapons under the nose of coinshots? Can aluminum be used to protect metalminds that are not embedded in the body? A: No lines. E_2: Does partial blocking protect the object from steelsight? How much coverage do you need? Is there a strictly line-of-sight effect (note: Line-of-Sight not required for protection against soothing) Lines equally strong. Aluminum probably unuseful as a shield. E_2: Repeat with much thicker Al block. Visible lines, but less strong. Is there a threshold to total blockage? E_2: Try with different thicknesses of aluminum, different coverages, etc. 2) Q: what happens to metals when they are burned? E: Put an allomancer into a hermetically sealed chamber that is very carefully weighed during the process. Have them burn different metals at different intensities and record the weight for the chamber. C: Could you figure out a way to collect the metals that are burned and reuse them? Is there any chance for long-term metal depletion on Scadrial? Can you recycle metals? A: Weight unchanged. Metals not 'destroyed'. E_2: Carefully filter air and test for trace metals. E_3: Test to see if there is a weight-change _while burning metals_ to see if active use of investiture conveys any sort of weight change. Weight changes. See if you can use this to quantify allomantic burn rate among individuals. E_2: See how this change correlates with allomantic strength in specific contexts (I suspect that burn rate is uncorrelated with innate allomantic strength, even if one individual can push harder with a faster burn. So TLR and Vin would use up their metals at a relatively similar rate despite a vast disparity in power levels). Subquestion 2.5: Can you quantify Mass-Investiture equivalence with a sensitive enough scale? E: (a) Carefully prepare two identically-massed metalminds and then Charge them to different levels. Can you see a weight change? C: Feruchemy is considered here in case allomantic metals are completely destroyed. Note that this experiment would only be able to provide upper bounds for Mass-Investiture equivalence and couldn't be used to completely rule out 'no conversion'.
  14. A friend and I were discussing Wayne and Steris' relationship, and we decided that there's probably a good setting for a series of short stories/vignettes about them as they increasingly become friends (of a sort). Steris almost certainly has a list of possible things Wayne might do to irritate her, as well as ways of dealing with them. Wayne knows there's a list because it's Steris. So the game would be: "Can Wayne do something to Steris that isn't on her list." Wayne wouldn't look at the list because "it would right take the fun out of it," and Steris would use the game as an opportunity to contain Wayne's chaos. I suspect Wayne has spent some time in the Assembly, pretending to be a member, and having fun tying people up in silly votes and time-consuming procedural motions. I was enjoying the image of him attempting this on Steris, who would utterly crush him procedurally. Anybody else have ideas for ways Wayne could mess with Steris? I assume she has well-fleshed out ideas for what to do if Wayne infiltrates any of her social gatherings or hobbies, but there's room for Wayne to work, even there.
  15. I don't know if it's obvious (though someone probably figure it out before me), but I think I finally figured out how TLR was such an unbelievably powerful allomancer during the Final Empire. In some of his interviews, Brandon made it clear that there's a compounding trick to getting supercharged allomancy, and the assumptions I saw seemed to think that to become a Super Soother, one would burn Brass and then store that allomancy in a nicrosil mind, and then burn that to compound, ad infinitum. Except that this particular explanation isn't very elegant and requires a BUNCH of nicrosil minds. I think what actually happens is that TLR stores his Mistborn-ness in a nicrosil mind, and then burns it, getting the compounding effect, storing the excess back into the nicrosil mind. Then when he taps his stored "Full Mistborn Strength" N time, he becomes an (N+1)-strength mistborn, meaning that all the allomantic powers are now boosted by a factor of (N+1). I get the impression that the metals themselves burn at a relatively constant rate (e.g., pewter on max flare runs out at the same speed, regardless of who's using it) but more powerful allomancers get more juice out of the same mass of metal. Any Full Twinborn (Fullborn?) can probably do that with Feruchemy too, but it's not at all clear what the benefits of more Strength in Feruchemy does for you. Allows you to stuff more investiture into a metal mind? Reduces the amount of investiture you loose when you tap at greater than 1x? The Bands of Mourning and all Derived (and Lesser) Bands (Bands of Mild Sadness?) are going to have a finite Misting/Mistborn capacity that needs to be recharged. If one wanted to break the Bands of Mourning so they would never be used again, you'd basically have to draw out all the ability to use Feruchemy and Allomancy, and then you'd never be able to do the compounding trick to restore them. On the flip side, you can give people Starter-Bands which just have a core of Full Twinborn in a nicrosil mind, and let people build up their own compounded stores. No way this can possibly go wrong, right guys? Related, but which Knight Radiant character would benefit the most from Full Twinborn powers? Windrunning is in some ways too similar to Mistborning, and Lightweaving is maybe too Orthogonal.