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  1. Hmm, I will need to re-read that scene. It completely flew over my head. What chapter was that?
  2. I am of two minds here. Part of me thinks that the Windrunner Ideals are a progress towards becoming a leader, and each additional ideal works towards that. Leaders often have to make difficult decisions, and that's what Kaladin has been struggling with for his entire character arc. As leader he wants to protect *everyone* and takes it personally any time somebody he protects dies, but that just isn't possible or realistic. At some point you have to make a choice about who you will protect and/or lead. I think the fifth ideal will be something about prioritizing himself so that he can effectively lead. On the other hand, I do feel that, Brandon Sanderson being the absolute master of foreshadowing, that all of the four Windrunners Ideals were hidden in the Roshone/Rillir scene where Lirin had to make difficult decisions. So far, we can see all of Kaladin's ideals there. 2nd Ideal: I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. Roshone & Rillir were unable to protect themselves from the whitespine. 3rd Ideal: I will protect even those I hate, as long as it is right. Lirin hated Roshoe, yet still worked to save his life. 4th Ideal: I will accept that sometimes there are those I cannot protect. Lirin had to do triage on Rillir and allow him to die, knowing he couldn't save Rillir, and focused on Roshone instead. 5th Ideal: ??? Again, I think it comes down to being able to prioritize who one can protect. Lirin decided to prioritize Roshone over Rillir, despite knowing what the inevitable fallout would be. And being an effective leader is all about being able to prioritize things and making difficult decisions. I think that's where Kaladin's Fifth Ideal is heading.
  3. Wait, Shallan is bi? I know it was theorized, but I don't think it was ever confirmed. I always just viewed Shallan's comments about Jasnah's beauty as hero worship (Shallan clearly idolizes Jasnah), but Shallan has shown no romantic attraction towards women in anything I've read. It's always been targeted towards males (Kadash, Adolin, Kaladin).
  4. On the bright side, we're more likely to get the final book of "Stormlight Archives" before the final book of "A Song of Ice and Fire" so there's that.
  5. I know Brandon Sanderson has a lot of ideas, and he plans everything waaaaaay in advance. I wonder if he already had the general Reckoners story in mind when he was writing "Evil Librarians." It would be just like him to sneak in an Easter egg for a book he was not planning on writing for several years down the road. Makes me wonder what sort of Easter eggs he has already planted for his yet-to-be-published stories in the Alcatraz series for us to discover years later. I bet some of the seemingly random comments Alcatraz has made will become important in hindsight.
  6. I just finished the first book in the Alcatraz series (Evil Librarians), and I caught a few Easter eggs. I don't have the chapter numbers offhand, but ... Mistborn ("Wasing not of wasing is") Reckoners (steel skull of your arch-enemy) Jurassic Park (when the dinosaurs go on a rampage in the library, one of them eat a book in the "C" section because of its unrealistic scenario) Harry Potter (the sequence at the end where Grandpa mocks the whole "stay in a home during the summer with a family you barely know when your worst enemies know exactly where you live" scenario) Those are what I can recall offhand. Did anybody catch any other Easter eggs?
  7. I now have the new Tenth Anniversary edition version of Elantris on my Kindle devices. So it looks like the problem is all sorted out. Basically, to get your version updated, just contact Kindle Support and inform them that you want to update. Wait about a day, then it should be available. You might need to delete the old copy from your device and download it again to get the new version.
  8. Update on the Kindle version. My Kindle library now shows the cover with the "Author's Tenth Anniversary Definitive Edition" subtitle. However, the interior pages seem to be the same as it was. No new maps, no foreword, etc. I'll wait until Peter Ahlstrom informs us that the inside pages have been updated and changed, then try again.
  9. I don't remember. Something like "I want to upgrade my copy of Brandon Sanderson's "Elantris" to the 10th anniversary edition"
  10. Ha, I never noticed that typo. And on a new topic (sorry, I was not sure where to bring this up, and this seems as good a place as any), how do I confirm that the version of "Words of Radiance" I have is the new and updated version with the changed Kaladin / Szeth sequence? Is there a page number I can quickly look at with changes for confirmation?
  11. This is what I got from the Amazon Customer Support regarding updating my e-copy of Elantris to the 10th anniversary edition:
  12. Interception seemed like the obvious one to me, with all of the "worlds" based on memories / dreams.
  13. Ugh, thanks. I assume the same is true for the updated version of "Words of Radiance" with the revised Kaladin / Szeth sequence?
  14. I've been having the same issues. I even went to the "Manage Your Content and Devices" page on Amazon, and clicked on the "Update" button for Elantris. I've deleted the file from my iPhone and downloaded it again. I've hit "Sync" on my iPhone so many times my phone thinks it's YouTube now. Nothing. I still have the old file. No new foreword. No new maps. No new appendix. Meh.