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  1. Brandon getting confused about what someone is actually asking versus what he (or the questioner) thinks they're asking has happened on occasion. This is extremely unlikely to be one of them, since he offered the very direct statement that El used to be He Who Quiets entirely on his own. If you read the WoB again you'll see that it wasn't in response to a question, it was literally just Chaos and FeatherWriter saying 'so, weird stuff going on there, huh?' and Brandon volunteering that information. There's no reason to think that he somehow confused Moash and Navani in his head when he's the one who brought it up in the first place.
  2. Something was happening to the Sibling before the Recreance, two of the gemstone recordings (by the same Elsecaller) explicitly mention this. One implies that there was debate among the Radiants about whether they were withdrawing from humanity by intent but the speaker thinks they have evidence to the contrary. This same person mentions that some of the tower's systems are failing, again, before the Recreance. Another Radiant (a Skybreaker) thinks that Honor himself is changing in some way and this is affecting the Radiants as well. This tracks quite well with the timeline of Tanavast's death and the fact that Odium's 'tone' has become a part of Roshar. And yeah, the Sibling basically went quiet because there was nobody left who could communicate with them for thousands of years and the entities who could presumably have told us otherwise (Cultivation and the Stormfather) weren't interested in correcting the misconception.
  3. I'm going to guess the answer ends up being 'it's not a particularly optimized port'. If you're looking at it because it's on Steam, there's not too much benefit to playing it versus the Geofront-patched release (which looks better, also has the option to turn on the full plot voicework, and has all sorts of extras) while Azure Kai at the very least has Towa and the Crawfords added in as a selling point the Geofront patch isn't able to do anything about. Though everything else about Zero Kai would apply to Azure Kai too.
  4. I guess this means that either Kevin or the collective third protagonist group of Hajimari are going to be the true heroes that stop the conspiracy, since they haven't joined the Cult of Cthulhu fishing guild. We'll have to wait and see on the Kuro cast but I have little reason to doubt that they'll fall victim to this sinister plot.
  5. @Val the Moofia Boss Yo, postgame Hajimari stuff, spoil-tag that. Wait, you mean there isn't a secret society for anglers already? Erebonia even has members with silly titles for themselves. It's a conspiracy, I tell you!
  6. No, what's really odd is when someone decides to start with CS4 for whatever reason...
  7. Given that one of the novellas is named ReDawn I'm pretty sure it will heavily involve Alanik even if she's not its focus character (but maybe she'd get a chapter or two from her perspective like we've seen Brandon do in other novellas), maybe with someone in Skyward Flight spending a lot of time around her and trying to learn about her and her people. Heck, that could work for Sadie as the newcomer of the group. Or possibly Jorgen since he's got cytonic talents and it would make sense for him to want to talk to someone who can tell him more, plus we know he wants to figure out how to follow Spensa and that means asking Alanik. Last possibility, we're overthinking the WoB and by virtue of being on Detritus, Alanik counts as part of 'the team back on Detritus'. Perhaps not likely given the stated intent of the novellas but come on, it's literally named after her planet. And for our mystery novella, if it's got to be someone in Skyward Flight, come on, it's gotta be Kimmalyn. Consider how she looks to other people and what her thought process must be like. Now consider how much fun Brandon has had writing characters like that in the past...
  8. We saw something similar with Jasnah in OB and found out in RoW that yes, she has Plate. I'd be positive that we're seeing proto-Plate in that vision except for the fact that the Stormfather tells Dalinar that he will be a Radiant with no Shards, which to me sounds like he meant that not only would the Stormfather not become a Blade for him but that he wouldn't get Plate either. On the other hand, since we know that Plate is made up of different spren there doesn't seem to be any mechanical reason why Dalinar couldn't get Plate just because his spren won't become a Blade and Brandon kinda-sorta implies that a Bondsmith will get it at the Fourth Ideal here though he doesn't outright confirm it and RAFO'd it when someone later asked him directly. So... I do think Dalinar can get Plate and we saw a sort of early echo of that in the vision (call it Spiritual shenanigans, like Syl briefly taking on Shallan's appearance before she and Kaladin even met her) and Brandon has been vague on purpose, but it's not a sure thing.
  9. Well, you've already decided to do so but I'd suggest to anyone else thinking about it that they wait until reading Oathbringer before picking up WoKP, because while the latter doesn't go into details it does mention things that are obviously equivalent to big reveals in the canon works up to that book, even if the names have changed. Also, while the individual characters' arcs will differ from their canon versions there are some things that Prime can spoil you on, even if the hows and whys are different. And I'll add my voice for 'it's worth reading', especially if you like seeing how Brandon's writing has developed over time. It's not as polished as WoK obviously and it has some rough bits, but I didn't regret the time reading it and would read it again.
  10. Taravangian is still bound as the new Odium by the agreement that Rayse made with Dalinar, which is why he's looking for loopholes rather than simply declaring the whole thing moot. That said, the deal that Rayse and Taravangian made is likely moot, not because Rayse is dead (contract law has provisions for successors and we know that this is true for Shard oaths because T straight-up tells us he's bound by his predecessor's agreements) but either because Taravangian broke the deal first or because Taravangian can now unilaterally alter or void it since he represents both sides of the agreement.
  11. Since this doesn't seem to have been answered already, Brandon says that if you were to classify atium as if it were a real metal it would be in the platinum group, that being the metal that was the inspiration for atium. Presumably it would be similarly lousy for making weapons or armor out of.
  12. Technically it's not entirely wrong though... RoW:
  13. F-Cadmium and F-Bendalloy could be used to reduce the amount of oxygen, food and water needed, though I suspect that the former would be more suited for emergency use than a constant thing. The amount of breath you'd need to store for even a journey of a few hours would be a lot and compounding is really the only way to get anything close to the kind of oxygen supplies needed for even (relatively) short interplanetary travel. A potentially easier way to stretch resources would be A-Cadmium, which is confirmed to be a practical method of quasi-relativistic travel, so you could use it to cut down on life support needs by having people who aren't currently needed to perform functions speed time up for themselves, assuming of course that we're talking ships that can afford to have a percentage of the crew or passengers effectively incapacitated. Though I imagine that some sort of emergency 'wakeup call' could be created with an allomantic grenade charged with A-Chromium or A-Bendalloy.
  14. I have a feeling that the original deal between Rayse and Taravangian is null and void since the latter broke it by attacking (and killing) the former. Even if it's somehow still in effect, since Taravangian now is Odium it means he's basically made a promise to himself. I'm fairly certain he can willingly negate the agreement or alter its terms since he's now literally playing both sides, and while citing real-world law in matters Cosmere is probably not terribly useful (especially with how Intent works) it's generally understood that contracts can be amended if both parties agree. So even if Dalinar knew of the deal and tried using it against T-Odium (and doing so actually was an exploitable loophole) the new Odium could just declare an exception, agree with himself as the Vessel Formerly Known As Taravangian and close the loophole.
  15. I've seen theorizing that Hoid may have deliberately engineered things so that he would be able to tell after the fact if something strange happened during his meeting with Odium, based on the fact that he apparently had exactly enough Breath that Taravangian excising a small bit of it was enough to drop him below the Second Heightening Hoid might not know why his memories were tampered with but he could at least have a warning sign afterwards that something important happened that he's unable to remember. Given that he practiced that speech, it's possible he even has some mnemonic trick where he intended to say things exactly one way and if he goes over his recollection afterwards and sees that he didn't, he might have some idea where in the conversation things didn't go according to plan. That's just a thought. As for why he'd still be so worried during that scene if he'd planned for the possibility of something funny happening, well, the fact that Odium is no longer held by the person Hoid knows so well and whose actions he can comfortably predict would be reason enough to freak out even if he's certain he can't be seriously harmed regardless.