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  1. Actually, Lawyerform could be really handy if you happen to be a singer Radiant like Venli. Loophole-abuse your way around Ideals that you don't really like! How about Popstarform? Gives you powers not unlike a Rioter for a short time, then you get forced to switch spren and become something like Hasbeenform or Scandalform.
  2. @[email protected] of the Mists There's also historical examples of this which Brandon probably drew on directly, most obviously the religious orders of the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller.
  3. Ruin can influence people without spikes, it's just easier if they've got them and opens them up to more direct control depending on how many spikes they have. Quoting from the HoA epigraphs:
  4. Anyone can receive Breath because it automatically keys itself to your Identity and gives you the means to use it. For example, we've known for some time that Hoid has Breath (he mentions to Kaladin that tuning his instruments became much easier with perfect pitch) and we see him Awakening a doll in the epilogue to Oathbringer. Rashek would probably never be free from Ruin because it's not the atium compounding that gave Ruin his influence; he generally works through people with hemalurgic spikes but he can speak to people without them, it's just harder to get through and he can't directly control them. See Vin's mother for an example of an unspiked individual he was able to manipulate.
  5. It's possible to travel to other worlds while you're bonded to a spren just like it's possible to worldhop while you're a Cognitive Shadow like the Heralds and it's not super-hard to do but it requires some knowledge (WoB contains a Mistborn spoiler). Hoid may or may not have already known the trick going in but if he didn't then he's probably going to either figure it out quickly or track down someone on Roshar who could tell him how it works. He already knows one person he could go to who's figured it out (assuming he's aware they're on Roshar at least) and it probably wouldn't be too hard for him to get ahold of Khriss (by way of Nazh, who's been hanging around the same parts of Roshar) if he needed to since she's almost certain to be able to tell him how to do it, at least from a theoretical perspective.
  6. 1. 'Because Hoidsense'. As he tells Shallan (and we've known from WoB) he uses some application of Fortune to know where he needs to be, but not why. He's pretty convinced in that scene that the reason he was drawn to Kholinar at that time was to find that Cryptic. Why? Because Fate Says So. In the more Watsonian vein, bonding anything but a Highspren was largely impossible for a stretch of several thousand years and he might not have really needed full Lightweaving capabilities earlier when it might have been easier to find a Cryptic looking for a bond partner, or he might not have known how to get a spren offworld at the time. Hoid knows almost everything but he's not omniscient. 2. He may not actually know where to find them, or he may know the Shin have them but for whatever reason he chose not to grab one of the appropriate blades. Or possibly since an Honorblade's bond is shallower it would have some limiting effect on his ability to Lightweave that he doesn't want. 3. Because the only two things we know for a fact have Hoid genuinely worried for his safety are Nightblood and Rayse, with the other Shards being a distant third. Looking to bond a splinter of Odium is quite literally the last thing Hoid would ever want to do since he knows that Rayse wants very much to kill him (to the point that Hoid thinks he'd destroy an entire city on the chance he might kill him in the process) and has the power to do it. Plus, as we've seen bonding Yelig-nar is storming deadly to your health so even if it was connected to some completely different shard that wouldn't bring down the literal wrath of god on Hoid's head, I don't think he'd want to take that chance.
  7. The common cold is a disease though. But yeah, the thing is that when a Bloodmaker is storing health, everything to do with the body's ability to repair itself is reduced and that means a compromised immune system as well as healing from injuries at a slower rate. Since he's already gotten sick, just stopping the storing process won't heal anything he's caught and he'd have to actually use stored health to recover from it, which would kind of defeat the purpose of the storing.
  8. Hoid most certainly can heal, to the point that the only things he seems genuinely worried about are Nightblood and the Shards, specifically Odium. Brandon even pegged him as the person likely to survive to the end of a melee between all his characters, though his inability to harm people would kind of make determining a winner at the end futile since he wouldn't be able to do anything to the last combatant left standing. Anyhow, since we don't know what Hoid's ultimate goal is it's difficult to say why he wants one given power over another, though with the caveat above it's safe to assume that he's going to be less interested in powers that can primarily/only be used to harm someone. But Lightweaving is known to be one of if not the first systems of magic he learned to use (non-canon though it is, Liar of Partinel suggests it was the first) and he's been unable to make full use of it for a time, so he wanted to get back to what he used to be able to do with it for whatever reason. Kon-Tiki also gave another good reason why Hoid might avoid powers that seem incredibly handy, like Gravitation: Doing it would require him to make sacrifices he may not want to, or even be able to. For example, both ways of gaining access to that Surge would place behavioral checks on him that don't seem like the sort of thing he'd like. Bonding an Honorspren would require him to protect people and given his awareness of the big picture and how any given spren feels about that oath, it might just conflict with his statement to Dalinar that he would (albeit tearfully) allow Roshar to burn if it got him what he wanted. Likewise, being compelled to follow the law when you bond a Highspren? Nope, not a chance.
  9. We've seen what happens when Yelig-nar is bonded and it grants access to all.the Surges (possibly only nine and possibly the slightly different ones the Fused use) and both people who tried it ended up dead. The Unmade are probably individually weaker than the Stormfather/Nightwatcher, especially the former since he's more powerful now than he was before the Recreance and merging with Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow.
  10. The Unmade are splinters of Odium. As for Nergaoul being red, given what it does it's entirely fair to assume its appearance simply reflects the Thrill's effect on people.
  11. 1. Because the Investiture to power Surgebinding has to come from somewhere, and on Roshar that somewhere is the Stormlight that's ubiquitous. Other power sources are possible with hacking but Stormlight has it built-in because it's already associated with Honor, so the difference between using it to power Surgebinding and drawing from Honor directly is just a matter of the former being a degree removed. There's precedent for this sort of thing in the Cosmere already. 2. They form a shallow and somewhat limited bond with the person holding it that the Nahel Bond mimics, but on a deeper level. See above for how using Stormlight and drawing power straight from Honor are largely the same thing, as far as the magic is concerned. 3. It's the other way around, Honorblades were built do grant Surgebinding while the spren who bond with people figured out they could imitate it. Radiants can do more with their bonds precisely because the deeper connection they form with the spren (to the point that their souls are actually merging) lets them get more out of the bond than the shallower Honorblade bond. Relevant:
  12. Honor's Perpendicularity literally moves, it has no fixed location. This is why Dalinar is able to open it up in Thaylen City. Earlier in the book during the 'so, how do we get out of Shadesmar' discussion Azure mentions that the spren know of Honor's Perpendicularity but its location is unpredictable and it's dangerous to go looking for. If it was even semi-fixed in Shinovar (which would contradict everything that's been said about it in and out of universe) the spren would know that; Just because they rarely appear there doesn't mean they're non-existant. As for how the Shin get stormlight to train with, the same way everybody else does. The fact that the highstorms are considerably weaker doesn't mean they don't infuse gemstones.
  13. Another WoB that Shards can have children: Though it was a paraphrase, the emphasis on the Vessel is suggestive since it implies we're talking about having children as if the Vessel were still an un-Ascended individual, and it's something Sazed could do even though he's not physically equipped for it. Given the amount of control a Shard can have over the spiritweb (to the point that Sazed could reverse Savantism and mass-heal genetic and physical ailments) one imagines that a child created by a Shard could end up anything from more or less 'normal' (if more Connected to the parent Shard(s) than someone else) to something like Rashek or even more extreme than that. Sazed's ability to affect Scadrians is not typical, since everyone on Scadrial is basically made of Preservation and Ruin, but the same principles that give him that degree of control would probably apply to any child created directly by a Shard. As for the effect on the power of the Shard(s), it would probably be utterly negligible unless they deliberately tried creating a Sliver out of the child by splitting off a significant chunk of their Investiture.
  14. Did you actually read the entire WoB before flippantly dismissing it? The odds of him changing his mind on something this big are about the same as the odds that I'll wake up tomorrow and find a gift-wrapped copy of Dragonsteel Prime on my doorstep, signed by Brandon and personalized with the names of all the currently unknown Shards.
  15. Yes. I've emphasized the most important bit but this entire WoB makes the answer crystal-clear and is worth reading in full.