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  1. Brandon has said that he wants to keep multiverses out of the Cosmere and leave that sort of thing confined to the Reckoners setting, so any Cosmere 'What If?' questions are by definition going to be purely hypothetical. Exercise in munchkining aside, if you have too many powers you don't get any Resonance perks (or at least, they're so slight as to be unnoticeable) and a mistborn by themselves already has too many powers so there's no way that anyone with more powers than that is going to have them.
  2. Yeah, Wyrn has some sort of Fortune-linked power though we don't know how it works, just that it's specific enough that he was able to set up that assassination in advance. Whether Wyrn himself knows how/why his power works is another question entirely. It's quite likely that it's attributed to a miracle of Jaddeth's devising, rather than Wyrn consciously knowing about Dominion or Fortune.
  3. There aren't any viable metals that are inherently unsafe to burn or flare. Overuse of A-Pewter is noted to be dangerous only because you might wear yourself out or keep taking injuries beyond the point where your body can naturally recover and then run out of pewter and drop dead. Simply sitting in a room and flaring pewter is completely safe.
  4. In addition to what @Quantus provided there's also this WoB (trimmed):
  5. Lift can only convert things her body can normally consume into Investiture. That means she can't swallow a metalmind or even a bead of atium (which is condensed Investiture) and convert the metal and/or the Investiture within it and use it. Doesn't work that way. EDIT: Wow, simultaneous posting xD
  6. Another thing to add: Hoid was known as Topaz well before the Shattering. He's known by that name in the excerpts from Dragonsteel Prime that Brandon has made available. We also have a recent WoB confirming what we could guess from those excerpts, that as things currently stand in Brandon's head Hoid's aging was already weird before Adonalsium was Shattered.
  7. We do not know this and it is in fact the subject of in-universe debate. Since it touches on the topic of the Beyond, it's likely to be something Brandon will never directly resolve. At most we might get to hear Vasher and/or Khriss' thoughts on the matter. We'll probably get an answer to whether the souls of the Fused who are killed by Nightblood can be recovered but that wouldn't answer the question since it wouldn't tell us whether the soul is actually annihilated or just too damaged to be worth trying to recover, like information being scrambled in a black hole.
  8. You're thinking along the right lines. Brandon has confirmed that weaponizing hemalurgy with spike darts and spike guns are both things that are being done in the Cosmere. Like you've noted, the real challenge is making sure that the spike hits the right spot. As long as you're not concerned with stealing a power and just want to deprive somebody of theirs, aiming for the heart would be a pretty safe bet since there are so many bindpoints there that you're likely to hit a valid one. The idea of wrapping your spike in a jacket that improves its ability to get to the target is a good one, though it would have to be designed to shed the jacket in a way that doesn't mess up the placement of the important spikey bit. Of course, the main value of these bullets would be against people with F-Gold since a 'normal' aluminum bullet already makes a pretty good weapon against a Coinshot/Lurcher as they can't detect it or affect it midflight... and Ranette's got her specialized Hazekiller ammunition for them as well. Now, if you are concerned with stealing a power things get complicated, since you actually do need to be more precise if you don't want to steal the wrong thing (especially if you're targeting a Twinborn or hypothetically a mistborn since they have more powers to steal) and you have the whole hemalurgic decay thing to deal with.
  9. I think I'm with Brandon here in that A-Steel in a late 19th/early 20th century setting would be awesome. All that metal to push off... and A-Steel's a pretty handy power to have regardless of the setting since you can use it for travel and combat, plus more creative uses like what Ranette does with switches only an allomancer can activate. After that... actually there are lots of times that I've found myself wishing I had A-Cadmium so I could skip boring stuff and speed up the arrival of stuff I'm looking forward to, like an event, a new book or game release or whatever. I'm pretty certain you could build a business around offering that service to other people. And given how much technological progress is currently going on, the appeal of being able to time-capsule yourself is awfully tempting. I wonder if Scadrian financial institutions have worked out rules for how to deal with clients who can engage in a limited form of one-way time travel? Oh, and like you say A-Electrum could be a pretty useful power. Hopefully in the absence of atium we'll see some future mistings who are able to push that metal's capabilities more than what we saw in Era 1 and do neat things with it.
  10. Vax

    It does and that's suggestive, but remember that it's also in the context of describing not Selish magic generally but one specific system, on a world that has uniquely region-based systems of magic which may be fundamentally similar in being 'programming' magics but also do very different things. Initiation into AonDor and Initiation into any other Selish system may be sufficiently different that Khriss could talk about them separately. The shaod is certainly more of a dramatic Initiation than anything else we've seen on Sel. There may be some underlying principle we haven't seen yet but from what we can tell, Forgery is just something you need the right sDNA for and then you study really hard, the Dakhor monks go to that monastery and change gradually over time, ChayShan is something you train at... In other words, Initiation into AonDor might operate on fundamentals associated with a specific place on a planet and not to the planet as a whole. Hence we can't say for sure that just mentioning Vax in the context of other planets guarantees that Vax is itself a planet. It may be more likely than not that it's a planet (because we know Sel is atypical in how magic functions there, thanks Rayse) but we can't say for sure. All we can be sure of is that Vax has an associated magic system and it's got a form of Initiation unlike anything else Khriss mentions in that paragraph.
  11. It's presumably a common-ground thing. Both Allik and Marasi might know what an excisor and a hemalurgic spike are respectively but without either knowing that the two are the same thing, the Connection-based translation probably doesn't have a way of bridging that gap. Ettmetal is another example of this; Northerners might be aware that conceptually Harmony has a godmetal and it would be named harmonium but having no actual knowledge of it they'd have no way of inherently recognizing that ettmetal and harmonium are the same thing, so no translation on their end. And to the Southerners, they don't know about harmonium as a name so the magic can't determine from Allik's intentions what the word should sound like to Marasi.
  12. He's sworn the Third Ideal of the Skybreakers which means he has a spren that can be summoned as a Shardblade in theory. I suspect however that the spren is very nervous around its Investiture-eating counterpart so whether it wants to come out and play in the Physical Realm is probably a bigger obstacle than anything Nightblood might do. Mechanics-wise, there's nothing we know of that prevents Szeth from using both at once. Nale can use his honorblade and (living) shardblade at the same time and has a bond with each, the former being relatively shallow like the bond Nightblood forms with people. While Nightblood will consume nearby Investiture sources when drawn and a spren is going to look mighty tasty, it's probably going to be the last thing he goes for other than Szeth's own innate Investiture so as long as Szeth has any other form of Investiture to feed him it shouldn't be a problem.
  13. Good luck getting any quantity of pure cadmium without it, and without cadmium you don't have bendalloy. The technology to separate cadmium from zinc ore wasn't within the technology level of the Final Empire.
  14. That's not how it works. A Vessel does not leave a permanent impression on the Shard and it's possible for a Vessel to give up their Shard at which point they would go back to being whatever they were before their Ascension, albeit they'd be a Sliver so there would be some lasting changes. The Shard continues to exist after the death of the Vessel even if it's splintered, so there's no such thing as 'Honor's Cognitive Shadow' as a discrete entity. Once Tanavast was killed, he ceased to be the Vessel for Honor in the same way that the deaths of Leras and Ati left Preservation and Ruin available for Sazed to take. We even see Ati post-death before he goes Beyond and he's very clearly no longer Ruin.
  15. We don't know, but I think someone should ask Brandon about that since he's previously used Baon as an example of someone who isn't Invested.