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  1. Except that he's said it is very hard to bond more than one, there's a hard limit on how far that can get you and you would need several dozen just to create enough pieces to cover one limb much less the entire body, so no the point is not moot.
  2. Assuming that's even possible, that's one problem of half a dozen or so solved... and now you look like the Michelin Man Radiant.
  3. You'd need so many spren working together to create a 'Sprenbladeplate' that it would be completely impractical, since a spren has to be a single piece. We're talking close to twenty just to cover one hand if you want to have full freedom of movement. Now extend that to the rest of the body. Now consider that only one of those spren is actually bonded to the person. Not only do you have to persuade a huge number of spren (and their Radiant partners) to form armor components but you can't gain the benefits of the telepathic bond because most of the spren are bonded to other people. People who are basically giving up their spren to someone else for however long the armor is manifested. Also, all that massively Invested metal that's not keyed to your Identity means you aren't Surgebinding through it, and it's not providing all the secondary effects of Shardplate so it's probably impractically heavy as well.
  4. Investiture resists Investiture, it really doesn't matter what the source is. The Investiture of the first stamp is going to cause the object to resist any attempt to change it again.
  5. Since dead Plate can reshape itself to fit a new wearer I'm pretty sure that a Radiant can either exercise some conscious control over their plate or it naturally forms along whatever aesthetic lines its user prefers, within reason. So if you wanted more slender plate it would probably be possible, though I'm not sure if that would include something as specific as leaving a gap so you can wear a cape under the armor and have it billow dramatically behind you once you've summoned it.
  6. There's a much easier way to do that: Pry off the first stamp. The things are more resistant to damage than they look like they should be but they can be removed with force, as Shai demonstrates very early in the story with a hammer and chisel.
  7. There's another topic on this here for anyone interested. As I said there, my own mental 'image' is of a slightly hyperactive child who's really excited about Destroying Evil and petulant when he doesn't get to. But to put a specific name to it, Alan Tudyk as well but with a different character in mind. I like the thought of a less-mechanical version of his K2S0 voice from Rouge One, since that's got the whole 'You're not using me properly, I could do so much more than this' angle already covered.
  8. This is what I get for not reading the interviews and such. xD Good to know though, thanks for the heads-up! Yeah, feeling good about that division point.
  9. Yeah, I'm in the 'Connection hax' camp too. We know that it can be learned independent of whatever Investiture system(s) you have access to since we've seen Seventeenth Shard members able to speak the local languages with evidence that they are using Connection rather than having actually learned the languages (via linguistic quirks that give them away) and where their own 'innate' magics don't have a known method of manipulating Connection, or where they don't have any magical powers of their own that we know of, like Felt. Since Odium planned for the Fused to be around for however long it would take to achieve the win condition that he and Tanavast agreed to, he could have considered it well worth his while to teach them whatever trick there is to it, so they could communicate with the current inhabitants no matter how much linguistic drift happened between Desolations. Though the mental image of a bunch of Fused in stuffy schoolrooms on Braize is pretty storming amusing. Meanwhile their descendants know local languages but can't communicate universally among themselves (they speak the languages of the regions they were in when their Connections and minds were restored) so having a special Envoyform listener to translate for them is helpful, especially since as Venli herself notes she's basically a propaganda piece creating the foundational myth Odium wants the singers to believe. In that role she's better suited to the job than any Fused would be.
  10. Narrativly-speaking that would make good sense. I haven't reread the book in a while so I don't remember exactly how much of the story that would divide between the two parts but unless my memory is playing tricks on me, it shouldn't be too lopsided and there's plenty that could be done to balance out any difference in the weight of the original material if needed.
  11. Yes, Brandon cannibalized things from Aether to create the Mistborn series we all know. The Former and Decay essentially became Preservation and Ruin, the Fell Twins are... well they're presented with Shard-levels of power but they'd probably be something more like super-Slivers if Brandon kept them in a rewrite and the conclusion is straight out of Hero of Ages. There's lots of other cannibalized elements Brandon took from Aether and worked into other stories. The Forgotten for example inspired the Midnight Essence in SA, Wyndle and cultivationspren generally seem inspired by Verdant, Aedin familial hierarchy might have inspired the Horneaters' customs about birth order determining one's role and in more speculative territory there's stuff like the Shentis (possibly proto-Siah Amians?) and the Dari (Vorinism/Hierocracy?). Oh, and while it didn't come from Aether of Night directly, Brandon's abortive plans for another book using the concept led to the creation of Syl and his first attempt to cannibalize the aethers for The Liar of Partinel seems to have been a stepping stone on the way to the Nahel Bond, since we see a character in the released chapters holding a conversation with their aether similar to how a surgebinder would with their spren.
  12. <Checks to make sure my popcorn supply is sufficient> Oh yeah, I'm probably close to two-thirds of the way through Hajimari's Chapter 4 now, being at the Obvious Final Dungeon of a second route having finished the one I started previously. The tension and twists are ratcheting up exponentially and I've already (seemingly) had one of my theories blown away. Fun times. xD
  13. Obligatory reminder that 'Survival' is only tangentially related to that mystery Shard's intent. Also, we have multiple occasions where Brandon has said that there are only three Shards on Roshar and we know all of them. There's one newer WoB where Brandon RAFO'd an identical question about the 'three of sixteen' death rattle but given how he answered these older ones on multiple occasions my guess is that he forgot he'd already clarified the point and gave out a 'Just to keep you all talking' RAFO. While I don't believe Brandon has said so directly, it can be assumed that the reason why Roshar has spren and other worlds do not (though they have other kinds of Splinters that might be similar but less numerous) is how massively Invested the planet is. There's a huge Investiture-bearing storm that saturates the world every few days and the barriers between the realms seem a bit thinner than normal, probably as a result of this, similar to but not as intense as the way Perpendicularities pierce all three realms due to a concentration of Investiture. We know you could bond Splinters on other worlds but they wouldn't give the kind of power that one from a major shardworld would; Brandon even called out Bondsmith powers specifically as something you wouldn't get from that kind of bond. Since Ashyn is a minor shardworld it's not likely to have had a spren/other Splinter capable of forming a Bondsmith-level bond. We know there was something really powerful on Ashyn since the Dawnshards are linked to the disaster that forced most of the population to flee to Roshar, but the descriptions we've gotten of them in myths/poetry suggest they're things that can be held, rather than entities that can be bonded. So... probably unrelated to the Sibling.
  14. Yes, not only do you need a spiky bit of metal but it must be a spiky bit of metal that has killed someone and ripped off a chunk of their soul. That's what a hemalurgic spike is. The spike of Vin's earring was used by her insane mother to kill her younger sister, for example. It's possible to make spikes sufficient to open one up to Harmony's influence by melting down old spikes into many smaller ones, which is how the Pathian earrings work. However, you're not going to get any new spikes without making a bloody mess and the Pathian earrings have such a minimal charge that pretty much all they're good for is creating that link to Harmony.
  15. Not all Falcom games are created equal when it comes to how much effort is required to localize them. Ys games take less time than Kiseki, as can be seen from how Ys IX is coming out in English within a few months of CS4 despite the games being released exactly a year apart in Japan. If NISA has the resources to tackle multiple projects at once, they can work on Crossbell simultaneously with any newer games. EDIT: I think it's more likely we don't get it until 2022. There's been a two year lag between Japanese release and localization for the Cold Steel games and even if Hajimari is a bit smaller than CS4 I doubt that translates into a radically shorter turnaround time.