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  1. Yeah, I'm in favor of Brandon retconning it out (like he's stated he wants to) should he release a rewritten version of the novel in the future. I mean, he's already kind of retconned it once... The way it's implied to work in the prose version (where it does briefly appear) is that it offers a net gain in hydration, so either it doesn't deplete the water in the user's body at all or the net gain from the sand-transformed water outweighs the depletion. That's what's broken about it, since the Invested sand can be found everywhere meaning that even the depletion of the sand itself isn't really a huge limiting factor.
  2. In addition to using qualifies like &/+ to narrow down results (for example, 'Shard Intent' gives 1277 results while 'Shard+Intent gives 83) you can also use the Tags to try and focus things even further. Those won't always help since not every WoB is tagged with every relevant option but they can really cut down on the results if you're got something very specific you're trying to find, and if you still don't find what you want you can drop the tag(s) and try again.
  3. Hogs and minks are identical to the species we have on Earth:
  4. As mentioned, Shardblade can be used as a generic term for any heavily-Invested sword in the Cosmere. Despite being made using a completely different magic system, Nightblood is considered a Shardblade. To add to what was already said, we know that in the past the Heralds had direct access to Honor's Investiture, which means that despite the shallower bond (and reduced healing ability most of the Heralds had to live with as a result) they had access to raw power that no Radiant can match. They also don't have the limitation of Nahel-granted surgebinding imposed on them by the ideals, which could be situationally advantageous. Lastly there's just the whole mystique of 'These are holy swords made from the very body of our God' that Kalak might have had in mind.
  5. Second games in an arc generally have much faster pacing, since the bulk of the setting and character-establishing gets done in the first game so the next can hit the ground running. Or at least jogging somewhat briskly. And yeah, seconding the whole 'Read Brandon!' thing. Not for nothing do I like to tell people who I know enjoy Trails to check out the Cosmere and vice-versa, since they have some distinct similarities in worldbuilding and the deeper you get into both, the more fun they are to discuss and do crazy theorycrafting with. And hey, a few of Brandon's books have Japanese translations and Falcom clearly has fans of western fantasy literature on the staff so who knows, one day maybe we'll see a nod to the Cosmere somewhere in Zemuria like we've already got many nods to Tolkien and some to Le Guin, Eddings and Zelazny, xD
  6. You don't have to worry about permanently missing any fish because everything will show up at one or another of the endgame fishing locations. And yes, I prefer the CS3/4 fishing minigame myself (and next the Sky/Crossbell one) to the CS1/2 system, but I think the most fun fishing minigame Falcom has done so far is the one in Ys VIII.
  7. Don't give him ideas, Kelsier does so like the idea of punching gods in the face...
  8. That was a fun analysis and some good food for thought! Marsh: I did die once, but the God Beyond works in mysterious ways. Which would also explain you.
  9. The only real advantage an Honorblade gives is that the lack of oaths might be an asset under certain circumstances. However, the general advantages that even a lower-Ideal Radiant has makes it pretty lopsided in their favor. As mentioned, we see Kaladin heal Shardblade wounds at the Second Ideal and the flexibility of a living Shardblade makes them much more effective weapons than the Honorblades that are locked into a single (generally oversized) form. Also, a Fifth Ideal Radiant (except the Bondsmiths) is going to have access to Shardplate and the ability to use their surgebinding while wearing it, meaning they're much better protected than an Honorblade-user, for whom Shardplate and surgebinding are mutually exclusive.
  10. Welcome to the Shard! One little problem here: The Investiture that makes up Devotion and Dominion isn't located in the Spiritual Realm, it's been stuffed into the location-dependant Cognitive Realm. This is the reason Selish magic is region-locked and why the planet is so dangerous to travel to. Opening up a Perpendicularity affects all three realms but the Physical and Cognitive components of it are limited to the area right around Dalinar, meaning there's no way for him to be accessing any D&D Investiture. Brandon has said that we shouldn't take that sort of thing too literally and that people can exhibit traits associated with a Shard's intent without having any connection to that Shard: The WoB that people have used to argue that Autonomy was involved with the killing of D&D is so vaguely worded that it doesn't actually tell us anything significant. Bavadin could have told Odium 'Hey, I hear Aona and Skai have set up shop on Sel' but had no direct role in what followed and it would fit the bill. She could have been taking the Shardic equivalent of a stroll, bumped into Odium and by sheer chance that led to him turning left at Albuquerque the Nexus of Transition instead of right and so he found his way to Sel slightly earlier than he would have otherwise and that would fit the bill too.
  11. I think that was the point. On the main topic, we know that different Orders have different numbers of members and the spren and Radiant pair have to reach a certain depth of their bond before breaking the oaths results in a dead Shardblade. It's possible some number of spren 'killed' by the broken oaths were like Syl in Words of Radiance and didn't leave a corpse behind in the Physical Realm. Between the total number of Radiants possibly being comfortably under ten thousand (remember that Windrunners also have more squires than other Radiants) and the total number of Shards lying around out there probably isn't quite so large. That said, I am on board with the idea that one or more groups on Roshar has a hidden stockpile of dead Shardblades, as well as some number of them simply being lost over the years.
  12. Yeah, I know that. It's going to be a couple of years though, hence 'killer wait'.
  13. Brandon wrote a really interesting essay on his writing history up to getting published, with some thoughts on the merits and demerits of the various phases of his early career if that's something you're interested in. It includes some thoughts on Mistborn/Final Empire Prime and where they fall in his estimation of his unpublished works. A big reason that he's able to get the older works out now is that he's got a sizeable fanbase that's willing to read them despite being unpublishable as-is. I'm glad he does it because it's really fascinating to see his growth as a writer and to follow the thread of an idea that might have worked its way through two or three books before finally being published. Kaladin for example grew out of a WoK Prime character, but with input from the protagonist of the unfinished Mythwalker and Dragonsteel Prime. I've tried my hand at some short fiction and being able to look at Brandon's development over time has really helped me think about how to approach characters, for example. Oh, the fact that we're also getting to the point where enough has either been revealed or has sufficiently changed that the material no longer spoils anything important that Brandon still plans to write is also a pretty big factor in why we're getting the 'Sanderson Curiosities' now. Though the wait for Dragonsteel Prime is gonna be killer and who knows where Final Empire Prime is going to fall on the release list... I was at a signing once when he was asked a question and mentioned having a personal wiki where he and his assistants keep track of all his ideas. I'd give serious consideration to sacrificing a kidney for a look at that. xD
  14. Yes, and if you've ever gotten a RAFO card out of him (or just seen a picture of one) it says right on there that he sometimes does it just to mess with us and that he's enjoying it. xD
  15. @Briar King @aneonfoxtribute Yeah, Kuro no Kiseki has been confirmed to take place after all the existing games. We don't know exactly when Kuro begins but we know it takes place in S.1208 which means that at minimum it begins nine months after the ending of Hajimari, which is currently the farthest game in the timeline. It's called obfuscation, people do this all the time when they don't want to give real information away and they derive as much enjoyment from making us jump to conclusions as anything else. You're on a fansite for an author who takes a downright perverse glee in sometimes giving us a RAFO answer for the sole purpose of keeping us guessing. See 'the man calling himself Taln' but for one prominent example.