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  1. Brandon has talked about needing to get the metal 'into your spirit' so it would depend on if Brandon considers that 'good enough' and then if the allomancer themselves can perceive that as a metal reserve and attempt to burn it, which is probably a Cognitive trick. We do have WoBs about burning hemalurgic spikes in your body but they don't specify whether all spikes would work or if he was just thinking about things like chest spikes. I'm pretty sure we never get any indication from Vin that she sees her earring as a viable metal reserve (as a spike, it's definitely made of a burnable metal) which gets back to the perception thing; if it's possible then it must require the allomancer to first realize that it's an option.
  2. You do realize that the Lashings aren't the only powers of a Windrunner, right? They're just the ones that we know about and which have formal names. We have a WoB that a Windrunner could create a bubble around themselves and travel through space, so the WoB you cite isn't really as definitive as you think and this sort of pressure-manipulation is very much within the Windrunner skillset.
  3. It's actually pretty easy to figure out the mold that Selish magics fit into when you look at what all the known systems have in common and Brandon has confirmed that it's form-based. Brandon likens the magics to programming, and getting the code just right is necessary to attain the proper result. In this case, it means drawing the Aons properly, performing the right sequence of movements in ChayShan and so on. There's another couple WoBs on this which makes it clear that magic in the Rosharan system has essentially been following the mold that Adonalsium already established, which is why all three planets have similar elements even though the Shards actively involved on the worlds differ. Also that the Big A was directly involved in some of the pre-Shattering limitations. Consequently, whatever Shard(s) ended up in the Rosharan System, their magics would develop based on the 'pathway' that Adonalsium established way back when. The big contribution the specific Shards make is that they dictate how you get access to the magic, though as noted in the above WoB the lack of Adonalsium's former influence also means that Rosharan magic can now do things that generally could not be done before.
  4. Fun fact, you get foreshadowing of this (well, more foreshadowing) if you: Related to an earlier post of oyurs, yes, that S-Craft is amazing, one of my favorites in the entire franchise. xD I'm not 100% sold on the localized name but I'll admit that the Japanese didn't make for a particularly easy translation. And congrats on finishing the game!
  5. My guess is that an augmenter fabrial for something like this would make use of a musicspren but unless RoW has something to say on the subject (I've just barely started it) we don't know what stone(s) they might be attracted to, so there isn't likely to be any canon guidance there. However, since there's an association between the polestones and the ten Orders and we know that the Lightweavers specialize in manipulating both light and sound waves, you probably couldn't go wrong with a red stone representing their associated polestone, garnet.
  6. Given that Wyndle basically refuses to be summoned as a blade with a sharp edge because he doesn't want to hurt people and the Stormfather refuses to be summoned as anything, I'm pretty sure that Syl could refuse to manifest as something she felt was undignified. That said, you're gonna have a bigger problem: Syl like all spren has to manifest as metal. The godmetal alloy that all spren manifest as is notably not malleable, meaning you're not going to get something capable of bending. There's a size limit and that is way above it.
  7. Yeah, there's a very similar feel to the worldbuilding, with the biggest difference being that the Cosmere has planets and a time scale of roughly ten thousand years once all is said and done while Zemuria deals with countries and a time scale of about twelve hundred total, with most of the 'action' confined to the last decade or so of that span. But there's a similar emphasis on the shared setting, character crossover and major events in one story influencing another, while the overall structure is still designed so you can take each piece of the greater franchise and (generally) enjoy it in isolation, though you'll get more out of it all the more you see of the whole. I've got to actually write down that list of fun parallels at some point and organize them, because even though I'm sure it's a coincidence it's very amusing to see such similar story beats and visual elements in both works. That does seem to be a popular ship. I dunno though, personally I'm with Rean in thinking that Machias and Jusis should just get a room already...
  8. Which is why I specifically said that it's based on color instead of form and thus isn't something that can be conveyed in the book.
  9. <continues munching popcorn>
  10. Scadrial has symbols for its metals that also form the in-universe alphabet across multiple cultures and time periods (hence why there's different versions of characters for the same metal) and Roshar's glyphs are also an in-universe writing system. Sel's magics are all form-based so of course they have significant symbols and the Aonic language is built around incorporating them, there seems to be something similar going on with the Dakhor bone shapes and writing, etc. Nalthis' magic system doesn't lend itself to that kind of synthesis of writing and symbolism and the most interesting in-universe writing we know of is based on color, which doesn't translate well to a black and white printed page. If you're looking for an equivalent to the Steel Alphabet or the glyphs for Warbreaker, you won't find it.
  11. I'd find F-Copper to be the most useful in day to day life followed by F-Zinc and wouldn't mind either, but for purely recreational use I'd find F-Cadmium to be a lot of fun. I like diving and no breathing means no need for a large air tank, no risk of nitrogen narcosis or the bends, no decompression and a bottom time limited only by how full the metalmind is (and temperature). Storing does sound kind of sucky and I imagine it would take a good while to get enough breath to last a dive, but the advantages outweigh that.
  12. If the metal isn't in direct contact, you can't burn it. It's why you can't coat one viable metal with another and burn both at once. Coating the metal with a shell of something unburnable would presumably work the exact same way, with the added fun factor that you won't be able to sense when that shell dissolves to the point the metal is burnable until it's too late and you end up with a literal case of explosive indigestion. Coating harmonium in a burnable metal and making a thin patch that reduces as much as possible its surface area (and thus exposure to water) might buy you a bit of time to get access to the metal to try and burn it before it explodes in your stomach if you can burn away that thin bit first, with the benefit of being more controllable. I think you'd want an unsealed goldmind handy before even thinking about testing it, though.
  13. The intents are more flexible than you seem to think and we know that the Vessel can influence how they get expressed, so if you pick a Shard that's a good match for your personality you aren't going to be twisted by it, or not nearly as much. Bear in mind that the names are not the intents, they're what the Shard feels best matches the impression they get and are open to a degree of interpretation. Brandon goes into some detail here. The personality being overridden by the Shard depends on the person and Sazed and at least one other Vessel are doing quite well due to their comparability with their Shard(s). If we had to pick one, Rayse would be the obvious choice since Brandon has said that he's very well-aligned with Odium but nothing says he has to be the only one.
  14. Would you be surprised if I said there's actually a detailed WoB on this topic?
  15. Investiture Does Not Work That Way. Yes, you can hack systems in various ways and fuel one with another but you can't just say 'Hey, Nightblood's Invested so I must be able to use that Investiture to power some other ability'. It's like suggesting that if you gave Susebron a medallion for A-Steel, a coin and a metal vial he could somehow execute super-pushes because he really wants to and you can't just ignore very clear WoBs that the amount of Investiture is what's important and that it's an inherent property of all Investiture. I'll give you another example: You can't use Lashings on someone else wearing Shardplate, even if you're both full Radiants and you can literally talk to your spren and say 'hey, would you play nicely with this other Investiture so we can fly?'. Doesn't. Work. That. Way. Also, your analogy is flawed: Sazed's two Shards are still in conflict and this is manifested mainly in how he find it difficult to act and also in how harmonium is so unstable. This is something Sazed has no control over even though he's one mind directing both intents.