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  1. It really depends on what you want to do with your power. If you want to perform crazy shenanigans in a fight then compounding steel is probably the 'best' metal for you. On the other hand, if you're a scholar or a detective and you want to shorten the amount of realtime it takes you to reach conclusions then Zinc is clearly an amazing metal to compound; we see Wax work through every possible option for a confrontation in the time it takes the person he's up against to say a syllable, sort of like what Sherlock Holmes does in the Guy Ritchie films. On the other hand, I love to dive and I could imagine compounded cadmium being an amazing power. You're running off the stored oxygen of uncompressed air so you don't have to worry about nitrogen narcosis, embolisms or the bends and you can stay underwater for as long as you have reserves in your metalmind (having F-Brass to stay warm would be good too but that doesn't require compounding). And of course we saw just how insane a healing factor a gold compounder has, so that's a good metal. And depending on how it works in practice, compounded chromium could be one of the most amazing things in the Cosmere. Or maybe not, but it depends on how exactly that power interacts with Fortune and what sort of applications you can get out of it. So yeah, 'it depends'.
  2. First off, welcome to the Shard! Second off, welcome to five years ago when this was new. Have you read Oathbringer yet? Because if not... well, you'll see.
  3. Pssst!
  4. That would contradict both the letter and spirit of this WoB:
  5. It doesn't seem to matter and just seeing the future is enough to potentially mess up anyone else's ability to see yours. Renarin both tries to prevent the future he sees from happening (during WoR, when it fails) and do nothing to prevent it (at Thaylen City) and he's still invisible to Odium's vision. Atium burners (and people countering them with A-Electrum) don't have to do anything other than burn the metal(s) to cause atium shadows to multiply to the point of uselessness. Since it goes both ways it seems like peering into the Spiritual is the important thing and what you do with that knowledge doesn't ultimately determine whether someone else looking at the future can or can't see you. There are other ways to hide from Shards as well. Hoid is able to hide from Harmony (though apparently not from Endowment) and whatever was done to Lift makes her invisible to Odium, or at least very hard to sense.
  6. Welcome to the Shard! The Cognitive Realm is a flat representation of three-dimensional space, but it's distorted. You pretty much do 'walk off the edge of the world' to leave the planet and travel through the interstellar void. And yes, it's pretty mind-screwy how this is meant to work.
  7. Odium explicitly wants to become the most powerful being in the Cosmere by killing all the other Shards. Brandon has said that he's using the promise the Vessels made to one another as an excuse to justify why he's gone after paired Shards but we know that his first target was Ambition, because he saw her as a potential rival. In other words, selfish motivations cloaked in excuses. So yeah, I don't see Odium as secretly being the 'good guy' of this story. Rayse not being the biggest threat to the Cosmere on the other hand I'm basically expecting, but him turning out to be good all along, not so much.
  8. Well, the 'Faceless Immortal' that we see at the end of Bands of Mourning is implied to be possessing its current body and on Sel there's the mythical Svrakiss who are said to be able to possess men. Whether the latter exist or they're either an invention of Fjordell for religious purposes or a distorted memory of something that wasn't a possession we don't know, but it's evidence that people believe it's possible.
  9. As mentioned, the story of the Tranquiline Halls is a distorted memory of the world that most Rosharan humans originated from, which is Ashyn, one of the two other planets in the system. Brandon explicitly confirmed that the Halls were a planet and that it was Ashyn, the world that humans fled after their own misuse of magic caused a cataclysm that left it barely habitable. Odium was involved in that cataclysm in some way but we don't know the exact role he played. Also, the singers/listeners/Parsh don't have exclusive claim over voidspren. Amaram's men all get possessed by them at Thaylen City and Amaram himself (and the queen before him) bonded with Yelig-nar. We know that humans fought on Odium's side during Aharietiam and in prior Desolations, even if they never formed the core of his forces. What we currently don't know is how or why the humans and singers wound up essentially swapping gods. This WoB is relevant, if not completely illuminating.
  10. That doesn't make anything I said incorrect. Also, two points. First, while electrum can do more than what we saw Vin and Elend manage in Hero of Ages it's still not as effective as atium and requires more practice and better reflexes to really take advantage of its power. Second and more importanly, Preservation's master plan required that people use atium. He doesn't have to like it and he can warn people that it's dangerous to draw directly upon Ruin, but it's still a necessary element of his plan to defeat him.
  11. As mentioned it isn't frowned upon generally but it is in very specific circumstances. On Roshar, the main method of futuresight is the Death Rattles which are the doings of one of the Unmade. There's also what Renarin does, which involes a spren that's been corrupted by another Unmade; Ivory's line about Renarin and Glys suggests that a 'normal' Truthwatcher sees the present rather than the future. So that's double connection to Odium which is a pretty good reason to be worried about futuresight. It's not actually the only example (the final vision Dalinar gets was through Honor's futuresight) but it's enough that the idea that seeing the future is Bad has become ingrained in people's' minds. On Scadrial, you have a somewhat similar situation where Preservation warns against relying on futuresight because it involves atium, aka the 'body' of Ruin. It's not so much that seeing the future is inherently bad as it is that you're doing it by drawing directly upon the Shard that wants to destroy everything. By contrast, the ability of the Returned to get a sense for the future in art is seen as holy, as are the visions from Endowment to the Returned themselves (if/when they remember them) and if Riino is an example of Elantrians generally they have no taboo against seeing the future. As @RShara goes into in her topic (which I should probably read in depth) there's probably other good reasons why Hoid tells Shallan to be wary of anyone who sees the future (including him) but in the immediate term the most pressing concern is probably that on Roshar it's so strongly associated with Odium. A-Atium is seeing the future (Brandon explicitly gave it that power because he wanted to foreshadow the existence of Fortune) and what Elend did gave him a more direct glimpse into the Spiritual Realm, so it was basically atium on steroids. All forms of future-sight interfere with one another (like how Renarin simply by existing acts as a human black hole where the Diagram is concerned) so any attempt to predict the future would have trouble seeing the actions of anyone else capable of seeing the future, including atium burners, anybody with access to F-Chromium, anyone with a device like Riino's, Sak and Sixth of the Dusk, Hoid (who uses some application of Fortune) and of course, the Shards themselves. Since Vivenna knows enough about Cosmere mechanics to know Fortune by name and the Returned do have some prescient powers, they should probably be at least somewhat fuzzy to your hypothetical 'Super Diagram' but perhaps less than those who can consciously manipulate Fortune.
  12. Shallan gets a sense of how immensely old Hoid is from his eyes during the events of Oathbringer, before he bonded the Cryptic. That impression could have been him doing some creative Lightweaving or it could have been something else, but it's another indication that his eyes aren't completely 'normal' even before the last scene. There's a couple other things that we know that can do weird things to your eyes and given that Hoid's spiritweb probably looks like something a spider that's been given an inordiante amount of gin might weave, there's probably half a dozen things we don't know of that could make his eyes look weird to Kelsier's sight.
  13. Brandon has said that there are animal Shades, but given how weakly aware the human Shades are compared to other Cognitive Shadows and how they do seem to fade over time, I imagine they don't last that long. The fact that Silence doesn't even mention them suggests that they're very rare and not a matter of serious concern. Given that the Forests of Hell cover a large part of an entire continent, I don't see how reduced predation is going to lead to possible herbivore overfeeding having a visibile impact in only a century. Also, you have no way of demonstrating that Shades don't retreat from other living beings during the day, all we know for certain is that they do drift away from living humans. That's not enough to say conclusively that they don't retreat from animals.
  14. Well come on, it's gotta be Kelsier. He's a Ghost and his physical body is dependant on Blood-based magic. It's so obvious that nobody can possibly deny it! But more seriously, maybe Jewels? We know Brandon has plans for her to appear in the Warbreaker sequel and I could see her joining up with a worldhopping group in the hopes of getting ahold of knowledge/resources to restore Arsteel's memories if Yesteel isn't able to get the job done. Plus, the Ghostbloods might find having a Drab and a Lifeless around handy, especially since both are invisible to BioChromatic lifesense and (due to shared underpinnings) presumably other kinds of life-detecting powers as well. And Brandon's said that Nalthis is a very worldhopper-friendly planet so it's probably not terribly difficult for a native to leave, or for Ghostbloods to move in and out and find potential recruits.
  15. I wanna become a member of the Lightsabers. What sort of spren do I have to bond to make that happen?