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  1. Water is not the source of Investiture in Sand Mastery; it establishes the necessary Connection, kind of like how metal in allomancy is what tells Preservation's Investiture what to do but it's not Invested itself. It's the Investiture from Taldain's star (which the lichen on the sand absorbs) that you'd need to use as fuel for Nightblood. If you can figure out how to get Nightblood to feed on that rather than your lifeforce, you could probably keep going for a good while. Cross-magic hacks aside you'd likely have to be Mastering the sand to make it work, in the same way that you need to draw an Aon if you're Elantrian or be able to inhale Stormlight on Roshar, meaning that you'd still need a supply of water to avoid dehydration but the Investiture itself is plentiful. Taldain might be the safest place in the Cosmere to use Nightblood if you can get it to work since it's so easy to get at Investiture there, at least on Dayside. Brandon mentioned that it would have been a good alternative to Roshar for Vasher to go to, if it were possible for him to have traveled there.
  2. Brandon plans to rewrite Aether of Night, which would almost have to involve a Shard. We likewise get mentions of Vax which we know has some magic system thanks to Khriss and it's possible (but by no means certain) that a Shard is involved with Silverlight in some way. Aethet at least would be a full-blown novel. Also, anything we don't see before will necessarily be revealed in Dragonsteel where we'll see all sixteen Vessels and presumably what Shards the any unknown ones ended up with will be told to us there or at least heavily implied. In any event, we're gonna find all this out in the narrative at some point even if all sixteen don't get post-Shattering novels dedicated to them.
  3. Here's the WoB: Anyhow, because the Fifth Heightening stops the aging process it doesn't matter if you're also able to use F-Atium, you're not going to age naturally. But very weird things would probably happen if you tried to store or tap youth at that point, due to the intersection of what BioChroma's doing to you and what F-Atium is trying to do.
  4. I think that's where the lower boundary issue comes into play. Brandon says for example that you can only store as much weight as you have to give and that for things like speed you can't even store all of that, there's some limit below which you just can't go, and you can't pull stuff out of your body at the kind of accelerated rate that you can withdraw it. I think it's possible to store enough heat to lower your temperature to the point where you'd quickly die of hypothermia without an external source keeping you alive, but there's still limits to how fast your heat gets stored and if you're in the middle of a really intense heat source like a fire, your temperature is still going to rise faster than you can store and to a level that's dangerous if you're in there for long enough. For example, let's say you're storing twenty degrees (celsius scale) worth of core temperature, which is just a bit shy of the lowest known temperature anyone has survived and comfortably past the point when death by hypothermia can happen. Now you walk into a burning house, where the temperature is five hundred degrees or so above your pre-storing core temperature. You're getting hit constantly by a wave of heat that's far in excess of the twenty degrees you're storing so you're going to start heating up pretty quickly no matter what you do as long as you remain in that environment.
  5. Tapping F-Brass would not grant you resistance to fire since feruchemy only protects you against the effect itself (and that within limits, see Steelrunning and air resistance) but if you were to make yourself colder by storing heat you might be able to gain some temporary resistance. However, there are limits to how low you can go when you store so I don't think you could completely overcome really intense heat that way.
  6. ASOIAF has had five books so far to explore that world's history, plus multiple guides and 'histories'. Brandon has had three books so far out of a planned ten and no secondary sources other than the occasional WoB. Why do you expect that we'd get everything right at the start of the series instead of spread out? In fact, given that we've got two books in the back half of the series that are planned to have Taln and Ash as the flashback characters, it's pretty clear that he is saving a lot of the really juicy history for later.
  7. That was me looking at two topics at once and forgetting which I was in for a second with that one. Which is why I edited it out, like Ruin. xD And probably atium since it's the only thing that we know can steal the ability to use atium in allomancy; it's not unreasonable to assume it's required to steal F-Atium as well. It's not as if either Rashek or Ruin is going to be shy about using that metal since the former has virtually the entire world's supply (if they were given to Inquisitors before Ruin was freed) and the latter could always reclaim it later (if they got the spikes after Ruin's release).
  8. We actually have an explanation via WoB So, for a currently unknown reason, some Inquisitors had a spike for F-Atium. Marsh already had a spike for A-Atium. Combine the two and you get an atium compounder.
  9. Relevant WoB here, one day we might be able to grab a pencil and paper and do this kind of calculation.
  10. You can't force a spren bond. What Nale does is set things up so that it's more likely that a highspren will bond a person that Nale thinks is worthy of becoming a Skybreaker (because by making them a squire, they're in a position where highspren will be more likely to notice them) but there's no way to make the spren form the bond unless they chose to do so. As others have said, the type of spren is entirely relevant. Each type of spren is looking for different things in a potential bond partner and the different types of spren have different ways of deciding who to bond. Sometimes you'll get a situation where multiple spren might be attracted to the same person (Ym) but that only works in limited circumstances. See what happens to Kaladin in WoR for an example of how badly wrong things can go.
  11. To add to the above, Brandon has indicated some interest in writing additional stories involving Reckoners continuity. Apocalypse Guard was intended to answer some of the questions raised by Calamity for example, which may or may not have allowed him to explore that question. He's also indicated that if he writes anything explicitly in that setting his first thought would be to do a story focused on Mizzy, which would probably include at least some of the other Reckoners by default.
  12. If implemented I imagine this would result in a serious increase in the number of people too l337 for Hoid to compete with, given that title's margin of error for points (ie none).
  13. Take another look at the Edgedancer ideals. Take another look at Adolin. Remembering the forgotten, listening to the ignored? He's doing that, in his own way. Some of his actions may not sit well with a Windrunner or a Skybreaker but we know there are other Orders that would be perfectly okay with things we've seen Adolin do. To borrow a meme, 'Life before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination. I do not think that Ideal means what you think it means'.
  14. Atium can be pushed/pulled (as Kelsier does to destroy all the geodes in the Pits) while a Shardblade is so heavily Invested that you'd need a duralumin boost or something similar to get through all that Investiture interference.
  15. I wish I could answer that but I've never read it myself. The library's description says it's about 230 leaves, which could be single or double-sided. The latter seems a safe assumption considering the length of the excerpts Brandon has shared and how he's described the Shattered Plains sequence as a 'diversion' from the main story. With that assumption, I'd guess you'd need to dedicate a good chunk of a day to it if you wanted to read it in a single sitting, even if you're a pretty fast reader. Going to Provo and reading it for myself is on my bucket list, should circumstances ever put me in the general vicinity. But until then, I'm just working off what other people have said and some guesswork.