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  1. Given both the disconnect between Elhokar as a person and Elhokar as a king and his self-perception as an unworthy heir to Gavilar, he's probably been telling himself some really good lies to keep going. Remember that this is the man who engineered an apparent assassination attempt on himself and then lied about it in order to get Dalinar and Sadeas to take his concerns about actual assassins seriously. I'm sure a Cryptic would have a field day with him.
  2. If a spike has decayed to the point of maximum loss then you can probably burn the metal with at least reduced weirdness if not eliminated weirdness. Not that we know what burning a spike does right now, except that burning one that's in you is really not advised. You can burn a metalmind that's been completely drained with utterly no consequences since at that point there's no extra Investiture to do screwy things. Of course, burning a metalmind is generally not going to be a problem even if it's filled; if you filled it then you're compounding and that's generally a Good Thing (as long as you have another metalmind or can use all that released power immediately) and if someone else filled it you can just burn it like any other bit of metal with no ill effects. We saw Vin do that in The Final Empire with some metal that Sazed gave a slight charge to. She could sense the charge but couldn't do anything with it and the metal functioned normally for her when burned.
  3. Caveat to this, the series-specific boards do not require spoiler tags/warnings for anything that's sufficiently old (ie it's been out for longer than six months) so the Stormlight board for example will have discussion for all three published books and there's about half a dozen topics on the first page whose titles alone are some degree of spoiler or another. So the series boards are safe... once you've finished all the published books.
  4. The Kaladin stuff is the biggest given where you are in WoK and the series generally, but like RShara said you haven't 'blown the biggest surprise' and even though you know some of what will happen in the future, you don't know how or why they happen so even for those things you'll have more to discover. There's a reason that a character's catchphrase from one of Brandon's other books (There's always another secret) has been borrowed by the fanbase to describe his writing generally. And have another welcome to the Shard!
  5. @Quantus We have other WoBs that are more explicit that it was a gift.
  6. We know that feruchemy was a gift from Preservation and was the result of that shard and Ruin both being on Scadrial. It's kind of an open-and-shut case. The WoB where Brandon appeared to say that Hoid had feruchemy was a paraphrase and exact recordings of what Brandon has said since make it clear that either he misspoke or (more likely) the person who recorded the original line misunderstood. Hoid doesn't have feruchemy but his 'Hoidsense' makes use of the same underlying mechanic as F-Chromium. That doesn't mean that Hoid has 'Yolish proto-Feruchemy' and gave it to the Scadrians any more than it means that space-traveling Aviar somehow were responsible for A-Electrum having the same effect that Sak's Talent does. Magics can use similar fundamentals without being more closely related;
  7. And we know it's possible for people with access to Transformation to be partially in the Cognitive while still mostly in the Physical, so I'm not sure why this is such an issue for you. Her shadow was behaving weirdly because she was in the process of being drawn there. Also, please don't double-post, use the edit function instead.
  8. Her shadow is specifically moving towards the source of light rather than away from it like it should be. We know that Siah Aimians have shadows that behave the same way. Brandon has confirmed that they're happening for the same reason:
  9. Stormlight glows not because it's a plasma but for the same reason that metal glows in the Cogntive Realm on Scadrial: The Investiture trying to flow through from the Spiritual Realm casues it to glow.
  10. Probably for the same reason that you need to drawn Aons in the exact correct shape (or design soulstamps properly, or make the right motions in ChayShan) in order for them to function: It's a function of how the magic works and it is that way because it's what the realmatic interactions of Endowment and Nalthis allow for. In a Doylist sense, it's a limitation on the magic so you need to know the correct Command (unless you're at such a high Heightening that you can fudge the basic ones) and you can't simply create any Command you want.
  11. Hoid is probably the most likely person in the Cosmere to figure out how to make Selish magics work away from the geographical area the individual systems are linked to, or possibly Khriss depending on what trick is needed since she's got a better conceptual understanding. Hoid has actually been working on the issue and it's a part of why he wanted the Moon Scepter, though Brandon has mentioned that it's only one piece of a larger puzzle. So I don't think we can read the fact that he wanted to become an Elantrian as a sign of what his goals are, as far as he's concerned the range limitation is just one more puzzle to solve. Because nobody has proposed that as a possible goal for him before now... Hoid doesn't like being influenced, one reason he prefers to acquire magics the hard way instead of using hemalurgy is because the latter approach opens him up to Ruin (later Harmony) influencing him. He also defines himself by not having to follow the rules the Shards do. I doubt he has any interest in taking all the Shards and making himself even more bound, when he had the option to take only one Shard at the Shattering and refused it.
  12. Because Odium can't simply smite Dalinar. Shards are bound in various ways and while he could kill any Fused he wants to, he can't do it to any random Rosharan. The 'where they are' is important here. Odium isn't actually on Roshar, insofar as his power is concentrated on Braize and he's not linked to the two worlds to the same degree. The situation where he briefly showed Dalinar his true nature was taking place in a vision which means he was partially in the Spiritual Realm at the time. This isn't the same set of circumstances as when Dalinar briefly Ascends at the end of the book, and at that point he's not vulnerable in the same way so it's a moot point. We don't know what the original 'win' condition of the agreement that Honor and Odium created is for the latter, but it's implied very strongly that simply killing everything on Roshar wouldn't be enough and Odium would still be bound. What makes Dalinar really important is that due to his being a Bondsmith who's bonded to the Stormfather (who in turn merged with Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow) which means he has the power to essentially let Odium off the hook if he releases him with the right Intent. Convincing or forcing him to say whatever needs to be said would probably be the easiest way to win. Failing that, winning a contest of champions would do it. In either case, turning Dalinar into an agent of Team Odium is a very smart idea either to get him to release Odium on his own, or to have him as Odium's Champion.
  13. As mentioned, you need enough Breath and a very clear mental image of what you want the Awakening to do, plus the right words spoken in your native language. A lot of trial and error resulted in the discovery of new Commands and the Five Scholars were instrumental there. It helps that at the Sixth Heightening you gain an instinctive understanding of basic Commands and it becomes easier to learn new ones. The annotations for Warbreaker even mention that it's almost required to be at that Heightening to discover really complex ones. The best thing about BioChroma is that as long as you're trying to create a Type-II Entity (ie, most Awakening) you can afford to make mistakes because all that happens if you mess up is that the Breath gets stuck in the object and you have to retrieve it, like we see with Vivenna when she's experimenting, only she didn't know the retrieval Command at first so she couldn't recover her Breath immediately.
  14. Assuming for purposes of argument that someone with allomantic powers could Return (which would require either lerasium or some Connection hacks, depending on the circumstances) they would presumably retain their powers but since the Returned lack memories of their former lives, they wouldn't remember they have those powers so they would be like Vin at the start of TFE, using whatever metal they ingested instinctively without knowing what they're really doing. So they might have the same powers but they would need to relearn how to use them. We know how to make a 'normal' sapient Awakened object, it just requires a lot of Breath for both the Heightening and the actual Awakening, which is why they were theoretical until Shashara and Vasher actually did it. Nightblood is not a typical Type-IV Entity and he's got some Ruin-flavored Investiture in there along with what comes from Endowment. Yesteel knows how to make other Type-IV entities (and may have been the person who Awakened Vivenna's sword) so Nightblood is likely to go into more detail on the topic. In general, Investiture will attain sapience if you leave enough of it alone for a long enough period of time (the more there is, the faster it'll happen and the closer to human-like intelligence it will have) but things can be done to speed up the process.
  15. emperors soul

    Cosmere healing doesn't affect age, which is a part of the Spiritweb that always 'knows' how old you are or should be. Someone with unlimited healing ability could be perfectly healthy but eventually drop dead when they hit the time they should have died. There's a long WoB here that goes into immortality in the Cosmere and how healing power by itself doesn't affect your aging. There are various ways to trick the soul but they don't apply here, as the entire point of the soulstamp actually enforces some of the mechanics that the soul uses to know your true age. WoB here (warning, Mistborn Era 1 spoilers). So yeah, Ashravan's not immortal.