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  1. There's a sort of Cosmere courier service for delivering messages. For communicating with Shards, it really depends on the Shard. If Hoid wants to communicate with Bavadin he just needs to send his message to one of her avatars, as he did with his Oathbringer letter. For Harmony he could get it to a kandra, put it somewhere Harmony will be observing or maybe one of these couriers could be spiked with a Pathian earring and deliver the message directly. Nalthis has a form of customs that worldhoppers go through so it's probably pretty easy to get messages to Edgli. Getting messages to Cultivation and (while he was alive) Honor wouldn't be hard with the combination of the Nightwatcher/Stormfather and how the Radiants of old apparently used to communicate with Honor directly.
  2. I am almost certain we'll get Monstrum Nox in English next year and having played it I can confirm that it doesn't just look so good, it is so good.
  3. We don't know if it can be burned/stored in normally for the same reason that the godmetal alloy that Shardblades are made of can't be burned by any known allomancers: No Connection to the relevant Shard. You'd need someone who had the right sDNA for allomancy/feruchemy and Connection to whatever Shard is the source of Trellium. But the short answer is that we have no idea what it might do even if you could find someone able to use it in the Metallic Arts.
  4. I love how the April Fools joke is that it isn't a joke. Also, well-timed since today is Olivier's in-universe birthday. NISA's site has the game up for preorder and the extra merchandise looks nice. They also announced the Switch/PC ports at the same time, though they won't be out until next year.
  5. So... he saw when Brandon 'accidentally' wrote two Mistborn books in a year and said to himself 'I'll bet I can top that'?
  6. It's unlikely the specific character will get repurposed elsewhere (despite Brandon saying he'd like to) but one of the scenes that contained him did get used again when the 'game' of stones got reworked into the Tarachin scene in Warbreaker.
  7. To add to this, we don't know which one he was offered but it's one that we didn't know about as of the beginning of 2015. The only two that we've had confirmed since that WOB are Autonomy and Ambition, which makes it rather more likely than not that the Shard he was offered is one of the six that we haven't seen. Ambition/Uli Da doesn't sound like a last-minute swap (per Edgli, she seemed to get exactly the Shard that fit her) and I don't see Hoid and Autonomy fitting all that well. There's also room to argue whether or not Brandon had 'shown' us those Shards since we'd already gotten Shadows for Silence (and thus seen a bit of Ambition's influence) and Brandon had told us about Taldain and Bavadin even if we didn't know the name of her Shard. So it's a reasonably safe bet Hoid's offered Shard is one of the Secretive Six.
  8. You guess correctly. CS4 has been the most 'open' we've had yet.
  9. Yeah, lots of new info from the update. Some of it's spoileriffic for Cold Steel 4 so I'll tag it. The final route now has a name and it's The Miserable Sinners. - We're advised to pay attention to Swin's fighting style and Crafts and there's a comment that his weapon is pretty interesting. We already know it's a pair of swords that can combine but it sounds like there's more to the picture. Nadia has a varied arsenal (that teddy bear stores multiple weapons) and may be making use of the Style Change mechanic since the interview mentions 'various battle styles'. Lapis has support abilities (including some form of auto-Analyze) and 'tricky' attacks and they're working on finding the right balance for her. C's gameplay isn't described but his profile mentions using elegant swordplay to dominate the battlefield. - A couple specific outstanding plot points from Crossbell (aside from the obvious one that's the main focus of the Liberator route) have been mentioned with regard to particular characters. Ilya's recovery and return to the stage and Dieter post-Ao were brought up. - Estelle and Joshua haven't been seen yet but it's mentioned they'll appear. Early on Estelle was teased as a possible protagonist for the Hero route, but since the Hermit route also teased KeA and the Grandmaster as potential protagonists of the Hermit route, I think we can take those all with a grain of salt. But they'll appear and that means we'll probably see other Sky characters. I really really want to see Erika's reaction to recent events: "You let my precious daughter do what?!" Estelle, Joshua and Agate are so doomed. - It sounds like Combat Links are removed (at least for some characters) because a new system called Valiant Rage is being added which allows all members to attack at once when a gauge fills up. That sounds pretty much like Burst from Cold Steel or the Team Rush turn bonus from Crossbell..
  10. This topic was also five years dead.
  11. Yeah, Kondo mentioned it in the Dengeki Live stream. Apparently there will be some scenes that can make use of it (he talked about communicating with characters) and some of the minigames will be PSVR-compatable as well. The only minigame we currently know of is the Magical Alisa one and I wouldn't be surprised if that's one of them since the VR setup would fit really well with a 3d shooter.. As mentioned, it's the next game in the franchise. It takes place after Trails of Cold Steel 4 and is set to resolve some unanswered questions from those games, the earlier Crossbell arc and possibly some from the Sky games as well. It's intended to serve as a bridge between the games up until now and the games that will come after, since Cold Steel 4 represents something of a cliimax point in the series. We know that Falcom has plans for three more story arcs after Hajimari and they're already doing some preliminary work on the first of the three. Presumably Hajimari will be heavily hinting at the direction of the next arc, though by this point we're 99.9% certain it's going to be set in Calvard.
  12. There have been a lot of teased potential PCs so far and if only half of them turn out to be true I'll still be unbelievably happy. The list so far (some implicit spoilers through CS4) My guess is that our Hermit is not in fact the obvious individual though there is an outside possibility that there's something else at work which we've already seen in footage of the Hero route (CS4 ending spoiler) For anyone who's played the Crossbell games, Lapis is definitely raising eyebrows and we might possibly get an explanation for what was going on in that one sidequest...
  13. Because as a dual Shard, Harmony is stronger than Odium and thus is theoretically powerful enough to represent a serious threat to him even if he's less skilled and doesn't have a killer's mindset.
  14. Odium has gone after the Shards he's most worried about (Ambition) and ones he can justify as violating the not-an-Oath the Shards kinda sorta made (D&D, Honor and Cultivation) and one can argue that D&D were probably near the top of the list regardless as Dominion is potentially dangerous in the same way that Ambition was and Devotion is about as close to an opposite Shard as any so taking out those two was probably always going to be a priority even if Aona and Skai hadn't settled on the same world. Since we know that Uli Da was first on the hit list and at least some of the Vessels aren't shedding any tears at her death, it's extremely unlikely that she had any interest in reforming Adonalsium; all indications are that she got exactly the Shard that fit her and was perfectly happy with the power she gained as a result. Brandon's classification of Ambition as mono-Black in MTG is pretty telling.
  15. Not to the same degrees. We've known the names of the three routes since they revealed the game but over the last month or so they've slowly been giving more details about the specific ones. First we got the Liberator route (formally named The Day of Reindependence) and information on the Crossbell cast, then the Hero route ('Lost Symbol') and the various members of New Class VII with some hints at the members of the original group. Now we're waiting to get a similar infodump on what the Hermit route will focus on and get some details on at least a few of its main characters. While we could guess at the content and main casts of the other two routes, the Hermit route is a big question mark aside from what we can guess from the '3 and 9' novel, and ever since they revealed that the title characters are not based on Enforcers III and IX it's been less useful as a predictive aid, so all we've got there is educated guesses.