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  1. Way more than that, even. If you put the events of Elantris as far apart from Stormlight Archive as possible on the timeline within the bounds of the WoBs we have (the gap isn't 'thousands' of years and there's about a thousand years we could place on a timeline ourselves) that would still put it at maybe a thousand years before SA tops. Probably a bit less than that since Sixth of the Dusk was out at the time of that WoB and we know it's the latest work on the timeline to date by a fair amount. We know that it's been about five thousand (Earth/Yolen/Scadrian) years since Aharietiam and Odium was stuck in the cycle of Desolations long before that (and also needed time to hunt down Ambition after taking on D&D) so we're probably talking about six thousand years or more passing between his visit to Sel and Hoid showing up to steal the Moon Sceptre. And this has been your daiily dose of Weltall Timeline Geekery, you may now return to your regularly scheduled discussion. xD
  2. I think the 'big picture' reason why there isn't a Radiant Order with any special affinity towards water is because the Surges are based on the Rosharan conception of fundamental forces and none of those have any special place set aside for water as a 'force' any more than we do in the real world where we see four fundamental forces (strong and weak nuclear interaction, gravitation and electomagnetism). There are some forces that can interact with water in more obvious ways but that doesn't mean there's a water-centric power and there's no reason for there to be one. Incidentally Brandon avoids magic system based around the classic elements because he feels those are overdone. Therefore we're unlikely to ever see any explicit 'water magic' or 'fire magic' or what have you in the series, though we'll occasionally get stuff that looks more elemental when the specific combinations of powers interact just so, as with Windrunning and the Stonewards. As a bonus, the same WoB where Brandon talks about elemental magic is also one where he explains Roshar, so have a two-for-one WoB:
  3. They came together.
  4. Darn, I was typing up a long reply and the board ate it, or there were two topics and the one I started posting in was removed or something.. Okay, quick recreation instead. Honorspren: There's a bit of a wind theme going with known names, as Sylphrena sounds like sylph or sylphid, a wind spirit, and Notun and Borea are very close to Notos and Boreas, the Greek names for the South and North Winds. We've got a few that don't fit this pattern though, so far as I can figure out. Pattern: As mentioned, their real names are composed of lots of numbers and 'very hard to say', so they're probably all going to be like Pattern and between them and their Radiant they'll decide on a name for the sake of convenience. With a sample size of one, we can't really say there's going to be any pattern at work, pun not intended. Reachers: We have two names to work with and no clear pattern. Timbre is readily understandable but that's what Venli called her and we can't assume other Radiants bonded to Reachers would give their partners names with a similar theme, my guess is that most would go by the actual names. Cultivationspren: We have two names to work with but no clear pattern. Glys: We don't know what kind of spren he is and we've got no way of deducing a theme (if there is one) from a single name. Inkspren: We have one name to work with and Ivory picked it for himself as a symbol of rebellion so it's doubly impossible to puzzle out a naming convention from that. Ashspren and Highspren: We have one name each here and in these cases there is at least the seed of a potential pattern since 'Spark' fits with the Dustbringer's focus on destruction and 'Winnow' with the Skybreakers' job of separating the innocent and the guiilty, but we'd need more examples to say whether this is a theme among them or just a coincidence.
  5. Between getting to see the early drafts of the books that contain content that doesn't make the final cut (and which we only sometimes get to see bits and pieces of when Brandon shares them) and direct interaction, yeah, they do. On the 'will some of this stuff be made available in the books' I imagine that all the really important stuff will be. Mistborn Secret History and the Arcanum Unbounded essays for example 'canonized' the existence of Autonomy for anyone who hadn't seen the WoB where Brandon first revealed it and the epigraph in Oathbringer similarly 'canonized' her creation of avatars on multiple worlds and implied her involvement on First of the Sun, which had been mentioned in WoBs. A lot of the tiny details might not get this treatment, though it's always possible that at some point Team Dragonsteel will put out a guidebook or a series of them that can contain a lot of that stuff without Brandon needing to figure out how to weave it all into the stories themselves. We know he's considered doing a book for Stormlight Archive specifically, for example. Welcome again, enjoy yourself and please don't eat any hemalurgic cookies if someone offers you one.
  6. To add to what @Quantus said, I was interested in how Brandon conceived Sel so I asked him at the SF Oathbringer signing if there were intentional Confucian parallels in the Shards in the same way we know written Chinese influenced the idea of form-based magic and he said it was deliberate. Depending on the Vessel, an idea like 'Dominion' could easily produce something like classical Chinese civilization which was stable and not (usually) tyrannical. Pair it with Devotion and you're much more likely to get something like that. This goes hand in hand with Brandon's assertion that none of the Shards are inherently good or evil.
  7. Yeah, AonDor leans more Devotion because of the involvement of the Seons (proximity to Devotion's Perpendicularity probably didn't hurt either) and the magic of the Dakhor monks is heavily influenced by the Skaze, but all the magics are going to have some influence from both Shards. We've also got Forgery which could easily be seen as balanced between the two Shards (you need devotion to study and knowledge to make a good soulstamp and you're exercising dominion over whatever you're affecting with it) and we don't really know enough about other systems to guess how they'd fit in. Just have to wait for the Elantris sequels, I guess. Actually, it pretty much is Dominion in the 'Domination' sense. Brandon's said that the reason the Skaze are power-hungry is because of the nature of Dominion's intent. The idea of 'Domain' really doesn't carry any inherent drive to expand (nor does it really fit the template of other Shardic intents) and most of the theories about that meaning of Dominion were premised on a limited understanding of why Sel's magics are region-locked which has since been clarified so we know that it has nothing to do with the nature of the Shards before Odium came calling. We even had a pre-Arcanum Unbounded confirmation that Dominion's nature isn't related to region.
  8. As you say, we see one of these spiking scenes from Marsh's viewpoint and not only was he acting on Ruin's orders to spike someone, he had Ruin literally guiding his aim to hit the right bindpoint. Odium would have to have been doing something similar to Moash if he was actually doing hemalurgy and there's absolutely no indication in the text that it's happening, nor is there any reason for us to think that Odium knows enough about hemalurgy to provide the necessary guidance anyways. Brandon has said that Moash's knife is 'similar' to hemalurgy but it's not the same thing. The dagger itself is probably Odium's godmetal ('Rayseium' or something like that) since it doesn't look like any of the other known godmetals but the faint golden color does fit with how Rayse presents himself both to Dalinar and to the Singers and requires far fewer assumptions than Odium somehow getting his hands on godmetal from other planets. Since we're looking at something similar to but not identical to hemalurgy, whatever Moash did probably doesn't have the same requirements as hemalurgy and just killing Jezrien with the knife was enough to do the trick.
  9. Welcome to the Shard! One comment on Hoid, we don't know that he's actually able to perform Sand Mastery, we just know that he has some sand. Brandon has mentioned that even if you can't Master it, the stuff makes for a handy sort of Investiture Radar because it will react to any 'kinetic' Investiture used in its vicinity. As @RShara said, there really hasn't been much multi-world magic actually seen other than Hoid, in the sense of a character having direct access to multiple systems and using them in combination. Brandon has said that he thinks he's included at least one instance of hemalurgy being used off Scadrail but it's not meant to be noticeable, but that would potentially count if our mystery spiked person also had access to a non-Scadrian magic system. Brandon has confirmed it outside the books. Vasher has tried using Stormlight to Awaken but hasn't worked it out yet, but he's able to survive off it just fine in place of consuming the usual Breath per week. It's actually why he chose to go to Roshar in the first place, because it's much easier and less distasteful to get Investiture to feed his Divine Breath there. Brandon confirmed (again outside the books) that the man in the lighthouse is the hoed who shows Raoden and the others the way to the pool above Elantris and is then placed in it. Somehow he survived the transition to the Cognitive Realm and he wound up joining the Ire. It's possible they had a hand in his survival. There are a couple visual clues to his identity, the bald head, the fact that Kaladin thinks he looks really old and the fact that he 'looks Shin' which is a pretty good indication of a worldhopper who's not trying very hard to blend in. His name's also very Aonic-sounding. And then there's the real big hint: He swears by 'Merciful Domi' when he realizes Kaladin is a Surgebinder. Yes, but that means that he's got a bit of Odium's Investiture mixed in with what he's doing, so it's a combination of magic that's not 'natural', even if it's magic from the same planetary system rather than entirely different worlds. Brandon confirmed that Renarin's got some Voidbinding ability which is likely (but not confirmed) to be related to his apparent inability to use Illumination. We know that the metal comes from a Shard and it's one that we already know about, and 'Trell' and this Shard are one and the same. The most common theory and the one best supported by the evidence is that the metal comes from Autonomy.
  10. Yes, it would be possible. As mentioned we've seen atium bracers that Rashek wore and atium spikes are invaluable for hemalurgy so it can be melted and cast into different shapes, or alloyed with other allomantic metals even if we only know of malatium right now. So yes, it would be possible to make an atium sword if you got enough beads. However, we don't know of its properties like ductility, malleability or hardness so we can't say whether it would be any use in weapons or armor and we definitely know that using it that way would be a fanastic waste given how powerful it is in the Metallic Arts. Plus, you'd need so much atium to make even a small sword that it's not even funny. As mentioned, atium is Ruin's Investiture condensed into solid form. This same Investiture in gaseous form is the 'dark' mists that are occasionally seen, which continue to exist post-Catacendre. And the black pool that Alendi writes about in his journal was Ruin's Perpendicularity, the liquid form of the Investiture. So far as we can tell, it didn't have any special power or function, it just allowed Realmic transition like any Perpendicularity. However, molten atium is not the same as the liquid in the Perpendicularity and gaseous atium is not the same as Ruin's mists, so the three forms of condensed Investiture should be seen as separate manifestations rather than a single manifestation in three states. Liquid or gaseous atium would function the same as solid atium Realmatically, except that it would be extremely dangerous to try burning in those states. We can infer this because we know that molten metal can be used in feruchemy, with the same caveats..The metal doesn't gain new effects just because it's undergone a phase transition. Related WoB:
  11. Well, there were three sapient races on Yolen and none of them were bunnies so no, no Bunny Shard. But for all we know, one of the original Vessels could have a thing for them and have made a planet with uplifted rabbits just because they could. We know there's at least one inhabited planet (not Braize) that has no humans so hey, until proven otherwise it might as well be Bunny Planet. Or possibly Crab Planet.
  12. There's nothing I can do about it one way or another so no, I don't bother worrying about it at all.
  13. Liquid-state Investiture is the most potent. Given that Brandon says that the form of the Investiture is critical, I don't think that liquid Investiture will do the same sort of things that it can do in solid or gaseous form. The Well of Ascension was specifically set up to do one specific thing (which didn't entail swallowing it) but that doesn't mean that other Perpendicularities would do similar things. Given how potent it is, I wouldn't be surprised if trying to drink the liquid did Really Bad Things to you. Following that WoB, drinking out of the Well won't make you a mistborn. There's another that Devotion's Perpendicularity works differently from Preservation's so there's no reason to think drinking from it would make you Elantrian (by the way, the Dor is the same everywhere and is a mix of Devotion and Dominion, so there's nowhere that doesn't have at least some of both) and since humans can't gain Aviar talents there's definitely no point in trying to drink from Patji's Eye.
  14. Welcome to the Shard! While I think that yes, he probably could break a Shardblade if you gave him one, I think there's an important qualifier to that: Whether it would be funnier for him to succeed or fail under the specific circumstances involved.
  15. Wax had the Bands of Mourning, he literally was a Full Feruchemist at the time he inspected the statue. Since his A-Steel trick to detect whether a bit of metal is a metalmind would be useless on aluminum, the only way he could have tested the aluminum on the statue (and thus the only way that line makes sense) is if he did it while holding the Bands and thus had the full slate of feruchemical abilities that would let him detect if the metal was an aluminummind.