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  1. Yeah, certain spikes can steal attributes like 'strength' or 'emotional fortitude'. Brandon came up with the idea while working out how to make the kandra and koloss work. These spikes are also noted to twist the recipient due to the way they work, so even one H-Iron spike is presumably going to result in some unpleasant side-effects. Shadows of Self confirms that a single spike can seriously twist a person as long as the right thing is spiked into them.
  2. If you think that CS2 is going to have 'school stuff' I have to question whether you've actually paid sufficient attention to the context in which the game is taking place. But yes, as mentioned it's not a thing. CS3 has it again but it's treated slightly differently than CS1. Oh, and a lot of your 'I saw this coming' things are, wait for it, things we already knew thanks to the Crossbell arc happening side by side, with Ao's ending happening in parallel to CS2. Except one obvious thing that wasn't introduced until CS1:
  3. @Briar King I think what aneonfoxtribute is trying to say, however indirectly, is that we're interested what you thought about the stuff that happens after the final dungeon. It's kinda momentous stuff and all. xD
  4. That's one thing but hardly the biggest thing and there's a lot more in CS2 that's Crossbell-related. Point being, if there's stuff going on that you're really lost on and Crossbell is even vaguely mentioned in context with it, it's probably stuff that happened in the Crossbell duology which Falcom implicitly assumes the player is familiar with. So y'know, don't get frustrated if you're lost, it's just a really big interconnected series like that.
  5. It did, yeah. Then it got a sequel and given all the teasing of who the likely protagonist group in Calvard is gonna be, the ending of the followup pretty much screams 'Jack and Halle will return in: The Calvard Arc'. xD Speaking of which, given the vibe I got from those novels, I really want that arc to have a 'Jazzpunk Noir' atmosphere to it.
  6. Toval's first appearance was actually in the Ring of Judgment manga (released shortly before Zero no Kiseki and serving as a quasi-prequel) and gets referred back to by him on several occasions in the Cold Steel games and the CS2 drama cd. But yeah, like you said every novel series we've seen is either known to be significant or is almost certainly strongly significant and we just haven't gotten the payoff yet. Hello there Gambler Jack, I wonder if we'll be meeting you in Calvard... and while there's sometimes a big delay between novel and payoff, sometimes it happens really quickly like in the case of the CS4 novel. And it's not just the main novels that are potentially important either. @Briar King if you haven't done so already, you really want to go through the Erebonian Folklore texts. You might notice just how many things you've seen in CS1 are mentioned there.
  7. Last I checked, the real world doesn't have a tripartite division of reality into three Realms so the way aging works on the physical level is kind of irrelevant.
  8. Miles quite specifically notes that It Doesn't Work That Way. He ages and eventually he'll just keel over (because of his Spiritual age fhough he doesn't use rhat term) even if he's in otherwise excellent health. All methods of immortality we've seen in the Cosmere involve some sort of cheat that either stops your soul from realizing its age (F-Atium within limits, Fifth Heightening) or floods it with Investiture which is functionally eternal (Elantrians, Cognitive Shadows). Healing magics don't work that way.
  9. If you just want the answer so you can move on:
  10. Are you avoiding looking it up because you want to figure it out on your own, or because you're worried about spoiling something else by accident?
  11. Yeah, I just wanted to emphasize that it isn't just a CS thing but a franchise-wide fact of life. My reaction
  12. Haha, I was gonna bump this to note the WoK Prime thing but I see @R J already mentioned it. Oh well, having another link to where you can get it can't hurt, right? Way of Kings Prime available here. Now we just need Mistborn and Final Empire Primes and Dragonsteel Prime to have everything Brandon seems willing to share, and the last is probably a lot longer off. ...and as long as I'm dreaming about unreleased works, I'd love to see whatever Brandon actually wrote for Aethers of Lor/Climb the Sky included in some sort of anthology. It's where Syl came from, so even if it never amounted to more than a few pages it would be kinda neat to see.
  13. Technically Trails in the Sky The 3rd cuts down on it, but that's only because of things going on in the game itself which you won't see anywhere else. NPC dialogue makes up a substantial chunk of text and has since the franchise began. This is a very wordy series.
  14. The game had legit issues in certain areas on its original (PS3) release, which was Falcom's first game using the engine you're currently playing and the first made for that console. Just because you're playing the game on a PS4 doesn't guarantee that you won't have any issues. A new console generation is not 'the old generation but better' in terms of physical architecture and programming; they tend to be different enough that a lot of work has to be done to make ports function properly. If you're familiar with Kingdom Hearts at all, I'd point you to the HD port collections which introduced glitches not in the original games and slowdown in some instances despite being on newer hardware, much newer in the case of the PS4 ports that were running PS2/PSP games. Or Final Fantasy Tactics' PSP port which featured godawful slowdown when using most abilities. It had nothing to do with the hardware the game was being run on and everything to do with a mistake made in the porting process that wasn't properly addressed. So yeah, this sort of thing happens.