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  1. Nale went back for his blade and we know that the Heralds infrequently swapped their Honorblades with each other so it's not completely impossible that one of them might have retrieved Taln's blade for some reason, either to use it or to protect it. It doesn't seem all that likely but it could have happened. As far as the Ghostbloods knowing things, Truthwatcher could certainly explain it (especially as a 'normal' one views the present, not the future) but we know they've got worldhoppers with potential access to multiple magic systems (Mraize's trophy collection is full of Invested objects from other worlds) so having a member with some means of viewing the Spiritual Realm or making use of Fortune a la Riino's sphere is at least as likely as them having a Truthwatcher on their payroll.
  2. @aneonfoxtribute That's pretty much what I was arguing. I was responding to @Ookla the Prolific's suggestion that it could give her immortality on its own if she could figure out how to work it.
  3. It's extremely likely that one of Gavilar's spheres is this prison but we have no idea how he got his hands on those things at present. One assumes that the Radiants who imprisoned BAM put the gemstone somewhere they thought it would be safe. Aimia wouldn't necessarily be a bad bet, except that as far as we know its secrets are still being kept. It's not hard to imagine other places on Roshar where you could hide a small object and be fairly certain it won't be stumbled upon, especially if you've got surgebinders who can get at places not easily accessible by ordinary people.
  4. We don't know the circumstances surrounding Re-Shepir's apparent imprisonment to be able to say whether it was done in the same manner proposed for Ba-Ado-Mishram and seen with Nergaoul. Since the Gem Archive was recorded just before the plan was enacted and it described imprisoning BAM as making use of the theory that an Unmade could be captured like an ordinary spren (see here) it sounds like whatever was done to Re-Shephir was different, otherwise it wouldn't be a theoretical possibility but a tested fact. It's possible that the imprisonment used an unrelated method but another possibility that seems likely is that Re-Shephir was imprisoned in an imperfect gem which sufficed for a time and gave the Radiants the idea that a perfect gemstone would contain an Unmade indefinitely.
  5. I'd forgotten that the annotation on what Vivenna could learn to do (this one) mentioned age, but now I'm wondering how that works mechanically. It seems like it would be something of a cheat and a violation of Brandon's second law to have a means of immortality without an associated limitation. The Returned need to feed their Divine Breath to live indefinitely, Fifth Heightening Awakeners need to amass enough Breath, atium compounders need their metal, it's exhausting being an Elantrian etc. So indefinite age manipulation just feels off. I'm wondering if by that what Brandon had in mind wasn't that she could remain a given age indefinitely but that she could affect her apparent age, so that she looks whatever age she wants to regardless of her actual biological age. We know that your Spiritual aspect 'knows' how old you are and unless you have a method of tricking your soul you'll eventually drop dead even if you're in perfect health as a result of this. I wonder if what Vivenna has is more of a Physical cosmetic ability, while she would continue to age in Spiritual terms. She'd still live longer than normal due to having a lot of Breath and could become functionally immortal if she hit the Fifth Heightening but wouldn't be able to prolong her life indefinitely on just her fragmentary Divine Breath. That's where I'm thinking, anyways.
  6. Well, while most of the Mistborn characters in Era 2 and the still unwritten Era 3 will presumably be long dead of old age by the time Era 4 rolls around, we know that you can do some one-way time travel into the future with sufficient reserves of cadmium and you could probably extend that even further if the allomantic grenades can produce a comparable overlap effect, so it's vaguely possible that Marasi could still be around in Era 3 or maybe even 4 (though that would be much more of a stretch) if for some reason she felt it was necessary to go to those lengths. Beyond that we've got Vivenna who's joined the Worldhoppers Club and has at least one homegrown method of potentially extending her own lifespan if Brandon wanted to keep her around. Then we've got the members of the Seventeenth Shard who use a method to slow aging that's not dependent on any one magic system and can apparently be learned by anyone. Thus, there's an avenue for Brandon to bring characters into later works if they work out this method on their own or are taught it. It seems like it involves the Cognitive Realm (we're told you do age there... asterisk) which might be a bit of an issue for Rosharans just now... Anyhow, it's not necessary for characters to become actually immortal for them to potentially show up in Era 4. That said, we have Word of Brandon that he's not really intending Era 4 to be the Cosmere equivalent of The Avengers with characters from this work and that appearing so much as it is the worlds we've seen coming into contact with a few characters we'll know so at the end of the day there probably won't be all that many familiar faces in Era 4.
  7. shadesmar

    You mean the star a given world orbits? I wouldn't think so, as it would have its own 'space' in the Cognitive Realm created by people on the world or worlds around that star perceiving it in the same way that a visible but unexplored moon would have a small Cognitive presence. Since they have their own space, I don't think they'd have a bead or other representation on a different celestial body.
  8. shadesmar

    The three Realms predate the Shattering and there's no reason to think that Adonalsium was any different from everything else in the Cosmere vis a vis existing in all three, given that he was the source of all the Investiture that makes up the Cosmere. PS, just saw your custom title, very nice. 俺もスティックです。
  9. We also have these:
  10. It seems like increased strength with A-Atium (whether you get it via hemalurgy or lerasium) would increase your efficiency, letting you get more out of the same amount of metal than a weaker user:
  11. Probably every bit as well as 'Destroy Evil' is working for Nightblood.
  12. Well, technically it wouldn't be draining Breath because only Nalthians have that but the fact that the color-draining is exactly what we see with the Lifeless is too obvious a similarity to be a coincidence. We know that the color-draining is using the body's own color as fuel for the Awakening that makes the Lifeless (rather than the Awakener providing an external source) so there's probably something similar at work mechanically when Azure's sword cuts something. I wouldn't be surprised if the color-draining fuels the sword like Nightblood eats the Investiture of whatever it strikes, but I'm not sure if that extends to the sword actually consuming Investiture, since that's not what the color-draining is in Warbreaker. Could be the case but I'm not sure we can determine it just from the color effect. But I wouldn't be surprised if the sword was intended as an anti-Lifeless weapon originally, since a corpse that's already been drained of color won't have any for that Awakening to work on.
  13. The Dula probably had their own manifestation, it just appeared differently. Jesker was aware of the Dor and its practice attempted to understand it so it's possible there was an associated magic system to go along with it. We know that it's something Brandon plans to explore in the Elantris sequels and that it retains (or retained) information that newer religions did not.
  14. The reason for all that white in that scene is that it takes place on Yolen which has two competing ecologies, one of which resembles what we have on Earth and it's what Scadrial was modeled after. The ecology seen in that sequence is the second one Yolen has, called fainlife. It predates the Shattering by an unknown length of time but we're probably talking hundreds of years if not over a thousand. Like Hoid calling himself Topaz, it predates Taln and the Stonewards by thousands of years. Using exactly the same kind of reasoning, I could demonstrate that Hoid actually has some special affinity for the Dustbringers. According to Frost, his meddling in worlds does more harm than good. Dustbringers are known to break things. What's one of Hoid's other aliases, which is even mentioned within Stormlight Archive itself? Dust. TLDR: It's an amusing coincidence but anything more than that is a massive stretch.
  15. You do realize that literally everything in the Cosmere is made of Investiture, yes? Since it all came from Adonalsium, by definition Adonalsium 'Invested' in the entirety of the Cosmere. And you seem to have ignored my earlier example that Adonalsium created the entire Rosharan system, ergo he Invested in it. First of the Sun's another world Brandon has explicitly stated to have Investiture that originated in Adonalsium, though it got assigned to Autonomy during the Shattering in the same way that a lot of the Investiture that was already on Roshar got assigned to Honor and Cultivation. In addition, the magic systems we see aren't fully created by the Shards, they're following certain 'pathways' that existed prior to the Shattering when there was only Adonalsium. This WoB should answer a lot of your questions. Basically, the presence of one or more Shards on a world will make it easier to interact with the local magic in a more direct and powerful way, but Adonalsium's influence was quite literally everywhere.