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  1. Welcome to the Shard! Nope, you're assuming that all mistings were treated as hemalurgic donors but we know for a fact that's not the case. Consider the case of Camon, who was thought to be a misting and executed in a very distinct way. We're told explicitly that this is how the Steel Ministry kills people who misuse the powers of allomancy and it's well known enough that earlier in the book Clubs alludes to it when he suggests the entire crew might end up with hooks through their throats. The Ministry kills most mistings, they only spike them when they actually need a fresh spike.
  2. Nope, it's not canon. The treatment of F-Nicrosil is a very obvious example of how what Brandon has later written overrules what the MAG had in place.
  3. Khriss and Nazh have no trouble worldhopping using the Perpendicularities to transition between Realms and neither of them is Invested in the same way that Kaladin is. What happened with Riino was more that you need some extra quantity of Investiture to see anything in the Fortune globe. Baon is also explicitly not Invested and seems ot have no problems worldhopping.
  4. Brandon mentions in a couple of WoBs the mechanics of the bridges that Kaladin and the crew were carrying but most of the material didn't make it into the actual book.
  5. While there is some ability for your Cognitive perception to alter your Spiritual aspect (like the potential to change your biological gender to match self-image) the kind of changes you're thinking of are far more beyond that, since you're not only talking about mixing Investitures but essentially creating Connections that do not exist to another Shard and to a specific region on another planet. Brandon's said that Shai (who's magic system is actually designed to do things like this) would need a huge source of external power to Forge herself into an Elantrian and even then she'd probably just look like one without getting any of the actual powers of a genuine Elantrian. A gold ferring just isn't going to manage that.
  6. Given that the premise of the topic was to pick a Shard without considering the Vessel, facts like Edgli not being the most consistent about picking who Returns and having a hands-off attitude towards the rest of the Cosmere are kind of beside the point. And for my part, I'm very leery of Cultivation. Sure, she's a Shard that plans ahead and she's currently doing 'good' things but that Shard left to its own devices could very easily wind up becoming a danger to the current inhabitants of a world if whoever is holding the Shard decides it's time to nurture something else. Say, a promising new species that wipes out a lot of whatever was there before, or microorganisms that do the same thing. I take everything Odium says with a big heaping spoonful of salt but I don't think he's completely lying when he tells Dalinar that Cultivation's idea of what's best for Roshar in the long term might not be in humanity's best interest. We know there are Vessels that are very good at resisting the influence of their Shard, just as there are some (like Ati) who eventually succumb to it completely. I don't think we can say that all of the Vessels will lose themselves to their intent just because some did.
  7. Alas, this immortality comes at a terrible price, for some at least: A total inability to get so much as a buzz out of alcohol. I wonder if there was an unconscious influence from Brandon's LDS beliefs on alcohol regarding how Cosmere healing treats it. Though given that it is technically a poison (albeit one a lot of people enjoy in small quantities) it could be just as simple as that. But yes, I'd agree that in general keeping Breaths for their passive benefits outweighs the short-term advantages of using them to fuel other magic systems. But when you're in an emergency or you have an opponent who thinks you've got no access to magic and you have the opportunity to surprise them, it does make for a very useful ace to have up your sleeve. Brandon's eventually going to canonize the exchange rate between magics and he mentioned just last month that there are people working on it now, so we can look forward to that in the future.
  8. Well... sort of. Brandon's made it clear that atium compounding is not a means to true immortality because eventually you reach a point where you can't tap enough stored youth to counteract your Spiritual aspect trying to force you to the age it 'knows' you are. But yes, Ruin would very likely object to any kind of immortality and probably most forms of life-extension with the exception of those that (temporarily) serve his interests. So yeah, I imagine that after dealing with just the Ire he'd probably consider the Elantrians as a whole to be the next best targets for a taste of inevitable entropy.
  9. Shinovar still gets highstorms (and thus stormlight) even though they're not nearly as violent as in the lands further east. We know they've got plenty of access to stormlight since Szeth trained with the Honorblades long before he was declared Truthless and that requires a good supply of infused gems. Szeth does think that the Alethi custom of using infused gems for mere illumination is profane but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't do that in Shinovar. Until we get a better sense of Shin beliefs we can't really predict what would be considered an acceptable use, but I can imagine a couple ways that they could use stormlight lamps without falling afoul of whatever strictures Szeth had in mind when he made that thought. Plus as mentioned, fires are easier to start on Roshar but they're not massively dangerous and we've seen plenty of examples of fire being used throughout the books. Humans have known how to control fire without burning their homes down around their ears for millenia, there's no reason for it to be any different in Shinovar.
  10. As said, Ati knew there were other worlds out there and he wanted to get to destroy those as well. The fact that Sazed has only the vaguest notions about Adonalsium neatly disprove this.
  11. I'm going to add my vote to Endowment. Even without factoring in Edgli's 'I'll stay off your lawn if you stay off mine' attitude towards the other Shards, you've got a Shard whose focus is all on giving things to other people. I figure that's harder to go wrong with than a lot of options. Also, both Hoid and Brandon would be tempted by this Shard and if the God Beyond Himself thinks that way... Tanavast was also dying at the time so I think we can excuse his going (slightly) mad at the end.
  12. Sadeas was trying to play the political game by the political rules. He completely failed to realize that his little plots were suddenly rendered completely irrelevant by the coming of the Everstorm. If Adolin hadn't murdered him, someone else eventually would have in order to get him to stop undermining everyone else, or he would have done something to get himself killed not unlike what Amaram eventually did. He could have reassessed the situation and realized that suddenly there were things much more important than his personal desire to take the throne and at the very least, put those on temporary hold. He didn't. The Vorin church is in a similar situation, with beliefs that do not match reality and where continuing to rely on those beliefs (or allowing them to continue unchallenged) would do far more harm than good. As already noted repeatedly, the church is sticking its collective head in the sand and hoping that the Heralds will arrive, wave a magic wand and make everything better. We know that's not happening and Dalinar knows that's not happening. If you're going to confront the biggest crisis Roshar has ever seen, you can't have a massive and respected organization run around telling everyone a message that you know is counterproductive without at least challenging it, otherwise you just get division and Team Honor can.afford that far less than Dalinar can afford to have the Ardentia annoyed with him for questioning their beliefs.
  13. This is pretty much exactly what Dalinar does. He doesn't announce announce that he's stopped believing in the Almighty per se, he's even got a firmer foundation for believing in his existence because he's actually seen him and heard his voice. It's just that what Vorinism teaches about the Almighty has been distorted by thousands of years of false belief and continuing to propagate those false beliefs would do far more harm than good. That was one of the main points of his conversation with Kadash about tradition. Your problem is that you assume 'the rules' are a constant when as the books go to great lengths to show us, the nature of the game itself is changing as everyone is playing it. Sadeas' ultimate downfall came from failing to realize that the game had fundamentally changed by the end of Words of Radiance and kept trying to play the game of poliical intrigue. Remember how well that ended for him?
  14. Secret Project is something Brandon has not talked about before and it's also not Cosmere. That nixes it being just about anything we can guess, since he's already told us about things like The Dark One, the Rithmatist sequel and various other cool non-Cosmere potential works like Adamant. Also, Brandon's not in control of when it releases and has a very strict non-disclosure agreement about whatever it is, which means that someone else is involved and calling a lot of the shots. That would also nix it being anything like Rithmatist even without the first WoB.
  15. Like @Calderis said, there is no such thing as 'non-Shardic Investiture'. There can be Investiture that's operating on a planet with no Shard in residence (like First of the Sun) but that's still Investiture which is associated with a Shard, in this case Autonomy. Here's a very long WoB that discusses this. Similarly, Trell is very certainly related to a Shard and moreover, a Shard that we already know. A very common assumption is that Trell is one of Autonomy's avatars.