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  1. I'm in a Disney mood. These come from that. I've thought Kaladin in the Chasms with Bridge 4 would be good if put to the tune of "Be a Man." "I have a Dream" where Lightsong sings all the parts and it's just him in his art studio or something. A version of Under the Sea where the Stormfather talks to Syl? (THAT sounds fun.)
  2. I was watching the show Milo Murphy's Law, and I had a thought. The whole premise of the show is that, around Milo, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. While everything is affected in some way, I've noticed that the more high-tech something is, the more likely it is that it goes horribly wrong. Additionally, the point is made that the ability is hereditary. If these don't all indicate a Smedry Talent, I don't know what does. Thoughts? Additionally, can anyone think of other individuals in TV shows and movies that could count as Smedrys?
  3. When you are trying to link every order of KR with a Disney Movie (Moana for Lightweaver and Tangled for Willshaper, simply on the nature of the story arc) and you desperately try to think of a movie that somehow is themed around the law, and fail desperately. Honestly, if anyone has any ideas, I'm open.
  4. I'm free-writing this, let's see what happens. I'd like to call it the Path of Radiance. You see them walking past your window, about their daily lives. Of course they are, why shouldn't they? There was a highstorm a few days ago, the money is bright, and everything should be right. Except it isn't. There's a storm inside that never quiets, that whispers of the pain of the past and the failures of the present. Your vision is darkened, you can't believe that tomorrow could be anything more than the failures of yesterday. You get up, get ready, and try not to let anybody know what's going on. It's not their fault that it happened. They don't know what happened, what you did to survive, leaving you feeling like you might not have completely lived through what happened. You feel...dead inside. Demons from the past haunt you more persistently than the most determined poltergeist. And yet, you continue. You hear a friend--at least, you think they're your friend--say something negative about themselves. The storm turns to anger as you shut down that comment, making sure they don't believe it--they can't believe it. They can't feel the pain you feel. They can't fight a similar battle. A force deeper than fear erupts as you decide to ensure that the mistakes that created your past will not happen again to others. You don't want them to fight the battle you're facing. You wouldn't wish that on anybody, including your worst enemy. Yet you can't find it within yourself to let go of that battle. It's your burden to carry. And, somewhere in the pain, you realize this is what they mean when they say some have greatness thrust upon them.
  5. While amusing, you have stumbled into a most difficult question: how do you lock Hoid in a room? The Cosmere 17th Shard has probably been working on that for hundreds of years. Ahem. From the descriptions of encountering what Odium and Ruin actually are, being in the presence of a Shard like that would probably be horrifying. Being in the presence of something so powerful that it is less a force of nature and more a force of the universe, as powerful as gravity, maybe more so, and having that HATE you? If that won't make you break or at least make your knees quiver, you clearly are made of stronger stuff. As far as physical locations, Patji is always a fun option. All that pain, and hey, you're already dead! Good luck!
  6. Animation. One of my biggest problems with live action superhero TV shows is that they use their powers far less than they probably would in real life, just because they have a limited special effects budget. And with all the spren and Surges and the obligatory highstorms going around, that would require a big budget to do it justice. I think an Avatar: The Last Airbender take on it would be good, it has a similar type of storytelling (tackling real-life issues, changing points of view with the occasional seemingly random storyline, etc.)
  7. Windrunner: Soooo, about that road trip. I heard about an Unmade sighting over in the Horneater Peaks, maybe a Voidbringer outbreak in the Purelake, and that will probably take AT LEAST a week, so looks like I'll have to miss it. Oh no, too bad. Truthwatcher: You're lying. Lightweaver: Yep, definitely lying. No getting out of this, ya airhead. Elsecaller: Look, everyone, the whole point of these is to be more united. And we all know that travelling across freakin' ROSHAR with no fast-travel Surges is the BEST way to get half of us to almost break our Oaths out of sheer annoyance. I've thought this through, and going through some form of conflict unites individuals far better than any sort of 'road trip'. So, let's check out the rumor that the Windrunner heard, and we'll go from there. Dustbringer: LOGIC VOICE has SPOKEN. We're taking the Oathgates. To be continued....(?)
  8. Granted. But you can't do it. I wish that I knew enough about programming to fix any computer error or programming bug I ever encounter.
  9. The Umbrella Academy Mistborn The Final Empire: Mistborn Well of Ascension: Mistborn Hero of Ages: Big Hero 6:
  10. When you try to work Sanderson into any book recommendation. Romance? Mistborn Era 1 Superheroes? Probably Reckoners. Enjoy random humor? Alcatraz. Enjoy books about people with mental illness? Stormlight Archive. And so on. If they like reading fiction, they will like something Sanderson has written.
  11. Inspired by a post by @Ark1002, I wanted to try to compile a list of quotes in Sanderson books that can be used in everyday conversation. They need not make total sense, but comedic value is appreciated. For example: Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do.
  12. Molan walked through the mansion. "Fractal? I know you weren't just floating around my head for hours on end. Where is everybody?" Fractal buzzed. "Most of the people here are arguing with Jordan. However, everyone else went to go find and fight a Voidbringer spotted in the park. Memories of red lightning, a Shardblade forming, and burned-out eyes flashed in front of Molan. He summoned his Sharddagger, squeezing the handle like a weaponized stress ball. He shuddered, even though he was wearing a hoodie with the Lightweaver glyph on it. Are you ready to fight them? Speak those truths? Fractal's voice came to his mind as he dismissed the Blade. Molan didn't speak as he went out to try to find them. Fractal planted herself on his back, a strange design on the back of a hoodie being less suspicious than a floating ball of lines or a sword. Then again, maybe he could claim cosplay?
  13. When you're doing a Kahoot in class and you choose Raoden.