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  1. I'm inclined to agree in the face of what you've brought up. Do you have any ideas about the nature of the Dawnshard?
  2. The bond can form before any Words are said. It's just solidified by them. And Szeth is an odd one in general. I make no further attempts to figure out what is going on with him.
  3. I think this is a case of not remembering that the First Ideal is Life before Death, etc. The Third of the Windrunners deals with protecting, even when they don't want to. As far as Szeth, his may come from the fact that the words didn't mean something to him at that time, as far as I know there's no solid answer on that. And Nale might not use the Plate as a matter of preference.
  4. I see it as Kaladin and Shallan in WoR after their time in the chasms. They very much came from a pit, holding a large gemheart, and lots of gloryspren came to mark the occasion.
  5. I've fantasized about being a Knight Radiant (as you do), and realized that Cryptics have names that are so confusing for us that they are willing to go along with whatever other people come up with. For my imaginary Cryptic, I decided on the name of Fractal.
  6. Hear me out, this is a literal tinfoil hat theory. What if the box was made of aluminum? We've seen aluminum do lots of wierd things, doing this doesn't seem that far-fetched to me.
  7. Thank you for the answers, it seems that I was slightly mistaken on what exactly a Shardblade is doing.
  8. I will restart the wishes. I wish that 2021 brings as much good as 2020 brought bad.
  9. We know that when a limb is severed by a Shardblade, it goes dead, and is usually amputated. If it isn't amputated, would it cause gangrene? The reason this isn't a "No duh" in my mind is because of what a Shardblade actually is doing. It's basically cutting off the arm on a cognitive level, making your body think it no longer has an arm there. That being the case, would blood flow stop to that limb as a result, preventing the spread of gangrene? Or is that not how gangrene works?
  10. Adhesion is pressure and vacuum, yes? Pressure vs pressure equals deflected storm
  11. My brother, who just finished reading Mistborn/Wax & Wayne, has just started reading The Way of Kings. He just asked the question of what happens if a kandra is cut by a Shardblade. For example, if one cuts off a kandra's arm, can't they grow a new one? If their head is cut off, does it actually kill them? Forgive me if this has already been answered.
  12. Gets an Iron Inquisitor Inserts the entirety of Brandon Sanderson's published books.
  13. Yesterday, I decided to try to make my best guess as to the 5th Oath of the Windrunners. The Second and Third are about when to protect, that is, protecting those who can't protect themselves, even if you hate them. The Fourth is, in part, when to stop protecting, or to accept that sometimes you can't. My thought is that the Fifth is when to stop protecting altogether, to let them protect themselves. I don't have much rationale behind this, just that, to me, it seems like the most appropriate next step. Thoughts? I am looking for support if you agree, or alternate ideas otherwise.
  14. theory

    One thing I learned in Chemistry is that every element and chemical compound has its own spectra, that is, pattern of light frequency that the element creates when a lot of energy is pushed through it to make it glow. This principle led to helium being discovered in the Sun before it was discovered on Earth. I was under the impression that these patterns were the basis for the different lines for the different Investiture sources. Also, I don't believe that any two Shards are the opposite of each other like that. They were one being in Adonalsium, and opposite energies in a single being like that would annihilate each other like we see in RoW. I'd posit that Navani discovered that Investiture can have a value (the Intent or Shard of origin) but also a charge (positive or negative.) When Preservation and Ruin killed both the hosts, it was more like two stars colliding and causing their mutual collapse.