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  1. @AonEneCan I still Join? I want to be the Lightweaver. Or, if needed, a Lightweaver. (I will settle for a squire.)
  2. I am interested in Lightweaver. PM me when everything gets figured out.
  3. 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288 I recited that from memory.
  4. For this post, pick two or more characters from any of Sanderson's books, and imagine what would happen if they were put in a room together. You can combine characters from the Cosmere, Reckoners, short stories, interludes, even his most iconic and legendary work, I Hate Dragons, and more. A timeline of events is optional. To start: Put Pattern and M-bot in a room together. Minute 0-5: Both defining themselves to the other Minute 5-10: Realizing human speech is grossly inefficient, they collaborate to create a super-efficient language that only the two of them know. Minute 10-15: After exchanging notes on the nature of humans and what makes them tick, they have planned how to most effectively learn the most about humanity as efficiently as possible. Minute 15-20: They have breached any number of topics, communicating at a speed that rivals that of fiber optics, and have determined 537421 different ways their respective worlds could be destroyed, and 5 different ways each one could be prevented. After that, use your imagination. I don't know what those two would talk about once they have that out of the way.
  5. People I want to meet to help them work through their problems: Kaladin, Shallan, Wayne People I want to meet to interrogate them on stuff: Hoid, Khriss People I want to meet to try to explain humanity to them: M-bot, Pattern (those would be some interesting conversations) People I want to meet for laughs: Wayne People I want to meet to punch in the face: Amaram, the Entire Traitorous Second Generation of Kandra, Elend's Father (who is not worthy of a name), Moash, Ironsides, and Kelsier (Yeah, he's technically a good guy, but he probably deserves it for one reason or another.)
  6. YKYASFW your alias wherever you go is based off an Epic you created from scratch. #Stormgate
  7. I'm taking college biology, and I've noticed some interesting things, specifically relating to kandra. First of all, bones are not stagnant. They're constantly being repaired and broken down. When the body dies, eventually the bones will dry out and be utterly useless. Bones are just cells like everything else. SO, why can't kandra make bones? Then there's hair. Kandra can't make hair, they have to get it from humans. Hair is made of the same substance as nails, but no mention is made of kandra having nail problems. I'm just confused about why this is. On the other hand, since kandra can make cartilage (ears and nose), they could theoretically turn into a shark with nothing but more material, as sharks have no bones. Maybe a toothless shark, but a shark. Thoughts? Other interesting applications and implications of kandra biology?
  8. That's the thing about Sanderson. He literally does all of them at once.
  9. ...He does. Have you not read Hoid's thoughts on humanity at the end of the SA books? If he wrote history books, they would be from the point of view of Atilla the Hun and the like, portraying them as tragic heroes. Everyone is the hero of their own story, after all.
  10. He tried to break gravity. He failed.
  11. Granted. It's Doomslug. However, everyone in a position to harm you believes you have a genetic defect that will inevitably lead to the destruction of society as we know it. I wish I was an Epic with a powerset and weakness of my choosing.
  12. Congratulations. From Ancient Egyptian papyri and Mesopotamian stone tablets, to Pride and Prejudice and The Way of Kings. Every book ever written is yours. However, they are in a similar state to the Free Kingdom's book repository (not a library). Good luck not getting lost! I wish that my theme song played whenever I entered a room.
  13. Granted. You are caught in a time loop that lasts until 12:00 pm on a perfect spring morning. You will never age, never die (permanently), and will eventually learn how to get whatever outcome you want out of the morning. However, you can never escape the loop, unless you do one thing that nobody, including you, really knows what it is. If you never do this thing, time will progress normally for everyone else, but without you in it. I wish to have the ability to learn anything to expert level in a day, being able to learn something else to expert level the next day. (I mean things like spherical geometry, quantum physics, as well as telepathy, flight, etc.)
  14. If you're still doing this, maybe a miniature Shardblade.
  15. Thank you, this really helps.