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  1. I was just watching the Shardcast from 2019 about Autonomy, and while they were talking about how they have all these varrious Avatars scattered across the Cosmere they questioned how that could be autonomous. They later bring up the possibility that Bavadin had been a Dragon, as a shapeshifter would feel more comfortable taking many forms and and having may personas, but it just seems much more like a sleepless to me.
  2. just an idea

    Going off the logic that mar = sea, isn't Shadesmar the Sea of Shades? What does it mean?
  3. Ok so I literally just finished Secret History, I had this crazy idea, and a quick forum search didn't bring anything up about this, so here goes. Through out SH, the place after death is referred to as the Beyond. Khriss says that Adonalsium was killed. When people die, they go to the Beyond. Adonalsium was a god, who has now gone to the Beyond. One could even say that he's a God Beyond. Drops mic. Walks out. Other than the logical consistency of this idea, the only other piece of evidence I have for it is that the Beyond is spelled with a capital B. Even if I'm wrong and the God Beyond isn't Adonalsium, the fact the Beyond is capitalized, means that the Beyond is a real thing, and by extension, the God Beyond. Also if this has been brought up before, I'm sorry. I have failed all of you.
  4. Because there is an issue with mass. Rats and birds only have so much muscle, and kandra are human sized. In order to turn into something so small, they'd have to get rid of a huge portion of their mass. And there is the problem of the spikes. what ever they turn into has to be big enough to have the kandra blessings in them. Kandra blessings are about 3 inches long, and I doubt a rat could have two of them through its body with them sticking out. People would notice if a hemalurgic rat was running around.
  5. Ok, so we know that Lift exists more in the cognitive realm than other people, which gives her unique abilities. She can turn food into stormlight, she can see spren differently, and even touch them. The one I want to focus on is the fact that she sees Wyndle as a vine, not as crystals and dust, or whatever normal people see. That got me thinking about Rock. He can see spren, even when they don't want to be seen. Now, Wyndle doesn't choose to not be seen, he is just very hard to see. But it still begs the question, what would Rock see if he looked at Wyndle? I personally think he'd see the vines. What I'm driving at is that I think that what Rock does is the same thing that Lift does, just less so. I think bathing in the Horneater shardpool dragged him just a tiny bit into the cognitive realm, just like Lift was. But, again, less so. I got pretty excited when I thought of this, but I'm not so sure if its actually all that exciting. I apologize if this is common knowledge and I'm just over reacting. But on the flip side, if it is a new idea, then hey, I thought of it first. Although I'm sure I didn't.
  6. Say Odium breaks free, and through some crazy shardic tomfoolery, a similar situation occurred on Roshar to the one at the end of HoA, where there was a shard just laying around, waiting to be picked up. Could a spren pick it up, or do you have to be from the physical realm to become a shard?
  7. What you're describing sounds too much like Ruin to me, and I don't think MISTER Sanderson would make two Shards that were that similar. There is also a quote from Elantris that runs counter to the notion that Odium can't bind things together. I don't have my book with me ATM, so I can't give an exact quote, but it's something along the lines of "Hatred can unify far better than devotion ever could."
  8. Here's something I was thinking about the other day. On Scadrial, the metals act as a key, unlocking the power for allomancy/feruchemy. I believe the term for what they are, realmaticly, is a focus. So are the aons on Sel. If Ruin and Preservation manifested the God metals, seeing as metals are a focus, shouldn't Devotion and Dominion do the same thing with their focus? Are there god Aons? Is there an aona-aon or a skai-aon? Let me know if I'm missing something or if this is way off the mark. But for the sake of argument, lets so they do exist. What would they do?
  9. Isn't Kelsier basically a spren now?
  10. I'm 50% edgedancer
  11. Cheers mate
  12. How about temperature? When you burn it you see metal lines. The pushing one would make metals grow hot, truing red, flaring it would make them melt. The pulling one would make metals cold and freeze the moisture in the air, causing frost. If you were in a fight you could heat up your opponent's weapon so they can't hold it, or cook them if they were wearing armor. With the pulling one you could stick someone to something metal they were touching (like licking a cold metal pole). If you needed to cross a body of water of something, you could throw some coins into the water and freeze it to make an ice bridge. What do you guys think?
  13. The divine breathes the Endowment gives the returned are splinters, and they aren't sentient. Maybe if a shard splinters on purpose the splinter doesn't gain sentience.
  14. I was originally going to post this post: So, in the past, Brandon has stated that he wants each of his series to be able to stand alone, so that someone who hasn't read all of his other books, and isn't aware of the cosmere can still enjoy them. At least until the space mistborn that is. My question is: how do you guys think he's going to be able to do that with Vasher and Nightblood now on Roshar? So far, there hasn't been much in the Stormlight Archive that hints at other planets. How would he be able to write it so that the explanation of who those two are is satisfying? As I was thinking about this though, I came up with a crazy aluminum foil theory. What if Nalthis is the Tranquiline Halls? It would be such an easy explanation. When asked, they'd just say, 'I'm from the Tranquiline Halls." Vasher is very old, maybe he was alive when humans migrated to Roshar. Maybe he was the one who figured out how to do it. There is a WoB out there that says he world hopped when he was younger. Or, instead of Vasher leading people to Roshar, maybe humans were a 'house warming gift' from Endowment to Honor and Cultivation when they arrived on Roshar. Endowment is all about giving gifts. Either way, it would explain why Vasher would have known to go to Roshar, and why stormlight can fuel being a Returned. The Rosharians are descendants of the people of Nalthis. Their SDNA is still close enough that the magics work supper well together. Brandon has said that Nalthis and Roshar have more conection than we think, maybe this is it? Anyway, just some crazy ideas I had. Let me know what you guys think.