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  1. I'll be doing Nano this year as well! I'm not sure if I'll get the allotted words, but the goal is to finish a novel I'm already halfway done with. If the word count ends up being lower than 50,000, so be it! I just need to be done with this project so I can move on with my creative life. It's cool to see some of you guys will be diving in too! What sort of genres do y'all write?
  2. Goodness, that's odd! I didn't think of it till now either. How strangely appropriate. And shoes are always a good idea, especially mid-autumn in a city! Correct, I was very weird! I hated shoes and honestly used the costume as an excuse to have bare feet.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I lived in a really small town too and the streets were spotless, so I wasn't worried.
  3. NICE NAME!!!

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      Oh yes!  I have quite a few childhood usernames myself.  Very cool! 

      No, I'm afraid I don't quite know what you're talking about.  You see, I've just logged back on to this site, it's been a solid six months or so. lol

    3. Ark1002


      The alleyverse is an FFRP (free form RPG), you just make a character and have fun. It is a lot less complicated then DND and that sort.

      The ghostbloods is an amazing guild in the Alleyverse. You need to join.



    4. Mistbornwithakitty


      Huh, thank you!  I'll be sure to check it out!

  4. I totally did this when I was sixteen! Honestly the easiest and most fun costume I ever wore. I kept jumping down the stairs squealing "I'm a MISTBORN! WHOOSH!". Never say I wasn't cool. You're smarter than me though, I didn't wear shoes. I remember my feet being ice cold!
  5. This was a personal sock in the gut. Fantastic wisdom, really. I actually posted this particular paragraph on my Facebook, I loved it so much!
  6. This is seriously awesome. What a cool way to spend your free time!! I wish I had your skills so I could have a Revali!
  7. There are only a few that I really hate.... Cedric Diggorey from Harry Potter-- No particular reason...I guess I just didn't see what was so great? Joffrey from Game of Thrones--Ugh. Tiny Tim from Christmas Carol--I probably sound really mean for saying this, but I don't like how Dickens tries to force me to love him. The book is better, but the movie Tiny Tim?? *pukes* Elayne from Wheel of Time--One of the only girls I didn't like actually... Amen to that!
  8. I get what you're saying. I agree that all of Shallan's "persona's" are a part of her as a whole. I guess I just don't see either boy as a good option for her.....she needs to know who she is right now. I understand Adolin will encourage her to "fade" into him, but you have to admit that going with Kaladin would present dangerous problems too. Plot twist: she elopes with Renarian! Hmmmmm....I don't quite agree. I think at the end of the book when she's getting ready for her wedding, she begins to accept herself a bit. That scene where all her personas were in agreement that "this was a good her" is the first step on an admittedly long and arduous journey....but it's a step in the right direction. I definitely think Shallan and her Prince Charming will have trouble down the road (divorce is very possible), but for right now she's beginning accepting herself. Yes, she's far from perfect at it. Like any human being, she needs to change. But in my opinion, she's headed in the right direction! Funny thing; the more I discuss Shallan's problems with herself/her boys, the more I realize how many of these problems I share with her. Oi.
  9. Oh boy, there's so many things to respond to!! Let's see if I can fit it all into one post! I agree in part. Shallan and Adolin do feel forced. I’m not converted to the “ship” that is Shadolin in any way really. To me, it just makes sense that Shallan would go with him at this time in her life, not that he’s her soulmate. Adolin is the guy that makes her feel like the best version of herself; even if she’s relying on him way too strongly right now (that “without you, I fade” line made my lunch come back up a little). I’m sure she’ll have to face that sometime though. I’ll be very disappointed if she doesn’t. Although it is possible that the chasm scene might have caused a genuine connection, the two of them still did nothing about it. It was a truly ground-breaking moment, but it was never followed up with anything else of substantial value. These are really interesting theories. I would absolutely love to see a twist where Kaladin and Shallan actually end up together. I just don't think it was for the best right at the moment. Both of them seemed to emotionally raw/walled to ever truly make a good, earnest go at a relationship. But maybe in a book or two.......? I agree that if you hate yourself, you can't have any real relationship, but I think Shallan is well on her way to thinking better of herself. Adolin also helps her with that (not that it's healthy, it isn't). I don't think she's insane at all though! Her different personalities help her deal with the stress of her crazy, crazy life. It's a form of escapism, extreme though it may be. I can personally attest to it being semi-normal. I used to create different characters in a notebook and talk to myself hours on end growing up. I would pretend I was them, until my mom dragged me out of my room for dinner. I did this especially during my first years of highschool when stress was high. I don't do this anymore (actually, I just call it "attempting to become an author" now), but I can assure you it caused me no mental harm! I think Shallan needs to have someone who drags her back into herself until she can learn to do it on her own. Right now she's being unhealthy with her escapism, but she'll learn to deal with the stress eventually. But the line "without you I fade" grossed me out too. I hate ooey-gooey stuff like that. Thank you! Your name is really cool as well. Hmmmm...it is true that they chose to be around each other afterwards....that I see. It's so understated though, I honestly forgot about it. lol. I already need to re-read OB. Yet they still didn't sit down and communicate anything of real value this book. Hanging out as friends is great for both of them I believe. But I don't think it fostered anything to build a steadfast relationship on in this book. I'm starting to think that maybe in a few books.....? Oooohhhh...I'll be sure to look up that thread! Looks right up my alley! Thanks for shuffling it my way. Wow. That was a mouthful. Hope you're alive after reading this!
  10. As a longtime fan of Shalladin, I was honestly shocked that I didn’t completely rebel when Adolin and Shallan actually got married. I started this book dead-set on seeing bridgeboy and the-unlikely-scholar together at the end. Their sparkling wit! Their mutual struggles! Not to mention they would’ve been the coolest power couple! Yet this is why they should not realistically end up together. Even though these may have already been expressed (I don’t have time to read the previous 68 pages, oi), here are my meager observations: 1. It can be safely said, that Shallan and Kaladin didn’t have many moments together in the first place. The closest they came to really bonding was in the chasms in WoR. Even then, it was just two desperate people confiding in each other. I can tell you from experience that it’s easier to tell a stranger your secrets than someone you know; less risky for the heart. Did they really hang out after that? Follow up on talking about that experience? No. They both kind of kicked it under the rug. So, no real personal bonding ever happened (unless it happened off screen, which I doubt). Yes, they were witty when shoved into the same room, but they were hardly ever serious with each other. 2. Kaladin and Shallan also have the same difficulties with their past and themselves. Both have a hard time believing they’re worth anything. They have the same struggles when facing/accepting the past. Kaladin shatters at the thought that he may not be able to save everyone due to the past. Shallan just refuses to face her past, period (although she did make some progress in this book). When two people are struggling with basically the same issues, it’s nearly impossible to say that they’d make each other “better people”. 3. Shallan is probably better with someone ordinary like Adolin (or as ordinary as it gets on Roshar, ha). He’s more dependable, more stable. That’s what Shallan needs. She needs someone that’s going to help her be a stable person herself. Of course, I’m not completely pleased with it, but on further thought, I can see why she chose Adolin. As for Shallan and Kaladin getting together later on...I doubt it. But that's another big, long, rambling post. Mr. Sanderson seems to constantly put strong stripes of realism into his characters. That being said, it’s perfectly realistic to say Shallan (the girl who’s unsure of almost everything, most of all herself) and Adolin (the sensitive guy who is down-to-earth) would be the endgame. Anyhow, hope I made sense!
  11. *waves furiously* You found me! I should give you some sort of code to make sure you're not a bot. I mean, you're human mannerisms are very convincing, but still...I don't trust someone who doesn't like London.
  12. I actually have watched some of his writing classes (been awhile though, should watch them again tbh)! But I'll be perusing that page. Thanks for it!
  13. I have returned! I have to say although the line was long and the temps cold, it was well worth it. Also met my real-life Sharder (shout-out if you see this), proves y'all aren't myths. Here's my question (going off of my vague memory--I was in shock a bit): This advice meant a lot to me as a writer. It's something I've been struggling with. I'm so thankful for the chance to meet him!
  14. Then I stand corrected! Well, I'll be prepared for the line then. Thanks for the info.
  15. Probably 45-an hour before. I'm traveling with a friend, therefor I don't want to be there for an exhaustive amount of time. But although Brandon has many readers, I don't think there are so many in London that it would take more than an hour. Idk, maybe I'm wrong. but I don't think there's any reason to worry.