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  1. Wouldn't this project be for the short story Snapshot? I personally prefer the Dark One premise.
  2. Spook I'm confused, what are the clues?
  3. Tepper (1. Old man skaa that appears twice, in the skaa hovel on the nobleman plantation; 2. Administrated return to Luthadel march after Vin and Kelsier ran north to cave complexes)
  4. "PhD" is where Phaedrus came from. The "Prof" name is short for Professor. I'm not sure if prof dropped his real last name for Phaedrus/Phd or if his actual last name is Phaedrus. In Steelheart, David puts together the Phd/Phaedrus connection while considering his identity near chapter 5.
  5. Brandon Sanderson is so amazing, he has time to create all these within his stories, plus so finely creates his stories too. Truly none compare even closely. Here is the list so far: Aisha - White Sand (Taldain) Sparks, Calamity, Slontze - Reckoners (Fractured States Earth) By the Eternal Sparks - Spoken by the alien named Larcener aka Calamity Specks - Spoken by male Firefight from alternate dimension Lord Ruler, By the forgotten gods - Mistborn Era 1 (Scadrial) Rust and Ruin, Rusts, Harmony, By the Survivor's scars - Mistborn Era 2 (Scadrial) Preservation's wings, damnation you straight to Ironeyes' tomb Helmore - spoken by Nazh who is from Threnody Austre, God of Colors, Tones, Colors! - Warbreaker (Nalthis) Idos Domi, Merciful Domi, Kayana, Sule - Elantris (Arelon, Sel) Nights, Nights afire, Days - Emporer's Soul (Teod, Sel) Dusts - Rithmatist (United Isles Earth) Shadows - Shadows for Silence (Threnody) Shattering Glass, National Union of Teachers, Crapaflapnasti, Walnuts, Sparrows, Jays - Alcatraz (Hushlands Earth) Stormfather, Storming, Storms, Airsick Lowlander - Stormlight Archive (Roshar) Since Roshar has such a deep and ancient history from characters from the archive. Here is a list compilated from ccstat in 2014 and updated 2017: Kelek's breath Kelek's tongue Ash's eyes Ishar's soul Nalan's hand Pali's mind—(Adrotagia) by Vedeledev's golden keys—(Kabsal) Talat's hand Living Heralds above Heralds send What in Kelek's name for Yaezir's sake Yaezir help Almighty above by the Almighty's tenth name what in the Almighty's own eyes? by the names of God himself Blood of my fathers Almighty, cast from heaven to dwell in our hearts What in Damnation's eleventh name?—(Sebarial) What in the Halls Passions--Thaylen Flick my sparks –(Lopen) Herdazian exclamation, a reference to sparkflickers. Blight it all – (Axies) presumably Siah/Aimian Dustmother—(Ton, a Bavlander in a Szeth interlude of WoK). Possibly Vorin? Glories within—(Szeth) presumably Shin Kali’kalin’s ghost –(Rock) Unkalaki, possibly referencing a Herald? Starlight-(Geranid) Speaker is a Vorin ardent with extended residence in the Reshi isles Sweet virtue” and “Oh blessed mother" from Wyndle, a Cultivation spren Drynets—a sailor curse implied to be quite inappropriate. Starving--unique curse used by food-obsessed Lift. Storming Mother of the World and Father of Storms Above. (Lift) Originally Reshi, Lift has travelled widely, so it is difficult to assign a parent culture. Ancient exlamations: Three Gods--(Taffa) Sweet wisdom of Battar--(Taffa) Thanks to all who participated in this thread and others like ccstat. Any more additions are welcome. This list is up to date as of August 2018. Prior to this year's release of the Legion omnibus and Skyward 1. Also, this is not updated for any new additions that Oathbringer (2017) brought.
  6. Oh yes, I see there is a comprehensive list for Roshar, thanks for the link. "Cremling -SA" I assume this is Stormlight Archive, but I don't recall "Cremling" being a curse or exclamation at all. Perhaps related to the Dysian Aimians made of cremlings? Helmore, good one. As an audiobook reader, that one slipped me by. What about books like Elantris, Legion, Warbreaker, Rithmatist, White Sand?
  7. I've been looking for a list of in-novel curses that Brandon uses across his bodies of work. I cannot find one, so I hoped together we might create one for the first time ever. I listen only to audio books due to an eyeball artifact issue, so off the top of my head I've got: "Sparks" - Reckoners "Stormfather" & "Storms" - Stormlight Archive "Lord Ruler" - Mistborn (Era 1) Please add your contribution to what I have. When finished we should have a complete listing of all Brandon's novel curses from all his books from 2005-2018. I'm excited to see the full listing, even from his Novellas. Thank you fellow 17th sharders.
  8. How Dalinar appears is up to the Stormfather. Why assume the other Radiant is a Windrunner? He could be an Edgedancer. That whole vision was made by Honor/Tanavast and may not have happened that way. Though I do feel the foreshadowing twice in two epochs for the addition of Midnight Essence people soon (Rosharan Kandra.) I don't think this is a Gravitation surge issue at all. Cognitive thought and Investiture is used by the Radiant to form the Shardplate once they achieve such fine control and use of Investiture having achieved the 4th oath. So if the Radiant believes that the Shardplate spren can fly, it will fly. It may take a while to make this cognition manifest, thus 6th book. If an ardent believes and scribes that a spren is 3 inches long it can't help but be 3 inches long. The midnight mother flees from Lightweavers because Shallan could draw it into a cremling forever. Adolin's plate was from a KR who believed that lightning bolts wouldn't hurt the Shardplate and it didn't hurt or that the helmet's visor would overlay perfectly with bright lightning bolts and it couldn't help but do as it was believed it could do. So beliefs shape the ability of things that are invested. Thus I present the theory, Flying Shardplate.
  9. Thanks for breaking all this down Noob style for me. I think I now finally understand something crucial to this Cosmere. Each world was built with its own fantasy and personality and circumstances. Originally I had thought if you were to remove all of the planets problems and circumstances that it would resemble something like our Earth. The flaw in my thinking was that Brandon originally built these worlds with fantasy and so they're designed to be unique and fantastic, duh! I always thought the Spren were a symptom of something that was wrong or had gone wrong at some point. But if Adolalsium (*cough* BS) created it that way then it's in the fundaments of the world. Thanks for clearing this up for me, finally. I think many questions could easily be cleared up with a Forum sticky and a link with instructions to the WoB database. I can't seem to find it without a link. Even when there I remember searching the word Adolin for some theory in mind and it said...returned with (0) hits. So I don't know what the trick is to search there yet, likely some tricky punctuation thing. All that data and no way for the noobs to find it.
  10. I was reading this other thread about the strength of Shardplate, then it dawned on me, the real topic here. Can Shardplate fly? Dalinar's vision showed a healing Radiant order in flight. I think focusing on strength is useful and entertaining but in the end pointless. Brandon Sanderson will make a character just as strong as the needs of his narrative. Investiture is malleable with resonances and differing Knights being near one another and when you add Investiture from other worlds, anything is possible, just not likely for the plot, but possible sure. I'm sure most of his WoBs are answered with that in mind. Possible, just not likely. What I really want, nay, need to know is if KR Shardplate can FLY! Any KR, likely with the needs of the novel and the acts of the Archive, every Knight will need to fly. I'm almost sure of it, but maybe we won't see it until most Radiants are on oath 5 and in Book 6 after the big in-world time break. I can't wait to read Lift's book when she is 23 or 24 but still believes herself 10. It will be hilarious. Can someone ask this when he is on tour? Will advanced oathed Knights Radiant have flying Shardplate? Not the Gravitation surge Windrunners use to make gravity change, well maybe so, not sure about specifics. I can just imagine it. Several squadrons of Shardplated knights in airborn combat formation, extra long Shardspears in hand battling the Fused. That will surely change established tactics with a 3 Dimensional battlefield.
  11. ketek

    recneps, your reputation rises! Thanks for answering my question. More information is here for others: Seeing how mathematical Roshar's super-continental map creation was and how large the concept of symmetry used in his worldbuilding, I now see the early conception in Brandon's mind for the Holy Vorin Ketek's creation. I won't try a ketek of my own, I leave creativity up to other, better minds. Like many of yours.
  12. ketek

    Are ketek's a fictional poetry that Brandon Sanderson created? Is there a non-fiction name for poetry formed this way? I looked up reverse poetry, and that surely is not a ketek design. Any literature scholars here?
  13. Did Roshar originally have Spren? Sylphrena indicates 4 genders of spren. 2 for the Parsh, 2 for the human. I don't think Roshar was formed like other Shardic worlds. No other Cosmere world has spren like Roshar, so far. It would seem that the Parsh thought of their objects being Malen and Femalen, voila SPREN! Perhaps? Maybe? Did the way they think or sing create the spren way back then? Shard worlds seem to have the 3 realms setup. Roshar wasn't created by a Shard (that I'm aware of.) The way I understand the history is that Odium saw the existing native Parsh and decided to become their god. He got invested to that Solar System. Along comes the human Voidbringers to settle around Shinovar (initially.) Honor and Cultivation either settled with them or decided to call it home at a later time. Introducing Honor's high storms, Odium's Everstorm (old in design) and the Cultivation's/Nightwatcher's Old Magic. When I read TWoK, I assumed Honors' death and Splintering brought about the spren. I have now been proven false. So, I suspect Roshar was similar to an Earth like world and topography. The Parsh evolved naturally and all was pleasant until Odium rolled on in. My question is HOW and WHEN do you think Roshar got spren? A certified timeline of these early events would be great to read. Thank you.
  14. Okay let's end this since this is Brandon's magic system he will allow whatever needs to happen happen for the sake of the plot and when we ask him questions on tour he will RAFO us.
  15. So, Rosharans are missing that extra power from Preservation. Good to know which is superior. Thanks