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  1. Maybe it is just showing the hole in the clothing? Shardblades do cut through things when they attack, just not the living.
  2. Syl would have covered her safehand. Not as spren, but when she's human the rules would change and it would be immodest to have her left hand-showing.
  3. Something to support your theory is stated on page 70, of WoR. Jasnah and Shallan are speaking about Pattern. Jasnah says that they are Cryptics. "There is a complex sort of conflict between them and the honorspren." It goes on to state that it is just the nature of the spren. Since spren are attracted to their categorical patrons, that would mean that Kaladin and Shallan are also different in the same ways. On the next page of course, they mentioned how the Almighty was created by humans to represent the emotion they saw in spren. It seems like Brandon is trying to that same theory.