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  1. I've always heard Warbreaker wasn't as good as people wanted it to be. But I'm really enjoying it. The magic system is really different and maybe weird, but I have to know who Vasher and night blood are. I'm reading it on my kindle and that version has annotations from Sanderson after every chapter and he really brings the chapters to life when he discusses how he feels about each one. I'm loving it. I hope he has more e book editions with annotations for his other books. I don't even know how to accept cookies. : ( Thanks for the reply!
  2. How's it going everybody. I recently finished up my third deployment to the middle east. I finally bought a kindle half way through that deployment and purchased and loaded up every book and novella he's written. My brother has been telling me for years to just jump in and read Mistborn, but i've never been much of a reader. He's mostly caught up with the books, except for maybe the novellas and Warbreaker. So i read the Mistborn trilogy in about two weeks and was on my toes and gasping in awesomeness in so many epic scenes. I was in love. Now that i trusted Brandon , I went back and read Elantris. It was ok, hard to go to that after an amazing trilogy, but i respect his work. I then read all the Cosmere novellas and am now reading Warbreaker. So i guess that's my beginning everyone. I've since then started a 1st/1st hardcover collection of all his workings. All withOUT remainder marks and i have put them all in Mylar covers. They're not all signed, but that's okay. I'm going to take them over the years to his book signings. I would like to find copies of his two Infinity Blade HC books, but there impossible to find. Also, i need to get my hands on the HC Steelheart book that was just re-dust jacketed with the softcover artwork. All the other books i can find and will buy over time, but the ones that are hard to come by keep me up at night. Thanks for listening everybody. I will conclude with my intended reading order. Mistborn 1-3, Elantris(Should be first i know, but it's what happened), Novellas, Warbreaker(Where i'm at now), WoK, WoR, Mistborn 4-6, and then read his non-cosmere works until Stormlight 3. P.S. I have an extra copy of Mistborn: The Final Empire, if anyone can help me get my hands on a book i have a problem finding or don't have currently.