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  1. Sword Swallowing exists. Also, does burning Aluminum while having swallowed someone else's metal mind remove the metal mind as well?
  2. That is true, it hasn't been confirmed or denied whether Edgedancers can change friction based on direction. Perhaps someone can ask Brandon at a signing?
  3. Roshar eye color genetics are obviously different than Earthling eye color genetics. Otherwise you could get lighteyes being born to darkeyes. Also, Earthlings don't have purple eye colour.
  4. The issue is that the Edgedancer is completely limited by how fast he or she can push. While slick, the Edgedancer has to push off something to speed up. They can't push off faster than they are moving, they are slowing down. Example: if you are in a speed boat with an oar and you try to "row" while the boat is full speed going forward, you are going to find that "rowing" is actually slowing the boat down. (Also Edgedancers can't do skating on land; skating requires there to be no friction going forward but friction going to the side, this is why skaters push to the side and not directly backwards. By pushing to the side you can add speed despite the push being slower due to Pythagoras theorem. The hypotenuse is the new velocity, the longer side is the original speed, and the shortest side would be the pushing of the skater.)
  5. Perhaps this was also before Ati's mind was completely dominated by Ruin, and he purposefully allowed this weakness for Preservation to exploit. There is a quote in one of the Hoid-Frost letters that say Ati was a kind man before Ruin.
  6. Aren't Kaladin and his father able to read? Not being able to read would make becoming a scholar/surgeon pretty hard.They aren't being ostracized due to that.
  7. Probably equivalent to one cent in modern denominations.
  8. In the original Mistborn Trilogy, the difficulty of hovering and/or a soft SteelPush is talked about a lot; however, in the Wax and Wayne series, Wax is able to hover quite easily. Is this because Wax can manipulate his weight instead of manipulating his push? Or is it merely because both Kelsier and Vin were Mistborn for only a little while, and did not achieve Wax's experience/savantism?
  9. Also, it's been the requisite one hundred (two hundred?) years for the Pits of Hathsin to start producing atium again.
  10. There is a WoB that said aluminum bullets don't leave behind an Atium shadow. So shooting the Seer or Mistborn with Aluminum bullets would be the best. Alternative to Aluminum bullets and Electrum include tapping Steel for physical speed (and reaction time). With quick enough reaction time you can manually split your Atium shadow (like Vin did in the fight with Zane). Also, physical speed just rekts stuff.
  11. There was that King's Boon thing that was pretty central in Words of Radiance
  12. I'm pretty sure Kelsier holding Preservation would defeat Magneto, since Magneto can't actually affect Kelsier since he doesn't have a physical body. However, human Kelsier and human Magneto, I would think Magneto would win. I mean, what else? Hard fantasy vs soft fantasy, Soft fantasy basically wins every single times simply due to lack of strict limitations.
  13. Well, Wax needed Lessie out of his life in order to return to Elendel, so you need to make up a viable excuse for her to leave. Divorce was probably a bad choice since it seems super out of character, so death was probably the easiest excuse for Harmony to get Lessie out of Wax's life.
  14. Is there an option to change the display font size? It feels smaller than the old version, and zooming up doesn't cause it to redo the font size.
  15. The laser blast generator cannot be made of aluminum due the low melting point of pure aluminum. The laser would melt Tony's arm before firing. However the investiture dodging ability of aluminum isn't fully explored. While Duralumin doesn't show aluminum's effects, aluminum bullets and guns from the Set (book 1) have been shown to be made heavier using some method, which is probably alloying something with aluminum.