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    Writing in nearly every genre. Reading sci-fi and fantasy. Exercise / fitness, specifically running in 2015. Playing video games with my four kids.
  1. Thanks all. Yeah, ever since I changed from a discovery writer to an outliner, challenges with finishing are almost non-existent. Agreed I need to practice editing, but I also hear ya that book one written ten years ago as a fledgling writer, just fuhgeddaboudit and move on to new content. Thanks Ardent for the plug on Reading Excuses. I'll check it out. Thanks again.
  2. Instead of hoping there is a MacOS version of something like this it may be easier to Google, "random name generator"? Reading the description of the EBoN program, it sounds like a 'simple' name generation aid used for roleplaying gamers. If that is the case, there are any dozen of name generators out there for free, which run in your browser. Just a thought. P.S. I've used before. Love how you can specificy different demographic filters to give you more targeted results. This site has more generators of all types than you can shake a stick at:
  3. Restarted the podcast in Season 1 and in one of the episodes I was reminded of the saying that authors may need to write 1,000,000 words before reaching competency (hopefully I understood that correctly). For me this will be between 8 to 10 novels worth of writing (I've written 3.5 novel first drafts so far). With that in mind, when should I return to an old project, such as novel idea/project #3? Should I take the outline of the old project and write all new words based on that outline, or edit the old project instead? Or trusting that once I'm a more competent writer and trusting in my current ability that ideas come fairly easy; I should simply focus on new content and chalk those old projects up to the learning process, archived for nostalgia sake alone? Hopefully that makes sense.