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  1. zane's not actually insane, ruin says so as zane dies, and vin sees that his eyes arent those of an insane person.
  2. Well, you can just heal using Gold. There's a limit to how many times a cell can divide, which is called the Hayflick limit. He'll hit it a lot later, but Gold Compounder is not synonymous to immortality.
  3. Upvote because One Piece. That aside, my favorite character would have to be Prof. I'm in love with his powers and the Reckoners series.
  4. Free sodas oh wait. No aluminum. In that case, I'd pick a favorite on the javelin team at the Olympics. Break a few world records in the process.
  5. Destroying is easier than creating though.
  6. It acts logically, I believe. If the time was going 2x in the cadmium bubble, and .5x in the bendalloy bubble, they'd cancel each other out. They basically multiply together, so if one was flaring, and the other was on a slow burn, the time in the middle would be the product of that.
  7. So at the end of Calamity, David's dad says the steel transfersion powers were a lot more usable than David thought. Any thoughts how?
  8. He probably altered the orbit himself, yeah. No other way to explain how it stayed in the exact same spot for over 10 years.
  9. Hum. Can't remember if we can talk about Words of Radiance here, but
  10. I mean, if you can't lift the thing in the first place, it'd be harder to use it. To rephrase my answer, I'd say that if you had shardplate of your own, then the warhammer could do it in less swings. However, if you didn't, the shardblade would take less.
  11. I would think it does from the reasons I listed.
  12. A warhammer dents faster, easier, basically inferior in every sense to a Shardblade. Blades are magically reinforced, easier to handle, as warhammers are designed for use by shardplate wearers.
  13. Yeah, I seem to remember that Brandon didn't like the covers either. Remember, he has no power over what the artist decides to make in the end.
  14. I don't want to come across as rude here, but these posts were written waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2013. Bands came out only a couple of months ago. Everyone had a skewed idea of nicrosil back then.
  15. Well, Brandon's repeatedly stated that Copper Compounding doesn't really do what we think it does. Take this WoB for example. emphasis mine There are numerous theories out there about what it might do, but we have no concrete evidence as to what it does.