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  1. So, I've been rereading Warbreaker with my wife which has meant reading slightly slower than usual as well as out loud. This led me to notice something that I'd never noticed before. In chapter 55, What I find interesting is what we are told in the very next page of the book. It makes sense for Lightsong to notice the difference in the skin colour, he has Perfect Colour Recognition. Why can Siri recognise it too? Here's my theory. Vasher's explains that the Returned reach their Heightenings not because of the quantity but quality of Breath. He also explains, in the Epilogue, that the Royal House of Idris has Returned blood. My question is, does the fact that Siri has Returned blood in her mean that her breath is of a higher quality than most people? If the quality of her breath is high enough for her to be able to have perfect colour recognition, she would have at least the third heightening. The problem with this theory is that no one ever notices an aura around Siri. Unless you count Susebron's comment as a reference to an Aura: i've always taken Susebron's comment as a simple statement on Siri's positivity and happiness, but there may be more to it... Any thoughts? Theories? WoB?
  2. I was at the London Forbidden Planet signing last night and asked Brandon about this. He said that it is just him, Wayne is just really good at understanding people, and there really isn't anything more to it.
  3. First post on here... As I was at the very front of the queue I decided to ask very simple and quick questions. 1) Is there anything to Wayne's inability to hold guns and bullets? Brandon: No, it's all psychological. It's post traumatic stress disorder really. 2) What is Wayne's effect/perk from being a Twinborn? Brandon: I haven't actually written it yet so you will have to wait for that one. 3) Is there anything special about Wayne's ability to imitate others? Brandon: No, that's definitely just him. He just understands people really well. I wish I had audio, but unfortunately Sophie (the publicist) had my phone for pictures... Next time! Also, I know question number 3 had been answered already, but I wasn't sure if it had been answered since SoS came out and I thought he might have changed his mind about it...