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  1. “ You will find wise men in any religion, Shallan, and good men in every nation. Those who truly seek wisdom are those who will acknowledge the virtue in their adversaries and who will learn from those who disabuse them of error. All others—heretic, Vorin, Ysperist, or Maakian—are equally closed-minded. ” Don't remember the exact quote since I only know it in German: Elend: Vin is not like other women Tindwyl : The more women you get to know the more you will realize that this applies to all of them
  2. This post are a few thoughts on the stories and worlds in the cosmere that i had for quite some time now and i decided to express them on here. It's going to be a bit of a ramble but maybe sombody is interested. Despite me complaining about some things in the post below keep in mind that the cosmere is still my favorite series of books and i can't wai to see what the next decades of cosmere books may bring and what Sanderson is doing with all the characters. And it unsurprisingly is just my opinion. I started the cosmere with WoK, then Mistborn, then Elantris and Warbreaker.They are all great. But something about them wass alway familiar. I didn't have access to the short stories until Arcanum came out. I absolutely loved them. Even though we didn't see much of the worlds or magic I found the characters and stories themselves way more interesting than alot of the big novels. Especially "the Emperor soul" is in my View has the best writing of all of the cosmere. What really started to bother me about the big 4 (SA, Mistborn, Elantris and Warbreaker) during rereads is how similar some Aspects felt. Every book many of our viewpointcharacters are part of one or the other royal family and a lot of the plot revolves around the intruiges of noblehouses. And somehow the magicusers are more likely to be nobles. At least among view point characters. It didn't bother me in Mistborn. I thought it fit the world well and there was a satisfying reason why everybody that had magic was part of the nobility. It was by TLRs design. It didn't bother me in warbreaker since he put a little twist on the noble houses with the court of gods. The returned made for an interesting choice for a ruling class. It botherd me a little in Elantris. I had already seen it 2 before I read Elantris. But the book was one of his first ones and The story about the elantrians was engaging on its own. It bothers me A LOT in Stormlight. The longer I think about it ( And maybe i just think about those things to much) the more I wish SA would have been diffrent. I think the setting, the magic, the story and the scope would have allowed for something way more original. The concept of radiants, and how somebody becomes a radiant is brilliant in my eyes. A magic system that is pracitcally built to go great with character development. Litterly anybody who stays true to certain principles and finds the oaths has a chance of becoming radiant. This would be a great opportiunity to have very diverse Viewpoints. But who are the radiants in the actual story at the end of OB? a Highprince,his son (a prince), the bodyguard of that highprince, a princess-Sholar who is his nice, His nephew the king could have become one(RIP), and his daughter in law. If Adolin revivies Maya there is just Navani left. Even Gavilar could have been one. But its not supposed to be inheritable like allomancy. Even if it turns out that it is inheritable on some level i wouldn't like it more. This royal family really is true to its principles like no other family on Roshar. So many interesting Characters could be radiants. I liked Kaladins storyline a lot when he was a slave who wants to protect his comerades who he doesent even know while batteling giving up. I loved Shallan and Jasnahs initial Story in Karbranth. A Scolar and her ward who have a rocky relationship but discover that the end of the world is coming and they have special powers. They could have been the comfortable lie and the inconvienient truth as a character duo I wan't to see radiants like lift. A poor girl who starts listening to the people that socety casts away. Or the owner of the Orphanage in Edgedancer. An old stone hearted Women who just wants to launder money but deep down starts to care about the kids. Just normal but good people with flaws that have to become more through the oaths to save the world in a desolation. 10 massive books certanly gives enough space for all of those viewpoints and characters to come together in a massive very well build world such as roshar. There are so many cultures and forms of goverment on Roshar. But we focus on the culture whos goverment is clostest to a bunch of Nobelhouses and their intruiges. And half of our radiants are the royal family of that culture. I'm aware why Brandon does a lot of the stuff i described above. I just sometimes wish he didn't and mix the conceps up a bit. He is already doing a great job from standing out from other fantasy books. The entire plot of SA after WoR just feels like a more complicated Mistborn. We have a shard that killed another shard and is bringing the apocalipse. The king and his family are just trying to unite the world against it, but politics gets in the way. I don't know what i will do when somebody ascends to Honor. I just wanted to get those thoughts out there and see what you guys think about those topics. In the end I'm shure I'll enjoy the SA regardless. I have never written a book myself so it's not like i could do it better or something.
  3. Steris: -Good jokes for parties -How not to seem boring -Interests for Noblewomen -Finance calculation programmes ... -how to do "it" -how to have sexual intercourse -how to delete browser history
  4. This was kind of said before. But maybe pigs replace dogs on Threnody. Dogs are omnivores in theory but mainly carnivorous. Feeding them would not be viable. Pigs are very smart and can be thought tricks just as well as dogs and ear basically anything. Also domestic pigs come from wild boars which makes them suited to live in a forest. They have a very good sense of smell and are really dangerous if aggressive. So maybe they are used as guard pigs. Or for tracking smells. When we see them in the novella they are locked in. But that's at night time. Maybe they locked them in so they don't run at night breaking the simple rules.
  5. I don't know. That would be very lazy writing for Brandon. If the SA just ended by copy-pasting HoA +one more shard I would give up on the cosmere.
  6. There is also that dog which got neutered by Wax using a gun..( he aimed for the tail) So we know they survived the catacendre. Maybe Paalm also was concerned with the lack of dogs on scadrial. So she made some using hemalurgy and people. But the most adorable thing in the cosmere is that seons have no objection to beeing a storytelling nightlight for children.
  7. Rebelliousteenagerform. Odium: do my bidding Singer:OMG Odium I don't have to do what you say! Your not even my real shard *Put on very loud rockmusic in middle of everstorm-vision
  8. At first I wanted to say jasnah. But then I remembered the job interview she had with shallan in the first book... So no thanks. I think I'd pick sazed or Harmony. Knows alot and is not afraid to share, is kind, has humor, very hospitable.
  9. That one messed me up a little. It was powerful. But I still think Tindwyls Character was wasted by that. When Evi breaks down because the alethi women call her dumb. It didn't have a huge plot impact like a death but it felt very personal. Eshonai talking to her mother who barely recognizes her due to dementia. That was very real for a fantasy book
  10. So, if you die and appear in the cognitive realm. What clothes are you wearing? The ones you died in? Those that seem the most 'standard' for you? Your favorite clothes? I don't think it was mentioned in secret history.
  11. The drawback to beeing radiant is that you have to keep your oaths. I think i would be a lightweaver an make a living disposing of nuclear waste through soulcasting Ferruchemy would be the most useful i think. I think it would be really cool to be a kandra if that counts. I would make the wildest artificial skeletons.
  12. I always pictured iron/steel vision having curved blue lines instead of straight ones. Neither Inquisitiors nor Obligators habe the tatoos in my mind. i picture Adolin and Renarin as white but not their families. For a long time i imagied Chulls as giant red goats for some reason. This changed fast when seeing a drawing. Chasmfiends will always be a huge angry shrimp.
  13. Yes kind of. Im mean they definitely are. But all of them are at least able to see that everything paid off in the end and knew what their suffering was for. In the Annotations of HoA Sazed calls him a good person deep down. And I don't agree. From all the Characters that aren't shards i think he definitely caused the most suffering willingly. I mean if someone thinks taravangian is evil than TLR is at least 10times as bad. But i see what Brandon did writing it this way. I really like that there was a twist to the dark evil emperor. And that the revolution didn't magically solve everything. But whenever he ist talked about so nicely i just think "Won't anyone think of the Skaa." That's why i voted.
  14. At first Teft would hate and avoid her. But Allrianne would eventually grind him down and they'll grudgingly like each other. Hesina and Silence.
  15. Marsh and Dalinar :" I'm sad about his death. But i was even more sad when he got with the girl we both liked" Zane " I know how that feels"