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  1. I think it is related. Elantris is such an early book that i don't know if this specifically was intended that way. But I think it fits well. when vin burns bronze and Duralumin she can tell what emotions Breeze is soothing from the allomantic pulses. Also the Well of Ascencion pulses in her ears. Rhythms and pulses seem to be a feature of investiture in general
  2. 22.02.2022 Thats all.
  3. Thanks! I would have included them if it was important for symbolism that every herald had a shardblade. But I like it much more if i don't have to. It makes sense for Jezrien Chana or Taln. But I don't really want to fit them in somehow with Pailiah, Ash or Ishar
  4. For context: I really love the depictions of the heralds in the end of the books. And while all of the artworks are amazing, I absolutely adore Howard Lyons interpretations of Vedeledev and Jezerezeh and i low key wish he'd done all of them. It just really looks like a renaissance painting of a religious figure and seeing them all in the same style would have been so satisfying. Inspired by this and to pratice my skills in general I am currently working on my own watercolor painting of every herald to see them all in the same style. So right now im considering if I should include the Honorblades. Do the common Vorin people know they existed? Not if they know the mechanics and history but in general do they know that every herald had a special one? Are they important in symbolism? I'd also appreciate input on how you all Imagine what Battar looks like. I always Imagined her as an older upper class woman. thanks in advance for any input.
  5. So on Roshar, people like Renarin, Adolin and Laral have multicolored hair. Hair-color doesent work like that for humans in real life. And I wan't to suggest that it actually doesen't work like that for humans in the cosmere or Roshar as well. The singers on the other hand naturally have multicolored hair. With strands representing the skinpatterns underneath. Like fur color with a cow or a dog. I think the unusual way haircolor works for those people could be related to most people on Roshar having Singer ancestry. It shows up more in Herdazians and Unkalaki but basically everyone has singerblood in them by now. And maybe the reverse could be said for the Singers as well. I wish we could see how the mixed ancestry of those groups came to be. If it was peacefull intermingeling or due to the more sinister aspects of war.... This would fit the story as well. The war must end. And why erradicate one or the other spieces when herritage clearly shows that unity is possible. What do you think?
  6. A lot of people don't like Jasnah because she just seems to perfect. And I think that’s intentional by Brandon. Up until now she is dealing pretty well with all that happens in the books compared to all the other main characters. I expect her book or the SA in general to push her to her limits more than anyone else. Something is going to break through the phasade of perfect composure and capability. I can totally see her kind of going down a similar dark path as Taravangian. Or at least being tempted to. Since he is Odium now he might know how to pull the strings on someone who thinks in similar ruthless ways as he does. She’s going to have a major breakdown. The groundwork and foreshadowing is there. The paranoia you mentioned. Her feelings of betrayal/trust issues relating to her childhood illness. Her issues with her father whom (according to Navanis flashback) she loved and respected deeply but who didn’t seem to see her in quite the same way. ( That might support your Hypothesis, since she might want to prove herself to him.) But I can't really get with the idea that she was a traitor all along. While it would definitely be a good twist it doesn’t really fit the story in my opinion. Maybe I’m biased because she is one of my favorite characters. What I like about her is that she is a good person while not necessarily being likable. She genuinely tries to be a good person just like the others. It’s just that her flaws are different ones. If she’d been a traitor all along It would take away a lot of the meaning of what we’ve seen so far. And the storyarc of “I betrayed my people and now I’ll have to make up for it” is already filled by Venli.
  7. It mostly reminded me of outlands from world of Warcraft XD. It's also bacially a planet stuck in another dimension.
  8. We know that after SH Kelsier tried to aquire a new body. A physical link. And we know that by the time of BoM he managed to do so. But I wanted to ask the question on what would have happend to kelsier if he hadn't managed to do so. What if he had stayed a cognitive shadow. How would the time spent as purely a cognitve entety have affected him. I find this to be extremely interesting in this specific case because he is not just some random person whos family and freinds will remember, but who will be forgotten a few generations down the line. Upon his death Kelsier made himself into a figure of mythology. People follow religions that worship him and legends constantly talk about him. I feel like over time, without a body Kelsier would have basically become the "survivor" spren. Loosing most of his deepest inner personal thoughts and core personality and conflicts and becoming an embpdyment of the peoples perception of the survivor deity. The only thing we have that is comparable are the heralds. They are also relvent cultural figures and cognitive shadows. But after Aharietiam they all seem to have phisical bodies. Even Kalak despite him chilling in the cogitive realm. In general what do you think happens to people that just stay cognitve shadows in the cognitve realm. Do they basically stay the same developing like a funktionally immortal person in the phisical realm would? Or do you think they are subjects to the thoughts and perceptions of other people like spren and other cognitve enteties are? Do you think it makes a diffrence if nobody else remembers the shadow after some time, or if they have a "following" of people who still think about them?
  9. No I did notice it. Lightweavers can soulcast and one of the cryptics main features is humming. So I figured people heard the spren humming when a radiant soulcast and associated the two.
  10. Also in the german Harmony is "Der Einträchtige". I don't think this has been mentioned
  11. Eshnai returning after having taken Stormform. And her final Moment in RoW.
  12. Okay, so we see Ishar trying to manifest the bodies of spren into physical bodies. This seems to work best for honorspren. Because they are basically blue humans. You know who else is basically a blue human? The Natans. And they have this legend that somebody concieved a child with the moon. maybe it wasn't the moon itself. But a person that looked like the representation of the moon to the people. Maybe somebody successfully has manifested a honorspren before. Or they are Koloss-blooded who knows
  13. Most of mine have already been mentioned. So I'm going to add Evi breakting into tears while she fights with dalinar. The last scene with Raboniel and Essu
  14. For the Orders it's pretty much just a litteral translation when Possible. Lightweaver = Lichtweber. Elsecallers are made to be "Aufscheiner". Because it doesent translate well. Odium is just Odium. For the Shards they Use the translation of the shards intent and make it so it could be a Name based on that word not the complete translation itself. So Preservation is "Bewahr". Not "Bewahrung". Honor is "Ehr" not "Ehre". I find it to be a poor choice and they should have just used the noun of the intent. and it's the reason I switched to english eventually.
  15. Ah but that's the point. There would be a better translation if you just want to express the religious devotion of the monks: "Eiferer". And I always wondered why they aren't called that in german, since "Eiferer" is already used to describe a very devoted almost fanaticly religious person. The surname "Feuerer" comes from the person that was assigned the tast of starting the fire. And since we have lightswitches today it's no longer used. Just like "Köhler" or "Wagner" the proffession it refers to is largely outdated. So the choice of the translation to use a word that also alludes to fire seems intentional to me. Yesterday it struck me that Vorin-prayers litteraly include fire. Maybe the tradition of burning prayers started because somebody wanted to express the "inner religious fire" they are named after. Falls es absicht war, gefällt mir die Übersetzung eigentlich ganz gut. Ich bin da oft hin und hergerissen. Wenn es darum geht das Cosmere zu verstehen ist die englische Originalversion immer besser. Sonst werden worte wie Cultivation-Bebauerin oft unterschiedlich übersetzt und versteckte Zusammenhänge gehen verloren. Aber gerade bei einem Wort wie feuerer trägt es eher dazu bei dass sich alles zusammengehörig anfühlt. Klingen die worte zu anders zur gelesenen Sprache vermittelt dass den Eindruck dass es nicht wirklich hingehört. Feuerei klingt für mich wie eine Einheimische, alltägliche instituion. Ardentia klingt wenn der rest deutsch ist einfach zu abgehoben.