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    Mostly Reading. Way of Kings is my current favorite book.
  1. Does convincing your local library to get it count as buying it? I can't buy a copy myself, but I got my librarians to order it which is awesome otherwise, I probably wouldn't have been able to find a copy to read.
  2. Am I the only one who thought Eric was Hoid at first. Eric and his unwillingness to touch a sword plus his carefree character main me instantly think of Hoid which of course isn't possible but the way he described Eric made me think of Hoid.
  3. I have always wonder why 12 Lerasium beads in the Mistborn books the magic number in everybook has always been 16. Why is there 12 and not 16 it doesn't make any sense what is so special about 12?
  4. 1st try: Truthwatcher 56% Dustbringer 39% Lightweaver 37% Elsecaller 26% Willshaper 25% Skybreaker 16% The rest were zeros 2nd try: Dustbringer 50% Truthwatcher47% Willshaper 38% Skybreaker 28% Lightweaver 36% Elsecaller 16% Then the rest were zeros. If it means that I can be a knight Dustbringer I will stick with my second results we have way to many Truthwatchers.
  5. I wouldn't eat either of those cookies there seems to be a weird cookie war between the Dark and Light Alley. I don't think either of them are safe to eat.
  6. I have already read Reckoners (I just couldn't remember how to spell it in my last post) I thought about reading Alcatraz sometime ago but I got caught up in a different series. Over the summer I had to many books too read at once. Now I don't want to get into another series until Mistborn comes out so I have been rereading some books.
  7. I have read Mistborn I own the whole series so I do know what Hemalurgy is. I have also already read Warbreaker, Elantris, and I also own all of Stormlight Archive. Way of king is actually my favorite book right now (I can't find any books that come close to beating it expect Mistborn). But I am reading all of the Mistborn books in order to prepare for the new books coming out.
  8. But cookies are meant to be used for good and awesomeness. Thank you for the warning now i know not to trust Dark Alley people.
  9. I first found Sanderson books when I grabbed mistborn at a library because it look intersecting evenually I found his website after reading most of his books I found this form. It lasted as my favorite for about a year (which is a long time for me since I read A LOT). It recently got beat by Way of Kings which I have reread 5 times now. Since reading Way of Kings no book has come anywhere close to beating it expect for Mistborn books. Who knows maybe Shadows of Self will beat Way of Kings.
  10. Another Cookie Awesome Thank you. People here really must like cookies or hate them to have so many to spare.
  11. Thank you for the cookie
  12. Is there any way I could put this card into one of my decks or is that against the rules? Because that is really cool but I would have expected to be a black card as well.
  13. I am Recca I don't usually post stuff on sites like this but the second I started reading Way of King, theories I fell in love with this site. I have read most of Brandon Sanderson books but I never heard of the Cosmere theory until today. So HI, this is really weird.