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  1. So, I'm really sorry about just dropping off the face of the Earth. I got really busy, and things kept on happening, and it looks like they will continue to take up my time, until probably the summer. I apologize to everyone that was involved in something I was in, and I also apologize for the delayed notice.

  2. Of course I am signing up for this, I need another chance to infiltrate the other factions to play an Elantris game. Tia fled from Kae after the fall of Elantris. He discarded his old name when he reached places that had never heard of Arelon, and picked up the name Tia. He has acquired a variety of skills in his travels, and hasn't stayed in one place for longer than a couple months. The word of the Emperor's illness had reached him, and Tia made his way to the Rose Empire, confident that he could learn some secrets, and maybe even acquire some power.
  3. Most things that happened in the writeup were actual night actions, such as all of the deaths and the people who caused them. Edit: That player list is the final list of who survived and died.
  4. First off, it was really fun to run this game with Hero. I really enjoyed it, and will GM more in the future. I would like to apologize for the mistakes made during the game, especially to Feligion and Mek, as the game would have gone incredibly different if I hadn’t messed up the vote tallies. Overall, I felt we kept the game running pretty smoothly, despite a couple of setbacks Hero will mention most of the issues and technical comments associated with the game, as he was the Game Designer and had more work with them. Unfortunately, the issues were all discovered after the game started. There were ways to work around them, but it was stacked against the Eliminators. However, both Pan-Dareth and the Jeskeri Mysteries had excellent games and strategy, unfortunately the villagers beat you. From an outside view, looking at Elantris was really, really cool. I think it was the part of the game that functioned almost perfectly for a new mechanic, and Hero did a very great job with it. The secrets, the clues, it just was an interesting subgame to watch develop alongside the main thread. It is probably one the my favorite mechanics I have seen, after seeing it in action. The inclusion of Pinch Hitters was another great feature, unfortunately we actually ran out of Pinch Hitters, but it seems like a simple mechanic that could be implemented in other LGs. It was wonderful to see how the game developed as cycles passed and more things were brought to light, and I hope the players enjoyed it as much as I did.
  5. Long Game 12: Conclusion Gerald Hobbes made his way through the crowd in the Court. He and Liala had decided not to act during the night, judging their best chance of success to be immediately after everyone gathered. He kept his right hand hidden, clutching a dagger they had doused in poison. As he approached his target, Gerald Hobbes kept careful eyesight for those nearby that might pose a threat. The absolute ruler of Arelon, Kiireon, was in a discussion with Priest Mene, seemingly over the effect of Elantrians on Shu-Korath. Before they could make much progress with it, Gerald Hobbes casually walked up, and drove the knife into Kiireon’s back. “You are standing in the way of our dream, and one ruler shouldn’t have complete control in addition to the blasphemous powers of Elantris!” he shouted as Kiireon stiffened, started to turn, and fell. Mene caught her, and turned Kiireon over so she could see her assailant. “You will not kill me with no retribution,” she whispered while sketching out Aon Ehe in the air before her, completing it only moments before all strength left her. A jet of fire shot out from the Aon, catching Gerald Hobbes right before he turned a corner. He cried out briefly before crumpling to the ground. The flames from Kiireon’s attack began spreading to the carpet and wall hangings. “Kiireon!” Edaan shouted and rushed to her side, quickly sketching Aon Ien in the air above her. It flared sharply then faded, having no effect. Through his tears, Edaan glared angrily around the room, before settling on Edrab Leah. “You! You helped kill her!” “No I didn’t, I had nothing to do with this!” Edrab said, panicked. “Liar! I know what you have done!” Edaan started drawing Aon Ehe in the air, adding so many modifier lines Ehe was barely distinguishable in the center. His hand dropped from it, and a huge, white-hot pillar of fire erupted from it, burning Edrab away in seconds, as well as leaving a hole in the side of the palace. The edges slowly started melting and burning, spreading rapidly and joining with the flames from Kiireon’s attack. Kaian ran to join Edaan next to Kiireon, his tears already pouring. “Quickly, we must leave her. The entire palace could burn up!” Mene urged, but both Edaan and Kaian shook their heads. “We are staying here, with her,” Kaian said, his entire body shaking. People started filing out of the Court, eventually leaving Mene alone with Kaian and Edaan. “Go, your flock needs you,” Edaan said, “We are staying by her side until the end.” Mene sighed and stood. “May Domi be with you, my children.” he said, as he left the room. As Mene exited the palace, it started rumbling. Flames raced up and down its entire length, and with a groan, it collapsed to the ground. Mene stared at it for a couple minutes, before turning around to address everyone. When he spoke, his voice was filled with sadness. “Our ruler is dead, and Kaian and Edaan gave up their lives to join her. May Merciful Domi treat them well. This is a tragic day, but Kiireon ordered me, in a time like this, to declare her successor. She deemed Sheon Idris a worthy choice for the Kingship, entrusting Arelon into his care.” A path opened for Sheon as he slowly stepped forward. “No!” a voice shouted out, “I claim rulership of these lands for Pan-Dareth!” Liala leaped out from behind Sheon, with a crossbow aimed at his back. She shot the bolt, but Sheon fluidly snatched it out of the air, and flung it back at her, before rushing to Mene’s side, and falling into a defensive stance. “All our plans have failed because of you!” Liala shouted as she scrambled to avoid it. “Why won’t you just die!?” Riingar stepped out behind her, Aon Ehe already half drawn. “We be told that ye be a follower o’ that giant panda, and that ye be a filthy pagan! Now, while these people did kill me crewmate, Arfear, Elantris be a wonderful place, an’ I find it me duty to protect it!” He finished drawing Ehe, and the gout of flame consumed Liala. She dropped to the ground, writhing to try to put out the flames, narrowly avoiding two more blasts of Aon Ehe. Neo gasped when he saw his blast hit Redodaa, and he rushed to his side, trying to put out the fire to no avail. “I have caught another Cultist!” Clankii declared as his Aon engulfed Duke Pifferdan. “I knew I would only hit a cultist, and I hit Pifferdan.” Mene quickly rushed to the burning body and knelt before it. “You fool!” he shouted, turning on Clankii. “He was a devout man, he even resisted the pull of Pan-Dareth! You did nothing but kill an innocent!” Mene took a moment to visibly calm himself, then turned to Sheon. “May I ask why you have been following me around like a guard? You are the new King, you shouldn’t risk your life this soon.” “I had taken it upon myself to protect and look after you, the spiritual leader of us now. And as for being King, we have some rebuilding to do.” He and Mene turned to look at the still burning remnants of the palace, joined by the survivors. Mene turned to overlook the small crowd. So many of them had been lost along the way, but as he looked into the eyes of each one that remained, he knew, deep down inside, that their hearts were all pure. No remnants of Jeskeri or Shu-Dereth remained among them. At long last, it was over. Suddenly, a side door of the palace burst open, and Nathanael came running out grinning widely, his skin emitting a silvery glow. “Hey, guess what guys! I got taken by the Sha…” He trailed off, noticing the scattered corpses and the burning palace for the first time. “Uh… what did I miss?” LG12, Shadows of Elantris, has been completed! The Villagers have won the game! Edit: Sorry, I don't know why I forgot this: Edrab Leah has been killed! He was a Citizen! Gerald Hobbes has been killed! His Seon has been lost! He was a Cultist Keeper of the Secret Tunnels! Duke Pifferdan has been killed! He was a Keeper of the Secret Tunnels! Kiireon has been killed! Her lovers, Kaian and Edaan, killed themselves out of grief! Kiireon was an Elantrian King and Queen! Kaian was a Dula with a Poison Vial and a Seon who has been passed on! Edaan was an Elantrian! Redodaa Tialehe has been killed! She was a Prince! Liala has been killed! She was a Jeskeri Cultist and Pan-Dareth Odiv! Her Korathi Pendant has been lost! Final Player List: Hero and I hope all of you have enjoyed the game, and there will be some posts by us up talking about the game.
  6. Night Eight: The Gyorn Jain Goes Green After the news of another assassination’s failure, some people had begun to feel guilty. After all, the cultists were being thwarted in almost everything they tried. Over twice as many innocents had been killed by the court than by the cultists! MenE in particular was pondering the moral implications of the lynching as he maneuvered his way through the crowd. He was happy to see that people respected him and moved out of the way, but that might have been just because of the priestly robes he was wearing. Eventually, MenE reached the center of the room, and started talking. “Four days ago, to shock us, Kae acknowledged that there was a Shu-Dereth Gyorn here, working for Wyrn. In these last few days, even from inside Elantris, I have been trying to discern his identity from among all of you. And last night, I learned that it is Jain! Jain is the Gyorn working to destroy us!” “I had hoped to throw you off track, but it seems I was unsuccessful. And one crucial item you missed: It is Pan-Dareth, not Shu-Dereth. Holy Jaddeth has sent me visions, visions which show that Wyrn is a misguided fool. Our religion has been corrupted by him, and his predecessors.” Jain walked to stand across from MenE. “Holy Jaddeth showed me the future, in which Wyrn would command me to come convert the heathens of Arelon. Jaddeth urged me to visit a distant land, in which I acquired this.” Jain pulled a massive piece of a white rock out. It was stylized with patterns and designs. “This took years to make, for a situation just like this one. To obey Holy Jaddeth, I couldn’t reveal Wyrn’s desecration until my death, but instead of dying, I will merely change.” Jain put the object on the ground and stood on it. “Although Wyrn was right about one thing. Everyone here is a heathen. Shu-Korath is not true, and the Jeskeri Mysteries are definitely not. I urge all of you to convert to Pan-Dareth now.” When no one spoke up Jain sighed. “Well, time to see what Holy Jaddeth has in store for me.” Before anyone could react or grab Jain, he, and the oddly carved piece of rock, vanished. In his place, was a giant panda.* It looked around the room at all the surprised people, before gnawing on the bamboo that had fallen out of Jain’s cloak. MenE stared at it in disbelief for several minutes, before walking up to it and look it over. “Well, it appears to be a normal panda. Umm…. Jain was the only person I knew off and had any suspicions for, so shall we just call this a success?” MenE asked. He got a resounding agreement, and they all retired to their rooms, leaving the guards to watch the panda just eat bamboo. Occasionally a runner was sent to get more, and before long the guards had managed to move the panda into a corner, where it could eat in peace. Jain was killed! He was a Gyorn of Pan-Dereth! Night Eight has begun, and will end in about 23 hours! Vote Tally Jain (Lightsworn Panda): 14 (Edrab Leah, Gerald Hobbes, Clankii, Duke Pifferdan, Kaian, Kiireon, MenE, Nathanael, Sheon Idris, Tehen, Won LenReen, Liala) Clankii (Clanky): 1 (Arfear Quinn) MenE (Metacognition): 1 (Dow) *Disclaimer: This is not at all how Forgery works Updated Player List:
  7. Day Eight: Another Defense “I know it has been a busy day, but don’t let your guard down tonight. I don’t want any of the failures of the previous nights to happen again. Now, get to work.” Captain Teaan snapped. Araeo and his fellow guardsmen nodded, and started patrolling. Araeo knew that Teaan had a right to be angry. There had been two successful assassinations in the last week, and the other attempts hadn’t been stopped by them. They best they had done was just scare off the cultists, they hadn’t actually saved anyone yet! He was in the middle of trying to figure out what more they could do when he noticed a piece of paper lying on the ground in front of him. Araeo glanced around to spot any traps, then swiftly bent down and grabbed the paper. It had a single line written: “Please stay quiet, don’t call out” Before he could warn the others of the obvious trap, a dark figure dropped down in front of Araeo. “I beg you, trust me. King Karlin wanted me here, and I need your help.” Araeo was about to summon help and attack, but he recognized the voice. “I… remember you. What do you need my help for?” “There is another assassination about to happen. I know what route they will take, so if you summon more guards, we can cut them off. Please, stay quiet and hurry.” The warrior whispered before Araeo started moving to get help. -- When he returned, the cloaked figure gestured quickly for them to follow. The guards stayed followed silently, with Araeo in the front, watching for the cultists and on the look out for any traps set for them. It was an uneventful trip until the figure paused, cocking their head to listen. “I am not ready to confront them again, so I will not fight with you. They are right around the next corner, and you outnumber them currently. Go,” the figure whispered, before turning around and leaving. Araeo led the guards forward, and they burst around the corner right in front of a surprised mass of cultists. Well, looks like we can stop them, he thought, before diving into their midst. The initial charge injured many of the cultists, but they slowly disengaged, backing away, before turning around, sprinting and closing a door behind them. Araeo tried to open it, then break it down, but it was firmly shut. No one was killed! The Jindo Warrior defended them successfully! Day Eight has now begun and will end in around 47 hours! Updated Player List:
  8. I love the spin you have put on MR1, it looks good so far. I think your concerns about the MaiPon Forger are reasonable, but considering they will only be included if enough people are in the game, I think that the role might be reasonable. Edit: And I should mention, should it be run, I will definitely participate.
  9. Both of the issues are now fixed, thanks for bringing them up. And Now, an Announcement: Due to both Hero and I not being available tonight, this cycle's deadline has been extended 24 hours, ending on Sunday, about 47 hours from when the writeup was posted. Thank You.
  10. Night Seven: A King Falls Spirits were high, for the cultists had been thwarted again, and MenE had returned from Elantris. The beginning of the day was spent without much discussion, with people instead relaxing and speaking lightly, occasionally bringing up suspicions. Eventually, it was revealed that Karlin had a Seon, and had deemed not to share its name with everyone. He had been incredibly quiet through the last week, just occasionally speaking up, and soon accusations piled up on him, for either being too quiet, or being a Jeskeri Cultist. As the day was winding down, it seemed final that everyone suspected Karlin and would kill him, but he was nowhere to be found. A group of guards was sent out to find him, and returned empty-handed. Just when the court thought that they would have to postpone killing Karlin, he stepped forth from the shadows. “I had hoped you would change your minds on your own, but that seems like it won’t happen now.” A flurry of affirmatives rose from the crowd, as well as explanations and reasons, but Karlin held up his hand to silence them. “It is fine and understandable, though I am mildly disappointed with you all. I came here in secret to see the workings of the Court that I normally don’t see, and I wish I had not chosen to. I am happy I wasn't discovered, but I still regret the decision.” Karlin paused and looked around the room, before settling on Kiireon. “My Lady Wife, seeing as I won’t survive the day, I wish you happiness.” He nodded to the guards as he walked up to them, and turned around. “I beg all of you, please, rid Arelon of all of the forces attempting to destroy it. We survived through the Fall of Elantris, and I believe you can survive this as well. Please, survive this time, and be strengthened by that.” Before he left the room, Karlin spoke up again, without turning around. “Oh, and I didn’t deem any of you worthy enough of being King. Prove me wrong. My crown is available for anyone.” With that, he left to his death. Karlin was the King of Arelon! His Seon, Teo, was lost! Karlin did not leave any inheritance rules, so his crown is available to whoever shows enough cunningness, initiative, and foresight to sieze it. The first player to post the exact phrase “I seize Karlin’s crown” will become King in addition to his or her current role(s). This option is available to all players in the game, including Elantrians and Hoed. Vote Tally: Jain (Lightsworn Panda): 3 (Arfear Quinn, Kaian, Nathanael) Kaian (Kasimir): 0 (MenE) Karlin (Surgebound Rainspren): 11 (Edrab Leah, Gerald Hobbes, Clankii, Dow, Clancy, Redodaa Tialehe, Kiireon, Sheon Idris, Won LenReen, Liala) Nathanael (Wyrm Hero): 0 (Jain) Liala (Luckat): 1 (Tehen) Updated Player List:
  11. Day Seven: The Protector They met underground, all showing up at the same time. They stood in a circle, watching as their leader opened the box that had been placed in the center of the room. Inside it laid a dagger, looking ordinary except for the inscriptions on the blade. It had been infused with all the rituals the Mysteries had to offer, and was only brought out in times of great need. The loss of the prince and their previous failures had left them with no other choice. Their leader drew it out of the box, holding it carefully before stepping forward. The cultists filled out of the cave, filtering through the hallways of the Palace as they made their way towards their target’s room. They gathered at the door, and were about to break it down, when it opened in front of them, revealing a cloaked figure they had never seen before. The figure eyed them, chuckled, and shut the door, blocking the path to their target. The cultists eyed the figure, remembering their failure the previous night, but the leader stepped forward, wielding the dagger, attacking in a rapid series of cuts and jabs. The warrior weaved between all of the attacks, and when the rest of the cultists joined in as well, still didn’t retaliate. The only actions the warrior took were dodges, effortlessly avoiding everything, before striking out in a series of quick blows, knocking the dagger to the ground. It shattered, leaving the cultists staring at it in shock, before fleeing before the warrior. -- MenE had started to enjoy his time in Elantris. There weren’t many perks, but the simple life appealed to him. And his energy had always been high, in contrast to his fellow Elantrians, so he completed tasks that were set out in front of him, without tiring like the others. So when he ran his hands over his head and felt patches from fresh hair, his excitement was tinged with disappointment The Jindo Warrior prevented the Cultists from killing their target! MenE recovered from the Shaod (Poison)!. Day Seven has begun! It will end in about 47 hours. Updated Player List: