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  1. I don't believe so. Remember that Davriel's stolen abilities have a shelf-life to begin with, and that they return to their owner after a while (e.g. telling the prioress that her "tap all Geist creatures, they don't untap during their controller's next untap stap" spell would return in a day or two). I would need to reread the scene to get a better understanding of what all happened (I probably need to do that anyway w/r/t the angel), but I suspect that:
  2. If you have any other questions I will do my best to provide the context neccessary to clarify them. However, some questions baffle me as well, e.g. the angel soul.
  3. I would suspect not, if only because there is an RL chemical also called "aether" - which is clear when dry, leading me to believe that the stain Mraize so quickly awarded a 3-firemark bonus for removing was a convenient excuse to get the washerwoman out of the room. EDIT: the suspiciously delicate crystal in Mraize's trophy room is indeed an Aether (note the capital letter). On that note, I seem to recall that the Aethers require a bond with a human to live, after harvesting (it's been a while and I don't recall where they got the Aethers in the first place). So even if Mraize had what it takes, the one he has is probably long dead.
  4. I can totally see Hoid doing this, too. Especially when bored.
  5. On Threnody, silver can repel the shades and counteract their burning touch. Elsewhere, we don't know.
  6. To clarify, the list of 10 core worlds is probably: Yolen Taldain Sel Nalthis Scadrial Roshar Ashyn Braize Threnody Vax
  7. If I'm remembering that scene correctly, she's flustered and angry at the sudden removal of her privacy, which neatly explains why her hair blushes with the rest of her. As for how the transition occurs, I was always under the impression that the whole strand changed color at once, but going from root to tip is a more interesting image.
  8. Allomantic bronze requires that the allomancer have ingested bronze, and I didn't see any opportunities for that to have happened. Or rather, I don't see any such opportunities which would allow Vathi to still have bronze in her system by the time she drew the ability from any hypothetical jailbroken medallions.
  9. Yellow-blonde hair is connected to feelings of happiness, while platinum-blonde/grey-white is fear.
  10. The Nahel bond (which Timbre, among other spren, use) does not require the use of a gemheart. That gives Timbre a bit of wiggle room in that regard, I suspect.
  11. Koloss-blooded metalborn. (Part of the new and improved Koloss life cycle, post-Catacendre) Human, but with koloss parents.
  12. The Stick. There, I said it.
  13. I liked it better than Vol. 1, in that the sense of disappointment was much vaguer and less palpable this time. EDIT: Credit where it's due, however, I did like the second artist. I hope they keep him going forward.
  14. They didn't have the ability to produce nicrosil in the Final Empire, and even if TLR knew about it (which he probably did, Ascension's convenient like that) there's no way in hell that he would have allowed it to spread into everyday Allomantic use. Because hello Leecher Inquisitors.
  15. True, but you wouldn't need to gain speed if there was no time pressure or if all you needed to do at the moment was tread water. Or you could do the oscillating maneuver I mentioned above - swapping between slick and sticky to get the most out of every stroke.