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  1. I think we did. I think he was part of the chorus of voices urging Kaladin onto the Fourth Ideal. "Say [the Words], lad! Do it!"
  2. I notice that the exact wording of that WoB about the Thrill's current incarceration does not specify whether it is in the Physical Realm or the Cognitive. Indeed, there is an argument to be made that if the Thrill were imprisoned anywhere in the Physical Realm, it would be very easily seen from the Cognitive.
  3. On Nightblood's leakage... I couldn't help but notice that black smoke leaked out of Raboniel's mouth when killed by Anti-Voidlight. Perhaps Nightblood converts anything he comes across into AntiInvestiture of the relevant variety?
  4. To misquote Arthur C Clarke: Either Book 5 only covers the 10 days up to the confrontation, or it does not. Both possibilities are equally terrifying.
  5. Technically speaking, the only habitable land on Ashyn is comprised of Ringworld-esque arcologies, but even they are orbiting the planet Ashyn, which conforms to the spherical model. And really that's the only exception I can think of.
  6. Space Age era Mistborn has the greatest likelihood of fulfilling that, especially since the main cast (last I heard, anyway) is set to include Hoid.
  7. re: Mistborn Era 2 leatherbounds - I picked the slipcase option, like Weiry did. It seems the best compromise between the two extremes.
  8. You need to be a Sand Master to use the newly-charged sand, but the charging happens passively in the presence of Investiture (to wit: Hoid's "Radiant Detector" sand bottle, in Kholinar). Ergo, the sand should charge upon exposure to the Mists, regardless of whether or not its user can then Master them.
  9. If you can't use Shadesmar as a hyperspace of sorts, and FTL travel is already accounted for... you'd need a sleeper or generation ship of some variety, with whatever Invested systems were necessary for life support or fuel or whatever, and if you're going that route you may as well use FTL (unless all varieties were inaccessible for some reason e.g. some Scadrian bigwig thought there was profit in selling FTL at an exorbitant price).
  10. I could have sworn that the 3 empires on Sel were the Rose Empire, Fjordell, and the mystery 3rd one. Is that not the case?
  11. Odium didn't exactly get the memo, and neither past Taravangian nor present Taravangian saw fit to volunteer info which could clue Odium in. (Seriously, Odium was looking directly at it when T quoted himself arguing for his continued utility, and made no sign of acknowledging its presence) Admittedly, this could qualify as "warning" Odium, but divulging the continued presence of a precog among Odium's enemies does not seem to have been a goal that past-T devoted a lot of effort to.
  12. I meant that Renarin's actions around the time of the Battle of Thaylen Field were physically removed from Dalinar's, and thus Renarin could to nothing to aid or hinder Dalinar's choice at that time. My larger point, however, is this: the Diagram knew that Renarin was important. (If he wasn't, why would it touch on him at all?) Since Renarin is important enough for the Diagram to note him, I find it highly suggestive that he happens to be important in a way that prevents the Diagram from warning Odium about him.
  13. "A section of words that had faded from golden to black. What was that? As he drew near, Taravangian saw that the words were blacked out into eternity starting from this point on his wall. As if something had happened here. A ripple in what Odium could see... At its root, a name. Renarin Kholin." (OB, p. 1216, hardcover) Admittedly it isn't as in-depth as I thought. However, I find it difficult to believe that Renarin is important only insofar as his effect on his father, and furthermore I find the fact that his name in the Diagram is faded to black deeply suspicious, especially since Odium himself is providing this expanded copy of the Diagram. In addition, the very next line ("'Dalinar was not supposed to Ascend,' Odium said.") appears related, but on closer inspection is a bit of a non sequitur in the context of Renarin, especially as he was mostly unrelated to Dalinar's refusal of Odium's temptation. This in itself is a bit odd - why has Odium not noticed the singular black splotch in his otherwise pristinely golden room of text? Especially since T quotes the Diagram verbatim, off the very same wall, and Odium, reading that section himself, fails to note the Renarin section's presence. Ergo, something is interfering with Odium's expansion of the Diagram, and that something is closely related to Renarin. What could it be? Well, we know Renarin sees potential futures. Occam's razor and the mechanics of Allomantic electrum and atium conflicts suggest that his continued existence is preventing Odium from knowing everything.
  14. I continue to hold the opinion that, as English is not a thing anywhere in the Cosmere, the three symbols were "M", "A", and "R".