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  1. Me and my friends were recently talking about the Knights Radiant ideals and started speculating on how the oaths are sworn, specifically Windrunners. When Kaladin is progressing in oaths he’s actively in positions to protect people and face these ideals. What about a person who say is a house servant and starts to bond an Honorspren and isn’t always in life or death situations trying to save people? Do they just passively start to understand the words and naturally say them or do they just stay stagnant and not progress?
  2. Is Moash not the traitor?
  3. I assumed the Parshmen behaved like the people of their land was because of Connection. When they got forms back they bonded with the cities they were in.
  4. Has anyone tried iBooks?
  5. Sadly I didn't buy the book in time but I live close to byu where the event will be held. Can I go and just buy a book and party with everyone else(I can get book signed later). Or is it not worth going if I hadn't bought a ticket?
  6. Confused on Confluxes powers!!! Can he just recharge batteries and gift that to others? Or is it electrical manipulation?
  7. Maybe a Timeturner?
  8. This would be the coolest birthday present ever!!!!
  9. Hey! My name is Jon. I'm one of the younger users of the site and a lover of the Mistborn series. I was introduced to these books by my friend and from that point I have read them at least five times each. I have also read Elantris and Warbreaker and want to read the rest of Brandon's books. I like learning new things like languages and so far have learned French and a little bit of German. I have already made a bunch of new friends on this site who have shown me the ropes. I also live in Utah where it seems a bunch of the staff already live. Im excited to meet you all!!! Amis au revoir!
  10. I want to know what happens when a Slider of Pulser leaves there bubble? Will it just collapse or will it just stay there? THis is my first post and i really think this is an awesome site!
  11. If a Feruchemist stored a whole bunch of an attribute in his/her metalminds in like a couple seconds then stopped, wouldn't that be easier than storing a little for a long time?