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  1. Shallan: "Why are you sad, Kal?" Kaladin: "Someone killed my brother. What about you?" Shallan: "Someone killed MY brother. Jasnah, why are you queen now?" Jasnah: "Well, someone killed my brother. Someone remind me what we're all doing here." Dalinar: "Somebody killed my brother too." Vin pops in: "Did someone say dead brother?" Marsh: "My brother was also killed." Llarimar: "Wait, is this a dead brother club? Can I join?" Dalinar: "Also, I killed my significant other. With fire." Dilaf: "I also killed my significant other with fire." Wax: "I killed my significant other. Twice." Elend: "My wife killed my brother. Renarin and Adolin: *eye each other nervously*
  2. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone put forth the theory of the "soul," for lack of a better term" of Nightblood being an accidentally captured shard? Like, if Nightblood was being created at the same time that Odium was killing a shard, perhaps the soul of that shard somehow got captured in the process of creating Nightblood? I have no evidence to back this up. Just a thought I had.
  4. So here we have our shy female hero with a dark past(Vin\Shallan). Her father is in a very questionable organization and her older brother is killed. She joins an group to save the world because she has innate powers. She ends up falling in love with a nobleborn who has no innate powers (elend/adolin) who initially feels overshadowed by his powerful love interest who he doesn't realize is dealing with the fact that she doesn't know who she truly is. Meanwhile, our female hero is also grappling with possible feelings for a brooding but witty lowborn who also has innate powers and is really good with them, whose name starts with K. Even though the nobleborn says he'll step aside for the lowborn, she ends up choosing to stay with the nobleborn because he truly understands her and accepts her for who she is. *mic drop*
  5. Has anyone else noted the similarities between nalt/trell from mistborn and nu ralik/vun makik from WoK? Nu Ralik was their god, but you always pretended that he wasn’t. Vun Makak—his younger, spiteful brother—had to be tricked into thinking you worshipped him, otherwise he’d get jealous. They saw the stars as the Thousand Eyes of Trell watching them. The sun was the single, jealous eye of Trell’s brother, Nalt. Since Nalt only had one eye, he made it blaze brightly to outshine his brother. Curious as to theories, especially now that Trell is making a comeback.
  6. To add something based off another thread (most baseless parshendi theory ever), since there are a few of us who think the parshendi at the end looking or dalinar is galivar: what if szeth DOES kill dalinar, and then dalinar gets a book, but as a parshendi? Because, and maybe this had been said, but what if rather than simply uniting alethkar (sp??), dalinar is meant to unite all the people of roshar, including the parshendi?
  7. May I say, I actually had this exact thought upon my reading. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who makes crazy assumptions based off rule of awesome! And as for "possible but not likely," I would like to put forth exibit A: sazed. Upon release of mistborn, had someone posted "I bet sazed is the most important character at the end," my bet is "possible but not likely" would abound. Chicken, you are my temporary new best friend.
  8. I think releasing his book for free was a good idea simply from the standpoint of, it shows that he would rather have honest fans and not take the money of people who aren't going to like his writing anyways. In a way, it shows a type of respect to people who like to read, because if you read it and don't like it, no harm done! And I think its really cool that people have read the free copy, then gone out to buy it specifically to support the author. On the other hand, I kind of wish he had released Mistborn free instead, for 2 reasons. Better marketing strategy, and I liked the MB trilogy better.
  9. You know, I have been looking for a place to discuss these types of things since nobody I know seems to want to read anything I do. I recall BS saying that there are a bunch of different magic systems on Roshar. Thus far, we have not seen many. Is it possible Dalinar is slowly discovering another type of magic, similar to surgebinding but not necessarily the same thing? From an in-story standpoint, Dalinar seems revolted by killing the Parhsendi, which could be reltated to his magic, while Kaladin seems perfectly fine with what he is doing at the end. From an out-of-story standpoint, it makes more sense for your main characters to discover different things (like types of magic) than for your older, more seasoned character to have to go through the same process as your young, friggin' awesome character just did. Its kind of boring and redundant. I could be wrong, and I'm not trying to be contrary, just throwing my thoughts in the ring.
  10. Duly noted, and I understand, but with all due respect, this IS Brandon Sanderson we are talking about. Occam's Razor doesn't seem to be something he is big on. Either way, its something I look forward to finding out, and the man cannot write fast enough for me!
  11. Hi, I'm new to the forums but not to Brandon's extraordinary work, so forgive me if this has been addressed, but do we have any concrete proof that Galladon and co from WoK are actually members of the 17th Shard? I know that members are looking for Hoid, and that Galladon is looking for Hoid, but what if Galladon is looking for Hoid for a completely different reason, maybe the reason you shouldn't travel to Shadesmar on Sel? Galladon was always a good guy, and Hoid is a good guy, and perhaps this is biased of me, but I don't like the thought of them being on opposite teams.
  12. From AoL: "We don't have time for a plan. This is more of a hunch with scaffolding."