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  1. OK, so I'm almost done with my reread of RoW, and I have these thoughts: 1) I cannot stand Lirin. Like, as far as I'm concerned, he's the Dolores Umbridge of the Cosmere. To call your son a monster, then talk about giving him up for execution... I don't care what your rationale is, or the fact that he got the tattoo later in the book. He's easily top 3 least favorite fantasy characters of all time. 2) I couldn't stand Kaladin's arc the 1st time around. I loved it this time around. I don't know what changed. 3) I didn't like Shallan's arc the 1st time around. I liked it even less this time around. I'm glad it seems to be resolved. I did understand where she was coming from more this time, but I couldn't stand her constant whining. 4) Adolin is seemingly perfect. I don't know how I feel about that. 5) Did BrandoSando have detailed drawings of spren included in this book specifically to make that one scene that much more vivid and horrific? Because it kinda feels like it. 6) I don't know what peoples' issue with Jasnah/Hoid is. I adore it. I understand it, and I stan it. I want them to rule the Cosmere together as benevolent dictators. 7) Am I the only person in the fandom who is super jacked about Taravodium? Like, really listening to his mindset in his interludes, I'm in the fanclub. Bring it on. I think it's a really good thing, and I am here for it. Edit: I wasn't trying to skirt rules. I forgot rules. I apologize.
  2. So, feel free to debunk me by any means necessary, but I'm relistening to RoW, and a thought occurred to me as to what's happening to adolin and maya. We know that a nahel bond grants special abilities to radiants. What if it can work the other way as well... Is it possible that adolin is becoming, for lack of a better term, Mayas... "spren?" What if adolin isn't destined to become a radiant, because Maya is destined to become... Something new?
  3. So, based on a short discussion shardcast had in their last episode about moash hating humans and hating lighteyes, and thinking that maybe moash won't like Taravodium, I had a sudden image of, near the end of book 5, moash killing taravangian and taking up odium himself. Think about it for a minute. Moash as odium. Loose in the cosmere. I have no idea how likely it is, but it's a terrifying thought.
  4. I think the resurrection of Vin would be quite possibly one of the worst ideas Sazed or Brandon has ever had. It would completely undermine the scenes in both Hero of Ages and Secret History. Also. Also. Make Wax a kandra? REMOVED BY MODERATOR. I have to go take a shower now.
  5. This is the single most disappointing announcement brandon has ever made about anything, ever. I get it, I do. It just feels excessively underwhelming. Had to happen eventually, I guess.
  6. Because the english language is weird and strange, it sticks with the naming convention, which means we don't have to riot. If this is true, I will forever mispronounce it as "Sefiant."
  7. It's happened to a lot of us. You're in good company!
  8. Welcome, friend! Enjoy your stay.
  9. I'm trying to remember. Is that the only part of the oathpact? Or are there other parts that are, for lack of a better term, broken? Because now that I think about it more, the oathpact seems like an awful idea, and I'm not sure why anyone would agree to it, much less 10 people. Unless they were drunk at the time. And you people now have me picturing a scene where Dalinar and Ishar have their heads together, trying to figure out a way to fix the oathpact, and they're whispering quietly to each other, and suddenly they turn and look at Kaladin, and Kal just points to them and goes, "**** you," and Dalinar tries to appeal to Kaladin's honor, and he just replies "I'm going to find Moash."
  10. I'm thinking that Shallan and Adolin are going to become worldhoppers relatively soon. I don't know what that means for children, although I think I would find it fascinating if they had a child off-world in the time jump. What would it mean to give birth to a child, say, in the cognitive realm of some other world? There's some interesting implications there, I think. Maybe.
  11. I'm curious, why? I'm not saying I disagree, but I'd love to hear your explanation.
  12. I'm guessing there will be a Skyward novella announced. I know it's been written. I think I read that in a very recent wob.
  13. I actually agree with the strategy that @Iarwainiel brings up - I would read Elantris and Warbreaker. They're standalone books, and I think you'll appreciate them more before you read SA than you will after. They're older works, so maybe not as well-written. They're good, but once you read SA, it may be harder to get through them.
  14. I am extremely interested to see what others may have to say about this, because this is a fascinating thought. I lean towards no, just because Rayse, the original vessel, by this logic, would have had the honor part of Adonalsium living in him when he took up Odium originally, and so if Odium could've been corrupted by that, I feel like it would have already. But I'd love to hear other peoples' thoughts.
  15. Fair points all.