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  1. 41%Elsecaller 39%Willshaper 39%Dustbringer 35%Lightweaver 28%Truthwatcher 24%Edgedancer 22%Skybreaker 21%Windrunner 12%Bondsmith 11%Stoneward Apparently I'm not very suited for Radiancy. aww
  2. He's probably trapped in the sense that he can't leave. It would be like throwing something while your feet are stuck.
  3. Harmonium sounds better than Sazedium. Sazium sounds good but it reminds me of cesium, but that is probably just cause I'm a nerd.
  4. Potentially, but I think that there is WoB that Scadrial has the most directly opposed shards.
  5. I think that the spren bonds directly to the listener, but they might have a gemheart to provide the energy for the transformation. After all gemstones get charged during highstorms, and it is possible that the great shell gemhearts provide energy or strength.
  6. Well Kaladin is 19 in Rosharan years, which makes him like 16 by our reckoning.
  7. I believe that the spren is just something that allows these creatures to have a higher strength to weight ratio then they should. It actually explains the existence of gemhearts, which don't have any natural evolutionary advantage that i can think of.
  8. I do not agree with your portrayal of the side carry as wrong. It caused loss of life for the soldiers, but it saved lives of the people that were forced to be there against their will. There were good people that died but I take the side of the slaves.
  9. For some reason i thought that it was. There is little evidence but I thought that it was good ol' Darkness
  10. Yes he does. There is a moment when he literally grabs a few finger fulls of tin and swallows it dry after waking up in the morning.
  11. I am pretty sure that there is WoB that you cannot kill yourself through feruchemy and it will keep you alive even if you pull a Wax and weigh more than a small building for a few seconds or something silly like it.
  12. This is cool. While I think that all but presence are unique, I have a theory that it would be a side effect aluminum which stores "self".
  13. The investiture is channeled, like in AonDor. However instead of a shape determining effect, the molecular composition is what determines what power you get.
  14. The way I interpreted it is that Nalthians have a lot more natural investiture, but if they give up their breath they end up with a lot less. They start with 200% investiture and end with 50%
  15. Why is everyone ignoring Nightblood's mind control? TLR is the kind of person to use it to exploit others. So what is keeping Nightblood from killing him.