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  1. Yes, the adjudicator death trigger only applies if they are killed with an action, not by lynch. You can CREATE 2 PMs, but if 7 different people PM you you will be in 7 different PMs. The limit is on how many you can create, not be included in. At least 50% of voters (in the lynch vote) must agree on a target for conference to be invoked. King Iadon and the Executive Secretary will only be Loyal Merchants. The Executive Secretary can choose which information to find out. See above.
  2. Yes, and that includes the Dakhor monk supplementary action as well as the extra action supplied once 50% of the population is dead.
  3. Reforging Arelon Welcome to LG 70! This game is designed with the concept of the rules changing as you play the game. As the game progresses certain conditions will be met which will trigger new rules to come into play. Things may get a little confusing at times, so I will be working hard to make sure that everything is clear and new rules are announced when new turns are posted. Follow this link to find a document with the complete rules You play as members of the merchant guild of Kae (the capital of Arelon) directly after the Reod. Since the elantrians fell, there is a very very loose ruling structure that could collapse at any time. The new laws and policies are still being put into place, and as they form the game itself will change. When certain conditions are met, rules will be added, removed, or changed. There are those among you who think that Arelon has outstayed its welcome and that the people or Arelon would be better off integrating with Fjorden; it is the job of the loyal merchants to root them out and remove them from power - and remove them from life. The guillotines will be busy. In this volatile state of change, will the merchant guild be able to reforge Arelon into a great nation once more? Factions: Actions: Roles: Lynch Rules: PM Rules: Currency Rules: Item Market: Contract Market: Cycles: Order of Actions: Sign-ups for this game will close in about one week on Friday, September 25th, at 2000 (8:00 PM) MST (UTC-6) I will be running this game as the GM and Zillah will be my co-GM. Player List: Clarifications: Quick Links:
  4. Wow, great game everyone! That was a blast! It seems I'm a bit rusty at being a standard elim though, I was hiding ad trying t lay low way too much! Amazing job Illwei, seriously impressive elim skills! I was impressed the whole time. Kudos for playing so well, especially at the end there, you really pulled through! Matrim, you played phenomenally, you were a huge threat and I'm so sorry that you died because I forgot to move my action off of you! Zillah, thank you so so much for the amazing game, it was a blast to play and I loved the lottery action system! It was very nice to me!
  5. Yeah, I claimed I protected Elkanah, because if I had claimed that I actually got the passion. Of violence you guys would go ballistic. That's what I figured at least, but now that I'm on trial I figured it would be better to actually say what happened.
  6. Night three I had to pick from the illegal table because I was coerced. I got the passion of violence but I didn't use it. I abstained from taking any action.
  7. @The Young Pyromancer Yeah, I know, I don't have anything to counter that other than I'm under threat of death. And I'm starting to figure out a groove to do this and my classes/work all together.
  8. Well you said that it would be okay to lynch me because if there are two I'm probably one, and if there's one then it's easier to narrow it down afterwards if I'm not. But you never really gave reasoning as to why I'm probably an elim in the first scenario.
  9. Wait hold on, you guys are lynching me because I said that I think there are 4 elims instead of three? I'm so confused now!
  10. I agree with Illwei, a four elim team makes so much more sense to me, the numbers line up better, three seems underpowered to me. It's only 20%.
  11. Wait, why is Ash cleared now? I used Survival on Silber last night. I was hoping to get protection because I like protection, but I got survival instead. I used it on silber because I still don't fully trust them. Umm, I'm real tired and I just got off work, so someone please ping me in like . . . 10 hours and I'll see if I can make a post.
  12. It's not who you voted for, it's how you voted for them. And besides if Mint is an elim I doubt that they're an elim with you, you both haven't interacted the way two elims would interact. I didnt, no. I protected Elkanah last night.
  13. I'm really really so sorry guys! I know I've been lurking, and I'm sorry about that. I've been meaning to get a post made but whenever I do something crops up irl. I'm at work but we are really slow, so here we go! I don't particularly like how Ashbringer poke voted Silber during day four when there is a ton of other information to vote based on. It feels like they are trying to find something to vote on so they don't look like they're idling. Mint seems okay to me, their most recent post looks innocent and they asked me my input nicely which I appreciate, not everyone would still have that patience this late into the game. Pyro has been suspicious of me for a couple cycles it seems which makes sense for a villager, not jumping from suspicion to suspicion in response to the game. Village read. I'm pretty suspicious of Silber I think, mostly gut, something about their posts seems manipulative. It seems my strongest suspicion is Ashbringer which is convenient since it takes some of the lynch pressure off of me.