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  1. Things have been busy recently, plus I'm not a princess bride fan, so I'll decline playing. But thanks for thinking of me, I'll take a spec doc link please.
  2. I am so extremely sorry to do this, but I am having a family emergency and I doubt I'll be able to play this game. Please retract my name from the player list.
  3. I have only read the excerpt that is linked in the beginning, and I may be somewhat occupied with the LG which I would like to be more dedicated to, but I'll sign up for this game too. Uhh, how about I sign up as Clippy? I'll do my best to be involved, so I'll be fifth to sign up I guess.
  4. Angrin Nalti Gu Uda Sandrius wasn't new to courts, but he had visited others much more than he had visited this particular court in the past. It was odd, considering that he lived in Arelon. Not that he had any notion of belonging in Arelon, he had been moving around for far too long to truly belong anywhere. No, this court was simply the starting point for his next business venture. His business was trading secrets; it didn't matter if they were big secrets, small secrets, personal secrets, international secrets, secrets about the universe itself - ANGUS could find them all, and there were all sorts of secrets in the room before him. ANGUS straightened his overcoat and tugged on his cuffs. He worried that he may have overdressed, especially with the heat he felt coming from the mingling bodies in the room. He took a purposeful stride forward, motioning for a serving boy to fetch him a cold drink. His actions were curt and swift, every movement ripe with intent to find every secret hidden in the palace. His eyes scanned the crowd in search of a story to hear. The serving boy returned carrying a red drink with ice chips chilling the glass so water condensed on the side. Eventually, ANGUS' gaze fell on his associate Iredon standing by a wall. The slender man was the middle man that ANGUS used to keep suspicion off of himself; well Iredon was the latest middle man he used. They never seemed to last long, the poor things. Something about revealing the secrets of powerful individuals tended to bring a certain . . . excitement to an individuals life. Finding good men seemed more and more difficult these days, there was hardly anyone he could trust anymore. Regardless, Iredon had done well for himself and had lasted longer than nearly any of his other operatives. ANGUS made his way over to the man and clasped his hand as if meeting an old friend. "Iredon! My good fellow, how fare you?" "Food's good, music stinks, too brightly lit for me. Overall, I'd say not great." The man did have a frightening look about him, all tall and gloomy. "Bah, I'm sure you can make it through the night, at least until I find my next investment. I need to garner money for the orphanages somehow." ANGUS turned to stand on Iredon's left side, facing the rest of the crowd head on. "Yeah, whatever you say Gus. I'm gonna find some place to lay low. People have gotten to starin' at me." ANGUS turned his head ans spoke in a muted voice "I know you must refrain from revealing the nature of our relationship as employer and employee, but please stop calling me Gus. It's demeaning!" At that comment, Iredon grunted and started into the crowd. Nights, the man could be a nuisance! ANGUS took a frustrated sip from his drink and began his search of the crowd anew. It was at this point that ANGUS realized that many of the people inhabiting the chamber didn't belong there at all. In fact, there were barely any upperclassmen whatsoever! ANGUS verified that he was in the right location, becoming more confused all the while. As he inquired the vocation of a few individuals, his bewilderment grew to the point he wondered if he even had any business here whatsoever. How could these people have any secrets to begin with? Was that a shoe-shiner? What could he possibly make a profit off of when he was surrounded by the peasantry? ANGUS was on the brink of deciding to go back to the Rose Empire when he stopped to consider a rumor he had heard entering the city. Cultists attempting to garner influence were the reason he came in the first place. Cultists weren't confined to courtly figures, they sprang up in the populace like weeds. Any of the people in this room could be individuals of note. That decided it. ANGUS had found the secret he would sell. The happenings of the Arelon court until the resolution of interesting happenings. (I want to do more RP this game than I have been, but I may decide later on that I don't want to do that anymore. So for now, I'll try to keep up this story and hopefully see it out to it's completion. If it starts to hinder my analytical abilities in any way, I'll probably drop it so I can focus on other aspects of the game.)
  5. Man, this looks very complicated, but I think I could get into it. I'll sign up as Angrin Nalti Gu Uda Sandrius, or ANGUS for short. They are a short portly man with spectacles and a penchant for charity. He makes his money by selling state secrets to the highest bidder, but he is publicly known for owning a research institute.
  6. Good game everyone, I enjoyed every minute that I was alive. Orlok, I still don't know how you figured everyone out so quickly, but good for you anyway. Thanks so much Elenion, it was a very well constructed game.
  7. I apologize everyone, but some family matters have come up and I may need to retract a little bit of my activity in this game. I will do my best to keep up and to be involved, but I will be fairly inactive for the next day or two.
  8. . . . That makes a lot of sense. Steeldancer. @Orlok Tsubodai May I ask how many others you PMed trying to persuade to vote on Drake? I didn't get one, but that makes sense because of my policy on D1 lynching. If it was only the few that have mentioned it, then I would ask why since it would seem like a random choice of individuals. But overall, it does make sense and it was a possibility that I should've seen earlier. I think this is good information to have. If what Steel says is true, then we have more ways to find eliminators, which is a good thing. In regards to giving the eliminators information, this may just be one of the only roles where that effect is mitigated. A passive ability which only affects the lynch results is the area which affects the eliminators the least. Not to say that the lynch is something they don't influence, that isn't the case at all, but they don't have the numbers to effectively change the lynch. And considering that this saves from vote manipulation, the eliminator team most likely would have had multiple potential targets to manipulate the votes, so it was a small chance to affect the game anyways. I see the benefit outweighing the information given to the eliminators. In any case, I will have to go back later on and look over everything again to solidify my own stance on my suspicions. Although I do think that LL's move was suspicious, I don't think that I have to vote on them because of the other two already doing so.
  9. @Orlok Tsubodai, you're right that Steel was the one to turn the vote, but the way he did it makes no logical sense to me. With those specific conditions, there are multiple potential benefits from securing the lynch on a teammate. One such benefit would be to gain trust. If the eliminator team thought there was no way to save Drake since there was a bandwagon forming, then wouldn't their next best move be to maximize their benefit from that? Granted that is just one possibility, and a slim one at that, but one that is still possible. If he can provide an explanation as to why he would vote in the way he did with as little reasoning as he provides, then I would be more than willing to drop my vote and trust him a little more. But until then, he and Livinglegend have both bypassed all visible logic with their actions and I find that very suspicious. I can't imagine any scenario where an elim would vote like LL did, but I can imagine a situation where an eliminator would vote like Steel did, so that's where I will keep my vote until they respond. On the topic of Livinglegend, I should clarify that I do in fact find their actions suspicious and worthy of further inquiry, but I do not find it a move that an eliminator would likely make. It may sound paradoxical, but if they are an eliminator then how they voted last cycle makes zero sense whatsoever, which always causes alarms to go off in my head. @Herowannabe, I don't think that an eliminator would try to save a teammate when the closest competitor for the lynch is three votes behind, especially since they didn't even vote for that second-place competitor. The much more likely situation is that their claim to be neutral is valid and they have a very odd win condition. That being said, I am still very curious as to their response to your allegations since their actions confuse me to no end.
  10. Seriously? Storms, this is fantastic! I don't remember a single time when there was an eliminator caught on the first day. Looking back at Drake's interactions D1, it seems that they posted very little of note. The things that pique my interest are those bandwagoning on him near the end, namely Steeldancer, Devotary, and Fifth. There is not much reason to speak of for voting, the most probably being "getting more info from killing them" that both Orlok and Devotary relied on, and that Steel also used to explain his vote based on Orlok's post. Something about @Steeldancer's post seems off to me though. Why would you change your vote from Lady of chaos to Drake and say that Orlok's reasoning was the reason when Orlok put his vote on Drake before you voted on Lady of chaos? Another curiosity is @livinglegend 's vote on Drought right after the cycle ended. It doesn't really seem like an eliminator move since it couldn't have changed the lynch target at that point, and all it did was draw attention to themselves. Especially since their prior post stated that they were most inclined to lynch either Lady of Chaos or Madagascar, then again going on to say that they'll leave things they way they were. Nothing about that makes any sort of sense to me. I think that I'll start of this cycle's voting with Steeldancer. Your vote at the end of last cycle makes me very suspicious. Considering the new information regarding the eliminators, I think the most likely scenario now is that there is only one eliminator team, like in a standard SE game. If Drake had been the only eliminator with a recruitment ability (which he didn't have), then we would have just won the game. However, seeing as how that is not the case, as well as the pluralized name "Escaped Inmates", I think it's safe to assume that they were a part of a team. Now, as it is, they were either a part of one of two or maybe three small teams, or else it's a standard game. With this amount of players, I believe it's unlikely that there is multiple eliminator teams.
  11. Storms, I thought I was going to have more time to look at the novels of arguments and comments that Orlok and Eternum posted, but I'm swamped with family matters. Deepest apologies, but I'll be back after rollover.
  12. English Language Arts. Sorry for not clarifying earlier. Not much time to post, I'll be back on before the end of the cycle since it was extended.
  13. I'll just address this quickly. First off, it's good to see you again too Aman! It's good to be back in SE after a break (for the second time actually). I like words and how they work together. My ELA mark ended at a 95% and I like to think that my vocabulary is fairly sophisticated. Unfortunately, this post isn't helping me because you reminded me of my structured writing style and now I believe that I'm exaggerating it slightly. In addition, my posts tend to seem stiff and clinical due to my affinity for mathematics and a very linear way of thinking. My strengths include statistics and finding evidence based off of extended "what if" situations. Honestly, I'm practically useless when it comes to gut reads and behavioral speculation. And honestly, I treat these games like a debate. My goal is to try and convince the other players that my evidence is correct and that my assumptions are sound. I have found that the best way to do that is to formulate strong arguments that accurately articulate my points. I apologize if I go overboard sometimes, but every time I write a post, I feel like I am writing a miniature essay. On the topic of Eternum (since they are the ones currently up for lynch) I disagree that their "sense of cluelessness" indicates any link to eliminator behavior. I am frustrated too and I dislike not knowing how everything works. It's an understandable feeling. Aman, your next comment was on his stance concerning the discussion that was going on. You say that he seemed like he was trying to blend in, and this I believe is more credible. It's a very common tactic. On the other hand, it could just be that his feelings match those of the others in the thread. This is a game with a very small amount of information, and there are only so many stances to be had on a piece of info. Considering we have no definitive way of telling which statement is true, I don't think this is sufficient evidence. However, Devotary makes a point that I find compelling. I'm also curious to see why they think that the only thing we can do is lynch randomly. Voting patterns and player behavior are the principle methods with which to determine whom to vote for. Those have not been taken away from us, only knowledge of what can happen due to roles, as well as the details of the eliminator team. And just as a preventative argument that I know will come up for some reason, I'm not voting on them because I do not wish to participate in D1 lynches. You can look back into any game I've been in and see that this holds true. I believe that killing someone right out of the gate deprives them of some of the fun of playing SE. I've been killed day 1 and it wasn't fun. That being said, I will not try to convince anyone else to not vote since I recognize that D1 lynches are necessary for gathering information.
  14. I tried to make an RP post, but I can't quite seem to get down what I mean into that format. Sorry Herowannabe, otherwise I would totally respond to your RP. On serious matters, Steel seems to me to be acting erratically, but not in any suspicious way. Orlok right now is giving me slight village vibes on account of his unique yet efficient way of generating discussion and gathering information. I'm inclined to agree with him in regards to STINK as well, his PM and general demeanor make me read him as village a little. Drought has seemingly disappeared, but we still have an entire day for him to show up again Storms, I hate having to analyze things based on player behavior. Blackout games take away my ability to determine statistics and role-based analysis. STINK does bring up a good point. I see basically two likely options for the starting eliminator team/teams. There is one elim who can recruit players as the game goes on. There is a standard eliminator team with no recruitment abilities. In option 1, there is also the possibility of a small team with limited recruitment abilities or the possibility of maybe two different teams with this ability. In any case in option 1, trust should be very limited since recruitment could turn someone who you trusted into an eliminator. I do not plan on claiming anything to anyone until we have a good grasp on the situation, and even then maybe I won't. I've never really been one to use PMs to their full potential, and even now I don't think I will use it as much as everyone else. The more public information we have, the better chance we have against the eliminators.
  15. Okay, that's what I suspected. Unfortunately, I don't have much to go off of either. I think we will have to wait until at least the end of the first cycle to find out a little of what is going on with roles and such, but until then, I'd suggest following behavioral clues such as someone seeming overly cautious in their posts or lacking conviction with their accusations. As for claiming, not only does that give the elims more info with which to base their decisions off of, it will make them a target for almost everyone since there may be stealing roles or something else that would benefit from having a target with an item. Furthermore, I don't have an item and you're the only other person I have seen talking about them, and previous games are an unreliable source of info in SE, so I'm not even convinced there are any items in this game.