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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. GM thoughts: I really really liked running this game! It's the first game I've ever run, and boy was it a doozie! I'll start off with things I liked about the game, and then move into things I wasn't so happy with. I really liked the Dakhor monk spy. I'm sure it's been done before, but I really liked the balance of it, the different implications it brought for who the monk should align themselves with, and not giving them any real way to force a win other than saving up deo. I also loved the way Elkanah played that alignment, it was chaotic and the monk doc was very very active! For anyone who hasn't read it, I strongly recommend it. (I also had a ton of fun working on that song with Elkanah. Last I checked it wasn't quite finished, but I plan on finishing it and putting it on the acropolis) I liked the new dimension that the monks abilities added as well. I liked the way that voting alone shook up the voting dynamics a bit, and how the abilities they had were used for either protection or roleblocking, I think that made them a very tricky alignment to play. I liked how different systems interacted, especially the item market and contract market. There are things I would change about them, but I really like the way they add another dimension to the game, it's not just a straight role game where you have one ability and you use it every turn you had options, you had to make decisions and schemes and plans. I liked the kingpin and trademaster roles, although the only one used to the fullest extent was Ashbringer. I liked the way they influenced the markets, and the discounts made a difference, but not a game breaking one by any means. Things I am not too keen on now! I don't like the trade rights item. They are far too powerful for the cheap price that I set them at. Honestly the majority of the item market was too cheap with the exception of the personal messenger I believe. That whole table needs a bit of a revamp. On the other hand, Deo took a long time to get itself off the ground, the first few turns people were saving up deo like crazy, but not really spending too much. By the end of the game people had large enough amounts of deo to buy things like murder (which might have been overpriced, but would have been a good price if the game had gone on a bit longer I think?) but they didn't do too much with that deo. Lotus had a plan for it, but the elims were already ahead of them in that regard. Overall, I wish people had been more active and more attentive with sending in their actions. Over a third of the time throughout the entirety of the game, people didn't send in actions when they could. Especially during the later cycles, there were some cycles where less than half the remaining players submitted an action. I recognise that some players just go inactive, that is a part of running a game. But there were active players who weren't submitting actions and I don't know why. King Iadons ability was used a total of once during the game. I think it's a really cool mechanic that can be used to make things a lot harder for the elims. In addition, actors died out quite soon as well, and I believe their full potential was unlocked in later portions of the game, especially when double actions are unlocked, so I was sad to see that they didn't make it that far into the game. The adjudicator ability wasn't even used once, even by the dakhor monk. I realise it is a gamble to use it, you could be wasting your action, but it still has the potential to be very powerful. But if I'm being honest, I think that maybe in te next iteration of this game (if there is one) I would omit the adjudicator. It makes the game go on for a longer, and doesn't give anyone new information or advance any goals. Plus it takes away from the choice aspect of actions which I thought was a good one. If I were to run this again, I would completely revamp the item market, and also have players start with items instead of just Deo, to make things accelerate a bit more, it was a slow start to the game. Overall, I think this was a super fun game to watch and run, I had tons of fun, and I would love to see this idea tinkered with and maybe even rerun. Cheers!
  3. Aftermath The riots started when Taeon was found dead in a canal. The people of Kae had lost their faith in the governing body the merchants had tried to form. Merchants were dying left and right and nothing was being done about the infestation of Fjorden Sympathisers in the court! The people rose in the night to revolt and find new leadership for their city as it was recovering from the Raod. Little did they know that new management was already on its way. Fjorden ambassadors and soldiers entered the city and quelled the crowd through force. Several Dakhor monks were in their ranks, and their foul magics rampaged through the streets, wherever they went turned quiet at their passing. The few merchants trying to make Kae a better place were made public examples the following morning, and three of the remaining merchants were rewarded heavily. It was soon very public news that the three of them and the now deceased Lafay Etteax had ben scheming for the downfall of Kae for weeks now. The Fjorden empire now had control of former Arelon. Dominion reigns. Vapor was Killed they were a Loyal Merchant and Socialite. The Fjorden Sympathisers have won the game! Congratulations, and well done. Player List: GM spreadsheet: Elim doc: Monk doc: Dead doc: GM thoughts will appear sometime soon-ish.
  4. Night is over folks! I'll get the next thread up shortly.
  5. Yes, you all have two actions now. They cannot be used for the same action in the same cycle.
  6. Night 6 The crowd around the gallows was large. There was fanfare and the whole city was buzzing about the latest scandal in the merchant courts. Every day there had been a death, and murders nearly every night. The citizens were anxious to have this debacle settled, and they were hoping this would be one more step towards their goal. The situation surrounding the dead man walking was suspicious in every regard. Surviving multiple attempted murders, there had to be something extraordinary about Lenkai that allowed them to survive so much violence. Lenkai was led out onto the gallows stand surrounded by guards. They were shackled and bound, shuffling along in grand robes covered in blood and dirt from being detained for so long. Lenkai was gagged, unable to speak or defend themselves. However the look on Lenkais face spoke volumes, they were furious, frustrated to the enth degree at being restrained, and overall a picture of rage. At the forefront of the crowd was Faleast and Phialico, surrounded by a cohort of their business partners, all chanting and yelling for Lenkai to be shown no mercy. Lenkai began to exert some sort of intangible pressure on the crowd, the citizens of Kae all quieted simultaneously, and the fury raging in Lenkais eyes burnt holes into the skulls of his captors. Lenkai began to rage against his restraints, and the effort showed oddly shaped ridges hidden beneath Lenkais billowing robes. A muted shout rang out into the silent crowd, and the guards hesitated in their march to the gallows. A moment passed and the guards sprang into action once more. They stuck Lenkai with spears and forced him forwards once again. The rage in his muffled voice was tinged with pain now. He was forced to the gallows and the noose was fastened around his neck. The hangsman worked hurriedly in a panicked fashion and in moments Lenkai was dead. The crowd was silent, no jeers, no shouting, just open gapes and nervous staring. Elkanah has been lynched! They were the Dakhor Monk Spy and an Adjudicator. Vote Count D5: Elkanah (4): Matrim’s Dice, Ashbringer Matrims Dice (2): Lotus, Vapor Kings_Way (1): Xinoehp The night cycle will end in ~23 hours, on Tuesday the 13th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List:
  7. Day 6 Lenkai was being watched. The figure crouched on a rooftop, grinning from ear to ear. They knew that Lenkai had advertised being guarded, and that could very well be true. However this was still an opportunity for Lenkai to die. It had been too long, and their refusal to be killed irked the figure. They would enjoy killing Lenkai. And finally, a pain in heir side would be gone. The figure dropped down onto the eaves of the house they were standing on. They wondered why Lenkai was always wandering the streets late at night, but the thought quickly passed through their mind, they were too focused on Lenkai, and the relief that would come when he died. The figure almost didn't notice the guard dtachment following Lenkai on the ground. Luckily they heard one of the guards cough. The figure was about to jump off the roof, so the noise made them tense up and the jump too swiftly. The eaves under their feet collapsed, leaving them on the ground facing the sky, with Lenkai on one side and the guards on the other. The figure leapt to their feet and began dashing away, their cover was blown and they couldn't let anyone see who they were. The guards yelled at one another, and half the guards chased the figure, the rest sprinting towards Lenkai themselves. The figure ran through every alleyway they could remember, trying desperately to lose their pursuers. It was through luck that they got away, they crashed into a pole holding up an awning, making the awning collapse after the figure. It bought them enough time that they could get away. In the morning they heard that Lenkai had been detained for illicit dealings. They weren't dead, but they were inconvenienced. Maybe they could take solace in that. Elkanah was attacked and survived! Again! Again! Elkanah was caught using the contract market! They will not be able to vote this cycle. This cycle will end in ~46 hours, on Monday the 12th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item market: Contract market: Player List:
  8. Roll over will be pushed back by one hour. Now would be a good time to place actions if you haven't already.
  9. Night 5 Write-up to come. Lord Silberfarben was Lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and a Socialite. Vote Count: Lord Silberfarben (2): Matrims Dice, Lotus Venture (1): Ashbringer Lotus (1): Elkanah This cycle will last for ~22 hours, until Saturday the 10th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List:
  10. Day 5 Lenkai was meandering home after the chaotic meeting from earlier that day. Their wounds still hurt and their muscles needed the slow pace. The night was brisk, the air bit into his skin. The stars were clear, there was no moon to light the night sky. There were shadows aplenty for people to hide in. And lo and behold, a figure stood in one of the shadowed entrances to an alley, a flowing dagger, curved like a river, concealed under a fine silk cloth. This blade had seen it's fair share of blood, and the figure was hoping to show it some more tonight. They had gotten used to the feeling of that blade in their hands, and they were becoming attached to the feeling of flesh parting with a deft stroke. Now was the time, Lenkai was weakened from the night prior, he would be an easy target. The figure darted out of their hiding spot as Lenkai passed by. Pain spread throughout the figures side as if it had been struck by a hammer. They didn't stop to see what had caused it, they just knew that they had to get out of there before anything worse happened. Their instincts kicked in and they turned tail and ran, their feet carrying them away like wind carrying away a leaf. The dagger was still in their grasp luckily, it was a precious gift, they couldn't afford to lose it. But their gratefulness was very quickly outdone by the anger growing in their belly. Lenkai had survived another night. Elkanah was attacked but survived! Again! The Day will end in ~48 hours, on Friday the 9th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item market: Contract Market: Player List:
  11. Cycyle is closed, PMs will be sent out shortly and the next day turn will open after that.
  12. Please remember to get your actions in. There are currently 7 hours left in the night cycle, once those are up, you no longer have time to send in actions.
  13. Night 4 The court room was silent for a long time, whispers barely audible as the merchants gathered stared each other down. There was tension hanging in the air, nearly visible. Lenkai's attempted murder had everybody in the city on edge. He sat in the audience, nursing his wounds as he whispered along with the rest. Little was accomplished during that day, not until very near dusk. Faleast was the first to throw an accusation. "It is beyond reason that Tara Night would have known that Lafay was a Fjorden Sympathiser! They want our trust, so they betrayed their ally to get in our good graces! That cannot be allowed to happen!" Tara Night looked at Faleast, unphased by the accusation. Her response was clear and audible to the whole room. "I would bet my ledgers that Oreo is the imposter we are searching for. The rest of us have all given me reason to trust them, and small as they may be, they are reasons nonetheless." The members of court searched the room for Oreo, but they were nowhere to be found, and couldn't give any defense. The court began to split in two, and the battle formed definitive sides. Two warring parties formed for the debate, some backing Faleast in their accusation of Tara, others suspicious of Oreo and their absence. The courtroom was split, and there was no definitive winner of this battle. There is no particular reason Tara was hanged over Oreo, at least not a visible one. Perhaps there were some invisible forces that were warring alongside the members of this fledgeling court. Or perhaps this was fate and simply meant to be. Perhaps chance was simply not on Taras side. Whatever the reason, the carpenter who built the gallows was proud that his work was still holding true. Mist was lynched! They were a Loyal Merchant and the Executive Secretary. Vote Count: Mist (3): Ashbringer, Elkanah, Matrim's Dice Kings_Way (3): Mist, Lotus, Vapor The night cycle will end in ~24 hours, on Wednesday the 7th, at 2000 MDT (0200 GMT) Item Market: Contract Market: Player List: