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  1. No, TJ cleared up my suspicions of Gears from their speech patterns so I have no real suspicion of them anymore. Plus it's cycle one and I don't vote on cycle one based on principle. I recognize it has to happen and I try to give people something to read in my posts but I never vote day 1. I'm leaning village on him, I don't think that an elim would be interacting with the village in relation to their confusion as much as Matrim is (I hope that made sense, it's a kinda janky sentence). They seem genuinely confused, although I might have ot go back to other games and see if they talk the same way and in the same general formatting for their posts. Thank you, that helps a lot! Something to note is that I've gotten an elim gut read on Araris. I can't tell you what that is from right now since I don't have the time to figure it out myself, but I'll be back to hopefully figure that out soon.
  2. I'm here! Man you guys are prolific. I definitely haven't absorbed a lot of the information people are throwing out there, but I have a few things that have stuck to my brain. First off, @Gears your style of speech is throwing me off. You talk in a very formal way, being sure to use the right words but at the same time making it just a little harder to understand your true meaning. I want to say that is suspicious to me because it could be a newer elim trying to be deliberate in their words and not give anything away. I remember that was what I was like my first couple times being an elim. But at the same time that could just be your brain and how it works, I'm not one to judge. For now I'll just say that I'll keep my eye on you! Initially I thought it was suspicious that Matrim sided with Sart so quickly against Striker, but on further reflection it makes sense considering they were confused about what Striker was saying. Sarts analysis would have swayed them real easy and clarified things for them. What makes me pause now is how they said that they understood when they really didn't. This actually makes me trust them a bit more since instead of bringing it back up to the thread they could have asked fellow eliminators to clarify things for them when they were back in the doc. In regards to the whole role analysis deal, I think it's completely NAI, whether it's done before or after getting roles and alignments. I'll skim them but I know that other beope will bring up the important stuff. That's about all I have for the night, but if anyone has any questions for me, feel free to ask. Answering specific questions would definitely help me get a better grip on this game which is honestly going at a breakneck pace. Please @ me if you do though, I'd appreciate it.
  3. We've pretty much all asked the same question and seen it answered a bunch of times, so even though there isn't a doc it's almost always the same response! Be sure to read through the whole of the rules thread that TJ sent you, there is a lot of really useful information on there like useful terms that will probably come up and a guide to how the games are formatted and scheduled.
  4. Heck! I didn't even know that Topaz was one of Hoid's names! Do you guys want me to change it? I can if it breaks immersion or anything.
  5. I'll sign up for this one, it looks like a great game! Topaz is my name, and cartography is my game!
  6. I'll take a spec link please.
  7. Apologies for my absence! I'll do my best to get back into the habit of checking the shard regularly. I was almost lynched and have no idea why. I'll go back through and see what I can find from previous turns. I'll be back probably tomorrow with my thoughts.
  8. Lord Silberfarben EDIT: I should probably say why. Not many huge reasons, I just don't see a reason for Bugsy to be lying, and their math seems really sound. So I'm going to trust them since they have less to gain from leading us on a wild goose chase than Pyro did. Additionally their tone seems really guenuine.
  9. Sorry I've been off guys, but for the sake of my mental health I built a giant blanket fort in my room yesterday and didn't really get a chance to get on. I scanned Experience last cycle. They came back as bodyguard. Experience I'm sorry if I shouldn't have revealed that, I understand it makes you a target, but if I had said "I can't say" then it would have put a target on your back anyway since the elims would know it's a valuable role. This way the village gets the info, I don't look suspicious by holding back information, and the elims might not kill you since that would cast suspicion onto you. Also I think you can protect yourself? So that makes it harder to kill you and more of an IKYN
  10. Seeing as the elims pretty clearly have a smuggler and having scanned them as smuggler myself, I'll vote on Shard of Reading.
  11. Not guilty your honor. Welcome Elandera, happy to have you in this large game with an inordinate amount of posts! I have to say, I'm not a fan of the war for most posts. It encourages players to do shallow, quick posts with very little thought in them, stuffing the thread full of information that players have to spend a lot of time sifting through. It makes it intimidating and not very interesting to read from my perspective.
  12. If we get down to it I suppose Pyro is more right though, I mean I totally forgot that Araris' was a bear which is why I tried to make it more mistborn. But I stand by my decision, even if it's only because I prefer the sleeping dragon saying to the bear one.
  13. It's a mistborn-ified version of wake the sleeping dragon. Which itself is another way to say poke the bear. And yeah, "Au contraire mon frere" is french and essentially translates to "On the contrary".
  14. I believe you mean wake the sleeping mistwraith? And also, au contraire mon frere. I want answers and a good discussion topic cycle one other than the rules of the game.
  15. Why?