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  1. Assuming Kaladin has the second viewpoint, I'd really like to see a subplot of Kaladin's arc where Adolin tells his bestie what he did. Who would be happier about it than Kaladin? Might also raise some interesting questions about whether what Adolin did was right under Syl's morals, which Kaladin is already starting to question!
  2. My only issue with this is the first ideal which all Radiants share, in particular 'Journey before Destination'. I believe it even says in the book "killing one innocent isn't worth saving 5", although that may be Kaladin's interpretation. I just can't see how radiant ideals can align with the Diagram. Maybe I've missed something though!
  3. Another question to throw out there, what happened when Calamity was young? He mentions that he wouldn't get involved "again", but that last time it was ok because he was young or something. Brandon's usually deliberate with these things, so I wonder if we could dig up something that happened just under 10 years before Calamity arrived?
  4. Anyone remember Star Wars, where the emperor to be gets Anakin to kill Darth Tyranus to eventually turn him into Dath Vader? Just saying.
  5. Aren't Kaladin's eyes a light blue because he's holding Jez's honour blade at the end? In the prologue of WoK, it's implied that holding this blade turns the holder's eyes blue. I might have missed something though.
  6. So it's 20 stars out of 5? That's insane! Seriously cannot wait for this book. I spend every day trying to avoid the forums and focus on other things to make the days fly by, and 10 minutes later all I can think is "wonder if there's a new theory"
  7. Hey all, this is my first post but I've been prowling the boards for ages. However, I'm not sure I've seen this discussed at all! Anyway, from the Taravangian interlude it is pretty clear that absolutely no one has any foresight into what Taravangian's IQ will be on any given day in the future. Hence, why he has a test every morning. Generally, I imagine this isn't too much of a problem - most people think he's simple anyway - but if he has any serious meetings with serious thinking then his attendants will probably re-schedule it on a bad day. "However", I thought, "what about the meeting with Szeth?" This meeting wasn't planned. Sure, Szeth was in Kharbranth for a little while before the killing and sure, Taravangian could keep his eyes on him. But he would have no idea which day Szeth would choose to strike, and therefore no idea whether he would be capable of having the conversation he had. More importantly, he is described as having "keen eyes and a wise, knowing face". What are the chances that Szeth attacked him on one of his good days? Is this a coincedence? Maybe it's nothing, but it just seems so darn unlikely!
  8. This might be crazy, and it sort of depends on when Honor died (I'm also pretty sure someone has said this before), but could the parshendi be a splinter of honour? What if they became sentient parshmen at the same time that honour got shattered.
  9. I notice that you said in the OP that maybe soulcasting is genetic. Well we know Jasnah can soulcast, and we theorise that Elhokar can, so this supports that theory too. What if Gavilar could also?