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  1. ooh- just remembered that enders game, and enders shadow (Bean's parallel story) did this too... and i've read both... lol...
  2. not sure why, but there's been an idea in the back of my head for a couple of weeks now.... anyone know of a book series where subsequent books are the same story- but... just from different points of view? major events would be included but each of the pov characters has their own stuff going on? obviously author's do this on a much smaller scale regularly- but... i was just curious if anyone's done it with actual full fledged novels. if not- think it might just be because the reader would know the ultimate end of the story?
  3. well- if that's the case- that's prob why i cant remember the quote :-) thanks!
  4. I've lent out my WoA to a friend who I'm introducing to the cosmere, but- I'm having trouble remembering the quote of Tindwyl where she's instructing Elend to essentially, not make light of people's failures... after brushing something someone said to El, he said something like "it's ok", and she told him that it was ok to accept their shortcomings, but shouldn't dismiss it or say it's "ok" when it really isnt... anyone w/their copy handy or an ebook capable of ctrl+f'ing able to help w/that interaction? thanks!
  5. Had a slow day at work today, so I checked out the Gallery again. I've since determined that some of you are too crazy-talented... Some of those pictures are amazing! Good job to those of you who've an eye for all of that.
  6. well... i totally fangirled it up & interrupted Brandon as he was answering some of my questions... cutting him off from potentially giving me awesome info... however- i did ask: me: is the 17th shard based in Silverlight? like- their home of operations. B: yes. (paraphrased) at a previous signing, i asked if the members in the 17th shard, like Demoux & Galladon are in the shard after "their" stories or before, and he said "after". So- Those two and others would have been recruited after the original trilogy's timeline for Mistborn, and after the events of Elantris. Not sure if that's worth noting on the Coppermind, but... I kicked myself afterwards for not allowing him to speak more to answering the questions
  7. for anyone interested.... gotta get your wristband early...
  8. ooh... no other replies... I'm hoping that the almost 200 views is a better indicator of attendance... I've told everyone I know about it... Not sure how else to spread the word. if anything- it'll just mean that he can hang out w/us more :-)
  9. i'll be there... though, like Argent says... you hardly need experience to sit in awe of the Grandmaster Sanderson while he bestows amazingness to us lowly commoners... edit: ooh! i'm noble blooded now! lol. but for real... i'm really hoping that we get an amazing showing for this so that B&N will be willing to bring him back up. Its crazy expensive flying to the lower 48 to get to these signings (i've done it... but man... $$$) Looking forward to meeting the AK Sanderfans!
  10. latest word on the topic (2/21/18) is that they're still working to get all of the kickstarter rewards to all of the backers; and while fulfilling those orders on april 23rd, they said that an update (not sure the contents) is forthcoming, but accompany it with, source
  11. I listened to a Brent Weeks novel GA style, and didn't realize that a good chunk of the voice actors were used in multiple productions... listened to it right before listening to the Warbreaker GA and it kept messing with my mind with different stories by different authors with the same voices. :-) It definitely would be awesome, but- so far I don't think I've heard them use consistent ones (though, at this point, most of the voice acting for cameo's, i think, is probably going to just some of the smaller names in their group)
  12. forgot which graphic audio i heard first- but, gifted it to my wife so she could enjoy some of Brandon's works. I've since then gotten all of them. Can't wait until they produce all of them, as I don't think I could stand only hearing Part 1 without being able to dive right into the rest of the book. The team at Graphic Audio is awesome.
  13. i just always thought that the exclusion of metals on him (usually his metal button & his guns) were part of his Identity or, rather maybe his cognitive self. Since Kelsier couln't change his clothes with rips/tears, etc because they were who he is... i just attributed the same to Wax's bubble. he has his bubble up so often, and he sees his guns as an extension of him (i think it was even mentioned how his sterrion's were "like an extension" of him), it just doesn't go by the "normal" rules anyone else would have for outside metals
  14. for me the 2 biggest- were 1. when we found out definitively that in a way, dalinar himself killed evi... just feeling the crushing that dalinar would have felt 2. finding out that teft was an addict... when i read that, in my mind, i stopped... and just felt bad for him- just lost so much respect :-(
  15. you know... on my initial read, warbreaker was my least fav of the cosmere novels.... but i realized that it was just because it was shortly after being introduced to brandon's works, and with that- i wasn't paying attention to the story- just trying to figure out the "magic thing" for the book... but- on subsequent re-reads, its actually pretty high up on my list overall. i'd love more Nalthis personally-