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  1. Well, this is the first time I've seen the excerpt. I'm kind of surprised by how well things seem to be going for the attack, particularly since they're using radios. Given the Knighthawk Foundry's general technological competence, I would expect them to be able to pick up radio transmissions near their base. Granted, the team does have a low-grade reality manipulator with them. I also have to wonder what surprises the foundry has on hand, since obviously the drones can't stop a High Epic.
  2. I think a Prime Invincibility is a defensive power that can't be defeated just by bringing more raw firepower. Intangibility, immunity to all harm, precognition that activates far enough in advance it can't be overcome with a really big bomb, reincarnation, etc.
  3. As Jasnah notes at one point, the Knights Radiant were strictly speaking an organization, and it's defunct so none of them are members of it. I would expect that if the organization existed they'd probably count as Knights in training. All of them have started the oaths and none of them have finished. Dalinar has the strongest claim to being the legitimate successor of the leadership, so he's the one who gets to decide the naming convention going forwards.
  4. 1. I think that would be incredibly weak and likely not take at all, on account of how the subject has not actually been turned to ash. Forgery seems to work by imposing an alternate history on the item, and the more detailed and plausible the history the better it takes. A stamp to make something be destroyed by fire would need to detail what fire it burned in, and describe why it was in said fire, and the more sense it makes the better it holds. I think any damage done to the ash pile would carry back over, but I'm not precisely sure. 2. I believe that it's not "the user's home city", it's MaiPon specifically. So they wouldn't use Forgery with their own home city. However, it's possible that they won't be able to use Forgery at all but instead some entirely different magic system with symbols based on their homeland. I'm not entirely sure what would wind up in the spike.
  5. Pretty sure they're all Radiants of varying levels of power. None of them have completed the set of five oaths but they have powers and Shardblades.
  6. White is a color of light but not pigment.Nalthis uses pigment, Roshar uses light.
  7. The Diagram coded message indicates that whatever caused the Recreance would still apply to the new Radiants. It's thus unlikely that it was in response to something the original Orders had done wrong, because the new Orders would likely respond by just declaring they're not going to do that. It's also probably not part of some grand strategy to defeat Odium, because obviously it didn't work the first time and there's no reason to repeat it. I also really don't believe that Surgebinding causes Desolations. Nin says they do, but he's also completely off his rocker. The Diagram, meanwhile, says the Desolation needs no usher. Jasnah says that the bonding spren are coming back because the Desolation is incoming, and Pattern, Wyndle, and Syl imply the same. That wouldn't make sense if them showing up would cause it. I really don't know what it could be. It needs to be inherent to Radiants and needs to apply to all the Orders. The only oath that they all share is Life Before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination. So if there's any contradiction in their oaths it needs to apply to that one. Except that if they'd actually hit a contradiction that would break their spren directly. And killing their spren is obviously a very bad thing to do, and if there were some alternative action that was worse they could just not do either. I could see potentially discovering that they needed to murder an innocent to avert something, but if that happened I'd expect them to cast aside their oaths and then do that instead of just wandering off. The only possibility I can see is that the bond itself is somehow immoral, and of course the first oath rejects the idea they should do something wrong for the greater good. But, well, I can't see anything wrong with the bond. The spren enter into it voluntarily, the knights don't get asked to be bonded but cooperate voluntarily, and it doesn't seem to do any harm.
  8. It's come up before, yeah, though the standard quantum comparison was the double-slit experiment with particle-wave duality. As I've pointed out, in quantum physics it's measurement that does that and for spren it's recording the measurement that does that.
  9. Also, later on she says that Calamity has been refusing to explain why it didn't work. It seems pretty clear he helps Regalia out however he feels like and gets enigmatic on her at will.
  10. Nightblood has the exact same visual effect on Nalthis, where he's definitely powered by Endowment. It could be a coincidence, or the black orb could operate on similar principles.
  11. I think that the Godspren are a legitimate catagory and appropriate for the Bondsmiths to bond to. Their associations are different, but they seem to be supreme over categories of spren. The bondsmiths apparently possess control over the Radiant bond itself, and thus control over both Honor-related spren and Cultivation-related spren, while the Stormfather is only in control of the Honor-related spren.
  12. Well, if they're really immortal Nightblood can't kill them. That is pretty much what being immortal means. Most likely they'd stop feeding him investiture at some point prior to dying.
  13. Maybe it's that a given power either doesn't work on organics or only works on organics. Granted, Dawnslight did also cause spraypaint to glow and radios to work, but that could be a separate thematically linked power Actually, we don't have any evidence that Dawnslight can manipulate natural organics. He certainly didn't demonstrate any capacity to control humans. Maybe he can only control things he's created.
  14. Ayup. Likewise, Mikoto and Sourcefield, though with more focus on the -magnetic part of electromagnetic and without the turning into lighting thing. But she would be equally happy fighting in a city comprised entirely of steel.
  15. Book was great, though it did give me an A Certain Scientific Railgun vibe for some reason. Though admittedly, there is probably no powerset which won't remind me of something else. I did like how the Reckoners at least made an attempt to exploit their way around powers without needing the associated weaknesses, but I'd have appreciated it actually working out for them at least once. Also, I totally called the technological replication of Epic powers