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  1. "you came in the wrong neighborhood" (cit.)
  2. He stated that White sand is before quite clearly. And no I don't think there would ever be any alternative timeline in the Cosmere
  3. I am unsure. Of what kind of discrepancies you refer to ?
  4. Also if the protection is ancorate to a specific object instead of the space itself. I assume the object could be unbreakable but you would still suffer the pushes and be repositionable by outside forces. A last note, the statement about Aons be indipentant by their physical medium's condition is something he arose from the limited perception of Elantrians as only magic users on Sel. I assume every invested stuff would be able to disrupt the Aon if the comes in contact.
  5. The whole issue using the "the daughter didn't inherited" as argument for the chance of a God-Queen. Is that the Daughter wasn't probably a Returned so she can't inherited the throne regardless if they would accept a queen instead of a king. Also like others already pointed. The god-kings lineage is truly too short to make any kind of extrapolation from that. There were like... 5 Godkings in the whole history and at least half of them aren't related by blood to the previous one
  6. Vasher did nothing, the girl used magic on herself with Vasher's guidance. She used the command and her breath was involved. Vasher told her only how to do that
  7. Soulcasting and Forgery are actually extremely different and all the similarity are only superficials. With Soulcasting you performe a permanent change to the structure of something, you don't touch its history and you don't need the plausibility to take place for this own reason. A Air soulcasted to rock knows perfectly it was Air before and to be turned into Rock, it's written in its spiritweb. With Forgery you alter the history of an object messing with his Soul, the Soul fights aganist the overlapping fake-soul you produce to revert to his rightful state, the Forgery is never permanent and depends deeply from the constant stream of Dor to remains in place (if you move a Forged object from the Rose empire it would break the forgery for example) and the true sou of the object is still there fighting to overcome the Magic. With the example I used before, also if extremely unlikely Air Forged into Rock would believe that sometime in the past something happened (honestly I don't know what) that make it rock but under this overlay, the Air's Soul is still there untouched and will soon or later break free and destroy the forgery
  8. Near orders don't share a divine attribute.
  9. Purity is one of the planets of Therenodite system and Nazh comes from Therenody. It's a cultural figure of speech
  10. How could someone deny a so polite request ?
  11. I count in an extreme loosely way the living mortals holding Breath at Type V
  12. My view is for the Fused to lack of Adhesion as it's the surge closer to Honor (similirally as Progression is the surge most close to Cultivation) and one of the two the Bondsmith have. By the way, we saw Fused in CR but it doesn't prove anything as there are many ways to cross the realms and one of them is strictly into the hands of Odium's forces. Also Moash stated to saw the "blacksmith-type" of Fused (or something like that) and this to me means he saw Fused having access to Cohesion
  13. The latter, whatever Timbre is performing with the Voidspren requires her to stay in the gemheart and bully the Voidspren. She can't manifest herself as Blade and at the same time doing that. So for me Timbre manifesting as a Blade would mean for the Voidspren to gain measure of freedom and influence over Venli.
  14. I strongly believe that Venli would be unable to summon a Blade in the state she is in. If in a future moment, Venli will change Form turning into a not Regal form, Timbre is no more required to keep in check the Voidspren in her and she could in theory be not restricted into her gemheart.
  15. A shard could develop a mind of its own if lefted alone long enough. But it's just one of the possible outcomes, another is the auto-splintering of the Shard itself. Regardless, as the developing of the mind is something gradual... Probably in the early stages of its new formed mind, the Shard would simply start to active seek a proper Vessel in an active way