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  1. Here's mine: Borio Singaldi and the Prospect of Death Borio Singaldi and the Perspective of Death Enjoy!
  2. Tesh, you up for writing the next scene where you, Cole and Diona run into Rathil and Sam in the main hall?  You should definitely note the pending structural issues with the fortress as Rathil noted in his POV.  Even better, you could add in the Koloss finding all of you for a nice touch :) 

    This is the last thing I need to happen for me to make a re-appearance, and then MAYBE we can finally wrap up things in this RP soon.

    1. Tesh


      Do you haven't left...

      Yeah, I can do that. Ugh, I need to check in on here more often.

  3. Here's a brand new WoB for you guys from the Houston signing. Brandon signed something in my book related to the part 2 letters to Hoid, specifically the first letter. Enjoy! Q: Can you drop a hint about which Shard authored the first of the letters to Hoid shown in the part 2 epigraphs? Brandon: You have seen their world.
  4. Guys, super small edits, but I'm pretty sure this is it. I have bad vision and am used to focusing/refocusing my vision to read words.. the Unmade are shadows of the enemy's "soul" not "mind". I am also 100% about the word "completion" for the spy (Shallan). A new storm has come. Ash and red lightning sweep the land awakening our ancient enemies. The Unmade - shadows of the Enemy's soul - stir, while the eyes of men open. This war is not, and never was, what they thought it to be. We may soon hold Surges again, for the Radiance has returned to some, and shines toward others. The Captain, broken by loss, seeks reconciliation. The Spy, broken by cruelty, seeks completion. The Stonewalker, broken by oaths, seeks truth. The Traitor, broken by ambition, seeks freedom. And finally, The King. Broken by war, he seeks the past. That which was abandoned. That which he must not know. For those secrets will crush him as they did the knights who came before.
  5. @Emerald101 yes you are right that the above wob's do not deny that a spren cannot be 100% honor or 100% Cultivation, but neither do they confirm it. It does seem to confirm that there is a spectrum. I personally find it unlikely due to how intertwined in the underlying magic we find the influences of both Honor (more of a cognitive shard) and Cultivation (more of a physical shard). Even "honorspren" are cousins of windspren, which seem to be more elemental rather than cognitive in nature, and therefore more related to Cultivation. Shallan's spren, Pattern actually seems more related to Honor on many levels as it is so much more cognitive in nature.
  6. A thought about the figure in black shardplate: Any reason why this couldn't be Rayse? It could be that since Dalinar doesn't know about Rayse that he assumes it is Odium's champion. And the familiarity could be Dalinar having met or known Rayse already? Does anyone else think that Rayse may have appeared somewhere on-screen already?
  7. There is a WoB out there that says that as long as you can see one of Taldain's stars (most likely the daystar star), you can access Autonomy's investiture. Q: Would someone with enough knowledge be able to use Autonomy’s investiture if Taldain could be seen from his world? A: Ok so I’m on a world and I see Taldain’s star, are you asking if someone could use the investiture? Oh ok I see. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That’s good! You stumped me. I haven’t gotten that question before. I would say yes, if the light particles are reaching you. I mean technically you could use the light from one of those stars to power a solar sail so…
  8. I think Soul Forging is all about changing Identity, but I don't think it can also forge Connection to the Investiture (aka spren). See the below WoB: Q: If Shai were to gain a Shardblade, then she gave it up, could she create an essence mark that represented the history where she still had the Blade? If she then applied the essence mark could she summon the Shardblade or a copy of it? A: So, um, doing that sort of thing, like rewriting herself even to be an Allomancer., or something like this....this is possible, but, in order to gain the Investiture she wants to have, she will have to input that much in Investiture, which her current magic system is not capable of doing. Okay? Alright, so, rewrite so that I have a Shardblade would require some sort of hacking of her magic system, which is currently impossible to her in her current situation.
  9. So this would grant you the knowledge and history of the shardblade/spren itself, but would you gain enough innate knowledge of the identity of the person you are trying to imitate? But let's say you could do this. I'm not sure that re-writing your spiritual Identity like this (as crazy as that may be to you!) would be enough. The Nahel bond centers around thoughts (the Cognitive/soul). The Spren's thoughts and the Knight's thoughts are bound together ever so tightly, and we can see this at the end of WoR when Kaladin wavers between the two promises he has made, and what it does to the bond. Since the Connection here has its source in thoughts, I am not sure that Feruchemy would be able to "fake" this kind of Connection like it can on Scadrial, where the Connection is to something in the physical realm.
  10. I do think it interesting to not that Brandon capitalizes the word "Radiant" but not the word "vibrant". Normally he capitalizes words that have Cosmere or Investiture significance.
  11. I think that some blades/spren are "more" of Honor than Cultivation, and vice versa, but I think all spren contain some of each. Why would a pure spren of Cultivation care about oaths or ideals? Also, even though Syl calls herself an honorspren, I think it is more because of how she sees herself, rather than due to her true nature as a spren. See the below WoB's. They aren't the most solid, but they do seem to point to not any spren being 100% of either Honor or Cultivation:
  12. Good thought, but we are fairly certain this is not the case. It has been highly theorized that Braize was formerly the Tranquiline Halls and potentially where the Heralds are from originally, of which I agree, but I do not believe Braize = Yolen. Most of the proof for this is in the below thread, based on the correspondence between Frost and Hoid included in select epigraphs of the first two books. (Frost is on Yolen btw).
  13. I didn't notice this. That means Venli was with Klade when he bought Szeth, I wonder, if Venli is already under Odium's influence somehow (which I am sure has already been theorized), if she used some type of voidbinding to sense the investiture Szeth was carrying (Jezrien's Honorblade)?
  14. The below appears to be modified ever so slightly from the earlier draft we were given. For example: Previous version: "Gavilar removed something from his pocket. A sphere? It was dark, yet somehow still dun, as if it had an aura of blackness, a phantom light that was not light at all, faintly violet, a sphere that seemed to stop the light around it." Current version: "Gavilar removed something from his pocket. A sphere? It was dark, yet somehow still glowed. As if it… had an aura of blackness, a phantom light that was not light. Faintly violet. It seemed to suck in light around it." Not sure if these edits give us any new information, but at least we know what we are getting now from TOR has gone through revisions
  15. Granted. A small, sparcely populated world at the edge of the Cosmere, which is still in the Stone Age, is now at peace. And you are not able to leave this world. I wish for more wisdom.