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  1. Preservation - Leras (Dead) - MB Ruin - Ati (Dead) - MB Q: Where are you getting the names Leras, and Ati from? Q: When did Keiser become a silver in HoA?
  2. Well we can give the Azkaban series to the copy of the copy clone.
  3. Brandon first tho. The others can wait.
  4. Hello all, I'm new to the forum, have been lurking since I read elantris after hearing about this guy taking over the wheel of time. Today I am of the opinion that we need to clone Brandon multiple times so we get several books a year out of him. Sure it might be unethical or morally questionable but I'm sure most of the fans on this board will agree that its worth the cost to have more quality books to read. Clone 1 can work on the Alloy of Law series. Clone 2 can work on Second Mistborn trillogy Clone 3 can work on Stormlight archive Clone 4 can work on Warbreaker series Clone 5 can work on Wheel of time post 'A memory of light' books Clone 6 can work on Elantris series. Original Brandon will be allowed to sleep for two weeks straight as a reward for all the tissue samples we took to create the clones, then will be locked in a room to finish "A memory of light" and come up with more new worlds, and occasionally spawn more clones. Each Clone must produce 1 book a year!