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  1. I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING!!! How about the cover copy written by the sleepless? What if there's a big sleepless plot that only comes to light in the last half of the Stormlight Archive, and the text on the back of each book is foreshadowing something. This is a big thing that could be overlooked, and there's a new set of text in each book. I'm too lazy to reread and analyze it at the moment, but this would be Brandon literally hiding something right in plain sight. Very Brandon, right?
  2. I honestly thought that this was an April Fool's joke... and today I decided to see what the joke was about. I was surprised to see that it was a real thing! Wow!
  3. From chatting on Discord, I have narrowed my opinions down to three sets of people who make the most sense to me story-wise as the listeners of this story. 1. Realmatic discussions: Khriss (and perhaps Nazh listening on the side?) Khriss wants to know more about the Cosmere, so listening to one of Hoid's experiences seem like a reasonable thing for her to do. I can also imagine the Ars Arcanum at the end to be a literary critique/analysis of the information within the story, which would be a fun thing to read. 2. Marriage counseling: Siri and Susebron Considering that the last book inspired by Emily was Warbreaker, it seems like it would be really cool for this to be a story that Hoid is telling to that married couple, perhaps to give them some encouragement as they go through a difficult spot in their marriage? 3. Team Building: Jasnah and Design From the information that was given, neither Jasnah and Design seem to fully fit. The listener's reactions to the Emerald Sea don't fit Design, who would have first hand knowledge of the cognitive realm, and Jasnah, whose Atheism doesn't seem to quite fit Hoid's descriptions of the gods. On the other hand, from relationship standpoint, these two make a lot of sense for Hoid to open himself up to, as he is trying to build a romantic relationship with Jasnah, and a part of growing in his Radiant powers requires him to tell truths to Design, which this could be a part of. That made me wonder, what if he's talking to BOTH of them at the same time? So some of the questions/comments he's getting would be from one or the other.
  4. One thing that I think you could have discussed in the episode but didn't bring up (No problem, we have years to discuss this), but what does the change in Odium effect the way we perceive the Set? The Set and the Diagram seem to have a lot of similarities...
  5. How about "I will equip others to protect themselves."
  6. I don't know if I should be posting this in the spoiler section or not, because this isn't a real spoiler. I had this vivid dream about rereading the Rhythm of War, and I discovered this section that I missed during my rereading. In this prologue, a corpse was discovered that had been partially turned into metal, and someone in the scene proclaimed that it was a dangerous explosive metal called "Inunium" I immediately began theorizing what this metal could be. Could it be the anti-metal of the possible shard of Unity? I examined the word "Inunium" to see if it actually had a "T" in there, if it was "Inunitium", for example, there would be a stronger connection to Unity. However, there was no "T". Could it be a random name created by Whimsy? And then I woke up from my dream. I don't know what it says about me that I remember the word "Inunium" in my dream so vividly, but there you go. Could I be tapping into Fortune???
  7. This reminds me when I was a child, watching the movie Mary Poppins. As a child, I couldn't understand how anyone would think George Banks loved his children. I honestly thought that he hated his children. Only rewatching it decades later, did I actually understand that he DID in fact love his children. And I cried rewatching the movie, because I knew that George Banks had a such a hard time expressing this love. When you love someone, there's certain things that you can do that can be so incredibly hurtful, and I think Brandon captures this dynamic perfectly. I understand why his actions anger so many people, but this is something that people of a different generation, a different background, can so easily do. Was Lirin wrong? Of course he was, but that doesn't change the fact that he loves his son.
  8. There's nothing worse than discovering that Pattern might be the spy.... And then discovering you'll have to wait till Part 4 to find out what will happen! Agghhh....
  9. Hahah, from your description, I can tell you're just as annoyed as I am with the way that I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see if it has been updated or not.
  10. I think Discord is the opposite of Harmony. Autonomy would be the opposite of Unity. I hope this doesn't mean that Sazed's personality will warp in the future, causing him to become Discord instead of Harmony.
  11. When you were discussing the Iriali's departure from the third land, I was a little surprised that no one mentioned the possibility that they might have come from Nalthis. (perhaps surprised isn't strong enough of a word... it got to the point where I almost had to pause the podcast because I wanted to interrupt you by shouting and screaming "Somebody, mention Nalthis!!!") Haven't you guys noticed how Evi tends to use color idioms, in a way similar to Vasher and Vivenna? Or did I just imagine it? Anyway, that's my theory, and I'm sticking to it! Great work guys, and thanks to Argent for being the most persistent WOB procurer.
  12. I have finished listening yet, but it suddenly occurred to me that the Dustbringer epigraphs might have a sinister meaning. "Good night, dear Urithuru. Good night, sweet Sibling, Good night, Radiants." Now, when do people usually say good night? It could be when you yourself or going to bed. Or, it is a parent saying good night to their child as they put them to bed. Could it be that this Dustbringer is playing an instrumental role in putting Urithuru, the Sibling, and the Radiants to sleep? So anyway, yes, it could be a sweet, sad saying, or it could be the sing-song cadence of a psychopath about to do something terrible. It's hard to tell without context.
  13. I transcribed this tidbit (accidentally spelling Traveler like an English in the process), and it was a lot of fun. I felt like I was writing this story with Brandon! The unimportant thing I noticed was that Hoid is constantly pointing or holding up a finger. My mental image of Hoid is now a man without one finger permanently extended.
  14. Whoops, I had a brain fart with the spelling. Even though I'm from the U.S., sometimes I accidentally use British spelling.
  15. I just finished transcribing Brandon's short story, "The Traveler". It's basically a conversation between Hoid and Frost upon his return home (Yolen, probably?) after the events of the first Mistborn Trilogy. There's not really anything really revelatory, Cosmere-wise, but it's still a fun read. It's also a first draft, so Hoid is constantly pointing his finger, but it's nice having something completely new to read. Have a read! One section that stood out to me was Hoid's passing thought. Which do you think Hoid lost? Is it a person, place, or thing? Where is this place that he's thinking of going to, and why does he want to go? It has something to do with dead people, perhaps? Nalthis, where people can Return? Threnody, with shades?