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  1. Hey everybody: I think dogs should vote! Dog vote! Dog vote! Dog suffrage!
  2. Wow, this thread has survived a very long time. I'm proud of it, in an almost parental way.
  3. IT'S (I'm) ALIVE
  4. Hopefully! I won't promise anything, but I'll definitely try to be more active. Been meaning to do some rereads so I may do updates on that. Time will have to tell! I've missed y'all.
  5. Doin' ok! I saw Infinity War on Saturday, which was certainly an experience. Overall I'm pretty alright, all things considered.
  6. Heya kids, it's your friendly neighborhood lurker back to check in again. How's everybody?
  7. It would appear so!
  8. They'll probably do it in two volumes of front and back five, so for the front five I can see it being maybe the Battle of the Tower or a chasm view or something.
  9. On Twitter I'm @honorcamper, which is a long story. Basically, it involves something dumb that happened to me and something I didn't get that didn't really matter in the end, but reminds me on the daily to be a little more mindful about... well, everything. So.
  10. I'm a type one diabetic, so I bleed often. I found the name apt.
  11. I'm thinking either a juvenile Tai-Na, or some unknown aquatic lifeform we haven't seen yet. Digging this discussion, though! It'll be cool to see the expanded biology of the planet Roshar.
  12. I think the fourth Ideal, especially as sworn by Kal, will involve saving those he can, but knowing his limits and letting go when it's needed.
  13. I suppose this would refer to the Pantheon isles, and I also suppose we should have connected these dots beforehand... ah well. Light... *groan*
  14. Will Tarah be coming back into the equation, do we think?