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  1. You might want to go check your source on this; as it stands, it's a glaring misquotation.
  2. Chapter 104: Hatham was there as well: refined, with rounded features and green eyes. Chapter 107: The other Alethi highprince who had come today was Hatham, a long-necked man with light orange eyes.
  3. Thank you thank you!! I know I pinged you on facebook once, too, but now I have the right place to keep track of this.
  4. Would you consider letting me include the top Lightsong picture, and perhaps the Vasher picture, in appropriate chapters of Tor's Warbreaker reread? The book itself doesn't have much artwork, so I'm looking for art I like that people are willing to let me include in the weekly blog. Credit will most definitely be given to you in whatever form you prefer, including a link to your website if you have one. Thanks! I'd really appreciate it!
  5. Yes, it will be good to get the exact transcription. I don't think I screwed it up, but the devil's in the details! Very annoyed that I forgot my recorder, and my phone was almost drained so I didn't dare use it. Fortunately, Angie was better prepared than I was!
  6. Wow, was I ever wrong about the size of the crowd tonight! I figured for a collection like this, that big church would maybe be half full or so. Nope. When I got there almost a half-hour before the signing, it was about 2/3 full, and by 7, it was filled up. Not to the "standing room only" point, we could have squished together quite a bit more, but I was stunned at how many people were there! Also, many thanks to Angie for bringing her fully-charged phone to record. I accidentally left my own recorder at home, and had to leave by about 9:30 anyway. But it was a marvy evening. Also: the Returned on Nalthis are cognitive shadows, shoved into and firmly attached to their dead bodies by virtue of that enormous "divine Breath" they're given. And Szeth is not a cognitive shadow; his real soul was returned to his body... it just isn't sticking very well. Hence the afterimages.
  7. Yes, lovely Seattle traffic, especially across the bridges. *sigh* General rules on the signing: Ask only very broad-interest questions during the Q&A time, so as not to get too detailed for the whole audience. While you're in line for the signing table, someone will likely come along with post-it notes, write down your name (or what ever form of address you want) for personalization, and put it in the book(s) at the page he'll sign. If you want more than your name, it's probably a good idea to have it written out ahead of time - legibly. You can ask as many questions as he can answer while he's signing your book(s), and this is the time for more intricate questions that might need clarification. You can also get your picture taken with him if you'd like; I'll probably be standing there doing "master-servant duty" taking pictures, at least for a while. His rule (at this signing, at least) is usually that he'll sign as many books as you want, but he'll only personalize three per person. If you want more than that personalized, you have to go back to the end of the line for the rest. But he or one of the bookstore people will explain all that before the signing line gets started. Oh, and he will ask whether you have any questions.
  8. The only issue with showing up at 7 is the parking. I've usually had very good luck with the bookstore parking lot, but last time it was packed and I had to park a half-mile away. Near as I can tell, the only parking other than the bookstore lot is street parking, which gets packed too. (Anyone know of another lot or garage nearby?) Angie - will definitely look for you! And since my memory for faces has gone all weird, don't feel bad if I don't recognize you right away - just come smack me. Is there someplace withing walking distance we could meet for dinner? My daughter will be with me, and I have another friend in town with his girlfriend and her teen daughter; not sure if they'd want to meet us, but it would be nice to give them the option! (Within walking distance is primarily a factor of ye old parking dilemma.)
  9. So - who's going to the Seattle signing? I'll be there with "Bastille".
  10. Heh. I was looking for something else, and saw your comment... so I thought I'd answer. I don't keep very current on all the discussions here, unfortunately.
  11. Actually, no. The question about Khriss (and Brandon knows me well enough to know what I was asking) was straightforward in its meaning: Is Khriss, in general and at the time of M:SH, working directly with/for the 17th Shard? His answer was exactly what I wanted to know: she's a freedom-of-information person, a freelancer who will share what information she has with anyone, as long as she believes they are well-intentioned toward sentient life. She has no other agenda. Actually, his answer was far more than I expected to get from him on the subject of Khriss's motivations; at best, I thought he might say something like, "...Not... currently... as of M:SH," or something. Whatever she may have participated in at past times, her goal is just to learn, and to share that knowledge as much as possible. So if the 17th Shard asks her about something, she'll answer. If Hoid asks her, she might whack him upside the head, but she'll most likely answer. It wouldn't bother her in the least if two factions with different goals asked her for the same information - she'd give it to them both, as long as she was reasonably certain neither of them was trying to destroy the Cosmere. This fits her character in White Sand; she's really a pure scientist, trying to avoid making unacknowledged assumptions, trying to figure out how the Cosmere works, because she wants to know and she expects other people to want to know too. So it was a very satisfying answer.
  12. Don't forget that the original purpose of this book was to collect all the existing Cosmere short works into one volume, since right now they tend to be scattered out among a lot of anthologies his readers may or may not want to own. Brandon wanted it to have at least some new material to make it worthwhile for those who would buy it just on principle (like most of us!), but it's not intended to have a lot of new stuff.
  13. Re: the RAFO on Dalinar's wife - he also said that we'd find out in SA3. Just another year or so to speculate...
  14. I'll be there! I was hoping to find more Sharders attending, too.
  15. I'm thinking something subversive. Give the Alethi king a sphere and tell him to use it thus and so... He thinks he'll be doing a good thing, but really he'll be bonded to a Voidspren, or possessed by an Unmade, or something like that. Open him to the kind of influence that would lead him to do the same kind of thing as Alakavish, severely weakening the human race and simultaneously strengthening Odium's influences on Roshar. This time humanity loses the fight when the Desolation comes, and Odium reigns unopposed. That sort of thing. I can think of a multitude of reasons Venli would capture a spren and give it to Gavilar, and very few of them have to do with him being able to do something she is incapable of doing. Most of them have to do with deceiving him into doing something that will destroy humanity and/or make them subject to Parshendi holding forms of power. All of them have to do with paving the way for Odium to escape whatever binds him to the Rosharan system and allowing him to rampage the Cosmere.