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  1. We know Cultivation is female and on the same planet "these parts" and was since she appears to be original at the Shattering.
  2. I'm reasonably sure he's referring to Cultivation there.
  3. Marasi Colms. Intelligent, level headed, heroic, addicted to adventure, about the right age. Could turn out to be a totally different Skybreaker. Admittedly during Stormlight through book 5 she's on another planet, but we know know that isn't much of a limit, for the second half.
  4. "Now, then a keyhole is always a bit more delicate and temperamental than even the finest lady." -- Kelsier
  5. "I don't think of you as an enemy, Renarin. I see you as a... future friend." -- Odium
  6. We got told that there was a limit on number of powers above which you don't get resonances. But since the example for that was Mistborn, who have something like the equivalent of 16 to 64 surges depending how you count, there is plenty of room for extras from 3 or 4 powers. Myself I'm seeing it more as synergy effects or possibly constructive interfereance..
  7. And yet the first time Kaladin flew it did feel natural to him. It was pretty much the best day of his life. "Yes, this was natural. Yes, this was him." "I could Lash myself upward, he thought, and fall into the sky forever. But no, that was how an ordinary person thought. A skyeel didn’t fear falling, did it? A fish didn’t fear drowning. Until he began thinking in a new way, he wouldn’t control this gift he had been given. And it was a gift. He would embrace this. The sky was now his. Kaladin shouted, dashing forward. He leaped and Lashed himself to the wall. No pausing, no hesitance, no fear. He hit at a dead run, and nearby, Syl laughed for joy." "Fearless, he fell. This was his ocean to swim, his winds upon which to soar. He fell face-first toward the next plateau. Just before he arrived, he Lashed himself sideways and backward." All from Words of Radience Chapter 52 Into the Sky Lopen, how would we tell? Or if he starts feeling natural about flying, that could imply you get it from the bond. Torfin was one of the first members of Bridge 4 to open up to Kaladin along with Drehy back in the chasms. Then he's sort of there getting mentioned once after Kaladin recovers from the storm and not at all in Words of Radiance. Since being terrified of flying is pretty much his only character trait other than feeling left out he makes a good test case. Of course unless he's already attracted a cryptic he probably can't use overcoming his fear of flying to become both a Lightweaver and a Windrunner simultaneously. Of course I think every named bridgeman we know who got close to Adolin has become a squire or Windrunner, but there were some whose names weren't given (and we don't know he wasn't one of Adolin's backup) so he might find it easier to become Adolin's squire.
  8. I suspect they have four, since we always see two at one of the two ends. One for each platform and one for each end possibly.
  9. They seem more Team Cultivation. Revering those who grow over those who kill.
  10. I'm not so sure about that. Honour spren aren't likely to be attracted to someone who doesn't like flying. And the otherway round there was the implication that some things (inclding how to use the powers instinctively) come from the spren. Kaladin and in his own way Lopen both go on about loving the skies and wanting to fly. I rather suspect that if he were bonding an Honour or High spren he's be happier about flying. If only because the instincts that were being installed by the process would make it feel natural.
  11. We know from Mistborn the stress of being born can be sufficient to crack someones spirit web (IIRC Vin's sister snapped while being born.) so it doesn't need the rather florid excesses most of our major characters have. Lopen after all at some point lost an arm and spent a significant amount of time in denial about it. So we can't rule him out of being cracked.
  12. Presumably they'd also get the five relevant two power synergy effects and three and four power synergies on top. OIf course we also know from WoB IIRC that you can bind more than one spren if you can hack both sets of oaths and nahal bonds are more stormlight efficient.
  13. He doesn't enjoy flying.
  14. "Why is it that people like you always think you're more ruthless than people like me?" -- Shallan Davar
  15. “So,” Jasnah went on, “when you think of how to respond to my question this time, it is very, very important that you bear that context in mind when I tell you that this has been an incredibly long day. I am, as they say, not in the mood. Now, for what will be the last time you will ever hear me speak these words in this order while you are still capable of coherent thought: Where am I?”