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  1. Yeah I know you from there, I think that's just my head then. I'm doing okaayy, just going through HSC and some other crap so trying my best to float along.
  2. not sure what makes me british but I'm storming 'strayan mate
  3. ? how does it have history? (ignore this post)
  4. Studio C suck
  5. i like that quote, solid Super Mario Bros 2 rating
  6. Oh hey i've seen some of these, maybe i should post my inktobers here too :thinking: (We really need a thinking emote...)
  7. Well hang me upside down and storm me sideways. Finally got my laptop in for repairs...god damnation my mum really needs to listen to me. it was a small simple issue that honestly i could have fixed if i had the means and after a week of fenagling and 2 hours wasted doing things her way...we finally took the laptop where i wanted to take it and finalised repairs in 10 bloody minutes. But nooope i'm the stupid one Praise the sun
  8. *closes the thread and locks it*
  9. Don't worry about the numbers my dude, they'll come. Mine amassed over a few years and even then i was inactive throughout most of it sooo, point is don't force it Hehe finalllyyyy someone i recognise...was wondering where everyone went Noone here to greet my triumphant return?! Although, tbh i mostly recognise your pfp..have you changed your name? How're you doing? Howdyy not that i'm american Gorydamn i hate typing on this chullcrem. That is irritating i'm glad you left, i would leave this laptop if i had a choice...but i'd also feel bad because its not its fault its so messed up and its helped me through a lot so i'm gonna take care of it till it dies Doesn't change that it's a bloody rascal...
  10. Haha potato
  11. idk maybe it means hugs are ew why ooh okay it stopped formatting like that but i like it so much imma keep it that way
  12. Why do you want as much as me?
  13. This is giving me physical pain
  14. Why do you need more?
  15. Lol me for 3/4s of my life