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  1. Happy (admittedly late) birthday!

    1. Darkness Ascendant

      Darkness Ascendant

      omg wow this made my day, sorry I don't check the shard more often D:

      Thank you so much!

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  2. One of the few games that has been a delight to spectate, which made the fact that I missed out of playing by a day a lot easier to deal with *wipes tear. Thanks for running it Alv :]
  3. Yeah sorry @Alvron I'm going to have to take a spectator position as well. Considering how long QFs take- I'd assumed sign-ups would have been over quicker and the game would have started sooner but I can only afford to play for the next week and after that, it would be irresponsible. May I have a spec doc link as well please?
  4. I keep coming online to see if the game has started and keep getting dissapointed. Alv why do you do this to me
  5. Aww I thought you were going to be Larry the cable guy...i.e the actor for may-ta from cars
  6. Lorenzo Zombie-eater signed up just as he saw the two zombies and he ate them. Good thing he was a cannibal who was immune to the zombie virus. That's allowed right.
  7. Crap I didn't even think about that, I've been assuming the base health would be given to us. Nope, just pointing out how I wasn't 100% in with lynching Sart and my gut-read ended up being right. More self-effacing than anything
  8. Well there we go, the power of doubt. This is why I retracted my vote on Sart... I think there may be something to be seen in the votes that did occur that might be indicative of elim behaviour. Just a possibility. @StrikerEZ I'll target 2A alongside you I'll try and get some good analysis in by the end of the night...
  9. Its mostly the part that its such a weak and forlorn response that I'm wondering whether work and stuff are causing him to be inactive to the point that he doesn't really care about being lynched or not. He doesn't seem to be offering much resistance as I'd assume an Elim would- the first part can be ignored entirely. Casting the shade on bard is where I am suspicious- since I'm not sure how Drake knows Bard accidentally lightlanced someone and I'm not sure whether Sart's just casting shade on Bard to be a little scummy. Fura are you even paying attention, Elandera is one of the most active people here lol. And I don't think you're in any position go around giving other players ultimatums and encouraging baseless lynches. (If you were in a position to do so I would just call you out for mayoring ) Yeah I have no idea what to think of the "hard-clear". What was the proof again and how is the proof even trustworthy? And ngl Bard you're sounding awfully defensive in a way that isn't really needed at all- which is weird since apparently you didn't feel a need to respond before? What's gotten you to feel threatened enough to actually think out these convoluted/single-hinged defences. I don't really recall anyone really gunning to lynch you, Striker himself wasn't really that whole-hearted behind it. I just admitted to being a little suspicious, and Fura just pointed out that Striker's logic should cause him to vote on you as opposed to Sart. Just feels a little extra, in my opinion. I am pretty aggressive in thinking but only until I've eased out everything a line of thinking has provided me. So I actually end up being super indecisive All in all: I'm starting to think lynching Sart might be the best course of action again... Everything other than him seems to be very murky. Lynching him would lead to some cut and dry results. If he's village then his thoughts on Bard should be explored fully and then a judgement will have to be made. If he's Elim then Bard is most likely village as the whole bard thing would probably have just been a last-minute ploy to lynch a villager and give himself a cycle's worth of time to figure something out. I agree with bard's reasoning upon the whole 'if Sart's elim then bard is probably elim' thinking (although for all we know this If he's SK then...he's either a genius or extremely lucky lmao I don't really have enough time to go over everything and piece stuff together and as far as short-term gain goes, Sart is possibly the best choice. Yeah, I know I've been back and forthing on him but I've genuinely just been thinking (maybe overthinking) a lot and well with these things there are just so many possibilities that I tend to put them off until I can ascertain things.
  10. I actually think both of you are village Sart I'm not so sure about being an elim anymore. His response to everything has instilled some reasonable doubt in me. And well, if you're going to condemn someone to capital punishment there should be beyond that. I don't feel comfortable lynching him at this stage.
  11. yeah, I'm a very think out loud kind of guy. I was debating trying to somehow twist it to make my vote on you work but I had to admit defeat Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself. (Also your best friend) Well then, its almost like Sart and I can't both be village. I know I'm village what are you Striker? :hmmm: Sart
  12. Well in that case yeah, I'm not the guy for that- haven't been paying much attention outside of stuff concerning me cos of time and preoccupations.
  13. Nah they can't, but they can convince someone else to- or the traitor could. I don't want substance from you, I want you to simply be as active as you can be. It would have been good to know about how the cycles worked for you earlier. And yeah, I've had my eyes on Bard and Ark as well. Maills been lurking which is suspicious to me as well. Yeah, I'm planning on a big post either tonight or tomorrow regarding a few players but for the most part I must admit I've just been annoyed with your contributions to discussion/the inane votes. That coupled with the inactivity is what made me suspicious of you the most but considering your justifications I'm willing to back down from them. I'll keep my vote on you for now until I look at bard/maill/ark tonight. I agree with everything you've said about them. What's going to change with the PMs? @Mailliw73 And @Furamirionind is that because I took my vote off of you?
  14. Unless one of them was a Gunner right? My shields got taken out, if the first is the case then potentially one of the person who targeted it used an IMB and took everyone who targeted its shields. Potentially could have been a ploy to ensure everyone's shields were out so that one person in the fray could be taken out with a Gunner or something. (First attack takes out shields, second deals damage). Maybe, but it was re-iterated a few times by me. In which case I do urge everyone to please for god's sake pay attention to the thread properly. Specially once the Traitor comes out (Since they cannot vote).
  15. I targeted 1-B night one, I said I would target 1-B night two. I brought it down to 3 health first night and was planning on finishing it off. Fura also said that they would target 1-B (for some reason), which I find suspicious. Fura has a faster ship than a Poco, as they destroyed 2-B before I did. And somebody destroyed 1-B before either of us did. So 3 people were targeting 1-B. Why would 3 people target one ship, when only one was necessary (me). I claimed to target 1-B first, then Fura did, and someone we do not know then targeted 1-B and had a ship faster than both of us. My shields got knocked out in the fight as well, @Furamirionind were your shields knocked too? In which case someone may have targeted 2-B with an IMB which affected all of us and made 2-B easier to kill. In the OoA, Gunners come before Destructors (and as far as ship actions go, Gunners and Pocos are equal). Fura's insistence they destroyed 2-B could be indicative of them being a Gunner as they could have gone earlier in the OoA (since Gunners can only gun and not use destructors). Or maybe its entirely wrong and a Largo used an IMB (thus jumping the OoA). Or we both used destructors and both destroyed 2-B. The suspicion rises from the multiple targeting of 1-B/2-B when multiple targets were not required. I claimed to target first, ages ago. And I've held suspicion of Fura before this. The real key is understanding who the third perpetrator on 1-B was, and Fura's lynch could potentially lead to that (Unless they claim a ship). Fura also never said she targeted 2-B, but that she targeted 1-B Of course, they could have changed their mind but that also sounds very strange to me. None of this is definite, there just are a lot of holes in this progression and I'm not sure what exactly happened that night. I have suspicions that I was the target for the Elim kill and multiple people targeted me/the ship I was targeting. Potentially Fura is an eliminator/Traitor who's plan got messed up by a Lightlance, or they're just a villager who got redirected alongside me due to whatever reason. The more I'm writing this the more I think of the latter honestly, Furamirionind. There simply are too many holes to make a solid judgement and perhaps pursuing Fura in a lynch for potential information is too rash. I do believe a Sart lynch would benefit us however, they've been playing incredibly strange all game, they've only posted 7 times, 3 of which are irrelevant. They repeat themselves twice in these posts. Both of which are very strangely worded and the focus on Gunners is a little too obtuse. Early lynches only favour Eliminators and Sart's inaction has been very eliminatory in my opinion. Then there's this funny post where he talks about inactivity...and I believe a lightlance is responsible for the lack of an elim kill. He claims to be suspicious of people with low activity levels, when he has directly ignored all my discussion about him and has himself been incredibly inactive. His vote on gaea is meaningless and as a whole it is, again, a fluff post. He hasn't contributed much all game and I do believe there is a strong chance of him being an Elim. Maybe they're the traitor, looking at this post; Which if one's being cynical directly preys on the misunderstanding surrounding the Traitor mechanic. If he turns out to be Traitor, then we know to shoot him up during the night. If he turns out to be elim, then yay for us! If he turns out to be villager...then well I don't mean to be harsh but. No big loss. Sart. Also @Mailliw73 I keep seeing you lurking and would love to hear more from you.