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  1. Personally, I believe the Fused who were growing and using their carapace in strange ways were using the Surge of Progression. Their carapace doesn't just do that, it's a Surge. It may also be used for muscle growth, but that's less evident.
  2. theory

    More like The Faceful.
  3. The more likely explanation is that Dalinar visited before Lift did. The next more likely explanation is that Lift wasn't visited by Cultivation but only the Nightwatcher. Lift being centuries old is incredibly unlikely.
  4. I kind of agree, but also for a different reason. It just seems odd to me that they would choose an important character death as their audio preview chapter. "Kind of" agree because I'm not utterly convinced she is not dead, just mostly convinced. Not that it makes a lot of difference to me since it's the interlude after part 1, but what about people who only listen to the sample chapter and didn't read the whole pre-release first? Imagine a couple years down the line, someone is looking for an audiobook and they listen to the sample chapter on Amazon or wherever, is this what they're going to hear? Just seems weird to pick that one. Granted it is part 3 of a series, so probably not going to be a very common occurrence, but still. Guess we'll find out tomorrow(ish).
  5. Audio definitely isn't for everyone, but you might still enjoy Graphic Audio if you've never tried that. Who knows when Oathbringer will be done by GA, but the first two are pretty great in my opinion. It doesn't suffer from the problem you mention, though it does suffer from others of course. Strangely enough, I used to hate audiobooks, but now it's my preferred medium. I'm not really sure what changed. Although I actually read along with it anyway, most of the time. Especially for SA because of the art and epigraphs.
  6. I know, that's why it's weird.
  7. Somehow, when you break it down into time like that it doesn't seem like enough. Although, that is like 2-3 seasons if it were a show.
  8. What I'm most anticipating are the things I don't see coming. Oh, and all the other things too of course.
  9. Szeth can also write the Alethi Women's Script. When he killed Gavilar, he wrote Gavilar's last words to Dalinar. Everyone assumed Gavilar learned to write in the late part of his life and wrote it himself, which means it must have been written in Alethi. If it had been written in Shin, no one would have thought Gavilar wrote it, they would have suspected the Shin assassin. It would have sparked discussion and speculation by the Alethi instead of people just assuming Gavilar wrote it, think it's odd, then move on. So, Szeth can read and write in at least two languages.
  10. I'm going to be listening to the audiobook (and reading along for most of it of course), so I'll start from the beginning. Plus, I tend to forget things if too much time passes and it'll be a couple months since I read the beginning when I get to read the rest, so I basically have to start over anyway. That's a lot of time to pass when I normally read a book in a day or two, or about a week listening. I'm going to read it many times anyway, and that would be a problem if starting over bothered me.
  11. I never said she should be involved in the Diagram. I'm saying your reason that she shouldn't be doesn't make sense. She isn't remotely as suspicious as you say she is, not to a person living in their world. To us she is but that's because we know what's going on in the world and we know the private thoughts of the characters. So far only Dalinar has noticed anything of concern and as far as I can tell he doesn't really have much reason. But even if he did, Dalinar is a special case and we haven't seen anyone else's opinion of Malata at all.
  12. So far as we know, she only made one person slightly suspicious. Everyone else will very likely see it the way Navani did, "if she's a Radiant, she can't be bad right?" Also, I would say Brandon disagrees with your assessment about assassins and secret organization members standing out. Szeth is super obvious. Iyatil would be the most suspicious person in any room. Compared to Iyatil, what's so suspicious about Malata that Iyatil makes sense for a secret organization but Malata doesn't? One of them is a little smiley, the other one has a freaking mask fused to their face. What I'm saying is, if I saw Malata, I wouldn't be the least bit suspicious of her behavior.
  13. I agree completely with Mr King. I always listen nowadays. When I read I can't stop my eyes from skipping ahead. Anytime there's a " my eyes shoot straight to it. I try to refocus but they just keep going back. So now I read along with a narrator and I don't miss anything. No more skipping paragraphs and reading each page in the wrong order.
  14. I'm not disagreeing with your points. Of course we as readers have lots of reason to be suspicious of her. But I clearly didn't phrase my question properly. People were saying that she is acting so suspiciously that they would never include her in their secret organization. So my question is actually what reason does Taravangian have to be suspicious of her? What about her behavior would keep him from including her in the Diagram? Why would he expect her to give them away just because she's smiley?
  15. Well, it would follow the pattern.