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  1. If I have then I obviously don't remember it clearly.
  2. Just got Elantris today Not sure if this is the right place but the Word of Brandon thread was closed! Something to look forward too. Feel free to share it. Transcript: Question: Can a nahel bonded spren safely world hop with their bondmate? Answer: RAFO! Book 3 gives some clues.
  3. I didn't mean the only thing. But the ships do seem to use alkali metals as an actual power source.
  4. Well it makes you wonder if the FTL requirements for space-faring Scadrial society uses Francium to power their ships as it is the ultimate Alkali metal.
  5. We know that Andonalsium seeded the universe in with bits of himself, IE the original source of Spren and the like. It could be someone collected enough of these bits from various soruces and turned them against it. A mini shard if you will. My personal theory until we get more information... Hoid told a really bad joke in hopes of gaining Its attention and it shattered from the horribleness of the joke. In its final moments it cursed Hoid to spend the rest of his life improving his humor or face the wrath of Odium. Thus Wit was born.
  6. On a purely Plasma blade of a Lightsaber vs a Shardblade? I'd say stalemate. Even synthetic crystals used in lightsabers have to be attuned to the force before a lightsaber even works. Most lightsabers use Kyber crystals which very much are force attuned. Essentially SW's equivalent of Investment. And since the lightsabers some how produce that plasma through force attuned crystals... I'd say the plasma itself has a level of investiture, not including a Shard wieldier having to fight the magnetic containment. The real question we have to ask, is how much damage can a spren's shard form hold up to physical thermal damage? Are they truly indestructable? I ask this because lightsabers are essentially highly confined miniature suns in the way they can tear through metals that have 3000F+ melting temperatures like theyare butter. Now a Radiant vs a Jedi is a whole other animal.
  7. First book was predictableish but this book definitely makes up for any lacks in its selling points.
  8. I mean that someone growing can't store age or that the returned/fifth heightening can't store age. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  9. What are you basing this on if I might ask? I'm not sure I understand how you are relating being able to store Age to maturity. Returned though aren't the only ones that reach fifth heightening though. It only takes roughly 3500 breaths. Hoid in his particular case I'm thinking used his light weaving to earn them or most of them. If he gained them during the time we saw him in Warbreaker I imagine he could have up to 340 years to have put them to good use filling it Metalminds if you go by the fact that the time between Mistborn and Stormlight is that same amount of time with warbreaker happening somewhere in it. Also based on how long the human population of Roshar has been around for thousands of years even with skipping it Hoid has to have been alive for a very very long local time to himself.
  10. I forget what page it was but when Andolin was watching them soulcast a new building he specifically states there are certain shapes and layouts that can't be soulcasted due to the fabrial's limitations.
  11. I was just thinking that Hoid could potentially have been using the fifth heightening for a while to get around not growing old. Then I though about the fact that he has Feruchemy as well. As we know Fifth Heightening allows for functional immortality in terms of aging, furthermore there is the disease and poison resistance. Now the question is, what would the affect of constantly storing age and health while under fifth heightening? Would they notice as significant effects? I imagine Hoid or some other Feruchemist-Awakener could potentially become immortal in all regards by having vast health/age reserves just after a few years or more without the disadvantages of compounding gold or atium and their savantness even when bereft of their breaths Thoughts?
  12. Use the ability to world hop for pizza delivery.Guarantee its delivery before the next desolation or you'll get your shard blade back. Lightweave a dictionary to look like a dictionary. Soulcast the said dictionary into stone paperweight. Tell them its so you can throw the book at them if they get out of line. Sooth Hoid so he's witty and incorrigible.... Soulcast someone's wine into water while they're drinking it. Speak the AI Paradoxes to pattern and then riot his interest. (Would that work?) Capture Humor spren and give it to a parshmen during a highstorm. Soulcast any noble into popcorn if they object. Soulcast any man who eats Chouta into meat, tell everyone chouta is people!
  13. Uh... what? Of course he could have been a shard bearer, the only reason he wasn't was because he decided to give the ones he won Its those kinds actions that really kickstarted his Nahel bond How far into the Stormlight Archives are you?
  14. Its Wayne, those symbols turned out to be the little scribbles and characters he annoys Wax's notes with. Though I wonder how different the speed bubbles would be on Roshar. Wish we had a base comparison between Yolen Lightweaving and Yolen Lightweaving on Roshar. We've always seen him use dust everywhere to add to it while Shallon's Lightweaving seems to take without any real aid of a secondary material. Speed Bubbles on Roshar? How would spren take notice of that? Though Syl would probably love it. We could even see Time Spren.
  15. Tough but not impossible: Okay not quite what I remembered unless I missed one that better explained it. But we also know that certain aons are also based on physical locations hence why the rift had to be incorporated into the base aon. Also the WoB that Sel magic all are essentially the same magic system and respond to these changes in similar ways. I included the second quote mainly because at the very least this individual is probably on the right path. There are probably patterns that can be used like Roshar's vibration derived city patterns as a foundation to access non Dor type Shard investiture. Found it, not definitive but better.