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  1. I'd go with Way of Kings, with Elantris a close second. Way of Kings just has a huge scope compared to most of his other books, and Kaladin is one of my favourite fantasy characters. It also has a certain compelling power to it, what with Knights Radiant Ideals and most of what Dalinar says.
  2. Made with a 15x15cm square of kami paper. I couldn't find what colour Adolin's Blade was, so I just went with grey.
  3. That said, Gifters do
  4. I'd have to go with either Hrathen or Amaram. Hrathen because he is actually my favourite character from Elantris. Amaram because I love to hate him.
  5. "Strangers, you bring pain. You bring suffering. You bring to so many dreams the dust of death. But, strangers, I am Icarium. And I bring far worse.” -Icarium, Dust of Dreams
  6. 1. My primary power would be the ability to become invisible out of direct light. My secondary power would be the ability to change into a gaseous or plasma state for brief periods of time. 2. My weakness would be large submerged objects. (Don't ask). Also direct light for the first one, I guess, but that's more technical than an actual weakness. 3. My Epic Evil would be destroying anyone who bothered even a little. 4. My name would be Shadewalker.
  7. Tin Savant. Enhanced senses are way cooler than perfect pitch and colour recognition. Would you rather eat Chull head or chouta?
  8. I just assumed that the shimmer was Fuzz reaching through Realms. It could just be that I've seen too many movies with ripply portals, though.
  9. I think that a Shard may be too large scale. Perhaps a Worldhopper of some kind? This is just spitballing, but there may be some kind of residual investiture that has some kind of strange Intent attached that these characters have all come in contact with.I would guess that a Worldhopper would be the most likely candidate for this.
  10. The second aon I decided to do in origami is aon aha. I had a flash of inspiration, and had to make it. This one, like the other one, is made of one uncut square of paper. Anyway, I hope you like it!
  11. Alright, since the instructions for my origami models would take up eight gallery posts, at a suggestion by someone who will remain nameless for his (or her) own protection, I've decided to make a topic for it instead. Please note that all of the spoiler tags will contain about eight attachments. As I make new instructions, I'll edit them into this post. Axehound Aon Aha
  12. The Aon Aha diagram is up. I'll do either the Shardblade or aon aon next.
  13. I vote Kelsier. He's a mistborn. At the point where Miles exists, Mistborn are pretty much a legend, whereas Kelsier manages to kill an inquisitor. Also, if this happens in Miles' time, Kelsier will also have bendalloy, duralumin, and whatever else they found that escapes me at the moment. Kelsier is in an entirely different power bracket from Miles. Even if he didn't kill Miles, he could probably just pin him to a wall with a bunch of metal rods. Also, I like Kelsier far more than Miles. Go Kelsier!
  14. I was listening to a selection of Imagine Dragons songs. No, I don't know why.
  15. Hey, does anybody know when this airs in Canada? All I can find is a "Pawn Stars" marathon.
  16. I'm going with Vasher. Nightblood is ridiculously powerful, and even if Vasher didn't have Nightblood, he still has 500-odd years to practice, as well as any Breath he can collect. (Which varies, really)
  17. Shadows for Silence minor spoilers
  18. Thanks!
  19. Since I've run out of creatures from The Stormlight Archive that have less than 14 legs, and I can't find a good reference for a nightmaw, I've decided to shift to aons. I doubt I'll be able to do that many, since many of them are too complicated to do in origami, so I decided to start simple. It's made of one square of paper. Hope you like it!
  20. Blocked: Group-Lighteyes
  21. speculation

    I don't buy it. Kelsier, just before his death became far less hateful towards the nobles. He saves Elend, for one. Also, in his final note, the one that Vin gets after Kell's death, he says that he didn't want Vin to kill the high Nobility anymore. The High Nobility. They are the worst skaa-murdering, money-hoarding, heartless people since, well, since the Lord Ruler himself. And Kell has mercy on them. The nobility of the second mistborn era are far better. Corrupt, yes, but not nearly as bad as, say, Straff. Or any of the Nobility save Elend, really. Maybe with three hundred years of unmitigated Ruin-ness, he might go crazy. However, I think Sazed knew him too well to do something like that. Anybody would be a better holder for his extra Ruin investiture than Kelsier. Heck, even Marsh, since he has experience with resisting Ruin. Kelsier turning evil like that just seems wrong to me.
  22. Well, the particular carriage ride that Hoid was on happened to be the same one where Wax had a fairly long conversation with Harmony, so that certainly is Shard-related.
  23. I have made yet another Stormlight Archive-themed origami model, and here it is. This one is made of one square piece of paper. It's based off of the Oathbringer necklace on the Brandon Sanderson Store. Hope you like it!
  24. I don't know. I just assumed that the goons brought the body along with them or something, figuring it was just a random detail. Actually, come to think of it, prior Sanderson knowledge might actually harm more than help in this case, since, in my experience, Brandon doesn't bring people back to life that often. It's pretty much just Kelsier and Jasnah, if I recall correctly.