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  1. I was so excited when I saw this and a great majority were accurate. And now I'm sad.
  2. From Steelheart: "I can’t gift to other Epics,” Edmund said, shrugging. “It’s just the way the powers work.” “Is it that way for other gifters?” Prof asked. “I’ve never met any,” Edmund said. “Gifters are rare. If there are others in the city, Steelheart never let me meet them. He wasn’t bothered by not being able to get my powers for himself; he was plenty happy using me as a battery.”
  3. Collective Consciousness confirmed.
  4. it makes sense, considering. Obviously, there security wouldn't mean squat to a high epic, but to normal people/lesser epics its a powerful deterrent. and the high epics pay them for tech. they don't care where it came from.
  5. i think knighthawk is were all the harvested midochondria ends up, aka its not just phones, its all research.
  6. THAT, sounds like its got some major Pendragon inspiration.
  7. Dawnslight is in a coma. Did he go on a Rending? Turn all his fruit poisonous? No. In fact, there are no children epics. And I suspect its because, like dawnslight, children are innocent and pure, and have no bad thoughts to be amplified to murder spree level to begin with. Dawnslight is an adult, but his mind never matured past childhood, leaving him rend free. I'm pretty sure the epic powers are basically your average double edged sword. dawnslight just got his with bumpers.
  8. he noticed during the fight she mad a mask/filter on. And Tia was asking how he knew it was connected.
  9. She said it herself that she's terse with everyone.
  10. Sourcefield had to DRINK the kool-aid. Drinking poison as a kid was her fear, not just the koolaid itself. Thats why she had a filter on her mouth/nose.
  11. well no. elastic collisions could only work if both objects had the same amount of energy AFTER they meet as before the collision. I'd say both prof and the bomb expended quite a lot of energy. Unless he's also a nuclear reactor and can instantly replenish his energy. But alas, like most high epics after a massive release of energy, prof had a small moment of weakness where all he could manage was a small forcefield.
  12. like a baseball player cracking a home run, redirecting the ball. Prof basically used his shields like Newton did to bounce from buildings, albeit on a much greater scale.
  13. at its basest, to get what they want. be it a lie believed, or the one they love safe.
  14. Thematically appropriate, as in really good at killing the innocents we tries to save? Like a Janus power....hmmmm
  15. The end of firefight, David equates the power prof puts into his forcefields to steelheart transforming chicago into steel. Chicago is 234² miles, but houston is 3 times the size of chicago, at 627² miles which Obliteration destroyed and the bomb prof held in with his shields was several magnitudes higher that THAT. We can assume steelheart put everything he had into transforming MOST of chicago to steel. Prof is in a whole other league.