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  1. Sorry, I'll generally use El to refer to Elbereth but I'll try to keep the third letter added in for others Why are there so many people with El at the beginning of their name anyway? 'Tis a symbolic vote, and you can't #friendship me after what you did to Araris
  2. Hiya everyone, beggar whisperer here. And the whispers doth say, me no likey Stick collaborating with El, Striker and Wonko. So for @manukos and @Elandera, Wonko probably like really wants you dead. For @Abstrusity, @Coda and @Elkanah, It's like actually 100% Striker wants you gone and like yeah 'thats the point of the game STINK' but like half of my PMs with Striker are him going on about how many schemes he's got and all that which like just cause the trio named up above are his main scheme doesn't mean he's got side-schemes and no man should have side-schemes you gotta be loyal @Snipexe, @Shqueeves and @Bartimaeus, I don't think any of my PMs with you lot are that active but you get the same spiel about El like actively going round trying to hustle some deaths with a side of maybe smooth jazz can never have enough of that. Now, I realise now that I'm gonna get some 'but STINK, that leaves just you and Lemon' and to that I say precisely, Lemon and Me got that trust thing going on for real unlike Stick (cmon Stick you could've at least stuck to friendship for one cycle) so us two can just keep the train rolling until one of us gets bored and lets the other person win out of real friendship. Which probably means Lemon winning, but Let's get some votes out there people
  3. Outside of RP which hopefully I get round to (though I do have two exams on Monday and Tuesday), I'm just waiting for the first person to get rid of one of their fellow faction members tbh
  4. Yeah I'm down for drunkenly chatting game strats tbh
  5. The annoying thing is my paranoia is sitting here going the both of you could still have deliberately maneuvered your way here but then also not really but also YES. Also caps for emphasis sucks as a technique I really gotta figure out something better how on earth do people even do writing fictional characters and stuff my god it's hard. Also I know people have vote manipulation stuff but either aman is good and has been using it for himself and straw probably has one because he's evil or it's vice versa aaaahhhh Straw. End o' the day, gotta respect that spanreed man really helped out wasn't for that I would've done like nothing this whole game lol
  6. A game with docs basically always being available? Sounds great Feel free to give me an apt name?
  7. Game looks pretty fun tbh, but yeah gonna stick to my QF policy again and ask for a spec doc please
  8. I am not happy about that inactive filter >.> So no-ones saying anything, but apparently Coda had PMs cmon man what'd I do I thought we had a good vibe going on earlier Honestly a bit lost
  9. I'm actually gonna have to trawl through the whole thread and make a timeline just to found out which one of yous is lying about making the grandbow I got >.>
  10. It was definitely not a real Grandbow, though it'd be funny if I ended up with it again after LG20 Got the whole spiel about Artifabrians Anonymous that makes sure you know it's temporary even if you miss when they specify temporary, then maybe a corporate joke that I didn't understand really.
  11. Gonna like segment this quote for referring to it later, but no word modifications that'd be too ridiculous. (some sentences have been deleted if I just don't react to them in any way really) Alright now that's sorted, I guess I can go through and add my thoughts/responses to various things, see if anything can be tracked in that 1/ONE: Admittedly, the 'bribing' choice of words probably wasn't the best, but upon the time of posting I was pretty panicked that basically the game was over and I really hadn't done anything for either side (so effectively inactive ooft). I also didn't put it in the post because 'information security' which screw that now gonna let all the nothings that I know out, but I also thought you were the one who made me the Grandbow that I didn't end up using which would've made 3 items made for me which I was like 'wuh'. However, I'm still actually kinda lost on your logic for giving me the painrial when Coda seems to be stuck at the hip to you, with you doing nothing really in return? Don't tell me there's nothing going on there. 2/TWO Again, there's definitely a second artifab out there being all secretive unless we're all really bad at tracking Aman's item making, since he's claimed to have not made me the Grandbow and now I'm wondering if they're just constantly making grandbows for people until something happens, hm. As for the Straw situation, I'll see if I have time later to like actually look at what he's done throughout the whole game I guess. 3/THREE And sure, I can put Aman back on the trust list since apparently you've been capable of basically doing whatever for god knows how long, that's kinda a worrying reason to trust someone but it is what it be sometimes. Better than all the quiet people >.> Also, a grain of salt is worth quite a fair bit in some situations, so don't go disparaging the power of the salt, I guess? 4/FOUR Being an artifab would pretty nice yeah, but so is being a kick-chull Noble If the artifab is someone inactive, then might be time to bring back ye olde contribution crusade - even though it's cycle 6 now - and start a culling. Wow that was grim to type out. 5/FIVE Just a quick comment that it seems the elims were also not wanting to make or break this game, apparently? ANYWAYS TIME FOR MAYBE SOME ORIGINAL STUFF EVEN THOUGH WHATS THE CHANCES OF THAT ACTUALLY BEING ORIGINAL? Me still no likey Coda, but me also not like any inactives really - who consist of: Bard,Drake and also maybe Coda I really ain't seen much - and I know Straw's out there clearly doing something. Ok so apparently I don't like anybody. Straw I guess? Plenty of time for stuff to happen if anyone even responds thats not Aman anyway
  12. Also (hate to sound like I'm making excuses but it's uni life it is what is it) so sorry for the short post but uh where on earth did araris / HHspanreed go and why is no one hitting me up in this shadowy time
  13. Sorry boutta take a nap but real quick cause I read that and was like 'wuh' You didn't make me the Grandbow that I got?