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  1. This part alone nearly made me start disassociating O.o Experience is discovering the Contribution Crusade rn, DeTess is reading the encyclopedia, Zillah is gut-punching and TGK is currently the only RPer which kudos to that. Unfortunately my PM game this game must be weak or something 'cause I ain't getting anything to work with, but I similarly don't wanna join the CC when it's our only real lever with which to act. Which I guess leaves the Zillah thing, but then the question becomes even though Zillah couldn't quantify the gut on DeTess - and has in fact now rejected it because DeTess is active - was there something there or was it an attempt to maybe sow discord? I know this means nothing but it's demonstrative, Sart. And I don't necessarily think it was distancing but there's also the post about PMs leading to lack of information which Idk not really? There's certainly less people doing random stuff in thread cause it's generally saved for PMs but in games the bulk of information is stuff that happens in the thread so looking back on it like wow shouldn't have let that one fly by. Just not sure if it's new player stuff or something more sinister euuuuuugh
  2. Sorry everyone since coming back from Uni I've had to basically do all of the housework involved in the grand scheme that is moving everyone's stuff into one room (which isn't that weird a concept I know) and our house was an absolute state beforehand so that is nearly done now. As part of that process, my PC apparently broke so I might have to disect that which I don't even think I have the mental energy for rn with this sudden summer heat wew. Anyways so yeah that explains why I made my post about people being active then kinda just went poof for a good set of hours so mb mb. As for the game, I don't really get the Striker lynch? Looks like the arguments were that he was in the majority (aka everyone except for DeTess really) and he wasn't that active that day, along with Rath and others? Sart, until I find something better to go with for now. The DoS kill when his only real post was about a WGG might be something worth looking into, since it's unlikely the elims cared about one of many posts about whether they know each other at this point.
  3. Aight so I went to look back at C1 expecting to get some like mad analysis in or something but uh Xino kinda just made one post at the start then vamooshed. So either there's some PM stuff going on in which case that is definitely something to maybe be aware of or the elims just didn't like that they made a confident sounding post that early in the game? I'm tempted to throw some trust at Experience but in my own experience (see what I did there) I'm also tempted to say this this erring in the ways of a mislynch isn't that worthy of actually looking at? Idk, if only someone else could engage and we can bounce ideas
  4. Ok well now I feel bad that I didn't vote cause I thought it wouldn't really matter and now Joe is dead, but at the same time I can't really think of any alternatives that leave me 'satisfied' with their death. Wow that last sentence feels wrong to type but I guess that's just SE for you. Without reading C1 over again, I don't really think Xino did anything that we can look at and be like 'ah yes of course they killed them for X reason' but it's only C1 so we'll have to see. Guess I'll have to start making PMs with all you peeps now Also that Rulo message is uh, certainly something
  5. I like the quote under the PAFO though, nice touch
  6. Heh, I think I've been involved in previous incarnations of this but did not know that before signing up Only really read the rules in detail now And looks like we didn't start with no Seon Holders, so as soon as I get access to an actual PC rather than mobile, you know I'm gonna have to start PMs with everyone else in existence, which I'll also have to figure out how that works RP wise now that I think of it. Otherwise, looks like anything that people have picked up on are just waiting for clarification and tbh, I did not pick up on any of that when I read through the rules so depending on the clarification either grats or shame Is it even worth poke voting in-thread when really I could be sending someone else's name to the GM and just doing whatever I feel like?
  7. Room for one more? I too will make the sacrifice for the betterment of society to stay in my room all day and play SE Feel free to name me
  8. Sorry, I'll generally use El to refer to Elbereth but I'll try to keep the third letter added in for others Why are there so many people with El at the beginning of their name anyway? 'Tis a symbolic vote, and you can't #friendship me after what you did to Araris
  9. Hiya everyone, beggar whisperer here. And the whispers doth say, me no likey Stick collaborating with El, Striker and Wonko. So for @manukos and @Elandera, Wonko probably like really wants you dead. For @Abstrusity, @Coda and @Elkanah, It's like actually 100% Striker wants you gone and like yeah 'thats the point of the game STINK' but like half of my PMs with Striker are him going on about how many schemes he's got and all that which like just cause the trio named up above are his main scheme doesn't mean he's got side-schemes and no man should have side-schemes you gotta be loyal @Snipexe, @Shqueeves and @Bartimaeus, I don't think any of my PMs with you lot are that active but you get the same spiel about El like actively going round trying to hustle some deaths with a side of maybe smooth jazz can never have enough of that. Now, I realise now that I'm gonna get some 'but STINK, that leaves just you and Lemon' and to that I say precisely, Lemon and Me got that trust thing going on for real unlike Stick (cmon Stick you could've at least stuck to friendship for one cycle) so us two can just keep the train rolling until one of us gets bored and lets the other person win out of real friendship. Which probably means Lemon winning, but Let's get some votes out there people
  10. Outside of RP which hopefully I get round to (though I do have two exams on Monday and Tuesday), I'm just waiting for the first person to get rid of one of their fellow faction members tbh
  11. Yeah I'm down for drunkenly chatting game strats tbh
  12. The annoying thing is my paranoia is sitting here going the both of you could still have deliberately maneuvered your way here but then also not really but also YES. Also caps for emphasis sucks as a technique I really gotta figure out something better how on earth do people even do writing fictional characters and stuff my god it's hard. Also I know people have vote manipulation stuff but either aman is good and has been using it for himself and straw probably has one because he's evil or it's vice versa aaaahhhh Straw. End o' the day, gotta respect that spanreed man really helped out wasn't for that I would've done like nothing this whole game lol
  13. A game with docs basically always being available? Sounds great Feel free to give me an apt name?
  14. Game looks pretty fun tbh, but yeah gonna stick to my QF policy again and ask for a spec doc please
  15. I am not happy about that inactive filter >.> So no-ones saying anything, but apparently Coda had PMs cmon man what'd I do I thought we had a good vibe going on earlier Honestly a bit lost