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  1. I write like nearly a whole paragraph about how since MM doesn't like you that much, I'm inclined to ease up on you and you summarise it as this? This is like the second/third time you've just got the wrong thing now, Mailliw.
  2. Firstly, I wanna say sorry to those two people that I didn't get to PM in time. I have failed in my duty to always have my profile picture be seen when looking at an inbox, and for that I apologise. Secondly, wew boy what a turnover it has been, there's a lot to get at here. So I guess let's start with the thing that I want done and over with in terms of analysis, then we can get on to the real stuff. ---------------------------------------------------------- THERE'S ALWAYS ANOTHER KELSIER? Okay, so for this segment I'm gonna ignore anything in this that pertains to not secrets, because that would make this whole thing kinda complicated. So we break it down to what we don't know, which obviously is the secret roles and stuff. Truly, a riddle for the ages. So, seems likely that this is the Kelsier we've been looking for / Lumgol found when they voted. Purposes of Kelsier? More secrets, but those don't really matter that much unless you're Zane, from the looks of it. What's Kelsier saying though, considering the fact that we know there's 3 - 5 secrets within this game. I'm gonna count 'cause I'm going through this as I write it: 1. Kelsier is in the game, related to Mistborn somehow. (Not exactly confirmed but like what else would he do) 2. Kandra possibly in the game, secret role? (Kelsier specifically mentions the kandra in relation to the mistborn) 3. Marsh possibly in the game, another secret there. (Kelsier specifically mentions his brother, possibly RP but we'll presume not for now) 4. If we're really far-reaching, could be actual Jastes role as well (Doesn't seem likely but is mentioned) And that makes 4, but really I would only say 2 or 3, 'cause I'm not sure how Marsh would work within the scope of this game. But anyway, it seems clear that Joe is/was made incorporeal in terms of the player list or something that we just can't do. As for the Kandra/Other-Role-Shenanigans, I'm gonna point everyone to coop and we are not going to lynch them but everyone with night abilities can mess around with them, unless I get an explanation that makes it clear they are in some way village-aligned. Seems to me we've entered the realms of Neutrals, and we don't wanna scare them off. But speaking of... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IT TOOK ME 2 YEARS TO REALISE MAILLIW IS WILLIAM BACKWARDS Yeah, title isn't lying. I know, doesn't look that great. But hey, I ain't an avid reader or anything. Anyways, we got a lot to go on with this guy, because apparently our Mystery Man is also not a fan, which makes me (and this is gonna look weird) not a fan of being not a fan of Mailliw, despite initially being a non-fan of Mailliw. First, not doing post analysis as there's still not much there in terms of looking back on it knowing Bard and Randuirs roles. However, since there's a chance of the dead somehow letting us know a few things, I'm gonna go crazy and talk to the dead, and see if anything works. Oh Bard Of The Young, Did Anyone Know Your Role Before During N1? That pertains to Mailliw, but not that closely. What is close, is our Mystery Man (shoutout to Peter Andre). Now these two sentences are great, even the first one. Our MM (Mystery Man is now shortened) seems to have some way to determine actions/alignment and didn't like Bard, who is now dead. So doesn't know everything, but might have that capability. Second sentence is equally juicy, since it seems MM really doesn't like Mailliw, but does like me. Why a big fan? Rereading my posts, I'm not sure if I've done anything specific or if they just like the bit against Mailliw. Sadly, they didn't use any chapter references (even subtly) so there's no way for me to say. Back to Mailliw though, since this is meant to be his chapter (sorry). This isn't the only time MM has done something. While everyone chats about their secret Mists PM, mine was just more Anti-Mailliw stuff. Kinda disappointing compared to all your intrigue, but it is what it is. Anyway, for now, Mailliw. This isn't a concrete vote or anything, but yeah it is what it is idk what I'm even saying at this point. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTUALLY, WHAT IS WITH THESE MIST PMS? Again, I feel that Coop is some kinda secret role, and I'm just gonna keep that stuff to the Night. Haven't really got anything else to say, other than I'm intrigued by Lum receiving this considering other people have been getting different messages. Would ask for reasoning, but that's for when I end up dying (presumably). From the sounds of it, that is where the real SK hunting is happening. Maybe they're right, eh? See above, these guys really want the SKs. As for if everyone got secret PMs, I'm gonna presume that everyone did as a fair few people instantly (within scope of game) claimed a few different ones. Probably best to keep it secret unless needed, it's probably secret for a good reason. Like if Coop genuinely is evil, everyone's nearly thinking it at this point so something will probably happen. ------------------------------------------------- CLOSING NOTES Yeah this is getting kinda long and y'all need to start posting too. As for another shocking statement during the closing statement, Adavantos is probably evil in some form too. Great fun.
  3. I have big post coming because I am miffed rn, so that is what I do. Again, Jumae is gone because whimsicality is not needed here. And so we begin, and I will put dotted lines in between sections for ease of reading. First, ------------------------------------------------- THE BALLAD OF JOE: Fura asks why Joe isn’t on the player list. Fifth says player list is correct, but don’t have to be on it to be in the game. Lumgol says Joe is secret. Cadmium speculates that Joe is Kelsier, and is related to Vin. Mailliw votes for Joe. Bard votes for Joe, asks for explanation. Devotary suggests that Joe is Preservation, and cannot speak. Fura formally denounces the lynch on Joe. Stick says Joe is a co-GM, and may be similar to Fifth’s role as Elend. Lumgol votes Joe to find out their role. Fura wants to interact with Joe so doesn’t want him dying. Stink suggests leaving the Joe situation alone and just kind of ignoring him. Straw suggests waiting till D2 to lynch Joe. Hemalurgic Headshot says don’t lynch Joe as secret roles are fun. Rae suggests that Joe is Kelsier, doesn’t want him lynched. Bard proposes that we should be more suspicious of Joe. Mailliw says that Stink is protecting Joe. Bard suggests that Joe is Jestas Lekal, and is an Elim Figurehead. Fura thinks Joe is a neutral with an independent wincon. Why is it all bold? Because Google Docs, Idk. Anyway, these are all posts that matter in relation to Joe. As for PMs that matter in relation to Joe, there's another few things: Mailliw really wanted to know why I 'supported' Joe. Lumgol has PM'd at least 2 people, Mailliw and I. And if they haven't PM'd you, they got Kelsier in response to their vote. Not that many PMs, but hey now everyone should know what Lum got in response, because that should be secret. Also someone feel free to counter-claim. Anyway, I don't actually want to analyse this as I frankly don't care about Joe's involvement in the game. He's not on the player list, so he can do whatever. That's just how games work. ------------------------------------------------------------------ IS COOP COOPED UP? I bring to the attention of the court, but without quoting but you can scroll up, Bard's post where he mentions someone possibly being in a similar situation to Joe, where they cannot speak in thread but are actually on the player list or w/e. Basically everyone on the player list has posted, except for one person (which is kinda ruined by the title of this chapter), which is coop. So yeah, Coop didn't respond to any of my PMs which made me sad, and I can't get their view on this but apparently Bard has and I don't like it. This is a short chapter for the most part. Also loads of people don't wanna talk to me in PMs -------------------------------------------------------------- ARARIS OR BARD? Not a chapter, Araris shouldn't have been lynched upon making a summary of his posts. Y'all killed a guy for committing to what he says about lynching on D1. That's cold. Like no-one really lynched him for anything really, half of them are because people didn't want Bard to die. Sad chapter, this one is. -------------------------------------------------------------- MAILLIW OR NO-ONE ELSE REALLY THIS IS JUST ABOUT MAILLIW Here is also a summary of Mailliw's posts that I think are pertinent: Joke vote on Elend. Will discuss thoughts in both PMs and in thread. Unvotes Randuir. Says those voting Araris are “fools”, but in RP terms. Asks the Unstable Mistborn to contact him to help find Elims. Votes Steel. Says Steel vote is because his Araris vote seemed to be the tipping point. Makes another post asking Unstable Mistborn to contact him. Look at all this beautiful bolding. It's amazing. Now for some analysis/whatever it probably won't be that useful. (1) is whatever, good joke I can appreciate it. (2) Just a normal thing in response to Randuir, again a whatever. (4) This is where things get interesting, he defends Araris slightly by just saying those voting for him are in the wrong, but doesn't really commit to any defence with any analysis or anything, just wants it known or something I guess. (5) I don't think anyone really realised he'd asked the Mistborn to contact him D1, but yeah he did and also didn't like Steel at the time, and that bit is fair. (6) Again, a defence of Araris but not really, just something to be thrown in there I guess? Idk, feels kinda non-committal. (7) This one is a lot more obvious, but he really wants claims from the mistborn and all that. Now that small post analysis has been done, because I don't really like any of those posts, it's PM time! Yeah, I have like no PMs so I gotta make do with what I got, okay? Firstly, he was one of two to PM me first without me doing anything, and for I truly am thankful Mailliw. You remembered me when only one other person did. But also, it was a PM about Joe which just made me go 'ugh'. Again, he ain't on the player list so he ain't my problem. Around halfway through the cycle, Mailliw apparently knows like 5 roles including his, and I have no idea why so many people are claiming this apparently if his word is to be trusted. Like cmon guys, it's not even N2 yet. How can you do this. There really isn't anything else there, except why are so many people claiming to this guy? All in all, I'll vote for Mailliw tomorrow unless the situation changes drastically. ---------------------------------------------------- LUMGOL MAYBE? IDK IT'S SOMETHING LIKE THAT GETTING KINDA BORED Lumgol's claim is an interesting situation, but it's also whatever 'cause I don't wanna lynch them tomorrow so I'll deal with it later. What is more interesting is the reaction to it! There's two or three main actors for this, who are Bard, Rae and Elandera. Others are kinda related, but aren't that mainstream yet (but I got my eye on Randuir). Bard wasn't a big fan of the claim, so went after Lumgol. Fair, it was a really weird claim and like there wasn't really any pressure that led to it? Maybe they just really wanted to help with the Joe situation, a situation that shouldn't exist. Rae and Elandera though, are massive fans of this claim. Both vote for Bard due to questioning that claim, with this being the only thing Elandera really did in my notes. So yeah, those three got a big ol 'connect me' line in the relationship chart of this game. --------------------------------------------------- CLOSING NOTES This is post is kinda long, and I'm kinda tired so don't wanna add more. Feel free to PM me all your role claims like you're all supposedly doing to others, oh and also don't trust Fura with anything sensitive. ,
  4. Breaking Jumae character 'cause this is gonna be a pain to say in character while avoiding the letter m, and also cause why would RP Jumae even bother with such a silly thing such as this, he is above such things so sends Stink in to clear some things up. There, I am now RPing Jumae who is RPing myself. So I ain't breaking character, I am just really immersed in my character who is above being confined to one sub board of the forum. Anyway, This is the only vote on Joe I will allow because we'll get something from it, even if they then die to Elims/Whatever-the-collective-is-this-game-when-you-count-mistborns and that's a long word combined with dashes or w/e. Reasons why is cause they've claimed and we can always test their claim before anything else happens next phase. Only vote the Stink is allowed to allow by Jumae (which makes sense). There should be much more resistance to the Joe lynch, and you should be opposed to it. In fact, could someone with time/good memory trawl through the D1 thread and find who first started talking about Joe and a whole summary of the Joe situation? There's probably someone out there doing too much analysis and all that. DO NOT DO THIS. CAPS ARE FOR EMPHASIS AND ALSO BECAUSE I LIKE THE IDEA OF SHOUTING AT YOU ALL THROUGH TEXT, I DON'T GET TO DO IT MUCH. Anyway, y'all are wasting votes. Like everyone keeps going on if he can be lynched or whatever, and all this analysis and stuff. Which is great stuff guys, keep all this logic stuff going. Big fan. I just think it's all misdirected logic stuff, cause peeps seem to be jumping the gun a bit here. I get it's D1 so people are bored, but even still, just do some RP or whatever. If Joe can be lynched, hooray we've just randomly killed a co-GM and get nothing whatsoever from it (at least in public). If Joe cannot be lynched, you have all wasted your votes and like thrown them into the void (or some other bin) and I'll just feel a bit sad cause everyone's committing to it when like why? Anyway, I'm getting distracted so gonna end the post here and let y'all over-analyse it or whatever. Also I'm gonna vote for whoever has the most votes near end of the cycle (excluding Joe because you guys are wack).
  5. Randuir is getting collapsed on too quickly in the ever so humble opinion of Jumae II, who has to use the letter for his identifier there. 'Twas a suggestion about private talking, and I found nothing that wrong about it. Also, is anyone keeping track of all these red words being thrown around?
  6. Much has been said here, and you have given many points to think about. Also, this concept of poking is not exactly that effective based on what I have seen. Either they are inactive and cannot see the poking, or are active and would not need the poking anyway. When considering supposedly evil people doing a giant poke on our ruler-of-all-within-this-scope, spreading votes for tiny poke is silly, yes?
  7. One does not accidentally write that which they swore not to write, Sir Pounder.
  8. I do not quite know who this person you refer to is, but I appreciate that you are Adavantos. It is a good identifier, for hopefully a good eco-system.
  9. Jumae II is not one for length. It is why he never uses the letter 'm', except for where he has to within his identifier. It also describes the length of this post, which should not be long. Or Average. He also switches up his PoV now and again, because why not? I feel saddened by the loss of private day talking, but will endeavour to keep active in the next 48 (or so) hours. Also, I have just realised that I can no longer vote for anyone whose identifier contains the accursed letter. Oh well.
  10. A Letter Detailing That Which Should Be Detailed, And Also That Which Should Not Document authored by Jumae II Edited by Jumae II Written by Jumae II If you are reading this, do not question how it got into your hands. Or if you do, you can come up with your own answer and it might as well be true. Attached to a knife that went into your desk? Cliche, but probable. Attached to a flying elephant that has ruined your property? Not cliche, equally probable. Either way, it is best to assume that I am both omniscient and omnipotent, and I like to think of myself as omnibenevolent but some people disagree, what can you do? As for if me being all three would make me somewhat of a god, I personally have a more ambitious aim than that, of which I cannot say (or yet know of). What is the point of this document, of which we are still possibly in the intro of? That is for future Jumae II to know, and present Jumae II to stumble through. We don’t talk about past Jumae II, he went through a bit of a phase that one time. Anyway, I hope everyone reading this is going to respond, you can just leave a message lying around somewhere and I can pick it up, perks of the family, eh? I’ve put a fair few question marks in this document so far, and for that I apologise. Again, past Jumae II does things which the rest doesn’t want to talk about. That won’t happen again. Neither will long sentences. Verbosity is waste. Succinct is viable. Other 3 word phrases. But not that one. Maybe we should move on from this. Let’s try this whole purpose thing again. My name is Jumae II - which you should know by now, or preferably before this - and I have not exactly come here willingly. Very dramatic, I know. My aim is to find the cause of the event that has dragged me to this specific world, so if anyone has any information then I would very much appreciate it, and will give you priority on any mail. Other details that should be detailed are that my favourite colour is Ozhun, and also that I have not seen Ozhun in years so please send me some if possible. If you don’t know what it is, that’s more your loss than mine, but I mourn it all the same. Farewell For Now Through This Document Jumae II PS: This note is going out to everyone, so if at any point you feel called out, get some help.
  11. As someone experienced in the art of last minute bandwagons if the rollover is good enough, I feel obligated to sign up for this game. Character name and behaviour and all that jazz TBD, but I'll be in.
  12. Ol' Huld was now at a loss for what ta do. He'd basically done all that he'd wanted to for a good while, so what now? "Snip, why were ya so interested in me gun?" At least it's more than some.
  13. Huld was just a tad confused, who started a crusade here? And secondly, Rogiv didn't seem to have done anything wrong. In fact, it seemed like they had the right idea if anything. "Elandera, I think you should abstain for this here crusade." 'Course, Huld now had to wonder why he just randomly said Elandera, where did that come from?
  14. Ol' Huld was getting quite tired of the same question. 'Gun this' or 'Gun that'. All o' em are stupid questions, when the answer is always 'Gun Huld', but not in the shoot Huld kinda way, more in the Gun is owned by Huld kinda way, ya hear?
  15. Ol' Huld knew that some things just gotta be done. Take for example this whole camp supply shenanigans thing, now why couldn't they just hand items out properly rather than whatever ya call this? Is there no kinda administration or whatcha call it 'round here? Ah well, guess that just means Ol' Huld can get straight to it. Always fancied having a gun, Huld has. Looks right intimidating and uh, yeah. Huld knows it can do other things. --------- Stink here for hopefully the only time, enjoy playing with Huld, he's a bit weird.