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  1. I'm just popping in here to say quickly I'm probably not gonna be active for this cycle/possibly next one as my laptop broke so need to figure out repairs for it and all that jazz. Sorry lads
  2. I'm down to groove with all these various dudes and dudettes with my guy Flans Mastic who has no relation to the word fantastic or anything.
  3. Thought I'd already signed up sorry, I'll most likely do some RP stuff in a short while. Anyway, signing up for this.
  4. Supreme Slovenly had a great idea. In fact, he was sure that no-one would ever possibly complain because it was simply that good. It's a fairly simple one as well, hasn't got a bunch of steps to follow or anything complicated like that. "Commodore Clutch, have you considered leaving me to myself in the Dining Room? I assure you, I won't be lonely seeing as I have this handy Mobile and this whole physical socializing thing sure is making me tired." And with that, they just had to wait for a response. @DeathClutch19
  5. "Supreme Slovenly at your service, it seems that there is a simple matter of Justice to be upheld? I have previous experience with the police in such things, I'm sure this kind of thing will blow over quickly." As the name suggests, Supreme Slovenly is quite supreme. Supreme in what? Well, that would be quite telling. Suffice to say, Supreme Slovenly is at least a master of repetition and commas. What else? Ah wait, I've already said I can't say too much. A shame, that.
  6. Is this a passive that protects you from one 'kill' or an active that stops all 'kills' for just that cycle?
  7. Steel. Imperial Mint hadn't seen anything saying that this Steel fellow was reputable, but couldn't recall anything that also made it clear that they were not. And since Mint was now apparently living in a world by themselves with no-one else to interact with, they also hadn't talked to anyone else about it. So they'd just chilled, for the most part. And now this Steel had the nerve to accuse Mint of being whatever a Gyorn was? For one, he didn't even know what that was! Secondly, if Mint was one then Mint can assure you that there would be no such background for Mint. No, he would be the mysterious entity in that painting of his, slowly encroaching on all of you from both the inside and outside until all is Mint. But alas, Mint has nothing.
  8. Mint was apparently quite fatigued, having to deal with all kinds of actions related to their court outside of this matter of intrigue. But despite all this, he still wanted to at least contribute in some form to the others, with the gift of his royal insights. Mint asked the nearest servant if this wasn't fabricated and sent to him as some kind of joke. Surely whoever was transcribing their words was at least making something up? And if not, then Mint was going to be quite suspicious of whoever this fellow was, irrespective of if they'd made some fool's gambit to eliminate one of the conspirators or not. Mint was outraged upon receiving this transcription, however. Had this imbecile truly left them out of their reads list? Mint would surely make them pay for it, and reached for his poison vial that had been procured upon arrival in this strange realm. Alas, his spectral minty hand was unable to grasp the vial, as it had left his inventory long ago. Surely there would be other ways to make this person pay for their heinous crimes. Mint approves of this farmer's logic. Quite gifted for one of his station, and may even be worth a position in his court. However, one also wonders if this insight is also what the conspirators were looking for when 'recruiting', though Mint can forgive that if they stop now. A generous position, anyone will admit. Mint the Generous, now that's a title for one to have.
  9. Mint wonders if at this point they are the only one without PMs.
  10. Mint was near outraged. He'd merely slept a little longer than usual after having a near demonic possession happen to him, and he wakes up to nothing but death! Clearly, no one here knows how to treat royalty. But what was he to do today? He'd tried holding a session of court, and clearly no one here even knew what that is based on the lack of responses to that. Had anyone even come to look at the art that he had actually spent something on? Well, that part of it doesn't matter as much, but it still rankles Mint. Mint honestly had no idea what was going on, but was too distracted by his royal duties to read through some very lovely notes (from that now deceased Archivist) and some very scribbled ones (Mint did not know where they came from). Take note everyone, this is why you do not get into the habit of sleeping. Especially when you're made of sugar.
  11. I'm gonna drop the mint thing for this post, hopefully only this post. If we're gonna have all of our PM people waste their stuff on Aman, doing a 'follow the cop' strategy. Could we please at least have the cop co-operate now instead of withholding stuff? Nothing's gonna make people not vote for Araris, clearly. Just accept cop status. Or have people not take you for a cop. Either one, but please don't do an in-between thing.
  12. Mint wakes up. If you're gonna be a pseudo-whatever honestly don't know, might as well go full way. Mint should go to sleep.
  13. Mint woke up. Mint saw that no-one was really trying to discuss anything anymore. Mint don't have time for that.
  14. Mint saw all that was going on, and got bored. Mint hopes to sleep peacefully for the night, so wishes all his subjects a good night. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
  15. Mint awoke from his somewhat distressed sleep, still worried about whether he would already have to deal with an insurrection based on some of his petitioners comments. He didn't expect much to have happened however, so decided to take it slow for a while and maybe give the others some time to take Mint in. Still, was worth asking a nearby servant if there was any news. "You there! How was the death of Daoate? Must've been a gruesome thing, those guards should surely know how to fight back." "Daoate still lives. Are you perhaps asking about the death of Saoir? They say he didn't really do anything, just took the sudden attack from some others in the same meeting." "Saoir? Why would they do that? And do they know no manners? Gah, imagine how hard it'll be for them to get a new Archivist! Serves them right, should've at least waited until the meeting was finished. Oh, you can go back to whatever you were doing just now." Mint then rolled away, intent on asking some questions to those who'd apparently decided to randomly kill a secretary during his sleep. Unfortunately, he got lost.