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  1. Happy birthday you stinkin’ mod!

    1. AonEne



  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Happy B-day!

  4. Yo wait what on earth guys I got a bit drunk yesterday for st patricks and couldnt get on cause hangover and I see this? What have I even done to any of you how could there be any points against me I just jokingly voted Illwei I've read this thread ok and its like talking about me but like hello I'm right here Someone said I could be elim with someone and someone else says no but like wut it's all conjecture I don't even know what to write here cause like I cant offer a defence when there's no offence It's just hey hows it going oh well
  5. I will also take my free potshot at saying that this meta is unbecoming of you Illwei, and my meta demands that you meta is out meta-d in the meta-defining way of SE that is the meta red of Illwei
  6. I mean it was either keep up the act for like an extra 2 or 3 cycles or just go wahey game won lets move on to the next LG y'know