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  1. Is there not a chance that the real Inquisitor has an ability to force Elandera to post all this kinda stuff while secretly getting away with whatever they want to?
  2. Please name these strange reactions, it'd be nice for someone to actually have something on me
  3. Honestly, this mysterious Seeker at this point is probably just the Inquisitor that bussed Randuir (presumably with consent in their doc) 'cause the Seeker has done nothing else whatsoever in my view. And everyone else keeps trying to play games and be all sneaky in PMs with me cause I ain't handing my role out to any of you people 'cause you asked, you gotta get some trust from me first. So to Shane, who I have talked to frequently in PMs and have only sent around 4 messages containing game talk, your vote on me having information has no basis from our own PM where I don't even know your role. Though from the looks of things, everyone knows nearly everyone's else's roles now. I want to vote for the supposed Seeker unless anyone can give actual evidence that they have Seeked more than once. So in the meantime, Bard
  4. I know I'm meant to read the lynch results and be all 'oh no' and that it could be stopped etc etc But I'm seriously concerned 'bout a seeker trust group that can't really be stopped. So yeah. RIP Nevene
  5. I would argue to the contrary Very readable, just gotta open the right book. I've been trying to check the Shard as often as possible, probably hitting an average of once an hour (discounting when I'm sleeping). No disappearing here, tyvm I've never really been one to do too much anyway, always ends up backfiring on me somehow. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Was gonna go through post by post but y'all basically said the same thing. Which is uh, kinda weird but hey what can I say when it comes to stuff like that But I'll get into the general stuff here: Looks like everyone is putting me near the top of their suspicions list not for being suspicious in anyway, but because I haven't done 'trustworthy' actions. Which I find kinda ironic 'cause most of you also stopped PMing me but yeah I guess that's w/e so instead I'll just say that it's also a two-way street and all that jazz. In terms of activity for the lynch (which is what I should be caring about the most), I do not want to get back into doing a bunch of hyper-analysis on a bunch of people and all that jazz, as it generally burns me out within like 3 hours and then I get real cynical which just ain't fun. And for the past few cycles, there's only been 1 evil person confirmed (though I didn't miss the cryptic kandra comment from random tineye) which means that I'm especially likely to misfire on a lynch target if I start one. I'm willing to hop on to good arguments, but maybe people are kinda feeling like I am 'cause there ain't been much. Though now that I think of it, Doc. I want more follow-up on this from your lot. Otherwise, I really got nothing. It'd be nice to say I'm being cryptic and all that, but I truly think way more people equally have way more knowledge of what's actually going on than me. Man's just chilling.
  6. Wow, you peeps have learnt a lot more than me claims wise based off of Doc's post
  7. I can pay some of the cost of the plane tickets if ya want
  8. Postwise I don't really like any of the current lynchees I guess, case for either of them doesn't look that strong from what I can see. Also y'all stopped PMing me which was like cmon I know I don't do the whole scheming game talk thing that much but no one even tried
  9. I cannot get rid of that mention sadly. I'd soft-clear no-one but the source of the PM's about Rand's scan. At all.
  10. Good luck trying to make the rest of the cycle as productive, everyone that is not Randuir
  11. To be fair, your title is 'Honourary Eliminator'
  12. I reckon he's a lovely chap, would really love to sit down and have a chat with him. Was I meant to PM you that?
  13. Bard. Where's the activity y'all, I go to sleep and I wake up to like 3 posts from prime America time I mean I ain't put the attention in to start an initiative on anyone else rn (also just woke up so can barely remember woop woop) but like come on now y'all