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  1. I'm just kinda checking in once or twice a day and getting more confused tbh
  2. people will just not let that go huh
  3. Same reasoning as your village reads mean they get trust, sure. Your sentence that explains your reasoning for voting me I genuinely can't comprehend, don't know if it's my brain being funny or something but maybe my english just doesn't understand what you're getting at. It's flimsy because Gears said he would do it in another game? Man if I could use people saying they're village in thread this game would be great fun now wouldn't it. Also if he announced it before the game started, it has no meaning on the game because he didn't have his alignment yet. It's not an RP thing. Araris for tying and then C3 voting someone (who does just happen to be me) because I didn't read the other game Gears played? I'm genuinely kinda shocked I'm being voted on for this ngl
  4. Two contradictory statements there tbf
  5. And that makes them less suspicious? It ain't like its a NAI 'quirk' that's like yeah I write my posts with almost no grammar or something like that. The guy claims elim. Pretty AI. Gears
  6. Yeah I'd do what the rest did to you for something like that. Just the village complain? Fair enough, it happens sometimes and u wanna say it. But the followup about what metals do what yada yada yada is always kinda boring and everyone does it for some cred when they just don't need to so I always put sus on that as well and that means u did two sus/meh things in one post for the first which honestly congrats on that one tbh. 1. Having a weird sense of humour isn't something that most people should be voting on? Idk, I've gotten away with plenty of stuff before and no-one's like "damnation that STINK guy sure is weird maybe we should do something about it" before I get to them 2. This analysis is so weird to me like, huh? Basically all of those 'results' are good for the village long-term, so it's really not doing you any favours. Like I kinda get what you're going for here, since I've done stuff that killed me before like saying to the vig trying to stay secret that he was the vig and surprisingly got killed for that one like how on earth did I not see that coming. But if you wanna be in the dead doc laughing at the rest of the game? Sure, Gears. 3. Yeah the secret to not being taken seriously is u never use any grammar whatsoever and shorten some words every now and again and people are totally fine with doing whatever u feel like for sure my guy. ----------------------------------- TL;DR for something not that long above is that yeah I'm on the Gears train tbh. Anyway I'm here now sorry guys didn't realise the game had already started I'm kinda just used to signing up and then checking a few days later at least since I usually sign up early but realised that was not happening in this case and I'm here now and haven't missed much? Looks like Gears kinda singlehandedly took up the discourse for the day so far so yeah and a wee little tidbit about not getting vials and a vanilla claim? Like vanilla is a good flavour but yeah not a good idea as someone already said. Anyways, I'll keep checking on this thread but I got dinner now so everyone have a good evening and see you in a bit.
  7. RP name shall be uh, I'm thinking Delcios Grataste But yeah I'm in
  8. Obviously this doesn't apply when you yourself are an eliminator In that case, you open your elim doc unless the game is very weird.
  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Cool, also you don't have to mention someone when you quote them, Shard already sends a notification through that there has been a quote Uhhh, did you make that or am I missing something in my spreadsheet? 'Cause if its the first one then kudos tbh Poke-voting on term 4? My kinda guy right here, eh Rath?
  11. Hey wassup I'm back into play and @Straw, I will try my best to muster some sort of RP we can collaborate on but first I gotta just say this one thing cause honestly it's kind of been 'irking' me (is irking even a word? it's not being spell-corrected so it should be right?) It wasn't even a defence of Bard, which is why I've just been kinda ignoring your votes. It's an analysis stemming from a hyper-focus (presumably 'cause of the hype of LA hitting a lie) and this 'defence' of Bard was just me seeing a 'lil neat logic puzzle kind of thing and writing it out 'cause there were so many posts throwing around different things and if I remember correctly no-one even picked up on the R&L claim. So yeah, not gonna bother defending myself from 'Stink defended Bard' when from my PoV he was just kinda there while I did my own thing. (Sorry Bard if you take that personally uhh you're a great guy) Also wow if I get hit with the thing where there's no votes so you get a bunch of DP like I think it was LG18 euuugh anyway time to drink water and do some workouts see all you beautiful people later