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  1. Oh? What's this proper way of playing then?
  2. Why hello there, how do you do? I'm down for this game, but the only 'lore' I know about this comes from the movies and that one time people talked about like god-like beings and stuff so there was a personality test and it said I was like the water one who looked pretty cool. So I know I can't RP as the God-like Water Dude but I'll take any suggestions on something close to that I guess, unless God-like Water Dude is possible?
  3. Dear Fifth, I would appreciate it if you would put me on your player list and to echo previous requests, give me your worst character. I can guarantee early RP, though the style will be determined on the character I guess.
  4. Well I'm glad to see there was a stalwart defence while I was asleep
  5. The pancakes are the superior giving me the mission, and it started out as a stack of documents but became pancakes once I started putting mouse to paint. Also it's kinda annoying that you say this then go in further on wilson and itiah but not me. Feeling kinda scorned tbh
  6. Guys I think you're really running with this spy ID joke thing here
  7. I present to you a short comic showing how things really went down, despite these many claims going on.
  8. Honestly who even needs eliminators? We've all just gone with it for a few years now but I reckon this outed villager thing is a great situation, should definitely keep it going most of the time tbh
  9. Heh, what an interesting grayscale-scale you're using there
  10. Uh, I dunno what to do here guys. How do you people get around to 'making' others active anyhow
  11. I hate to sound like a broken record, but yeah guess this ain't the best. As for now, Burnt since a quick trawl-through previous posts looks like Burnt has been on a fence for most of this game, so I'd like to see some stuff that's either a vote or not speculation on someone being something possibly you know what I mean. Also giving El some shady eyes
  12. I would respectfully disagree, but I can see where you are coming from. As is my due, I will mention that my flatmates are watching horror movies in my common room so I can't go in there 'cause I'm a big scaredypants (which is a term maybe?) so instead I guess I might as well like actually read the first cycle or something. In the meantime, Bard
  13. Well, if you want something then I guess I might as well provide right? Be rude not to Here we can see that his character is mainly driven by a need to escape confinement, both physically and mentally. Maybe this is something you - the reader - can relate to, but maybe it isn't in which case you can skip this paragraph. In the physical sense, Alv does not describe it but to me it is quite clear that there is most likely physical symptoms going on here, maybe eyes flickering from space to space and what not. Mentally, there is a drive to escape and all that yeah the joke is gone now. Amen brother. A very helpful and informative post, we stan Alvron. Here we see a self-imposed limit on RP. There could be many reasons for this. Feeling paranoid? Maybe it's because the point of Striker nearly revealing through RP was brought up last game. Feeling busy? Maybe Alv is a busy guy that can't really RP that much. Feeling lazy? Maybe Alv isn't so busy after all. As for the vote on Tess, I wasn't really there for any of the last game so can't vote on the vote for her or anything like that. Pre-RP, he wishes for second time being the charm which everyone knows is not the saying, therefore Alvron. RP wise, it's good to know that the sleep health is going well, and I know sleep health isn't the term but I can't actually think of it proper-like right now you know? Probably sleep hygiene or something stupid like that
  14. I did not pick up on this O.o Uh, to all the people saying I'm like not really sus but to add comment on what's the dealio? I was stuck in a car for like 5 hours yesterday with no data so that was fun and I've maybe been drinking for like at least 10 hours today also its like 3am so yeah thats a thing Listen to Neil Cicieraga everyone he's got some straight bangers @Elbereth hi have u listened to Neil Cicieraga also u didn't give me a question
  15. I hate to reinforce this whole 'distinctive-style' thing you got going on here with all this RP, but this is paranoia that I'm being myself in a way that isn't myself?