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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Cool, also you don't have to mention someone when you quote them, Shard already sends a notification through that there has been a quote Uhhh, did you make that or am I missing something in my spreadsheet? 'Cause if its the first one then kudos tbh Poke-voting on term 4? My kinda guy right here, eh Rath?
  3. Hey wassup I'm back into play and @Straw, I will try my best to muster some sort of RP we can collaborate on but first I gotta just say this one thing cause honestly it's kind of been 'irking' me (is irking even a word? it's not being spell-corrected so it should be right?) It wasn't even a defence of Bard, which is why I've just been kinda ignoring your votes. It's an analysis stemming from a hyper-focus (presumably 'cause of the hype of LA hitting a lie) and this 'defence' of Bard was just me seeing a 'lil neat logic puzzle kind of thing and writing it out 'cause there were so many posts throwing around different things and if I remember correctly no-one even picked up on the R&L claim. So yeah, not gonna bother defending myself from 'Stink defended Bard' when from my PoV he was just kinda there while I did my own thing. (Sorry Bard if you take that personally uhh you're a great guy) Also wow if I get hit with the thing where there's no votes so you get a bunch of DP like I think it was LG18 euuugh anyway time to drink water and do some workouts see all you beautiful people later
  4. I keep trying to highlight stuff I feel is kinda something that the elims will easily exploit but this one is something that they've probably already exploited tbh
  5. Ugfal the Three-Handed was drinking and thinking about how on earth he would manage to get 200 words, but he didn't actually know what words were or wait a minute he did know. Okay let me as the narrator restart that bit. Ugfal knew what words were, but not why 200 of them had to be used in a description about him? Surely 200 was not enough to describe his pure sense of gravitas (almost like Caesar but he doesn't know who that is) or his amazing sense of writing (Shakespeare anyone?) but maybe his imaginary audience (remember the imaginary third hand, he's very good at this sort of thing) would know what's going on or how to read the three different brackets wow. Ugfal hopes that if enough sentences feature his name it counts as RP, and will someone please make a scenario that isn't awkward for Ugfal to be featured in? The burning of whatever or whoever was something he just couldn't comfortably deal with ever since The Incident(TM but I can't figure out how to do that subscript) and yeah that's dramatic and all surely. Maybe a fellow drinking session with some comrades, after all this is a University is it not? Anyone down for that as I within my RP as Ugfal propose RP with other people?
  6. Do you know how much this tempted me to make like a really big detailed analysis post and then just summarise it with every read of yours I could find and make all my analysis for naught?
  7. Apologies for basically vanishing yesterday, but now I'm back and I felt bad when I read that As part of the 1-elevation-gang, t'would be rude of me to deny you the chance to enter our prestigious ranks Bard is expelled which I guess is coolio if elevating him was bad but uh did anyone actually bother verifying the whole 'was it a WGG' thing'? Or have smarter minds dismissed that as not a viable play for various reasons idk people are getting too many actions now too many 3rd and 2nd level people who can just bop things out probably. Maybe I should drop some analysis but I'm not sure who on so maybe I'll roll a dice on it or something