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  1. Thinking about soulcasting blood, could it be that when you soulcast blood inside a person their spiritual identity or whatever is providing the blueprint for the blood so that it’s correct for their body? Then when you soulcast outside of the body, like Shallan soulcasting that goblet, you can specify a blood type and some of the particulars and the magic makes the rest a sort of “one size fits all” for individuals with that blood type? Also, when would they ever soulcast blood outside of the body to put into a person? Are they medically advanced enough for blood transfusions?
  2. The only possible issue I can see with that theory is that we have absolutely no stories of people randomly finding blades, not even some fanciful sword-in-the-stone type of stories. It seems like if there were any number of blades just hidden throughout the world that at least a small percentage would have been randomly found by now, and a percentage of those would have at least rumors attached that they were found rather than won. I don't really have a good alternative for where they're all at, though. I don't believe the Shin could have gathered all the shardblades that aren't currently owned by somebody. I suppose other groups could have searched out unclaimed blades in the past and stockpiled them someplace.....
  3. I'm not sure there's an issue with Identity with either of my first two theories because the lesser spren would be controlled by either the Bladespren (theory 1) or the Radiant (theory 2) and that should be enough to key the Plate into their identity. Again, it's been a while since I read Oathbringer and I've only read it once so I very well could be forgetting something.
  4. My thoughts on this issue are that the lesser spren are essentially being controlled by the greater spren to form plate and to facilitate the automatic communication and control of Shardplate through the Radiant's bonded spren. However the lesser spren never formed any bonds with the Radiant so when the Radiant breaks his/her oaths it doesn't kill the Platespren the same way the Bladespren die. Instead the Platespren get locked into the Plate form because the Bladespren can't release them from that form, but they're still alive. It's not a perfect theory because I would imagine the Stormfather and Syl would have a problem with the windspren (and other Platespren) being locked into a specific form for all eternity just like they do with the dead Bladespren, but maybe they really don't see it as the same thing. It could also be that the Platespren are seen more like animals in the eyes of the Stormfather and other Bladespren because they aren't sentient. It's been over a year since I read Oathbringer so if there's something in there that contradicts what I'm saying then please remind me. I'm about halfway through WoK on a reread now. Another thought that addresses Child of Hodor's point about the Platespren helping automatically, perhaps the Radiant has to learn to seize control of the Platespren to form Shardplate when needed, but it's only because of the Nahel bond that they're able to mentally control them and when they break the oaths and lose that bond they can't release the Platespren back into the world and they're stuck as Shardplate. Makes me wonder why none of the Radiants dismissed their armor before breaking their oaths, though. And for a darker theory, maybe the Platespren never return to their original forms. Maybe once they become Shardplate they're consumed........
  5. There was a thread I started a while back about the major/minor spren Shardplate theory. Click below to check it out. Of course I personally subscribe to this theory, but don't have a LOT of evidence to support it.... http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/39972-possible-origin-of-shardplate-spoilers-wor/?hl=%20possible%20%20origin%20%20of%20%20shardplate
  6. By all the credit I meant between the two of us you deserve the credit. I just piggy-backed off your Reddit post. I'm pretty much on the same page as you as far as how it's all developed. I could possibly see the solid stormlight thing being true, but definitely not fabrials. And of course I believe the spren theory is the most likely.
  7. Yep, that's the post I saw! That's awesome! Great theory man and you deserve most of the credit for this, if not all. What do you think of how its evolved here?
  8. Shardplate adjusts to the wearer's size too, so it's not too much of a stretch to believe the Oathgates can do the same if they're made from the same "materials". Although I'm not sure what to say about who is defining them. None of my ideas right now really make sense.....
  9. I actually saw a recommendation for Way of Kings on a forum I read, and after I'd read that and WoR, I had to check out what else he'd written.
  10. OK, so the title is pretty self-explanatory, and I know they aren't "always" opposite, but in each case we have a spren that sought out a person, they are opposite genders. Kaladin and Syl, Shallan and Pattern, Jasnah and Ivory, Lift and Wyndle, Ym and his spren (which was said to have a female voice). The only exception I can think of right now is Dalinar and the Stormfather, but in that case Dalinar bonded the Stormfather rather than the Stormfather searching out Dalinar. Is there a WoB about this or is it covered in the books somewhere and I missed it? Is it maybe just a quirk of Brandon's writing? Does it have any significance? Of course, there's also the question of whether gender means the same thing to a spren as a human, and I don't believe it does, but that still raises questions. If spren don't care about or have a gender and are just choosing forms for the physical realm, why are they choosing opposite gender forms?
  11. I didn't really mean they look exactly asian, I was mostly referencing the eye shape. I've always been bad at interpreting skin color from a book, so I originally just assumed the tan color meant they were literally just tanned. After realizing their eyes have the epicanthic folds, I started thinking of tan as a typical chinese person's skin color, although I do know there is a wide range of skin colors in every ethnicity....
  12. That's exactly how I see Szeth also. His head is almost grey-alien in its proprotions in my mind, but not so far as to look deformed. I think part of that is because on my first reading of both books, I didn't realize that the Alethi were asian in appearance, with that color of skin and eye shape, so I always saw the Alethi as normal caucasian unless otherwise described and when Szeth was described as being pale with large eyes, I came up with alien head. lol
  13. What about Dalinar? He showed signs of using stormlight unconsciously before he bonded the Stormfather. As for Jasnah, when I read the prologue again I just did not see anything to indicate she was broken yet, but I know that's far from conclusive. As for Shallan, didn't she have access to Pattern from a very young age? IIRC, the reason her mother tried to kill her was that she was doing "unnatural" things, things relating to the Heralds. But wasn't her breaking event supposed to be when her mother died? It just seems like we've got two clear examples of surgebinding before the person breaks or bonds, one example of somebody I think is whole being trailed by her future spren, and one who was fully broken to pieces before his spren appeared. Seems inconclusive at best, which I guess is what you said. lol Actually I think Kaladin is a clear example of breaking then the spren shows up. Pretty much everybody agrees his breaking point was when Tien died and that was years before Syl ever appeared. I think everything that happened as a slave was just the pieces getting stomped, so to speak. He was definitely broken by Tien's death.
  14. Is there any evidence, WoB or in the books, that says the bond HAS to start or spren have to appear after the breaking event? I posted last night a theory, in this thread, that the spren are attracted to their people before the person is broken and have a little evidence of that in Dalinar and Jasnah, possibly Shallan as well. It would explain why Jasnah apparently had just started experiencing effects from Ivory's presence in the prologue but there is little evidence of her being already broken.