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  1. A lot of these suggestions have been really Amaram-y. Considering the way he turned out, I really hope that they aren't the Fourth Ideal.
  2. I will accept that I cannot protect them all.
  3. Skyward sounds kind of like the floating upside-down cities I've seen mentioned in connection to Ashyn. Let's hope for a Greater Roshar system novel!
  4. Is it just me, or is the link broken?
  5. Koloss do an all-out charge. Alethi set spears similarly to how they do against heavy cavalry. Koloss impale themselves against 12 ft-long spears and die. Alethi military superiority wins. Simple, and involves spears. I like it.
  6. It could have to do with the fact that the Eyes are the body focus of Lucentia (crystal), and the Focus for Roshar is gemstones (from what we've seen).
  7. Maybe Stick served as a Kandra's Blessing for some time? IDK, it might be waaay too Invested for even Adonalsium to handle, let alone a Kandra.
  8. So, it seems that most people think Larkin are some sort of "Investiture Vacuums" that just consume any Investiture around them. However, I think that this isn't the case. When Rsyn gets her Larkin, there isn't really anything different about it (other than the silver eyes and wings), but when Nale uses the Larkin on Lift, it is described as sickly and weak looking. Therefore, I must conclude that Larkin just have the ability to use Stormlight, like a Surgebinder. The Larkin drew in the Stormlight to heal itself from injuries that Nale likely gave it. Naturally, to draw in Stormlight, the Larkin must have a bond with a spren. However, this is probably a higher spren, such as something below Radiantspren but above normal spren. The most likely candidates that we know of are Riverspren and Windspren, though there may be others. I hope I cleared some things up.
  9. I also think that anything that is cognitively considered a gemstone can store Stormlight, not just the Polestones.
  10. Well, lightsabers are supposed to have some Force-crystal thing (don't ask me, ask my friend. He's the Star Wars nerd, and I'm the Cosmere nerd) to direct the energy that makes up the blade of the lightsaber, so I think it's fair to assume that there's some Investiture affecting the lightsaber. Cap's shield, however, is just really overpowered metal.
  11. Magic System: Surgebinding, because the sheer awesomeness of what you can do with it is mindblowing. If I could have any power, it would be the Surges of Gravitation and Regrowth. Character: Sylphrena, but since she's not there, Kaladin. Series: Hmm, tough one... How about... The Stormlight Archive, because I want book 3 NAAAAAOOOOOOWWW!!! (Yes, I'm 160% Stormlight fan)
  12. The Powder Toy. It's a game.
  13. How could there only be 2 ways of doing something? That scenario is pretty much impossible.
  14. It would be more honrable to find another way.
  15. I think this would be much easier to play on TPT. I'm also planning a full Cosmere-Wide that will include all of the magic systems.