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  1. TY Kas and Araris Seconded on Devo’s last few posts making me v lean her enough to vote Fifth instead and not even doubt she was Stamped. Well played o7 I’d have voted TJ regardless of me getting pulled away to handle groceries, so I’m very glad that my failing to vote didn’t cost us the game :phew: No problem TKN any time Also shout out to @TheAlpha929 for being a great villager this game o7 glad I didn’t convince you to spare Devo over Fifth
  2. Good job team o7 ED1T: Forgor about the second OP post sorry Kas <3
  3. Well on that note Xino is dead, so TKN is the only possible busser, as I'm fairly certain Alpha is village which leaves the only possible team combinations as: TJ and Fifth TJ and TKN TJ and Aman Fifth and TKN Fifth and Aman TKN and Aman I'm not yet willing to entertain a bus world, so I won't vote TKN today, though I am wary of him (mostly because I don't think e!TKN should ever be underestimated). So what to do then? We kill his partner first! 50/50 odds of Fifth or TJ seem pretty good, with a potential 100% if y'all are teamed
  4. 2 elims versus 3 village rn. @|TJ| what say you? We need to hit red again today or lose, so… possible that e!TKN went for the JNV bus and is letting us murder Devo and Fifth to win, so I might want to vote TJ first to split the difference.
  5. I just want to confirm: this a scan claim? Am willing to reevaluate your slot, but that’ll come later.
  6. Told you For me, I gut read Devo as Village and felt the way you jumped on her vote was sussy, hence why I voted you last turn if there’s a proper case for you, someone else will have to provide it
  7. I can verify this. Archer sent Hoid a PM explaining everything for the PH. He’d been the one to ask JNV to claim the signet scan too, as a ploy to gain JNV’s trust and potentially get him to say something incriminating of a teammate
  8. Woo! Mat and Alpha did the thing! I love a good comeback story. RIP Village tho Whatta rollercoaster haha
  9. Unless people are down for a flash wagon, I'm about to go slep In which case, good luck everyone o7
  10. I did, yeah, but I forgot about that when I started lamenting my inevitable death still had hope for an SE claim, but it seems less likely since my SE theories all posted now
  11. Not really tbh. In that I don’t have any good idea who would, other than if that was their plan from the start, I‘d expect them to pile up on me knowing there’d be no SE counterclaim repercussions + they might be able to swing an E!White Fox gambit later (anticipate that second part being less likely now since Devo’s claim looks pure and I’m bringing it up) I’d think v!Mat would realize he wasn’t going to get NK’d given he already just almost got exed and people were still suspecting him, but irrelevant either way now I think v!SE!him that didn’t protect you would refrain from claiming until absolutely necessary, but I also think e!SE!him would be cautious about oversharing after nearly dying D1. So I guess it doesn’t really impact my read from before he survived ED1T: @Kasimir apologies. Someday I will learn to proofread before posting lol
  12. My suspicion of Mat hasn’t changed from C1, now that he hasn’t claimed Shade Expert. Gave him more leeway because of the Silver Bones situation, but I could see a possible world where the elims didn’t care to save his extra life. I also think it’s more likely elims would get Silver Bones without SE, which seems to be the case, and I feel like v!SE!Mat would protect you (or at least, if I was a Shade Expert, you would be my first choice based off C1 thread control). Ultimately, it boils down to me being surprised he didn’t start tunneling me this game + the general observation that people made about his abnormal coolheaded responses. Aloha is almost based entirely on the C1 case you presented for them. I haven’t gotten the same immediate Village lean I got from the last MR and that concerns me. Plus others look better in comparison imo Illwei came into the night running and I liked a lot of her observations. Also kinda like the fact she didn’t immediately jump on my train. Recognize that elims might be reluctant to pursue what they know is a false positive, but I’m getting genuine desire to solve and coordinate the village from her. I suppose if anyone could Power Wolf it’s her, but that’s not where my intuition leads me ED1T: Oh and now that my role is out there, I’d been somewhat intentionally allowing myself to disengage in order to avoid being an early NK until I could Thieve a Pallid Mask, at which point I planned to ramp up and draw fire
  13. Fae is more of a pseudo-soulread. Wildcard, yes, but I don’t think in an elim way. Ash could be village or elim, can’t say I have anything going against him other than the dingo stuff, and that’s more piggy backing off you. I didn’t love him being voted by Aloha or Mat, who I feel have more negative things going for them than Ash. Aman (6) Devotary, DeTess, TKN, Matrim, Araris, JNV Ashbringer (2) - Illwei, Aloha Matrim (1) - Sart Araris (1) - Archer Alvron (1) - Ashbringer ED1T: Will be heartbroken if it turns out the elims withheld the kill and e!Devo is framing me probably still a White Fox if so, given too risky to fake in case I had an action worth taking Will be extra heartbroken if it turns out the elims withheld the kill and got v!Devo to claim for it
  14. Updated Reads Devo moved up a few tiers Araris brought lower (right) for joining my vote after I mentioned Silver Dust JNV dropped from Quokka tier for similar reason, but still wouldn’t exe anytime soon Mat dropped lower for not being the Shade Expert I thought he was I also forgor why I my TJ and Sart are related I don’t wanna reread again, but for some reason they’re either unpaired or paired Will find time for that later because it might be pertinent
  15. It comes down to the outnumber wincon for me, but I suppose others might not have the same perspective. Especially with no exe on D1, it’s a bold strategy that inherently puts them even further behind That said, some people did bring up possible reasons (like anticipating a White Fox), but that’s some big brain stuff that I don’t believe I would have thought of (given how I hadn’t until I read that) So idk. Maybe I’m just hoping Also, as asked: My limited TJ thoughts essentially boil down to Not paired with Archer (voted because he didn’t vibe with Archer theorizing about a larger elim team and stayed) Most likely E in a V/V/V C1 world given expression of suspicion of all three and minimal wagon movement + brought up an interesting point about e!Archer setting rigid conditionals +/- liked his take on my VitC discussion participation, although somewhat wary of that being a pocketing attempt Which is basically to say that I he’s a lower priority exe than Archer, who has more working against him than for him, but I’d look at him (and Araris similarly) if Archer flips V. Don’t think it’s likely TJ and Araris are paired given they voted Archer together Will say I ended up rethinking Araris’ call for vote transparency C1 and worry if that came from an E!Mindset. Forget who it was that said how much stress anonymous votes put on the elims, but I hadn’t thought about that until today I believe there was someone else who made a similar post too, idk who but same idea of VitC bad don’t do it Village (It was not Illwei though, I liked her reasoning for it and she has other good things going for her) @Kasimir
  16. Ah. I missed that (I assume it’s done calculating the percentage of each player combined?) but I’m not a maths guy so doesn’t really compute to me. Definitely possible, but that would require the elims not submitting the kill, which I find even less likely than the 5% chance, tbh a Kas simultaneous N1 Protect and Kill makes more sense imo, given your C1
  17. Should be able to pass the Dust tonight and any future items I get, technically. But I’m willing to die to protect an SE with Bones. Personally don’t think elims would refuse to kill and Kas’ Insanity still needs an explanation.
  18. I’m not denying, no. I had no idea since I didn’t take an action (C1 Silver Dust worthless) and only just found out I was roleblocked from Elan’s announcement that I can’t act today either