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  1. Like I said, nothing personal. I do think that if a vast majority of players posted exactly what I did, they would have been given the benefit of the doubt and allowed another night turn to prove their role. Heck, a Village Tineye could have easily confirmed if I was honest or not while I checked another player's role, and the village would have benefited a lot more for giving the only claimed Seeker a chance over lynching the "Inquisitor" that day, should I really be them. That and your reasons for suspecting me directly contradicted the inevitable conclusion of me being evil. You were suspicious of me for basing my current read of you off other people's observations instead of my own, while insisting I was paying enough attention to figure out your role from an extremely obscure comment among an ocean of words. In my honest opinion, one of those facts could not simultaneously exist with the other in a game without PMs. It's all good. It's just a symptom of a recurring problem with "veterans". It is my opinion that past games should not impact current ones. Just because I have lied to save myself in the past doesn't mean I always lie. And like with the vanilla claim, it doesn't mean a lie isn't for the benefit of the village. It's not exactly a me thing. I take issue with the stubbornness more than anything. Given the facts I presented that turn, the possibility of me being honest should not have been discarded so easily. But I suspect no matter what, we will both harbor the belief we were in the right. And honestly? That's okay. ED1T: Good game everyone. I wish it could have lasted a bit longer, but everyone played phenomenally.
  2. Considering I was the one gunning for the Inquisitor D2 while you pushed the lynch on a Seeker, I'm not so sure I'm a little sad that the game was concluded. Had I still been alive, I would have argued that Stick be allowed to Convert for the fun of it. With people anticipating her going for one of the vote manipulators, it would have been really fun to see if Stick threw a wrench into things by converting someone like Cicada, or if she'd convert Rath/Drake and play IKYK games with you all until you lynched her the third time. Exactly this tbh. I harbor no anger or bad feelings over what happened since it's my own fault for not double checking the allomantic metals before I posted, but it really isn't fun / is really discouraging for me when people take the whole reputation too far. It's a large part of why I don't play much anymore.
  3. I'm going to change my vote from Stick to Sart. Specifically because of the complete 180 from this: to this: I don't really understand the mindset here. In the first, Sart gives me the benefit of the doubt when I'd already posted the "evidence" he uses in the second (which says the complete opposite of what people are saying. It's clear I was looking for an excuse to clear Drake.) I find both of these stances to be very opportunistic. ED1T: Not to mention in the first post he gives great evidence for why I'm not lying.
  4. I did not double down on suspecting you. That's exactly why I told everyone my Seeker result in the thread. Saying you weren't online was my attempt to dropping my suspicion of you without having to reveal it, but then I looked at your profile and realized I was wrong. I just asked if anyone saw you viewing the thread to hopefully add to your defense. I do find it incredibly amusing that you'd rather believe that I'm lying about being a Seeker than believe I made an honest mistake while drinking. As you can see above, this is twice this game I've said something without double checking the facts. Brass being Rioter and you not being online because you didn't post at the end of the cycle. Not to mention I have a history of drunk-posting. Honestly you're being a bit stubborn and tunneling, but if you really want to cost the village the game, go for it my hands are clean. Also, Stick, it is mostly PoE, but also your repeated use of inquizyboi. It's silly, I know, but the nickname triggered some gut vibes. If it's not you, I think it's probably CadCom, Sart, or Devotary, and up until Sart's last post, I was mostly leaning village on him too. ED1T: @DrakeMarshmallow, before I forget. Fura asked what hint you're talking about in your post. I have absolutely no idea what you were referring to, and would like to remind everyone I've only read most posts once / have done no analysis. ED2T: From the rules: As the rule states, Seeker's are told metals, not roles. Why is it so hard to believe I confused Brass with Zinc? XD To restate something Devotary pointed out, there's a very high likelihood of a Seeker being in the game, and since no one has counter claimed, logic dictates I am being honest.
  5. I'm actually beginning to think CadCom is probably Village. It seems like he's been putting a lot of effort in his posts, and from my experience that's generally harder as an eliminator. Probably even more so considering they're alone right now.
  6. Amanuensis: Seeker Rathmaskal: Soother DrakeMarshmallow: Soother Cicada: Coinshot I'm personally not advocating any more role claims, but what's done is done, so we can rule these players out. Devotary's vote on me without commenting makes me wary, but I'd like to trust my initial read of her. I'm still village reading Fura, and I'm willing to bet Xino and Shane are village, too. Inquisitor is among Stick, CadCom and Sart, imo. Stick remains my top suspect.
  7. Just want to point out that if I were the Inquisitor, I wouldn't publicly claim Seeker of all roles. Considering it only shows roles and not alignments, it would be fair to assume one exists in the game, and the second the real Seeker counter-claims, I'd be turned against. The only world in which my claim makes sense is the world in which it's honest.
  8. My logic behind insisting this game isn't role madness (essentially claiming Vanilla) was to mislead the Inquisitor and prolong my death. I originally was going to scan Devotary but decided to switch to Drake after the post I made last night. I began College again this week and I've been too busy to put as much effort into this game as I would normally, which is why my reads aren't very solid / I haven't done any analysis yet. It's also a part of why I claimed at all. I don't mind the Inquisitor killing me at this point, and I wanted to prevent the village from wasting any time on Drake and I in the mean time. We really need to find the Inquisitor ASAP, and with the number of players we have, I figured narrowing the list down even further would be our best bet. At this time, I village read Devotary, Fura, and Cicada. I'm most suspicious of Stick in spite of her defending me. In a world where she is the Inquisitor, it makes a lot more sense to take the stance that I'm being honest, especially with so many votes on me already. @DrakeMarshmallow why are you village reading her?
  9. If I do elaborate plots, they're usually more intelligent Like I said, I mixed Brass up with Zinc. And as Sart said earlier this cycle, it makes no sense for Inquisitor!Aman to guess Rioter when one just died. I'm mostly sober / over my hangover now, so my head is clearer. Amanuensis.
  10. I am pretty sure Brass is Rioter. Am I wrong? Because that would be incredibly stupid to risk. ED1T: Google tells me I am wrong. Turns out I'm incredibly stupid. Note I was drunk last night, otherwise my reply would have been more eloquent than terse. Seeker says the metal not the role. I mixed up Rioter and Soother. Should be understandable since they are so close. Honestly ask yourself what are the odds of me being in the right ballpark about a vote manipulation role? ED2T: Not going to spend time arguing, even if it's obvious my claim is honest. Amanuensis ED3T: Nah stupid question before. Honestly ask yourself what elim would claim a fake role after a SINGLE vote? I did it so the Village wouldn't waste time. If I was the Inquisitor I would just talk myself out of it like I always do, or ignore it since it really meant nothing.
  11. No need for apologise. I honestly should not have claimed but I'm a little impatient and I don't feel like dealing with doubts.
  12. I would have preferred it if you didnt since I already had you as village. But too late now.
  13. Drake is clear, I am clear. What's the alternatives? Ed1T: Okay so Civada is probably okay since they are new. I believe Fura and Devotary are probably good. Not certain on Stick or CadCom. I would lean Rath village
  14. I like how you included me twice I'm no longer suspicious of Drake since it appears he wasn't online after Venture made it clear he had a role. Leaves my remaining suspects as Stick, Rath, Fura and Devotary. No particular order, but I think I would like Stick dead the most (nothing personal). ED1T: Forgot CadCom. Need to analyze him. ED2T: Nevermind on the Drake thing. He was online two hours ago, but didnt post. Did anyone happen to see him viewing the thread?