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  1. Sun be praised, I have a lot to catch up on. Sorry for my absence, everyone. My internet has been giving my fiance and I severe problems lately, and two more of my uncles are unfortunately not in good health because of the pandemic. Life seems to be normalizing for the moment, however, so I'm going to work on reading through everything I missed.
  2. Upon looking at LG56, I believe that you've proven my point for me, Ventyl. That's the game where I claimed Kandra and lied about an alignment scan to keep myself alive, yes? As an eliminator, parity means victory, therefore losing a single elim makes winning significantly more difficult for their team. I would not put my life at risk so carelessly.
  3. This feels like fearmongering, which is one of the reasons I stopped playing in the first place I understand why you may feel the need to double down on me, Ventyl, since you're on your way to being lynched, but it should be fairly obvious that I'm not an eliminator. If I was an eliminator, I would have kept my vote on Illwei or Bearing for self-preservation's sake. I did not realize Bearing was a new player, but once that became apparent, I decided to sacrifice myself to keep them alive. Not to mention that no one attempted to save my life; only illwei changed their vote, who was proven a villager, and Somebody, who was voting for me initially.
  4. It's fairly common for eliminators to hang out in the background when their ally's lives aren't on the line. This is why it's important for villagers to actively contribute as often as they can, in order to give elims less room to blend in and hopefully force them into speaking up. It's our responsibility to figure out who's only interest is getting villagers killed.
  5. To clarify, by "quiet players" do you mean those whom were present for EoD but didn't speak up? ED1T: EoD means End of Day, in case you're not familiar with the term; i.e. the final stretch of a turn before the new one
  6. I've received a PM that indicates a player was roleblocked, so I'm inclined to believe said player is an Inquisitor. The likelyhood of Reading being TLR is very small, and I doubt the elims would be so bold to falsely accuse someone. Said player did not post a lot of analyzable content the previous turn, however, so I would like to see how they approach the game from here before lynching them. One of the problems of getting rid of elims too early is that we have no leads from there, and it becomes very easy for their allies to bus them for village credit.
  7. Well that was certainly an eventful cycle. Knowing that yesterday's lynch was a V/V between myself an illwei, I'm a bit suspicious of people that were present at EoD and didn't vote. More so, I'm surprised that Ventyl was present enough to comment on Illwei's voting for Vapor, but not enough to remove his poke vote off of me, let alone comment on the lynch at all.
  8. Bearer. Honestly I'd rather get lynched myself then kill a new player on their first turn
  9. This is why it's important to have lynch discussion before EoD I feel like a headless chicken at the moment
  10. Do you have any suspicions? Even if it's myself or Illwei. We don't have much time this round, so if you're here and can post, it's best to share your thoughts on all the candidates
  11. Bearer. I wasn't happy with how quickly they attempted to join my vote on Illwei the first time, and I've become increasingly uncomfortable with this lynch as more people have chimed in. ED1T: Neither of these posts tell us why you're voting for Illwei, Bearer.
  12. I don't exactly understand this, SfS. If you believe I'm an eliminator, why would I be voting for my teammate on D1? That would be very counterintuitive to our win con.
  13. I'm tempted to change my vote to Whysper here. They've managed to assign a lot of nefarious intent to what essentially boils down to my read list at the time. Lean villager on TJ, uncertain about Ventyl enough to pursue that slot when he's around to bounce posts off of, sadness because I admittedly was hoping that Whysper would be an easy village read like the LG, and then genuine suspicion toward Illwei for their post-vote hedginess. It feels disingenuous to call any of this pocketing or shading. Would you rather me not share my thoughts with the thread?
  14. I can agree that on Day 1 it's essentially impossible to have solid reads. But what I found unusual was you posting afterwards that you could be hallucinating about the Connie/Mist connection while addressing that it could be a tunnel. As Whysper said last game, I'd expect the more experienced villagers to show more effort in solving. I can say this post and the last couple you've ninja'd me with do make me feel better about you, though. That is fair. I personally have been unable read much from the beginning of this turn due to the minimal number of votes and discussion centered around the TLR. Regarding TJ, his post was the first to challenge the TLR discussion / try to put an end to it and get the lynch moving again. After the fact, he's my only solid read that leans toward villager, although I'm starting to feel very uncomfortable with the Illwei lynch now that so many have joined in the last stretch.
  15. Pretty much agree with everything said by TJ here. Regardless of him starting this game voting for me, Ventyl's initial post feels very different from the last game we just played. I probably would join the vote with you if he were here. Maybe tomorrow Most of today has been fairly random or NAI. I'm not reading Whysper as immediately village, which is sad, because I thought their D1 in the same LG was very pure. Illwei is also giving me odd vibes. They didn't seem nearly as chaotic in the last game we played, and their "tunnel" (if genuine) on Mist/Fadran feels kind of hedgy. My current theory is they were comfortable starting a mislynch on Mist until the new player took over for the slot.