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  1. I'll play as Saludan Leiken (Sal for short), a Willshaper Worldhopper from Roshar. ED1TING IN RP FROM MR11: THREE AND A HALF YEARS LATER Rain pattered on dark glass, the collective moisture distorting the shadow of a face cast upon it. Where beams of light shined through the torrential darkness, scenes of chaos were briefly revealed. Autos carrying people and equipment, engineers sprinting with machine parts, a tall man wearing a wide-brimmed hat shouting from the top of a makeshift tower. All of them were gathered here for one purpose. One mission. A mission centered on the immense airship that loomed above them all. The best of the best. The Northern Wind. And Saludan Leiken would be its Captain.
  2. I'm glad you still had a good time despite me throwing you under the bus like that! Hopefully people will be more reluctant about following "cop" roles in the future you were 100% right that turn and had I been village, I would have gone for the self-admitted kandra, first
  3. I find myself agreeing with many of the sentiments laid out in this thread, but one thing I want to add is how grateful I am to have gotten the chance to get to know so many players. In the past I haven't really interacted much with Fifth, Devotary, Fura, or Lum, but I really enjoyed seeing them play and conversing with them outside of the thread! I managed to even learn a few new things about Araris, who I've always imagined as an ephemeral shadow in the vague shape of a pooh bear. And, of course, I want to praise Ventyl again for being the legend that he is. Such a welcome addition to our crew and I really hope to see him in more games! (Also sorry for betraying you and everything you and Magestar should exchange stories some day). ED1T: Oh, and of course, thanks for your hard work Stick, Snip and Coop! Without you three we wouldn't have been able to win the game! ED2T: And especially thank @Snipexefor this glorious piece of art! Make sure to upvote his next post you see if you like it!
  4. You at least guessed one teammate or did you?
  5. Cause it was fun ED1T: More serious answer was I wanted to see if Aonar would should Rath or not. If he did, it would have gotten me lynched sooner, but I would have been okay with that because the village would only lose out on one lynch rather than two.
  6. Can't blame a rebel for trying
  8. I just want to say I really appreciate how hard Rath is trying not to get lynched, despite his busyness. I know exactly how it feels being an eliminator trying to delay the inevitable. MR10 comes to mind, in which I was an eliminator with an extra kill and I promised to only target inactives if the village left me alone for a while. Were I actually a villager and not the kandra, I'd probably be considering removing me from the equation first in the off-chance I was lying... but I agree it's not very efficient, and I am thankful for those who are putting their trust in me. That said, I really am sorry this all came up in a time where you are busy, Rath. I hope there's no hard feelings.
  9. As much fun as I know this is going to be, I've been slacking on my writing for a couple months now, and I'm only getting older, sooo. @Alvron can you change me to a spectator instead, please?
  10. (2) Amandra: _Stick_, Rebelmaskal, (6) Rebelmaskal: Amandra, Fifth Scholar, Devotary of Spontaneity, Araris Valerian, Straw, Ventyl, @_Stick_ Rath has replied. Do you still want to vote for me?
  11. I think the main thing about removing an eliminator over me is that I can get one more use out of alignment scanning ability. Is it necessary to win the game? Not even remotely. But it is a nice advantage. EDIT: Also, I resent being called a bad guy. I'm just doing Harmony's work. Would you call Sazed a bad guy?
  12. I'm sorry, Rath. I didn't realize you weren't going to be around much. I sincerely promise it wasn't a factor. If you said it somewhere, I must have missed it. That said, I'm not entirely sure I understand your last paragraph.
  13. I scanned Devotary N2 and Fifth last night, so they're clean. But yeah, that "jousting" comment in retrospect looks really bad. I could have probably used it as a piece of evidence to lynch him had I not needed to reveal like this.
  14. Could have been distancing, could have been Xino hadn't visited the doc yet to tell his team his role. I remember Drake bringing up that it was a weird suggestion for Rath to make if he only knew his own role. None so far