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  1. Imagine doing a QF65c for a tie breaker
  2. So my plan worked? Sick. GJ Stick.
  3. Do we reckon metal in general (such as Metal Flakes, Corroded Silver, or Aluminum Ingots) would count as invested?
  4. Elderly replaced with Invested Evidence Left Behind. Hm.
  5. My interpretation of Partial is a larger portion of the body was damaged—a combination of chest and head, hands, or legs, for instance—but not so much that the whole body was wrecked. That makes me think multiple wounds or one huge blunt wound, probably by something imprecise like an instinct driven beast. But that might be why I’m hung up because I can’t see many clear options.
  6. I like the way you think might be worth a C2 shot
  7. Emphasis mine. This is why my brain go Cause it’s a good theory otherwise (and there’s a few others like that)
  8. That's similar logic I had for TJ's Death Rattle (old people being closer to death, Taravangian being old) but neither are super compelling to me =\ ED1T: Now that's a weird glitch
  9. RIP ED1T: I have combed the lists like ten times and nothing makes sense to me for Elderly Slave but Ragged Cloak and Lockpicks I don't think my brain works for this game ED2T: All I know is this gives my ADHD brain severe cognitive dissonance ED3T: MoMs and PoEs (cuz I'm tired of going back to C0 to find this :P)
  10. Ze edits were mostly jokes/reaches although I do think Sart/Whitespine/Lockpicks seems the most right regardless, so I am making an Accusation! I accuse Sart of being the Assassin, and I think he used a Whitespine to commit the murder and that the Key Evidence he left behind is the Lockpicks. @Araris Valerian ED1T: If it's not this one I think my next bet would be Archer/Stone/Claw Marks, as Kas pointed out.
  11. TBH I'm not really liking the long ranged weapons because of the combination of Severe Injury and Partial. Feel like Blood Loss + Chest would be a more efficient clue there. Either way, Partial is referring to important physical clues on the victim's body (versus Head, Hand, Leg, All-Over) which I don't see a Gun/Crossbow/etc resulting in, given the precision of their damage, whereas partial matches up to a predator beast attack imo (less focused more primal) I liked Ragged Cloak because it fits both Elderly and Slave. Since those two clues were the most specific of the lot, I've been using them as focus points, but possible I'm on the wrong track like with the previous iteration. Aimian is a little bit of a harder stretch, but given hordelings disguise themselves as cremlings literally everywhere, Wilderness kinda fits if Araris' goal is narrow things down. Lockpick is the second best fit for Slave imo, since Slave implies Shackles and the lockpicks might correlate to the victim escaping into the wilderness, where they inevitably died to a wild animal attack (in this scenario, Sart's Whitespine). ED1T: Oh @Kasimir from the coppermind Partial hint on body could also be referring to this specific Whitespine method of hunting; the beast wouldn't consume the entire victim. ED2T: Oh and the Elderly typically have white hair and weak spines lol
  12. I also reached Fifth, Aimian, Ragged Cloak independently of Archer. Seems to be the cleanest fit atm. I like Sart, Whitespine, and Lockpicks too, but not as much as the above. Mayyybe TJ, Nightmaw, Death Rattle? Will ruminate more.
  13. Communing with God. Why?