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  1. (4) Karnage: DrakeMarshall, Lord_Silberfarben, Zillah, Kidpen, (3) DrakeMarshall, Sart, Karnage, Amanuensis, (1) CadCom: A Joe in the Bush, I was considering joining Joe's vote on CadCom, but with only a few hours left before turnover, I decided it would be better to polarize the lynch between the two people trying to kill each other. Though it is hard for me to be objective when Drake has neatly fit me into his suspicions, I find the reasoning he presented today as a bit contrived. Sart's logic is sound in comparison, and with no one else making an effort to save Karnage, I can't help but feel if this is a V/E situation, Karnage being an underdog makes him the more likely villager.
  2. RIP BR And not-RIP CadCom/Karnage. I don't know about other votes, but mine didn't count because I was a minute late If it weren't for BR, Karnage would have died, which makes me think between the two, CadCom would be the more likely elim.
  3. As someone who hasn't caught up yet, I find your reasoning valid enough to join the vote on CadCom ED1T: Nevermind, sorry
  4. Sorry for my part in the inactivity everyone I had a busier weekend than I expected, and my roommate showed up yesterday after being stuck with his parents since the quarantine, so we have been catching up. I'm behind on my writing for this week too, so while I cant promise to be pumping out essays, I will be more involved going forward.
  5. (2) Mist: Furamirionind, Kidpen, (2) StrikerEZ: Karnage, Elandera, (1) Furamirionind: The_Archivist, (1) DrakeMarshall: Sart, (1) The_God_King: Elbereth, (1) Kynedath: DrakeMarshall, Well I'm a big dumb. I was going through the posts again to make this vote count, and Elandera ninja'd me 16 minutes before I finally saw her post. Oof. Though I did add fancy links to mine, for anyone who might need a quick refresher! As of right now, I think I'm willing to put Drake in the villager box too. I may have a weakness for massive posts. I love to see time-consuming effort. I'll figure out who to vote for ~two hours before rollover. Because of my sleeping and writing schedule, I'll probably be most active at the end and beginning of cycles. For now, however, I need to go back to work.
  6. As someone who's been burned by villager paranoia a lot, I try to give people more of a benefit of a doubt, especially in the early stages of the game. Though I'm not up to date on the meta (like recent eliminator tricks that people might be expecting, and vice versa), I'm personally skeptical that Rae was bus'd on D1. While I agree Rae may have poke voted me if we were teammates, I'm confident I would have tried get the lynch away from her, in some capacity. I still harbor guilt from the game where I bus'd her for village cred, only to get caught by Lopen like two cycles later and lose. There was another game where I bus'd Stink too in a not so great way that dredged up some bad feelings. Since then, I think if you looked at my elim meta, you would often find me running interference for my teammates. Even losing one elim is a fairly large problem. Not to mention that I just love my elim clean sweeps.
  7. I'm in the same boat hi Drake. RIP I still need to go through the first cycle again and ruminate on my thoughts, but I think, for now, I'm inclined to compartmentalize Sart and BR as village.
  8. I'm here I'm alive and it seems I have a lot of catching up to do Please bear with me while I read up. Also, @Straw as well as any player who PM'd me, for some reason I am unable to reply. There is no text box on the UI, and I'm not sure how to fix it. ED1T: My PMs magically fixed themselves, I guess!
  9. Just when I was itching for a game sign me up as Nok the Bard
  10. Oh, I see. I'm surprised the game wasn't called earlier. Not sure how I could have got around all that.
  11. You did excellently. I'm very proud of the village this game. It was a real tough one for us, and a whole roller-coaster of emotions. When I couldn't be on the day Sart got lynched, I was really beating myself up about it and thought I cost us the game. I had no idea what to do from there, which is when Elbereth challenged me and my motivation / optimism kicked back in. Losing Drake was rough, but I'm kind of glad it happened. That last turn with only the three of us was really fun. I actually anticipated vote manipulation and originally put an order in to Pain Knife STINK's vote, but then removed it when I saw him voting alongside me. Had I kept that order in I would have loved to see how the next night turn would end up. Fifth said it perfectly. Everybody on all sides played great. (Not including the inactives. No offense <3).
  12. I'll admit, I'm slightly worried you're the actual wolf and you deliberately didn't submit a kill that night just to make me believe you were innocent... but I don't find that very likely. With how often paranoia bites me in the backside, I'm trying not to let it get to me now. I still think you'd have killed me wayyy early if you were evil, and there were multiple odd things with Straw. The fact Sart only voted for him once and Drake twice (distancing from both in different amounts), the fact that he "claimed" to protect me the turn I was mysteriously attacked by a Grandbow (that he also claims he made), the fact he claimed Artifabrian so late in the game (plus the amount of things that don't make sense, like you getting a second Grandbow that he says was intended for Elbereth). I'm actually amazed this game got this close. If Drake didn't die to the inactivity filter, we'd have lost much sooner. You might not have done a ton this game, STINK, but at least you get to be here to ensure we win.
  13. I don't mind it honestly. We lost Bard but we also got Drake taken out of action. I think that's a good trade. The fact that the game is still going means there's only a single Ghostblood left. Since STINK and I were both active the night where there was no Ghostblood kill, I think it's as simple as voting for Straw.
  14. Sorry everyone. I've been blindsided by some difficult and time intensive assignments for uni so haven't had much time to get on here to post anything. I'll try to remedy that as soon as possible
  15. Huh. That honestly surprises me. It might be a good thing that Bard survived the lynch, then. I don't think it's possible for them both to have been eliminators given the Artifabrian timeline. We just need to find the other inactive teammate, then. Straw or Coda. Between the two, I think it has to be Straw. Which means... did Sart literally only vote for his teammates? ED1T: Oh right. It looks like Drake was the one who killed Elandera and Araris, given his items. I can't remember if any night kills had a Reverser, but I think I remember someone having a Half-Shard?