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  1. Another Kiwi, and this guy ^^^^^ has it right - we're a country of 4.5 million, we really don't need any subsections
  2. I'll just leave this here (from the in-world Words of Radiance) [Emphasis mine] While at first glance the Edgedancers seem to not be the most combat-oriented of orders, they did seem to have a growing reputation for deadliness. Also, the fact that each order had access to Shardblades (we cannot assume that just because Dalinar can't have one, all the Bondsmiths were Shardless) would lead you to assume that all the orders could function in a military capacity.
  3. Loving the reread of tWoK

  4. That could also explain the fact that some of Elhokar's gemstones (in his Shardplate) were cracked - he drained them too quickly (like Jasnah's smokestones in her *fake* Soulcaster were) - they were the only Stormlight-infused gems anywhere near him.
  5. What? Spiking people is illegal? But spikes grow on trees.....
  6. Happy Birthday Peter!!! (I apologize for my belated congratulations...)
  7. Wasn't Soulcasting a subset magic system of Surgebinding? (Binding the Surge of Transformation, like how Windrunners Bind the Surges of Gravity and Pressure)
  8. Hey Everybody, I first discovered the WoT at high school in year ten (4th form) because I had run out of books to read, and saw almost an entire shelf filled with one series - Read the whole lot - from The Eye or the World to Knife of Dreams in that year, and bought The Gathering Storm when it came out. It was waaaaaay better than the prevoius one, so I went and got Mistborn: The Final Empire out from the library, and have been hooked on Brandon Sanderson ever since! - Can't wait for A Memory of Light!!!!
  9. But of course! What self-respecting worldhopper, with an entire army of other worldhoppers chasing them, would go anywhere without their mystical waffle of power?
  10. Great minds think alike. BUT, Fools never differ. Hmmmmm...
  11. Why??? I believe that's why.
  12. MUST. HAVE. ALLOY. OF. LAW. (But exams come first.....)