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  1. There might be an advantage if you plate atium though. I don't have the quote, but I remember Kelsier saying Atium reacts with your digestive acid. If you have the opportunity to retrieve it if you dont burn it, there's a decent cost savings.
  2. Are Allomantic metal stores a surface area or volume phenomena? For example, is the available metal store immediately available the same between a sphere of metal and an equal volume of flakes? If its a function of revealed surface area can you create a Mistborn Jawbreaker with alternating layers of the Allomantic metals, that you could incrementally burn through? You could alternate layers of gold and sectors of the other metals to create a safe multi day store of metals since gold is biologically inactive. In the morning, you just take a trip down memory lane and then you're good to go. If the above theory is true, you could also store flaked metal in a gold pill form and you avoid carrying syllable metal on your person further.
  3. Veil's description clearly reminds me of the White Spy from Spy V Spy. Has this been confirmed as the source for her style? Anyone else see it too? Cant wait for the dynamite antics if she becomes an artifabrian!
  4. I think it could work if you made the point it reverses from in the shoulder (c'mon, it has to be) and make the limbs more rigid to provide lumpiness. The Kandra/mistwraith fabric would have to have striated patterns to simulate muscles and embroidered bones. Don't ask me to make these, as I have not the skill, just ideas.
  5. Probably mass produced, one size fits all. So sized for average person (both build and height). Depends on the particular person's girth and height how it fits
  6. Could someone who had been hit by the incomplete shaod have been given the state of a full Elantrian by forging, even before Elantris was fixed? That would have been an interesting climax to Elantris. "Apply directly to the forehead"
  7. I'll take two... I have crates of clips to pay for them
  8. p2 is "bubbled" momentum? Percentage: if p2/p1 = 10 you do mean that would be 1000%, not 10%, right? I personally hate working with percentages. If it's 10 times as strong, it's 10, not 900% more. Hope that clarifies. The times used were supposing we had actual numbers to work with, not necessarily given the frame shift, but measurements taken within and without the bubble in a scientific setting.
  9. We really should be treating this as an energy equivalence problem. Assumptions: -Conservation of energy exists across the boundary of the Bendalloy bubble. -The bubble acts as an ideal linear spring with spring constant k Proof -The work done by the punch is its force applied through a distance. -[W=Fd] -The energy dissipated by the bubble is that of an ideal linear spring -[E=1/2*k*d^2] -The energy contained in an uninterrupted punch is -[E=F1d] -The energy of an interrupted punch assuming the punch is started at the boundary of the bubble is -[E=F2d+1/2*k*d^2] -The total energy of the system is then -[F1*d = F2*d + 1/2k*d^2] -Solve for the Force of the interrupted punch -[F2 = F1 – 1/2*k*d] -The momentum of the punch would be -[p=F*t] -The bubble ratio is rate at which time flows inside of the bubble divided by the rate at which time flows outside the bubble -[y = t1/t2] -The momentum percentage that makes it out of the bubble is -[p2/p1 = F2/F1 * 1/y = (F1 – k*d/2)/F1 * 1/y = (1 – k*d/2*F1)/y] -If the punch hits the barrier d-d2 of the way into the punch, the momentum ratio is higher, since the barrier will deflect only d2, not the whole of d -[F1*d = F2*d + k*d2^2/2,] -[F2 = F1 – k*d2^2/(2*d)] -[p2/p1 = F2/F1 * 1/y = (F1 – k*d2^2/(2*d))/F1 * 1/y = (1-k*d2^2/(2*d*F1))/y] I hope this is clear. It is hard to write math with this interface.
  10. It is still early in the series, and I don't think we have much of any idea how the Voidbringers work. The world as it exits now calls them "Voidbringers" and malicious destructive forces, but I don't think we are deep enough to make great judgement. There haven't been any "evil" magics to date, so I believe for right now that the Voidbringers are misunderstood and the victims of history.
  11. I believe there was a WoB that those that practice the magical arts are now more receptive/sensitive to the mists than they had been in the Final Empire days. There was confirmation of a Ruin mist and a Preservation mist, but now I guess it's a Harmony mist.
  12. Google up Laser Tag vests. you put them on over your head, and they buckle on the sides.
  13. I'm personally partial to the Parshendi becoming the Voidbringer line, and not Radiants. We see from the world of Scadrial human subspecies each having access to the different metallic arts. Only after interbreeding did we see the magics cross. I would imagine this is consistent until proven otherwise across the Cosmere, that there may be at least some genetic link to the magics. I think Brandon may have been referencing the Horneater or Herdaz peoples, as they have Listener (non-human) blood. I am wondering now if he intended to reference one of them, as opposed to a true-blooded Listener.
  14. So at the recent Brookline, MA signing, Brandon stated that Non-human Radiants were not out of the question. So Who/What is going to be first?