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  1. I just noticed that there are only three continents- 1) Region 3 2) The Northern Arctic 3) Regions 1, 4, and 5 Region 3 has a really weird shape, too, once you take it off of the side. Didn't notice this till I finally got around to fixing Areikanar's shape, but remember; the planet is round. one side connects to the other.
  2. Sorry, I was on hiatus the last week... typically I just post straight into the wiki, although I do see the reasoning of posting here as well...
  3. Caves, volcanic or not, aren't typically cold or hot. Most caves stay at a comfortable 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.
  4. I'm Actually currently renovating the map for Areikanar. You see, the map it currently has was taken straight from the world map and drawn on. however, because of its position near the side of the map, the distortion is incredible. So, I'm attempting to make one that's not distorted. I'll put it on as soon as possible.
  5. I ended up doing the same thing- read books instead of sleep. Although I still do it sometimes. Last year I managed to get no less than 23 books taken from me in one day...
  6. I think all non-humans have magic, but perhaps it's enhanced by said amulets.
  7. ... While that does give Dragons a reason to bond to humans, what about the rest of the animals? Bonding to Dragons alone would make magic for humans very rare and fiery.
  8. What incentive would the animals have to bond with humans if they already had magic?
  9. I'm actually fine splitting up my region. A fifth of a planet is a lot for one person...
  10. I'll Take Region 1.
  11. I'd be fine with joining. Personally, I prefer Tenov.
  12. I didn't think to check the ages.
  13. Mine starts with 'E', but I think there are others before that. There certainly used to be. EDIT: Mistrunner's and TwilightsansSparkles' character's last name's both end with letter before 'E' (A and D respectively, I believe.)(I think)
  14. I'd be up for resuming this. But I need to find people to connect Chas with. As with reckoners, I just forgot to connect him with others...

    Thank you, everyone in the Shard, for helping my life go just a little better every day.

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