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  1. I love his work because every book I picked up has guided me through my own issues. Vin's fear of trust, Kaladin's depression, Shallan's repression, Vivenna's redemption... it's been a little surreal.
  2. "It's Tough to be a God" from the Road to El Dorado for Lightsong.
  3. Rysn, once powered by her rage at her stupid Shin grass. Who's more likely to give Kaladin a heart attack, Vin or Lift?
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio: Hrathen? Why not? Emilia Clarke: Sarene Billy Crudup: Ahan Charles Dance: Iadon. Definitely. Scarlett Johansson: I mean, she's not the way I pictured her, but I can see her pulling off Karata pretty well. Series: Mistborn Era 2. - Christian Kane - Emma Thompson - Lee Pace - Chris Evans - Christina Ricci
  5. Fair enough, I suppose. Still, it would apparently be easy enough to re-kill, and then I would have the process needed to resurrect a truly innocent spren. That, or I just specify that I want the Shardblade of a good spren.
  6. A South-Scadrian medallion with Connection stored so I could speak to anyone in the Cosmere. An Edgedancer shardblade. Khriss' notes on Investiture, which I would use to somehow reawaken the dead spren in the Shardblade, therefore resurrecting an innocent being and also (hopefully) becoming a Radiant.
  7. Actually, I'd heard your dinner was the standard entry fee.
  8. I actually don't think it would be that hard to make a compelling story involving all the characters. I look at it a bit like the Fellowship of the Ring: Shallan would be Gandalf, still important to the story but often in a different place. Dalinar would be Aragorn, with hints to when he'll take center-stage, and Frodo would be Kaladin: the story is still basically his. Szeth, of course, would have the Saruman scenes. And considering Jackson significantly augmented Aragorn's significance during the first film, I could actually see the Way of Kings film adaptation having the same amount of screen-time for characters and still managing to be slightly more faithful to the books.
  9. I don't suppose Professor Khriss will be teaching Magic 101: An Overview of Magic in the Cosmere again, will she? Her online course Ars Arcanum looks interesting, and I know she's always busy out in the field, but I feel like I would understand it more if I could have her explain it in person.
  10. *spoilers* "Dalinar took one step forward, then drove his Blade point-first into the middle of the blackened glyph on the stone. He took a step back. 'For the brigdemen,' he said." I still get chills.
  11. I stumped it on Pattern, but it did guess TenSoon.
  12. Well, the things that stood out to me when I read The Well of Ascension include: The Well's Pulsing. Tindwyl Elend growing as a politician Zane OreSeur/TenSoon The Church of the Survivor Kwaan's Warning and the Koloss I may take a shot at a preview in a bit, but I have to go back through the book itself first.
  13. Guys, let's not forget we have Era 2 to work with as well! Posters for the first would feature Wax, Wayne, and Marasi respectively. I imagine Wax with his back to the camera looking over his shoulder, maybe with his steel bubble. Wayne would be facing the camera with a mischievous grin and his dueling canes crossed. First thought with Marasi is her glancing up from her notebook, but I'm sure you guys can come up with something much more epic.
  14. I imagine you would have to use audio cues for Aluminum and Duralumin. Immediately associate a specific sound with each one and use the same sound every time it's used? For the record, I have no experience with movie-making, so this might be completely crazy.
  15. Oooh, I like the way you think! I'm thinking "It began with me." Has a lovely, ominous ring to it.