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  1. Same. Have fun!
  2. Hmm. I got there around 7.
  3. Were you in the canyon rooms Saturday evening? I think I might have mentioned that your shirt was nice. Somebody had a Mistborn shirt on.
  4. (Sorry, somehow it didn't update the latest post.)
  5. When you think of inquisitors whenever you see the word "spike". When you manage to be happy through the winter months only because of Bands of Mourning and Calamity coming out.
  6. Unfortunately, I have class. :/ Too bad, I wanted someone to talk to about Shadows of Self.
  7. Ugh, I can't come, got work.
  8. Oohhh, Pattern! I might do that one.
  9. Hey! I'm thinking about carving a Cosmere/Sanderson pumpkin this year, and I'm looking for ideas. Brainstorm them up like stormlight!
  10. When you almost convince yourself it's worth being in a giant crowd to be at the shadows of self release.
  11. Yeah! Good surprises! Like a nicrosil spike!
  12. He/She hasn't even discovered all the metals yet! You can't ask him/her that! Seriously, though, welcome to 17s! The end of Mistborn will blow your mind.
  13. I guess you're seeing a... Pattern... When the highlight of your day is having people respond to you on 17s
  14. When you'd much rather have a Rithmatics class than a Arithmetic class When you get awesomeness from eating.