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  1. So, this is a classic forum game. The typical version goes like this: Person1: *inserts coin* Person2: You get a sock! *inserts coin* Person3: You get a potato! *inserts coin* and so on. It can be as random as you like. However, since this is the 17th Shard, who cares about regular coins? *inserts boxing* and so it begins.
  2. Just a change in timing. New plan is mission starting August of this year.
  3. I'm actually back at BYU for the semester, so I'd love to join in. Those times are usually fine for me.
  4. @Sunbird I'm actually not at BYU right now. Planning on heading on a mission this fall, so probably won't be back at Cosmere Club for a while.
  5. @Faceless Mist-Wraith If you want, I could do it. I was a backer, and already have the promo card, so that'd be fine by me.
  6. Araris seems like a good pick.
  7. Oh, and Itiah. In case you need that, O honorable GM.
  8. I looked up MR6 yesterday I think, and I'm fairly certain the House Urbain spies were an intentional part of the game, if I remember correctly. So I don't quite understand all the grievances going along with that whole controversy. But if what you say about Itiah in that night PM is correct, Bort, I'm probably better off going with Araris.
  9. Itiah, what the storms? I don't have any active or allomantic abilities, why waste time killing me off?
  10. Hi everyone! So sorry about being inactive, I'm trying my best to get on where I can, but life is really hectic for me right now.
  11. Well, you can't figure anything out from silence. The main info to uncover is who is allied with who. By threatening to lynch a player, the discussion one hopes to generate is that of opposing candidates for the lynch, so as to deduce who belongs to which house. It's also just more fun when people are actually talking. Also, I'd rather not lynch Fifth right now, just because they won't be able to get on before rollover.
  12. News flash: if you're not a part of any given player's house, you're on that player's kill list. Just a matter of when. Also, can we please, please not go into rollover with a tied vote? Please don't leave it to the numerous vote shenanigans that will undoubtedly occur.
  13. Honestly, the nature of this game limits any sort of discussion. The only reasoning behind votes is the motivation of each house to win, and we already all know who we need to kill. There's no way to be vague about that. We also have an insane amount of vote manipulation out there. I'd rather not leave the lynch up to chance, so I think it's best to at least cement a lynch rather than let vote manip decide. As such, I'll be voting on Shqueeves.
  14. Apologies for not being very present during day 1; yesterday was the first day of my summer internship, so I was pretty busy with that. I'll try my best to be more active in the coming days.
  15. I was worried that since I forgot the game started yesterday and just barely remembered to check the site, there would be a lot of discussion to catch up on. Apparently not.
  16. I'll sign up as Claire Lepinceau.
  17. I'll be there!
  18. I could do Thursday not next week, but the following.
  19. I'd like to be a spectator!
  20. I can't do Saturday evening, but I might be able to pull off a Friday evening provided I don't procrastinate my CS assignment that week. I'm considerably more free once exams start, but I don't think anyone will want to meet up during that.
  21. @kenod Yes! Another Extra Credits fan! Also you'd probably enjoy this video:
  22. Dang. So I would have become a Hemalurgist-Mistborn-etc. fusion role? That would have been a fascinating turn of events. Also, don't worry Wilson. I'm not about to quit SE. The last QF was way too fun to stop now. I do admit I'm somewhat relieved that it ended this early so I can focus this last month of the semester. And Monster, I was perfectly happy to pinch-hit for you, lynch train and all. I honestly think I played those last couple cycles as well as I could, admittedly with a decent amount of help from Devotary.
  23. So, unlike most people thought in thread, we actually had at least 3 different holders of Ruin. I was #2. The last action Metroid sent in was to destroy Silverlight, but it was Ruin #1 who destroyed Braize. After everyone decided that Ruin was totes evil, I decided I had enough of it and passed it to Devotary. I'm really curious who Ruin #1 was. I wasn't exactly bluffing that last cycle, since I had Preservation investiture and I was no longer Ruin. Still, I couldn't blame everyone for thinking I was Ruin, since I had been the one to destroy Silverlight.
  24. Well. Glad I got my break early then. Drake, to avoid any vote shenanigans.
  25. Well, I may or may not be able to get on before end of cycle because work, so I would almost prefer it if the lynch stayed on me so I don't waste my investiture.