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  1. On the Summer thing, I can't be sure, but I recall hearing that Jeff Williams had confirmed her dead. Again, I can't be sure, so unless someone can find that, it's open-ended. On the Raven thing, I'm not sure. The closest thing I can think of is that Raven had some way to wipe minds or something. Me and one of my irl friends are heavy theorizers, and Raven is an enigma to us. Prior to Volume 3 PvP, we'd constructed an entire ending for the volume that missed on big parts, but it really shows how little we know about Raven and how that can lead to... interesting theories. The theory in the spoiler tags is for those who're up to date. Just remember, this is an outdated theory, I just kinda want to show it off since we never got a chance before. Honestly, it's long and if you don't care, don't be pressured to read it all. But I am still proud of it, however wrong it was. For those who didn't read all of that, it's all to say we don't know who Raven is in the grand scheme. There are so many paths she can go down, it's impossible to be sure which, if any, will be true. Sorry, that was a really long post to say I don't know :/
  2. Team SSSN is Sun's team: Sun, Sage, Scarlet, and Neptune. CFVY is Velvet's team that came in at the end on volume 2: Coco, Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi. As to birthdays, maybe. Considering the current... Conditions, it might not be as important to them. I guess it depends how dark it is at the beginning of volume 4.
  3. Edgedancer is right. As of writing this, Ruby is 15 years old and the other students on her level (The rest of team RWBY, team JNPR, SSSN. Basically any students who aren't CFVY) are 17.
  4. Agreed. But some of my friends watched it (I was too late to stop them) and they've said the animation quality looks even better than volume 3, so that gives me some comfort. With them changing away from using Poser, I was worried the look of the show would suffer, but apparently not.
  5. Gosh, I've just been caught up in a lot of stuff lately. I'm extremely excited for volume 4, and how the story will progress, but I'm worried about the time skip. How long will it be? Will we miss RNJR action? WHAT THE STORMS IS EVEN HAPPENING WITH THE OTHERS!?!? The costumes look great, I'm just wondering how far this skip will be. I've heard whispers of 3 years, but that seems quite extreme. That'd make Ruby an adult, and puts most of the student cast at 20 years old! I can see one year, maybe two, but I don't know. I trust Miles, Kerry, and Grey (he helps with the story, right?) to stick with Monty's vision and give us the best story, but that doesn't prevent me being anxious. Side note, does anyone keep up with the manga? Because it recently finished the Black trailer, and a certain extra line by Adam has me thinking. I don't think this needs a spoilers tag, does it? The trailers don't need spoilers, right? Either way, very minor spoilers ahead. If you're reading this thread, though, it's a good idea to be caught up on RWBY anyway. Anyway, in the manga's iteration, when Adam tells Blake that he's going to use the moon slice (likely his semblance), she objects. He responds with: "Just a little is fine." Just a little of his semblance? Why? Does it corrupt him? Is that why he "changed," according to Blake? It'd certainly fit in with her story. "He told me not to worry. At first they were accidents, then it was self defense." Does this mean she doesn't blame him?
  6. Amrynn jerked his head up, seeing the newcomer and hearing a familiar sound. "Navi?" He said, walking over to Peorin. "Ah, friend, I do indeed get your jokes and I think you'd find quite a few around here that do as well, we just tend to be quieter folk." Amrynn was still wearing his green tunic and chain mail that he'd neglected to change out of. Fi fluttered over with him, circling Valinean in curiosity. "Amrynn, what's this? Do you know it?" The spren asked. Amrynn ignored her. "This is my spren, Fi. I think you'll get along here just fine."
  7. I've been listening to Castle of Glass by Linkin Park on repeat for all of today. I'm trying to resist my urge to memorize songs I like because then I inevitably end up getting sick of them, but it's worming its way there. BreathTaker, have you by any chance listened to any of Watsky's work? He's a spoken word poet turned rapper, so he mainly focuses on lyricism, but he's definitely got a fast rap element to his songs.
  8. One of the ways I always try for names is to pick a trait of the character (say, "helper" because he acts as a guide) and google "names that mean helper." There are many sites for this, and you'll get plenty of results for pretty much anything you search. As an example for the "helper" character, I ended up choosing Ezra which is Hebrew, but you never know what you'll find.
  9. (Trying) to write a book!

  10. -When Cynthia first started hearing the voices, it was difficult for her to tell if they were real people, but she eventually learned through a combination of the nature of the voices (they feel like thoughts, but those of another person and of another voice) and by the responses from her caretakers when she asked things like, "Who are the other people?" And, "You didn't tell me there were visitors." -The South is much more self-contained than the Northern areas, with individual villages and towns being self-sufficient, while the Northern cities rely on trade to keep the economy flowing. The deities aren't locked by region, but they've been preoccupied by religious wars and asserting their control in their territory. This time of more relative stability has given them the opportunity to try and reach the South, though this is more difficult, as those regions have experienced religious freedom for so long. While there are other regions, the story will focus mostly on the North and South, mainly because the West is dominated by heavy desert and the east leads to a coastline. -These deities are known by most, but the Northern priests (for the most part) don't recognize the gods of the other theocracies because they each believe that their god is the only "true" god. There is, however, a sect of people who recognize that they are all existing gods, but these people aren't very well liked and are societally shunned. -Each of the gods represent different emotions or concepts, such as fear, deception, safety, or compassion. The roster of gods is the same, for the most part. -Ezra leaves the North because he, during his time as a soldier, witnessed his role turn from defensive to offensive. Eventually his missions of religious teaching turned to raids to slay the "blasphemers." When he confronted the head priest of his order, they said that such was the will of their god, that he was a holy knight, purifying the land. Ezra refused to see this, and left in the night. He's now labled as a traitor and is sought after as such, though not by all theocracies. He was progressively making his way into the South, until he found Cynthia. Unable to just leave her to spend her whole life in an institution, he decided to help her to the best of his ability.
  11. Amrynn was listening to everything with half an ear, finally getting to Bands of Mourning after foolishly beginning The Wheel of Time right before its release date. Upon hearing talk of these so-called Shyblades, he perked up and stood. "Ha! Finally a weapon with no effect on me!" He exclaimed. "Fi!" His spren fluttered in front of him and took the form of a sword with a notched purple hilt and a triangular symbol on the blade. "We will ride into battle, though we will probably ride separately for the sake of our introverted nature! We will-" He stopped suddenly, turning back to see his book, unfinished where he sat. He looked beyond the single volume to see the entirety of The Wheel of Time series staring him down, challenging him. "We may ride, but we will probably do so later. I have quite the reading list to tackle."
  12. -The majority of people who would be considered insane aren't institutionalized, but killed in any number of ways, often as an example used by priests as people who've strayed too far from the so-called "righteous" path of their god/goddess. The institutions are mainly for those who were higher up in society and whose families were wealthy enough to avoid public shaming. Cynthia was able to be put in an asylum because her family lived outside of the theocracies and she could be paid for by her parents (until they passed away, that is) -Her typical day in the asylum is very lonesome and not very eventful. The voices never entirely stop, going into unintelligible white noise when not speaking to Cynthia or the other voices. She spends a good deal of her time tracing the carved patterns and symbols on her wall. These are practice slabs of wood used by the town's carpenter for apprentices and practicing more complex patterns. He donates them to the asylum as per their request, noticing Chnthia's fondness for tracing patterns. -Cynthia has been blind since she was four as a result of the onset of the voices. She's not completely helpless, however, as one of the voices, named Theia, passively describes Cynthia's surroundings. So, though she cannot see with her eyes, she can see theough Theia's descriptions, which she's never been given any reason to doubt.
  13. -Cynthia was placed in the asylum by her parents who were unable to help her or care for her. They transported her to a neary town where there was an asylum and supplied the caretakers with money as long as they needed it to take care of Cynthia, though this slowed to a trickle as they grew older and passed away, leading to minimal supplies for Cynthia's well being. -Cynthia is aware that others don't hear voices and does know that something is wrong with her, but probably wouldn't refer to herself as insane. -Ezra makes it a point to visit infirmaries and asylums in the towns and villages he passes through in an attempt to make up for the past attrocities he commited -Ezra is allowed to take Cynthia because he still has the emblems of the order he left and poses as someone sent to bring people similarly affected as Cynthis to a better facility farther up north. This, coupled with the lack of funds, persuades the caretakers to let him take her. -This particular asylum where Cynthia is held is independantly owned and opperated by a couple who wanted to help others. Other asylums, though not common, are typically headed by religious figures. -(answering 2 questions in 1) The gods that Cynthia hears aren't worshiped or reveared by Cynthia herself, but are very widely known in northern regions. The way the North is divided and ruled is in loosely defined theocracies, each theocracy being based on a monotheistic religion worshipping one of the gods Cynthia hears. She has no knowledge of this, as she is too far south of the theocracies' reach, though Ezra knows of this because he was a soldier for one of them, but left. -The era of "medieval" that relates the closest to the setting of my book is probably the early middle ages or "dark ages"
  14. Okay, so I got an idea for a story, but I need help on world building. Sooo I'd appreciate questions about the world, characters, etc. Here's the basics: Setting; Medieval-ish, but not like real Earth medieval. No magic system. On the main characters: -Cynthia: She's 17 and has lived in an asylum for most of her life because she hears voices. These voices are, in reality, deities vying for her attention. Some of them try to help her survive, others trying to bend her to their will. This constant demand on her brain has made her loose her eyesight to allow her brain to process the voices. -Ezra: He's 24 years old and takes Cynthia under his wing after visiting her and seeing her condition. Unable to just leave her to be in the asylum for the rest of her life, he decides to help her get rid of the voices, or at least lessen her condition. I'd be happy to give more detailed descriptions if asked, but that should be the basic information. Any world building, character, and backstory questions are much appreciated. Thank you! Edit: Plot questions are now accepted!
  15. Here are 2, one serious and one ridiculous: "There's 7 billion, 46 million people on the planet, and most of us have the audacity to think that we matter." -George Watsky Sarge: "Get over here! Give me a boost!" Caboose: "Okay..." [walks up close to Sarge] Caboose: "You... are a good person. And people say... nice things about you." Sarge: "Not a morale boost, moron, a physical one. I need to see what's in that window." Caboose: "That window is very high. I don't think you are tall enough." Sarge: "I know. I need you to help me look through it." Caboose: "I don't think I am tall enough either. Also, my head is *round*, that window is *square*."